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0% Sportsmanship but it gets increasingly more disrespectful

May 28, 2024
missing here and there could be problems, some later also emay Jan is involved sailors Jan, who is now being shown red checks to bruer, should be in bed, so bruer is evidently in a lot of pain there, I mean it didn't seem like that , so now Bara can run Gold recover it now it's not a penalty he prepares it it's a red car Theo sends well it's that they're going to lose this tie that's a foul and he's going to oh he's going Red card now to Jaby. Oh, he sent Rao out in the first game.
0 sportsmanship but it gets increasingly more disrespectful
Now he will take them in the second leg. Well, he has such a white smile. Oh dear, he looks at this and Gzi confronts him. Derby's first real flashpoint. and referee D it anal completely eliminated Long St. Well, he's had a few of those in his young career. Another yellow card. Yes, it had to be B. Ivan Tony's last Premier League goal was from a free kick on this pitch against Nottingham Forest. I think it was that side, I think it went a little further than what Tony takes and Tony scores. It's a brilliant game from Brahim Diaz.
0 sportsmanship but it gets increasingly more disrespectful

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0 sportsmanship but it gets increasingly more disrespectful...

I mean, you don't see it much, but when he comes into the game he turns on the place up now, so Cesco came in again for Leig and was denied Once More by Looney. They are moving their rabi easily again. That's a yellow card. He surely just took a swing. He put a high pace, good form on that of Teo Hernández and that was a wild challenge. Blood flowed from Anan Griezmann's head, quite a bit of physical effort and this bubbled up onto Montz, they showed him red, a straight red card and this got completely out of McKenna's hands.
0 sportsmanship but it gets increasingly more disrespectful
The shirt is then torn off as he kisses the shield Dr. Eyes directly towards Marson Mudri grabs the Brazilian by the face the referee CH Kane then collides with Gabrielle he will also receive a yellow card Harry Kane Glen nberg the Swedish referee decided that this was a deliberate act and showed Kan the yellow card. There should be some ending to the match. They have set up a possible grandstand finish here with their first shot at Target in the game. Your first attempt. At Target we got a win because we want to give it to you.
0 sportsmanship but it gets increasingly more disrespectful
He heads well, especially with how well Milan heads the ball in corner kicks in GRE offside, in fact he is in a caution and Coutinho is going to go here to Neymar, who moves away from the first man without problems, the referee stops it and Brazil comes again Neymar brought down by Rami front and center hello then skillfully Marcelo supporting Neymar Sher pulled back twice he can only get one to make his way barami finally receives a yellow Neymar who is gaining experience there is a death shove on serginho's back, a straight red iaga, exactly what I just said, man, it's been thrown into chaos, but Tottenham have a history of turning it around, you'll see, and CH changes things, Kajal knocked him down and, if they reach the semi-finals, Real Madrid. he did not receive a free kick, he returned the ball to Manchester City immediately, that came late from Venicius Jr.
The referee says to continue the game because and Philipe Anderson with a touch, Handanovic spilled it and Philipe Anderson is the hero, everything is starting Oh. and Shan now, what is he doing? They have Manchester United, the heads have gone, Dybala pulls back for relatives, that is the easiest yellow card, you will never see tempers burn, I hope not, but it seems that way with 13 games to go. Absolutely brilliant Matthew Udol, 25 year old local player, oh look at that, and he's not happy because Mbappé returned the ball to him in a bit of a creative way, he goes to Hakeim again, oh, they've done it again out of nowhere.
Victory From the Ashes and PSG are still perfect. this he can win and he does and United will do it with City it's a Manchester FA Cup final again to replace the center in the corner taking duty PS: back here for Val whipped him Jo The Equalizer now Fu Mallister came in by Salah trying to pick up pieces there he didn't overcome mashan's challenge, he didn't have much success, well the boiling point was reached a little too far in front of gacho, painful on the boards for Kingsley, kman M, be on Neno toosi and whisper, Jackson checked and, uh, when I took a look to find out who's taking Nicholas Jackson.
You four, but you're arguing among yourselves about what's going on here. M Palmer Le a disturbed, oh laku, there have been some tasty challenges in this one and it's red. card Roma's scorer becomes second when he doesn't have it that's a problem for Martínez and Bellingham didn't like it at all City with 13 minutes left Fabinho committed a foul Rodri didn't like the challenge the two squared off gundan pushed him and there are five or six players trying to be tangled peacekeepers oh he threw him in there, he could be in real trouble here, he's out, it's his first time, good defending by Rashford to help W Baka, beautiful touch that by G ATA returns to the side tonight Marcus Rashford is red card, he has three, I think he is a burner, he is in what turn, what about the substitute Johnson surrenders, there is a Collis here that involves Antonio Rudiger and Kevin De Bruyne, that's Kai's ship.
He hit and the PTO players reacted immediately. Can they find a consolation goal here? Cameron mjo and he's out. I think for the number one creation they will host that return match. It's a shot and Messi is down for Miami. Malcolm on the outside did not. I didn't see it or he didn't want to use it, but he has a free kick or it may have been good, you can't do it. He wanted to execute him. Fernández crashed the ball into the Barcelona players. They didn't like him. They thought he did it deliberately. The leading Ram's committed and so did Arsenal and a red court.
Beyond the 90 minutes, Harland shares the concern of everyone inside Stanford Bridge. What a yellow card came out. The cost card came out and had to be read just trying to unsettle. The goalkeeper's shot goes in and Molina almost hits the center behind Messi.

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