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1 Day, 1 Pound, 3 Meals - Limited Budget Food Challenge

Feb 20, 2020
beginning of the day. In fact, it was a very good breakfast. Wait, wait, wait, go, bring it, so it's a bit of a murky and dirty and gray day and we've decided to go for a walk around Netley, sure here now I could, if I was feeling brave, eat oysters for lunch all these oysters here, all of them are also alive or many of them. Are they live oysters? Now the problem is that Hampton water is sold. It's not the cleanest stretch of beach, so yeah, I'm probably not going to bother with that, but I think look at that big pile of live oysters.
1 day 1 pound 3 meals   limited budget food challenge
We'll be fine, I can see some sea


ing here, we've got some beach and such Maybe some other small vegetables collected here, smell this smell, yes, the beaver does not find it so interesting, it means that a dog has not urinated. So we'll pick some sea rhythms somewhere along this stretch using that as our test and maybe a few other things too and we've got a little stream here running along the back of the beach and I've seen watercress here but I think I'm fine, I don't really feel like picking vegetables after that water, it may not be as bad as it seems, but it looks bad, so a very fresh green looking plant, parsley, some kind of plant from right here, hemlock, drop of water, deadly poisonous, no. to be pricked even though it looks fresh and green and tempting, so let's start with lunch, which will be salmon pasta on toast with a few extra things, so I think for this, uh, yeah, four nice slices of bread, there is a lot of bread left. let's see what it looks like when it's toasted now we're going to try to make something like a kind of Remillard which is like a coleslaw, a kind of mustard dressing, a kind of sauce, so we're going to need a little bit of that. the honey mustard sauce a little more mayonnaise so let's chop so I don't need to freeze the onion this time and I'll use a little less than half not this onion the rest can go in the refrigerator. until later, okay, I'm going to slice this onion very thinly, okay, so that's the start.
1 day 1 pound 3 meals   limited budget food challenge

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1 day 1 pound 3 meals limited budget food challenge...

Now I want a little bit of this carrot, not all of it because we're going to have a little bit of that later, but I'll use a jump from the middle. I'll save both ends if we had a ton of ingredients to spare. I could appeal to this carrot, but we don't have it, so I have to make good use of each piece and then we'll just cut it into very small tiny pieces. very thin matches, okay, that's a knot, toast, let's do the next one, okay, so what's going to go in there too? No, I'm just going to light it up a little bit just to separate the onion pieces into strips, but also to express a little bit. a little bit of juice on the onions and hopefully that will shake over the carrots as well, okay, that's the other one, the other two slices are toasted.
1 day 1 pound 3 meals   limited budget food challenge
I'll put them here and address this with the honey mustard sauce, just a little taste of that. Taking the lid off is pretty cool, so it goes in and then it's going to waste a little bit of that and we're also going to have one of these mayonnaise packets in there, okay, just dress it up again looking pretty good, but it's still a little incomplete, so remember those. apples we picked this morning. I have no idea what they will be like inside. I'm going to peel them because that peel survived all winter so it's most likely going to be a little tough, yeah these apples are pretty nice. wool inside really where they have been stored while they have been stored as if they were outdoors they smell good although it smells very good right, let's see how the apple really tastes.
1 day 1 pound 3 meals   limited budget food challenge
I'm going to try a slice on its own. tart and not completely crisp, it is a little soft but it will be fine there and just brings a little acidity to this Remillard. I want to cover that apple completely so it doesn't come off, so four slices of toast and We're going to make some kind of improvised Mary Rose sauce to cover them before we put the fish pate on top, so Mary, this is a Mary sauce Very fake rose, it will only be made of ketchup and mayonnaise. I don't want to mix. that in the bowl because I ended up wasting too much, so what I'm going to do is just a splash of mayonnaise.
I'm a splash of tomato sauce on each slice and we'll mix it up, just sit with a The knife is not a very generous layer, but it's not necessary because we have a lot of vents. Fish pate and I have to use it all now. The salmon pâté, which smells very good, is like 42% salmon. A decent amount of fish. there we're going to share that now equally in the four slices it's going to be quite generous, but why isn't it okay, now black pepper, so we're going to have a little bit of black pepper on top and also a little bit of tomato with these tomatoes a little bit.
Crispy, really. I'd rather they read the tomato than that, but the ones that were redder and riper are also larger and more expensive, so we are


by what is possible and we have a little of this carrot, apple and Remillard onion available in each of chefs' privileges, so what we have is salmon pâté on toast with tomatoes and an apple, onion and carrot Remillard, let's get stuck into hmmm, that's very tasty, that's very good, it just needs a little bit of salt, to the extent that the goal was to try to make


that I think I could do again even if money were no constraint.
I think this is a resounding success. Really very tasty. I'm going to turn off the camera now so I can enjoy this and then we'll come back and talk about it. It was good, it was more than good, it was really delicious and I definitely won't make it again, maybe with a little better ingredients next time, but it was really good, so we still have plenty of bread left, we have this tin. of mushy peas, we have a lot of vegetables and that will be our dinner. What I'm going to do with this jar, I think instead of wasting those last bits of salmon that are inside, I'm actually just going to put in. a little bit of water in there, shake it up a little bit and we'll save it because I'll use it later okay, we've got plenty of bread left, let's make some soup to dip it in and that will do it.
For a big, hearty meal, I have this can of peas. I have all these vegetables, so let's make some soup. We will use this onion as a base. You'll also have some carrot in here, which I'll just use. cut it into small pieces if you can hear the sounds of eating in the house next door it's Steph and Jenny who are not participating in this


this time so they have normal


so let's put it in the pan okay so in this pan We're just going to put a little bit of our last flora packet in there so we can fry those greens, carrots and onions right in there.
I'm going to season that a little bit while they're frying a little bit of salt as well. there, so I have tomato. Tomatoes are far from ideal. In fact, it says this was the smallest tomato, but it's strange, it's almost white inside, but never mind, we're going to cook this too once the onions have started to cook. But. I don't like tomatoes when they're a little crunchy, it doesn't matter, you're right once they're cooked, so our goal is to get a kind of chunky vegetable soup. The end result actually has that bit of tomato and then we have this mushroom that Well, there's not much room to cut them up or just tear them up again, okay, and then we have the fact that today we're foraging on the seashore, now the sea beats a little out of season so this might be a little on. the hard side, so I'm going to cut it pretty small and lose its stems, so here, carrots and onions, I put the rest of that flora and we have them soften and gently, in fact, we'll put them in a little bit. a little bag of brown sugar just to help the onions caramelize okay those onions are starting to get a little bit of color on the edges now so other vegetables are going to go in there and this is where things are going to start to work out a little bit . a little bit because of the juice that comes out of those tomatoes, so we should think about putting a little bit of liquid in here to turn this into a soup in a minute, so remember the jar of fish paste that I put the water in just to wash the tomatoes.
The last bits of flavor will be added to the soup along with a cup of water at this stage and we'll just bring it back to a simmer, so hopefully the last bit of fish won't do. It has a fishy flavor as such, but hopefully it will give it some body and savory flavor. We'll have a ketchup packet there. I'll add it early because it tends to be a little bitter and vinegary and I want it cooked now, they put artificial colors in this can of mushy peas so it actually looks good on camera, but there's a real stew in my opinion teal, hopefully, when mixed with the warmer colors of the ketchup and those other greens, hopefully, it will balance out and it won't be a completely ugly soup, but hopefully it will taste good even if it doesn't look good, okay, ya It's almost cooked, so "We're going in with our can of mushy peas, no mushy peas, our dried peas that have been rehydrated and then cooked to the point that they're almost breaking down, so in a sense, this is like if a very unsafe dal was simply made with green peas. from yellow split peas, but the same kind of idea is boring, well, it's not an appetizing color, we have a say, but hopefully it doesn't taste good, so let's go. give it a little flavor to season now, what tastes good needs more pepper. things do, so let's not be shy with those three little bags of pepper, let's go back there now, a little bit of a bet, yeah, normally, if you have pea soup, it has ham in it and the hams have a kind of smoky flavor now .
I don't have ham, but I do have smoky flavor, so I'm going to bet here and this barbecue sauce is included in the mix and I hope that the smoky flavor of this barbecue sauce is reminiscent of the ham that you would normally have. in the pea and ham soup, I don't know what this will do to the color of the soup, it probably won't improve it, no, so now it has taken on a really arrogant color, but it doesn't matter, let's try it now it works very well, right ? I think we're ready to serve then this soup won't win any beauty contests, it's a pretty greenish looking pea and vegetable soup however it's all about the taste so we got a bunch of bread and my intention is to fill up on soup and bread let's really try it and see if it tastes better than it looks, that barbecue sauce is definitely great, it tastes like it has ham in it, it tastes like there's a lot of smoked ham on my piano. vegetable soup, so yeah, okay, not the most appetizing.
I think if I had the choice, I would have put more green vegetables in there, maybe maybe I would have gone without the tomatoes altogether, but we had to reuse what we have, but yeah, okay. hmm, that's spot on. I'm adding more pepper because there's no upper limit for black pepper for me, that's delicious and there's at least two bowls here, there's another full bowl still in the pan, yeah, I'm happy with that. It's a shame, ahem, Gani butter to go with the bread, but I've used up all my flora cooking those vegetables, so it's there anyway.
I guess I could probably put mayonnaise on my bread. I could try it in a minute, so let's see if bread with a little mayonnaise is any kind of substitute for bread and butter. I can see that it should just be fat after all, no, I'm actually going to say that bread with soup with this soup, bread without mayonnaise is better than bread. So if I had been using ingredients from my pantry, I could have put a little curry powder in here and it would have looked better to begin with and it would have helped too, but it's actually a pretty tasty soup in its own right. so you can turn off the camera now finish my soup and then we'll finish well, you might have to take my word for it that it was a delicious bowl of soup and I'm well aware that I have much of a loaf of bread left.
I have nothing to put on it. I guess I could have toast and ketchup if I'm still hungry tonight, but I actually have two big bowls of soup and I feel very full. I have eaten nine five six slices of also bread that is crumbled and at the end mixed with the soup and yes, I feel very full and satisfied, so as far as I am concerned, these experiments have been a success, in fact, I might be surprised at how much I was able to buy. for a


at the supermarket and I think there's even more flexibility and interesting ideas we can do with condiments and things we can pick up and look for for tables and trays, so what have we learned well?
I mean, actually, this is probably the first time in my life, I've ever asked people for things that I probably shouldn't accept, like ordering that flora at McDonald's and ordering the powdered chocolate things at Cost Express. and normally I'm very embarrassed to do that, but it turns out that people are very kind in general, so yes, I think it has been a success, so we spent half a kilo that I ate during a day and I am very happy at the end of this day how interesting it has been for you. Thanks for watching. I hope to see you soon

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