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13 Types of COUPLES you'll see in Every School

Apr 04, 2024
As Valentine's Day is approaching for today's Home Room lesson, students should pair up and arrange some roses at the end of class. Pass it on to someone you hold dear to your heart. I will go and guide you if you are not sure how to do it. make your roses but remember that at the end of the day you can be unsure of your roses but you cannot be sure of your hearts. I got all your flowers, this Sophia, thanks Kevin, now pick up your supplies and join in, oh wait, I know


one. He wants to make a couple and all that, but let me clarify things.
13 types of couples you ll see in every school
I know you guys want to pair up with Denise, but she's mine, not yours, not his, not hers, mine, so don't even talk to her, don't even look at her and you. you know what you don't even breathe the same air as Lord you all got that yeah that's right I'm talking to you is it just me or is it getting more and more toxic stop talking Julie we gotta conserve our air look there with Those pathetic roses, beans so simple, anyone dares to call this Valentine's Day, okay, I think we can make good bookies with Just Roses, well, I brought mine, yours, what sunflowers I grew them at home, the KN style, they got matching pencil cases, duct tape and matching flowers, we should get some for you, they already made us wear matching socks, it's not enough, but look, just look at them, they're so cute, guys , look at our matching socks, these, show them, show them Denise, yeah, Denise, show us, yeah. show them come on, this is very good, yes, but anyway we should get something better, something stronger.
13 types of couples you ll see in every school

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13 types of couples you ll see in every school...

I know you should dye your hair red like mine, no, it's okay, it's fixed. I'll make the appointment, Kevin, stop, we're in class. get some space I'm going to get this this and this WOW Julian that's a lot I think you came more than you can handle just means I have more options for myself I'm going to bring this to the table I've been waiting for this moment my whole life, huh, what? What a moment? I just never thought I'd see you like this, you mean like I'm sweating, oh no, trust me. I saw that I saw you in physical education class.
13 types of couples you ll see in every school
Well, to be fair. Do a lot of cardio but you sweat even when you stretch wait Why are we talking about sweat? It's all I can think about. Well, can't we talk about SWAT? It's on me. Well, if it's not because of the sweat, what do you mean? Well, this is all I can think about. I had never seen someone sweat so much in such a short time. Can't we talk about sweat? Can't we talk about


thing? Miss Sophia, you ruined a very romantic moment, Julene, that conversation was going nowhere. to his seats thank God my B was killing me H I don't remember there being that many


, can you believe it?
13 types of couples you ll see in every school
We're the only single people here, maybe we should start dating again, you know what you have, really pretty brown eyes. yeah, they're contact lenses, oh contact, I never realized, you know, it would be really funny if we went on a date again. No, I don't think it's funny, in fact, I think it's the least funny thing I've ever heard. I mean, yes, of course. I was just kidding I was just kidding unless you change your mind yes they are flowers made here this one is for you for me mhm wow thanks Maddie you are making one for me right yes obviously I'm going to need more supplies.
I'll go with you, you need more decorations, you want another flower, okay, I'm going to need some of this and this and oh, roses, wait, Mrs. Sbang, I need an extension for my essay, I'm going to ask you, can I? Come on, you need an extension, since you see, mhm, okay, please ma'am, substituting, I just need an extension of one more week, how many times do I have to tell you that I have given you more than enough time to finish this essay? You have until the end of the day to give it to me how am I going to finish it at the end of the day find a way it's always detention for you I can go wed why would I send you to detention?
You're done and you see, oops! Look, I'm not finished. Oh my God, let's go back to class, home. I'm going to go to the bathroom first. I can go? I don't believe it. uh, I'll just wait outside, so kids these days, Ben, you're not supposed to do it like that. It doesn't matter anyway, it's not like anyone wants my flower and it's not qualified, so who cares, like you would care even if it was qualified. Hey, maybe it matters to the person who wants to receive it. Hey, okay, okay, do you want my? flowers, I mean, let me help you, oh, what happened, Debie, I think the thorns cut me, let me see, Ben, are you okay?
Yes, I feel uncomfortable with blood. Ben, just stay breathing deeply, in and out guys, do you think we should? Call the doctor. Ben is going to be fine. I know. I know. How about some water? Ben. Can you help me open the bottle? Please drink some water. Do you feel better. You are better now? Ben, yes, I feel much better now. How does your finger keep bleeding? I'll help you with that, yes, that should be good for girl, thanks Ben, but it's the wrong finger, that's so sweet, my Bishop P, so I don't like pink flowers very much.
I'm more of a magen type of person, no one said these are. For you when you are young wait wait wait wait who are these flowers for? I haven't decided yet, but it definitely won't be for you. I don't understand after all these years, that I open my heart to show you that we are made for each other, why don't you give me a chance all these years? You have also been very mean to me. I don't understand why people keep saying that I would never be mean to you, Pati, in my entire life. I wanted to be your night in shining armor your prince charming your handsome and cute boyfriend this is for you what is this this represents my love my dedication and my loyalty you are my woman and I am your man I will not be the first to be your last s here this for you is so beautiful oh my god no I'm so happy what's up lover boy guess who the new lover boy is now?
P, she just gave me this, that means she had a yes, nice flowers, she would have said. yes to that, but of course, this belongs to let me guess the H, you guys should get back together, no, no, no, what's wrong with me? I hope someone looks at me the same way my eyes look at you. This is not for Denise, well you have to do it. one decision my friend, it's team Denise or team Med because at this rate Vinc is going to marry Denise and we don't want that, just say that louder, yes, I'm here guys, and I'm here too.
You are here, what are your contributions? Are they Den or are they telling me the truth? They like me a lot, don't they? Hey, look at them, come on, my team of friends is ready, Denise asks, hello Julio, how's your flower going? I guess, hello. Why did Kevin leave? Oh, he's outside doing his home monitoring duties. Hey, don't run down the hall, you two, you two and you are that part of the home. Duty Kevin Kevin, how could you wait? It's not what it seems, I'm just doing my duty some joke some duty ah why am I getting so into this situation just to be nice? uh can you let me go now Hey, hey, hey, what's going on here?
You're okay, Kevin cheated on me, man, forget it, you deserve better, what about you? Come here and we can arrange some flowers together. Come on, what? So, Denise, how about we have some friendly competition? Since we both know that we are the best in our class, let's see who is better. I'm not interested in petty competition. Because? Are you afraid, hey, hey, hey Denise is not afraid of anything Lon, I can do math, science, literature and even the history of the Roman Empire, but I can't compete in flower arranging, okay, okay, I got it. CH, the N is going to do it. take your ass L sopia okay students now we have friendly competition rules they are simple the first to complete the bouquet wins let's have a fair competition protect yourselves at all times and you can touch the flowers before you start okay start go great together come on, come on man who grows who grows sunflowers at home and now it's time to announce the winner courts and the split decision winner is tly this is I knew you could do it I told you I'm inevitable you're that inedible animal Miss Sophia actually Fooled because this sunflower was grown in house, that's right and that's cheating, so without this, Denise is with yes, Miss Sophia's house, right?
Denise should win. I want you to be okay, students, calm down, go back to your seats. Okay, class time is up, please pass your flowers. to the person your heart desires for those who wish to keep it anonymous, you can pass it on to me, so Denise, I'm waiting, you can have this one, what not, that one is barely done. I want that one, well this one is actually just for me. Me, no one else deserves flowers from you other than me. Now write me a note and this time not in italics. You know I can't read all those scribbled lines.
You can have this and now students, they are anonymous flowers. This is yours thanks to es I don't want it, I wonder who gave you that, it's totally not me, it's me, a flower for you mhm, an anonymous flower for you, wow, a work of art and this sneaker is from your admirer secret, seriously, you don't have to do it. make it anonymous, everyone knows it's you, even people who don't know, you know it's you Miss Sophia, are you really going to let this happen? Are you a facilitator? Well, I'm not the one who decides who gives what to whom.
Yes, don't hate the messenger, in fact, he is also Anonymous. Who's being the disloyal bastard here? How dare you give a flow to donate? Was it you or was it you? Was you? Who was who was who was?

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