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Zylbrad is Finally TRIGGERED by SBMM in Apex Legends

Jun 06, 2021
Todd don't die Todd I know you're sick but Katie is sick too because your sisters and brothers and sisters and us. I just discovered something really cool, look we are 1 2 3 what we are 1 2 3 what we are. they're on the same team, right then top right 1 2 3 yeah I'm NOT anyway let's talk I wanna go on the train man. I have an illness. I can choose people like where is it? alright yeah but now i'm totally fine back ok i'll go to the middle wow i'll kill him what help me help me katie help us i fell off the train do you have to help me ?
zylbrad is finally triggered by sbmm in apex legends
I have weapons, okay? So why am I here? I'm sorry, I need your help. 20 questions. this don't be afraid oh oh oh people here yeah as a person on top too what kind of i realize this eighty week? I have a disease that is curing, wait there, yeah, what's up? r the boy how did i get up there? what is your bag oh ok tony quests been up wait why are you dying what do you know my hands are hurting. I've figured out why they're both dumb, quick, man, where did they get them. I don't know if toads can design now.
zylbrad is finally triggered by sbmm in apex legends

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zylbrad is finally triggered by sbmm in apex legends...

Yes, I got a job today. the clock told you you're going to die your day is a disaster style grab you and then run you'll be a third for how many do i have to do one person kevin and basically i have a memory apparently camembert like cheese no it's not right i got mine now look its time run away run away wow are you serious we were supposed to be third the camera crew we couldnt still we can all chemistry amman no camembert oh yeah do you know how much harder they are than soft cheese? in terms of skill level because he doesn't even have a moment Oh three -years in there so whatever dammit I hate this it's not even the good players how am I supposed to like to group them with me being in the middle, no, stop, this is paid for, I want them to shoot each other, not like me? there's no point being something alive, of course there's no bread, I should give up, oh, norma, that's the man, that's the cameraman, the cannon boy, it's just impossible, it's time for all the teams, of course, they are drinking my tea, thank you in this way.
zylbrad is finally triggered by sbmm in apex legends
We want it to be today. i'm not going to have a single match today ok you got it it didn't do anything ok look ok still calculator top right no character on top right speaking mind body soul , what is it that hurts a little on the play stack? rigged the system boys get results let's miss a train train time i'm going to go on time let's call i'm still coming back this train i'm waiting we're leaving how i look at any emma honey you gotta jump whoa whoa i just spread like meg girl for stay on the train ok time alice oh i made a friend no i didn't he's not that friendly left todd come here i need your help this is awesome thank you get this guy he's useful squad on the way, totally fail, here are the shields, dad, can you finish? he oh well i get this from all the guys below we are the depths of hell. gotta stop playing picks


today we had too much fun even default its like a robot and i like what oh that was the easiest thing for people to branch out and now we're going to see some really good people because how the live people, you know, they live, they know how many people shot at you, it was there, I think, but no, they are shooting from there, what deal with them, break, no, I'm crazy, how did you get a tray there?
zylbrad is finally triggered by sbmm in apex legends
Where is my teammate? teammate don't feel like it we're a cup just run just run just run mates we wait here for them a and then us and then we're going to use Todd's Oh Phoenix wait but there's a drop-in over here I'll go to the top oh ok, but i want the drop, i could have, wait, i'm something magical, it's alright somewhere beautiful. 20 Questions That Aren't Asking Which Is Your Best To Accidentally Kill Tucker But Cool Yeah And Then I High Five Yeah Wait Are They Coming From Behind? it's around here coming around the sash shock happens you can't make it okay mate rape what is race oh you're funny they don't have armor keep doing it thought just stretch your legs i understand the guy what guy oh i can't you see no one protect me thanks tuck you made it alive i have to kill today i get it you did i'm the iota bastard about her david today's prank encounters well what are we going to find today? a joke baby there's only one squad on the TGV it'll happen again when they're second again quick Tommy to get it Come back first it's ok it's you see I don't have my cravings yet it's ok Katie you will absolutely Useless, but I'll bring you back, no, no, I'm fine.
I'll punch you punching on the page oh they're coming oh I punch it I'm ready my fists I'm not here anymore yeah pray help me son they're down for you help me just run buddy okay wait I should run right punch make it distract them at least what's up , Alexa? Hey, why did you totally miss it? Some lucky ones though, right? Putting on fewer coats, turning off the ATVs, of course, staying alive, staying alive. What about your run, run, run? he throws his little long and it doesn't actually do any damage and he dies completely right away why did i punch him one night Gautama if I had Gautama we would have won that oh my god look today look today's topic isn't winning come on no don't get mad it's ok because you guys are here to cheer me up yeah tom why watson fu games sorry why are you watson?
Look, it's the people who beat us well. I should quit the game. I left the game. No, I'm at the front of the train. I'm hiding. Oh I have one. I'm really struggling today neither Katie help you die huh yeah what's my phoenix kick? Oh you mean except you try to use it for 1 hp like Oh Joe can't move Oh how does a stationary grenade hit you cause I couldn't run away fast enough excellent that's good I told you just block my guys like that that's my dad oh that's disgusting catch him ok he's fighting i told him not to fight but there's another crab katie knows she's dead done dad a picture already failed the challenge ah shame on why they will work wonders yes answerer seeker oh yeah tional you should rescue whats going on oh thats your thank you tons of shield cells not for you please i have nothing for people here to talk about what are their enemies? yeah oh my gosh oh my gosh I hate this this is a job y'all I'm Danelle what am I supposed to do?
Just Achille, do what Weaver says, I'm afraid to turn the team around. So pure to go south, don't die, oh what if I die in his clothes, I'm the only one allowed to die in the open, oh I didn't realize you chilled him before I could get him out. hurts Katie, buries one from the cave, yes, even used in I could have shot him, of course, okay, I'm ready, so, oh, there's a person here, oh, my God, no, oh, no, there is a lot. ie make a big turn in there, use the punch, a real shake up, shaken up by this whole scenario oh it's another game the guy who chases him to start with wi Damn I can't worry about him that's right you got to worry about me I'm going to die here.
What's wrong man? It's just a minute. I guess those champions are still alive and I'm the leader of the carnage. This is not good, yes. I'm really feeling it in this match. champions the champions are here run run run run looks like a game of champions ok i was going to lose so they are definitely not bad but they should definitely buy another one Another is that people aren't really going to do what you want. this brotherly love saved my life i am forever grateful it's ok to put down a dog instantly i'm alive do it again you're not pointing my way i have no healing wait we have to go to the drug lord that's a great mom Donna Krebbs, I wanted to cry but that's what I wanted oh my god where you going bread wherever you g or pick us up they weren't expecting you good teammate they won't expect it yeah they won't expect it come on man we gotta make friends Let's do it, come on, you made friends with that guy, kill us, I know you. knocked out you didn't kill yourself oh my god you just put me in a coma you were just waiting I caught you look good we need it we need it I don't know if he's going to shoot me in the back this one just doesn't seem to trust Jesus.
Brad leave it. Nerd. I need you to turn around. Pray. I have to go that way. from my enemy is my friend we only do with you we only team up just make the team shut up we make them shut up welcome back to APICS


crater boys that box maybe I'll open it grey/black please anyway okay my boy I want to kill you, boy no dart, can't you see my dart? oh we didn't jesus christ in this life hey megan he'll kill you if you don't evacuate he knows this way he's by my side guys hurry run run to me now they're coming oh okay now hurry up time them too I love scrubbing good look , I need you to know and your team is so bad when you team up with another guy.
Hey I almost got my head smashed in so you're still alive Katie just in case I get busted and I think they're already low. and L so they gave some more too yeah yeah you're the only one who knows how to use time well I didn't really make you duck to get close to us Ronna I hope you get shot like you're doing yeah how is that this is not right? My gosh drop a shield Todd you just know he didn't buy distracting them from me Katie omg yeah alright Brad I'm going to hit him my guys messed up. another kill ok just remember to kill the right guy not killing the screams ok ok take the omote they are taking here and put it out nice nice kind Katie ok its another squat but They're not that good, but they are, you know, they got us. fireballs I'm as scared for the balls as we are for the balls I have one health left I'm going to heal they push you from the right side well little do they know they have meaty fists throw the grenade if all went well well Carthon oh look I'm in the books i'm there in the box and reported it hey we gotta have an honorable fight at the end i don't care they survived yeah ok kill that come on we can do this what is yes oh god no i cant believe i literally cant believe that guy is that good i dont even know if i will win this fight i will try let's get started oh okay i will be honored below high five you are the best.
I saw it. I saw it. I saw it. I remember it's not when you have to hire an enemy. they say you did it you did it you made them skin jesus christ i can't that was amazing that was probably the best thing that ever happened to me so much that was amazing it feels good to


say this but i am we're done we're done today bye bye i'm done we don't this i have nine deaths this is the worst let's try it yes i'm back i'm back i always come back well thanks for the great backpack why is it there?
No gun, I'm the one who needs a gun, don't flinch, they were crazy. I don't have a weapon. the armor wait he did it that means if he died it was probably someone stronger it's a mastiff that's all I'm going master I want the mastiff give it to me thank you no there's nothing here it's fine I say why if it's not bad the fact that everyone me they killed this cause there's a gold thing and i don't even need what this list was i see there's a guy on me he's finishing me he's done you tell me to finish oh is he dead on the ground?
I know, wait, no, he doesn't have the teacher, wait, how do I do it? Yes, they killed me, stop, you're going to learn your lesson. Crazy John, oh, another wait, how do I scrub the ride? me a mastiff no oh oh distracted they distracted yes booty that's my look thank you a little how many knives for 20 missions oh no another said - oh it's another another table friend there are two I got up guys come here take your things what things to do? I go up there, yeah, okay, it's like Katie made up her mind fast.
I need you, at least, she


talks fast. fireman i can't get it right wait i should calm down now i let her calm down yeah calm down let me take this wait wait wait wait ok i just skin subconscious come on katie yeah wait. I can read, come on. Todd is going to die alone. I do not. I get up there. Do you think um goes up? Katie, help him. I'll scare him. Oh, she read her. You have to jumped out of your stuff to get it. she's trying to be friendly i'll pretend i'm friendly here we go ok ok i don't like this we actually did it You won more than one match today.
You said we wouldn't win any. Yeah, you know what I had. I had a little faith. I had little faith. the video was really good really good oh what is seymour hit that notification bill and where you guys then fry the button stop talking to each other fighting

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