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1 Month With The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (REVIEW)

Jun 04, 2021
Hey guys, what's up Nick, here one more time? It's my full video


of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Three, so let's get into it. This


will be divided into five categories. We'll start with the general design and then go looking. If we look at the performance specs of the device, how well all of that works, we'll look at the special features that make this device unique compared to other smart


es on the market and whether it's worth upgrading from the original Galaxy Watch, how long it lasts. of the battery. How long does it last? Lasts all day and overall verdict if you buy this device or upgrade from the original Galaxy Watch.
1 month with the samsung galaxy watch 3 review
With that I'll have all the timestamps in the description below, so go check them out. If you want to skip to the review so you don't have to listen to me ramble and stuff for the entire video, now the first category we're going to look at is the overall design. First of all, this


is gorgeous, honestly. I think it is one of the most attractive smart watches on the market. I love the circular design. I've never been a fan of the boxy design, especially coming from the Apple Watch. I never liked it. Yes, it may look a little more futuristic and you can definitely tell it's smart.
1 month with the samsung galaxy watch 3 review

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1 month with the samsung galaxy watch 3 review...

I look at it, but I like it when people are surprised to see that it's a smartwatch on my wrist. I think it's a real Rolex or some kind of really nice vintage watch. I turn on the screen and play around with it and they are impressed. I love this design. It comes in black or silver stainless steel for the 45 millimeter version I have here. There are a couple more color options for the smaller 42 millimeter version, but I'm reviewing just the 45. It's a whopping 1.4. inch Super Amoled screen, so the colors are very rich, the blacks are super dark, so you don't have to worry about faded colors or faded screens.
1 month with the samsung galaxy watch 3 review
I really enjoy this, I think it looks great outdoors too, that's one of my biggest complaints. With many smart watches on the market, as soon as you go out and get a little dazzled, you can barely see what's on the screen, but with this watch I don't have any problems and especially not even at maximum brightness, usually I'm floating. around mid range for brightness or I just have it on auto brightness but for the most part I never have to use full brightness which is really nice and especially for battery life the screen is 360 resolution ​by 360 pixels at 364 dpi.
1 month with the samsung galaxy watch 3 review
It's definitely pretty good for a small screen like this because if you're talking about ppi or pixels per inch per se on a screen, this 364 size is very, very decent. Another thing I really like about this is an extremely small bezel around the screen. So we don't have to worry about those really monstrous black bezels on older versions of these watches, even on the original Galaxy Watch. I felt like the bezel was too big for its size, but with this one I feel like they hit the nail on the head. Off the top of my head I feel like the bezel is perfect in its size, you can barely see it and it really stretches out all the images you see on the screen so you can read the text much easier and everything is really accentuated due to the smaller bezel.
I really get all the real estate out of that 1.4 inch screen, it has a nice titanium frame from my black edition. I think it's a stainless steel frame if you choose the silver one, but I like the overall look, it's very durable and meant to be. military grade which is pretty good so if you drop or hit your wrist somewhere you shouldn't have any problems at least for a while on top of the titanium frame which you would think is very heavy, it's actually quite light, at only 54 grams once I put it on my wrist, I didn't have any problems in terms of discomfort or too heavy overall, it's a perfect weight and I think it feels nice and heavy on the wrist without being too heavy, and that's what I'm really looking for.
Because in a premium watch that has that rotating bezel again, I think this is one of the best features of these watches. No other smartwatch on the market has this. It's super tactile and is also a mechanical button or switch, so it essentially uses no software. or fake vibrations to create a bezel effect like the latest Galaxy Watch sports edition and I didn't like that at all so I'm glad they went back to the real physical rotating bezel, there's just nothing like that that you literally have to feel . You may know what I'm saying yourself in person, but trust me, it's one of the best features of the watch.
It's just fun to even scroll through random things when you're bored because it feels so good and not only that. It's extremely smooth and keeps fingerprints off the screen because another big thing I don't like about smart watches is that if you have to use your finger to touch everything, it's annoying when now you look at your time later and have a ton of smudges on the screen, looks really bad, tacky, whatever, so having that rotating bezel really helps reduce fingerprints and you don't have to touch the screen as often as the side buttons on the Galaxy Watch 3 Okay, I don't think they look bad per se or are ugly, but I prefer the flat design of the original Galaxy Watch buttons even though they looked a little sturdier or a little less elegant per se, I prefer the originals just because they didn't stick out as much and were easier to touch and in my opinion they just looked better other than that although they are very tactile they work for what they are and again don't look too bad and definitely blend in with the side of the watch.
You can also easily switch bracelets like you did before with just the small switch at the bottom, which is a nice addition to the watch itself. I like the customizable bracelets here. I have an off-brand bracelet that arrived in the mail from Amazon. I'll have a link in the description below if you want to check it out for yourself. I really like this watch strap, it's super comfortable, it looks great with the black titanium build and although it's pretty cheap you can tell it's made cheaply, it's not a super luxury wristwatch but if you want get a much better quality band, there are definitely other options and I love that Samsung gives you the opportunity to change it because Personally I'm not a big fan of the leather band that comes in the box, yes it does the job, it feels comfortable, but I'm not a big fan of the white stitching and I feel like it will crack and wear out very quickly over time, so I definitely recommend looking.
On to other options in terms of bracelets, so let's get into the specifications and overall performance. This thing runs Tizen based laptop OS version 5.5 out of the box, very smooth, runs great, CPU is a 1.15 gigahertz dual core Cortex A53 chip. I don't know what all that means and many of you probably don't, but let's just say it's a lot faster than the original Galaxy Watch model with a Mali 2 720 GPU. The most important thing here is the most important thing we have. one gigabyte of RAM this time with eight gigabytes of internal storage, so I think last year's model was four gigabyte internal storage and only had 512 megabytes of RAM, so this is an extra half a gigabyte of RAM in a small device like this, half a gigabyte. of ram makes a big difference in terms of performance, so what I mean by that is that there is no lag and we'll get to that in a second.
We also have a built-in speaker like before so you can take phone calls. the watch you don't have to worry about having your phone with you if you have the lte version of this watch, which I don't, this is the bluetooth and wi-fi only if you have the lte version with a sim card in You can use this watch for complete without a device with you, without a phone, which is really nice and again, the speaker is built in so you can take phone calls directly from the watch and hear notifications loud and clear. We also have Wi-Fi. 802.11 bg and n as well as bluetooth 5.0 this time, which we'll get to in a minute, and gps and nfc are included out of the box in terms of performance again with that extra giga ram, extremely smooth performance right out of the box.
I want to say this is much better than the og


watch. I have a couple of clips here. I'll show you the difference in performance vs the og


watch and even at a glance you can look at this and think it's not that big. There is a difference, but in everyday performance, like the collar and collar alone, you can definitely tell the difference and this has been running smooth since day one, a whole


of use, downloading apps, testing with notifications, using it day after day, literally on my wrist, 24/7. This has run its course and been running smoothly every day without any hiccups, it's even had a couple of updates since the day I got it and it's still running great, so yeah, the performance is definitely a step up from the Original Galaxy Watch, on top of that.
I have some new animations added that are really nice when switching between widgets. I really enjoy it because in the previous one it looked like it just moved to the next widget, it didn't really feel like it was such a good fluid animation on the Samsung. To finally update them with the Tizen software, it is very easy to navigate by simply using the rotating bezel. You can switch between its widgets, which are fully customizable. You can place the one you want here, as well as any order, and then if you touch the end. With the button you can go directly to your app list so you can review everything on your watch and again with Galaxy Store you can download hundreds, and even thousands, of different apps on your watch, as long as you have enough space on your watch One thing to note that many of your viewers don't like to talk about is Bluetooth connectivity in the past, especially with the original Galaxy Watch.
I can't tell you how many times that watch disconnected from my phone via Bluetooth, honestly. I never used it with wi-fi alone because I like to have my phone with me at all times anyway and it weighs less battery if you don't if you have the wi-fi turned off on your watch, that being said, bluetooth connectivity has always been Unpredictable for me, like if I had it in my pocket, sometimes I would just pick up my watch on random occasions or if I left it in my car and walked to the mailbox it would disconnect instantly, not the case with the Galaxy Watch 3.
Which I find very pleased to say with the excellent Bluetooth 5.0 connection. I can walk up to 30 meters away without any problem, even when going from room to room if there are walls in the way, it doesn't seem to disconnect anytime I live. a single level house, so I don't have stairs or anything other than going from my room to the kitchen, which is three rooms away, without any disconnection and I find it really amazing, very good for you Samsung, finally update your bluetooth connectivity. The current device I'm using with this watch is a Galaxy Note 10 plus, so keep in mind that it's a Samsung for a Samsung, so its performance may vary if you're using a different device, especially an iPhone, but it will work regardless. of others. devices not only Samsung, the speaker as I said before is very loud, it is actually also of very good quality.
I was very surprised at the quality of the speaker on this thing so it's definitely a nice feature there and you don't have to worry about not being able to hear the other person if you make phone calls with it, they can hear you very crisp and clear and they don't have echo or anything like that and with the speaker again you can hear them well even if you are in a noisy place. The environment is very good for you because the speaker quality is quite good. My only real complaint with this design is that I feel like the vibration motor could have been much stronger.
That said, it is very quiet. I've had it, I've definitely tried it. In the past, watches with a vibration motor could be heard 100% if they ever buzzed on your wrist and that can be a little annoying if you're in a high-level meeting or if you're in an area like a library and not you can make a lot of noise, yes that can be annoying with this watch, it is pretty quiet, I mean you can still hear the vibration from time to time, but that being said it is very quiet, although I wish it was a little louder because there have been I often don't have the speaker on because I like to have notifications muted and I missed a couple of notifications with the vibration motor on which tells me it could have been a little louder because maybe I was moving. or walking or whatever, and while doing those activities, the vibrating engine can't really be felt, so I hope that in the next iteration the fire engine will be a little bit stronger, but again I don't want them to make it stronger because again that could be a bit annoying, so performance aside let's look at the special features of the device and these are the things that make itunique and give you a reason to go out and buy this watch before any other on the market.
If you're coming from the original Galaxy Watch and maybe want to look at an upgrade, to be honest with you, not much has changed from the original, other than performance, which really is the biggest key feature, the other big key feature. It's either Samsung's health apps or the built-in blood pressure monitor, so I think this new blood pressure monitor is a really interesting addition and definitely necessary when it comes to any type of monitoring system in a smartwatch. Whether it's your personal health, I honestly can't say. How accurate is it because I don't have a blood pressure monitor in my house but I can say that it is very consistent in its measurements every time I have tested it, it seems to be about in the 99 range which means I am a healthy person for my blood pressure.
Fortunately, now again I would take this with a grain of salt. I don't think it would ever replace your actual blood pressure monitor. with this watch, but it's really cool that they're leaning more toward these actual health-related monitors that we need in our daily lives because a lot of people ignore blood pressure and don't test it and can, without even knowing it, have really high blood pressure , which can be a great health risk. On top of that, we have a built-in heart rate monitor as we have had for the past few years. I will say that the heart reminder is much more accurate than last year's model so that's amazing, I'm really glad they worked on that because if you haven't seen my full review of the original Galaxy watch, I clearly said that the heart rate monitor cardiac is taken with caution. because every time I tried it I got like 72 beats per minute and the second time I tried it it was b68.
Next up on my test would be about 98. It was a big difference in the fluctuation of my measurements and I found that to be very strange and somewhat striking, so it's good to see that the measurements are now very consistent, no problem at all and they always vary approximately around what I'm doing, so obviously if I'm outside mowing the lawn or doing a vigorous activity, my heart rate goes up if I'm sitting in my room working on a video or something, my heart rate is usually quite a bit higher. low, so with that said, the heart rate monitor and step counter work very well, another cool feature that was included in the original Galaxy watch.
It's IP68 waterproof up to 50 meters so if you want you can turn on water lock mode and you can swim without any problem as long as you stay above 50 meters, that's pretty deep so I just want to go to diving with this thing, but if you're swimming in a pool you shouldn't have any problems and when you're done, you'll have to get out of the water lock and it will spray water out of the speaker, so there won't be any water. Internal damage would occur. It works very well. I haven't had any problems with water and I like that it's waterproof so don't worry if you're out in the rain or whatever.
Your watch will be fine. Samsung Pay is back and better. I have never had any problems trying to make payments with my card with the watch, the only drawback is that once again mst or magnetic secure transmission is not included in the watch, it really is a big shame, I wish Samsung I would get that back. to their line of watches because it's a huge feature on all Samsung devices that are a step up from any other device on the market, even Apple Pay doesn't have the mst, it just has NFC, which this watch has, it has NFC, so that if you are on a pay terminal that requires nfc or can use nfc, it will work without problems, but if you are on a terminal like an older one that does not have it, it will not work and you will have to take out your Samsung device to be able to pay through from Samsung Pay, so again in the future I really hope they add some kind of mst to it, but for now NFC just another cool feature is that they updated a lot of the apps that are pre-installed on the device, including Messenger. app, so overall it looks much cleaner on the watch so you can read text conversations in text threads without any problems.
They also updated it so that sorry messages or images appear directly in the messaging app without any problems where it was used in the past. to make it show up as a little text you had to click on it and the image appeared but it was alone and you couldn't read the text above or below the image you had to go in and it was a lot of extra steps so good for your Samsung to update your messaging app, they make it much easier to check, play and reply to people easily with the watch without having to take out your phone, sorry for the bad audio on this i.
I wanted to break up the review real quick, just letting you know that I ran into an additional issue right now with the Galaxy Watch in terms of displaying picture messages in the messaging app. What I mean by that is normally when you send an image through the messaging app it sends an image like this to someone's phone and this is for my girlfriend's phone and if it comes to my phone and through my watch it should appear with the picture in the messaging app and I can see it here now, in the past normally when you would get a picture you would say open it on your phone and now literally every time I get a message it goes well or it gives me the same message that says go to my phone, which doesn't make any sense, so I'm going to jump into the conversation right here and show you what I'm talking about, like I'm sending a picture to myself and saying this message contains media.
View content on your phone no matter what you do. It won't post or show the image here and I'm using the actual Samsung Messenger app, not like WhatsApp or anything, and I send it directly from the app via text so it appears on my watch and it doesn't show. so I don't know if that's a problem with Tizen if it's a glitch right now in the software, but keep in mind that for some reason one of the main features right now to be able to display images on your watch is not working. via text messages, so keep that in mind again, all of Samsung's health apps are here and on display, it's one of the biggest features they are trying to convey with this galaxy watch three, they all work very well, they have no problem, I like that they have a lot of information so you can track your diet, your daily exercise steps, all that good again, blood pressure monitor and heart rate monitor, you can monitor practically all about your day, which is really great to see another great new feature. it's the sleep tracking options, so they had this new version where you can track your sleep with the watch on.
Now it works pretty well but I personally haven't been able to use it because of the battery life and we'll get to this later but for me personally the battery life doesn't last long enough to be able to use my watch during the day and then keep it on overnight while it tracks my sleep. I have to charge it every day, but we'll talk more about battery life at the end of the review. The new support for Spotify is really an awesome addition because the original Galaxy Watch didn't work with Spotify which is a huge shame because that's what I use for all my music but now I added the addition of Spotify as its own app on the clock, however, is completely broken at the moment, which is a huge shame for me to say that I love the idea that Spotify was going to come to the clock so I could finally skip tracks and change my volume, you name it all from the watch now, especially if you're not using your phone, if you're just using LTE, you can use Spotify on the watch, which is awesome, however, again, the app is completely broken, I can't really show it to you. because i had to uninstall it it was so bad that it basically crashed my whole phone if i started playing a song on my watch it was supposed to transfer to my phone and then play through my headphones but it would just freeze completely and My phone kept freezing and I had to restart it.
I went and looked at the reviews for the app and they all said the exact same thing, so Samsung or Spotify, whoever, please fix your app because I want this to work. It's an incredible idea. and I want to use Spotify on my watch so yes please just fix it. The last thing is that the pre-installed watch faces that come with the Galaxy Watch 3 are excellent, honestly, they are much better than the original Galaxy Watch. I can't get over this enough, my favorite is the analogue dashboard because it shows pretty much everything you need right out of the box, the weather, battery life and your health as well as the time, both digital and analogue, I think it's go. really luxurious and I think it looks really good, so overall in my opinion this is the best, but again, there are a ton of them out of the box and I think these are the best out of the box options we've gotten.
With such a good galaxy watch for you, Samsung, for finally iterating completely new watch faces, if you don't like any of these for some reason, you can also visit the galaxy watch store and buy or just download free watch faces from the beginning. There are thousands to choose from, so it's definitely great and we'll continue to see the battery life of the Galaxy Watch Three. Honestly the battery life is pretty good, it's not amazing and could be better but it's pretty good. What I mean by that. It has a 340 milliamp hour ion battery which is pretty good, much larger than last year's version, but the biggest problem for me is that I always have the always on display with my watches.
I like it just because I feel that if you look at a watch face, it should have the time on it at all times. Most watch faces that come pre-installed with the Galaxy Watch, as well as those you can download from the store, have a feature where once the screen dims. or you put your palm on the watch and it disappears, it has a kind of always on display version, so what I mean by that it won't use its full brightness anymore, a lot of the functions will disappear on the display only watch. the time or maybe just the analog version of the time, which is great and saves a lot of battery, but that said, if you have the screen always on like I do, you'll get about 17 to 20 hours. of use before reaching less than 10 and having to put it on the charger, now you hear those numbers 20 hours, that doesn't sound too bad; however, with the smartwatch you definitely don't want to have to charge it every night for I personally don't care, it's no big deal, I charge it every night anyway, but when I tried to test it, I tried to push it to the limit and use it every day like a normal person.
I got a maximum of 20 hours before having to charge it now. I would have loved to see at least 30 hours on a charge with the screen always on or always on screen essentially on because of the new sleep monitor feature because again I want to be able to test it to its full capacity and it is an important feature that you can now monitor your I sleep with the watch, which is a cool feature, but if you can't use it because the battery runs out in the middle of the night. If it doesn't make sense to do so and if you're like me, you probably won't take off your watch and charge it multiple times throughout the day because that's just annoying; however, some people probably do this and it's no big deal. but I don't want to be forced to have to do that, yes there is a way around this, obviously I don't have the screen always on, if you turn it off it has a nominal two days of battery life which is very good.
That's pretty good now if you're not like me and you don't mind having the screen always on, yes the battery life is great, it's really good, but if you want to always have it on screen like me, you're out of luck and You're stuck with only one day of battery life, at least unfortunately per charge, and you'll have to charge it every night. The last thing I will say is the charger that it comes with which really surprised me. how lackluster it is compared to the old galaxy watch now the galaxy watch the original had this cute little stand that you can actually hold the watch when it charges so you can have it as a nice little watch next to your nightstand.
Wake up in the morning, look and see what time all that good stuff was, where this is just a little magnet that sits on your desk, you put it on top of it and it starts charging. The watch has wireless charging just like the previous one so you can charge it via any wireless charger or via power sharing option of any Galaxy device which is pretty awesome,It definitely comes in a pinch if you forget your charger for some reason and you have a wireless charger with you or you have your Galaxy device with you and you want to charge it really fast, that's definitely a nice built-in option, but it would have been nice to have that charger with the built-in stand and ready to use, like the original.
It's a big shame there and now for the overall verdict if you buy this watch or if you upgrade from the original Galaxy watch, so if you are coming from the Galaxy watch og, the upgrade in my personal opinion is really not worth the 400 price now. Now, for the new release of the Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung has its trade-in program, which is pretty good. I used it myself. I traded in my original Samsung Galaxy Watch for the Galaxy Watch 3 and saved about $100 on it pretty well. deal, so that brings it down to 300, so in that sense I'll say it's worth it, but if you don't have the option of a trade-in, I don't think it's really worth paying that price because of how little it's changed in reality compared to the other model, the main reason is that yes, they are faster fluid animations, the bezel is much smaller in general, it is a better experience, there are not many additional details added that really justify the upgrade for the price, However, if you're new to the Galaxy line, don't own a Galaxy watch right now, and are thinking about becoming a new Galaxy watch owner, this is the one.
Yes, 400 is a pretty high price. Pay even more if you want to go for the LTE version, but I will say that this is the best smartwatch on the market, hands down, smooth interface, nice and easy to learn. An incredibly beautiful design with a great feeling rotating bezel. In addition to very good battery life, a beautiful screen and a waterproof design, I think this is by far one of the best smartwatches on the market. In my opinion, it even beats the Apple Watch because I can't get over how ugly the design is. about them, sorry if you are an Apple Watch lover, just yeah, I don't like it at all.
I love the design of these guys because they look like a real watch, so that's my full video review of the Galaxy Watch. 3 from Samsung if for some reason I missed something and you have a specific question about the watch, please leave a comment in the comments section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can if you want to check it out. my unboxing and a quick overview of the watch. I have a link in the description below. Leave a like to show your support, as always. It really helps with the new videos.
Also, subscribe so you don't miss the next one and us. I hope we see you next time, in peace.

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