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ZUSCHAUER schenken mir KORALLEN! 😲

Jul 09, 2022
beautiful good but which is exactly the double cd and welcome to a new aquarium video today very special video because now I also know people who actually already know me so you can't like it that was installed by youtube I called you to install small because I i already mentioned in the last video that i am low on nutrients and then more comscore dream recommended to everyone that i should use a lot of snails because they can recycle the old growths and turn them back into usable nutrients for corals and less algae is the less competition to quran , of course, and I appealed if any of you maybe somehow also have a little snail infestation so just have to test them extremely quickly deny putting them in a Tolkien aquarium which they don't have here either but for my big aquarium, of course i need a big man ge andré is a driving instructor from gelsenkirchen and can take a ride in the car if i committed or a driving mistake on the highway to cologne and now he only brings me his own cane sometimes other things so funny because we will also see another aquarium today we want to look at it Others have written and I would say that like snails of creamy old age that they would cancel something everywhere and now we're putting them in the box for a change because that turned out pretty well with cologne and so on and because i also remind myself i want to collect some snail drops sign here eg someone else 8 active no do you have yours also after this morning I wanted to get up tomorrow the snails are a lot 30 pieces that doesn't look very good, it's stuck, everyone has found it so far, it may be that that turbo boost could also be great because they also multiply in the aquarium, so she'll say that's it. bred by you ne yeah all much greener and reddish I once had slices from a box aquarium anyway but don't know why no luck with that one but it also had a bit less nutrients now that I have here it is almost worth 0.04 nitrate values ​​in the meantime 30 because maybe don't tell anyone I have a lot more to say because most say 100 after the tragedy I have heard that more often around 40 I have locally 0.04 so actually very similar values ​​yes and they said it would blow up if we get past that if i'm stable now no new imports i don't know sometimes in the next video the subject would actually type quietly here think about it and each time they get tighter so you can't take them out or not, you can actually solve them well, but you still have to solve them somehow, in a month I have to be afraid, are you plagued today? ? ter because the government is here to take a look because you can talk about something like that well I'm doing it so easily now that we're going to move it forward but you can use this to get potential depending on what it is from aquaria they can also come to you things of course you still have a drag you even have glass pants or you jaroslaw rosen yes but not in these steers they are highly sought after villa darien jubilarian says they have solar inside or is there a ball of algae it is not a ball but not fast if I just saw a left and i'm sorry it's this i don't know exactly what she likes to be called you probably have some of those well well that you can get you to crawl automatically and who's hurting me she's sorry but i can't use it because they can multiply really brutally shit ya I see I'm sorry but yes that's the truth that's what you have Since the father does not hate, I can see that you always have to make a basin of complaints where you simply mently you throw all the pests and they can, so there is no rule that you are, but more water last time today you can't help it. you always notice that in a large tank I did well, actually now at first planaria cut 45 pieces I think my de moselle ate them and since I don't have silicic acid from silicates, also planaria would have a magnan two glass pants and I have eaten them my taliban girls i think what i always look at with something a little light comes there different which is actually really cool maybe not positioned better by me but i know he's staying there now that's also a problem if you have snails that are too big, they can also hurt a lot on the suckers, but the ones you brought with you are relatively small, I think, because we suffered Yes, they are quite small.
zuschauer schenken mir korallen
I hope they really stay here now. I said I had my problems, but I had a little less. The case. an acropolis here no idea millipore tors go type huge foot i see it just fell off and here's a little bit bigger or this really blue audi has a green glow on it too i don't know if it looks like that a lot on camera, but it's so nice to go out and I don't have any of that at all. Where do you get the coal? It is not a silent pore. you know it will most likely grow well in other aquariums as well who have voted super super gau I really like it here Very nice how you shine in this pair so a little bit not getting destroyed again straight off the farm or you've been long overdue.
zuschauer schenken mir korallen

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zuschauer schenken mir korallen...

Anna, I just don't have a lot of space here, so give me a call so I can link the installer today. I will be here. I'll look at a little something different like vdi vde here. People check me out ahead of time. Now I'm definitely happy that we met. Here you still drove after all the witness children greeted mom hello. In fact, I slowly got all the snails used to water and now pause everyone here. Unfortunately, I can't write right now or something because I don't think I'm going. well in cities today and i want to go with me to get rid of ded planaria and second planaria they are very similar to snails so i dont think snails will tolerate it well so i hope they do h just dont let any pests or snails live here or is there exactly in the last section that I just closed that in the rain of bullets you can see the brain of the camera up there that I think you have an old one that we are with descendants it would not undo or should come at noon I think that I should eat ball discs I had crabs with rex but I don't have a ball I don't really know but with scrum as far as I know there wouldn't be an end if I had them exactly so I've counted it now and there should be about 35 pieces that are running now , of course, it would not be an absolute change for my 1400 bulk liters, but if they reproduce and become more and more, that's it, in any case, just a really positive effect on my biology and ultimately mind they have to eat algae now here you can see ov rigorously the difference is that here is a snail and these are probably andré's turbo neos and the snails are a bit elongated similar to a real snail and that all the other content here is probably turbo tomorrow neos there are 1000 different ones i have no idea either i just guess of course you can also write in the comments where it will be and besides this i already put the new battery in and now i think it looks so amazing so this effect blue purple i think its really crude if you look at it now more yes said markus but also here the imports from last time which by the way are still alive most thought they would in any case now toni , they're still alive out here too you can actually see the millipore definitely have the police outside but of course there's still nothing to see in the color and you can tell the difference there was the choir everyone those who have now grown in the sea so now here for example or here the teno is still at the beginning and also because the police are outside it's just not easy to film of course you can't group the colors now of course they will all be different but i find them too blatantly stable and it already has a color and all that let's see if it's the same with the others now more shares patrick or patrick i don't know so obscurely he even made a video of how you collected all the pigeons caught last night probably i think that's why it's a really cool aquarium we'll look at it together now we'll do it differently now she comes people not me not hands and i think she has a really rude high end battery would have said now from 3:30:30 p.m. something has the construction phase, which means now it's good and hurry up because we are now between 15 and 30, that's why he is in the office after Gummersbach, based on his experience, I think that he is somehow a financial advisor who you can see everything immediately.
zuschauer schenken mir korallen
I want to refresh that at some point. this video here just to go to people or to exchange ideas with people i am definitely very excited i would say see you again in gummersbach see you soon i wanted to make a video yesterday i collected the routes exactly i am also short on mac os 1:20 p.m. because tonight we are going to the hunt i want to hunt the darlings they are the scary pigeons and if it succeeds we will see that now and you have the states below we did not do that but exactly the generation here is the new one i will have it soon if i had not seen the statue before i didn't step on it here's a sign i'm just spinning a blog we just have reached across the street and then put logos i just didn't get any drops from andré but tobias and snails made it possible that's from the sources the blankets the clothes worked well physically the reactors really held up and the end was really great because the nationalized had to give bad advice so really good jupiter so no here you don't need now they were phosphate and the biogranules that enrich the house was in principle but again bacteria as bacteria for metabolism again all tricks into nitrate and phosphate relatively evenly but then there are bacteria that co I eat nitrate because then you don't also consume bacteria that are nitrate precursors if I'm fine because I don't know myself so well and the bacteria but you also want to avoid the bacteria that's why many people do it for no reason of dirt and without excess, etc., the bacteria are in it wi Also the nutrients I also use the nitrogen precursors and make nitrate with them and actually the nitrogen precursors are sometimes more usable for the coral or that is true but I should say it completely wrong what is the advantage? it is or there are certain studies about it it's actually a granulate basically geological plastic so that's the only way I can know that I actually made a certain coral coating like a vodka scent so to speak I made these organic stuff will ripen there something like that for the advantages but the thing is this therapy always takes time until it works and nowadays teenagers have accumulated bot it is directly available yes and it works like a height that means you can do it maybe you have phosphate like many others then we have football 04 but the question about 20 than with me for example a punching bag variant 1 200 sometimes there should be more material, the video said yes. so i think he goes so brutally into the details about well and there are probably ladies there to see the trade but also around the pool would be yes that would say yes anyway the topic you hear is the first biggest podcast to come out at the point that I know we don't have it at all, but I also have the podcast and it's great that there's now a podcast in the more aquatic area that you can watch all vacation.
zuschauer schenken mir korallen
I'm there by the pool and I have sometimes just podcast looks very very cool out of hate anyway mega clear water nifty but also carbon permanently because carbon makes people notice in the aquarium box, why did you close your clownfish? spots that's a good question he's sick he's very sick just like parliament he's rambling vitamins under control if it's a stress reaction i can't say exactly because for example the doctors are really very handsome but somehow they wanted to look really cool super healthy from sector three clownsI was lucky but I had a little new umbrella that I got from Metz I am and what I am doing at the same time you have the osmo called movement movement on it which is kind of a construction that is printed on the outside with a 3d printer is not so crazy it's kind of expensive what you buy and then you get something from the 3d printer sometime but trade will be more support so you really have to say it helps a lot but stay in the beginning at first positioning yes but I have the acropolis up to place there it always changes with you so first of all it's very briefly explained so up here is your t urn to die, son, and you can set this state depending on how it becomes, then it changes, and then the flow also changes. where then underneath you have this pump attached which rotates the whole session a bit like you can do from a fan yeah now i have last year since the markus today ichtrop noticed a lot of names today i've been in contact with a lot of people lately i've heard of one of his does it completely different he lets them into the facility in the morning and then at night the other one tries to do a kind of ebb and flow of the tide so a bit to sync the signal is to simulate.
I wanted to say that in the morning the current goes in one direction towards the beach and at night it goes back a bit, they are two different tactics, but I am so excited for the interesting thing that I did this year I have not invested money in streams and in the ocean yet munich yes tooyou can see why both the slide is not very cheap and the party anyway no name which is already the apple app is not so cologne yes that is often the case that this i say something more classic the companies more traditional ones often lag a bit behind what is so current today in terms of applications and that has to do with my r transfer so that's the 42 he the normal ones are transparent and that percentage is black exactly that's definitely more expensive yeah i got it better yeah what was exciting was my phosphate went all the way up after i got the new points because something any sample deposit to come out and that was actually more exciting than i think of myself in the picture i think not you look so good in the clubs but you can do well if we packed upside down now it would be a little more low key touring together so flowers know they got it where they belong just like here in t print we also have competition again with channel 10 also closer again i don't have any nutrient right now i can't afford any brand so you we have to be here in the office with multiple offices so to speak when the financial plan with six partners in total, but my colleague already has it, but that has already been done. it's actually stuck yes or yes i'm going to go it says you're not home so two things my wife doesn't allow right away your name is you actually it's like anyway but where were the others exactly that was the first thing i did first I asked a fox who had four liters of aquarium today two months later and then I saw that it also fills up so fast and how should I need it, I worry, then I invested money and now a sensible system was bought now it's 30 in class or something so ok, there was exactly one, there are 56, don't you see that the great miracle is coming?
Technology is growing now three because I knew how if you had what eighth war zone that wouldn't have said anything. You texted me, okay, that's complete. I even read it, I did not understand, but now I know why the clear water you have, actually everything that flows, uv activated carbon, two filters that, of course, everything you can have that kl. ar oh you still have that i think cardinals perch and technik closet are a classic for many but not the broth is really crystal clear the feeling that in my box somehow nothing comes out but anyway directly , so if it was actually shared to 6,275 yes exactly so is that I also have some but for example I have many many newcomers here even something like authors they were really so little or old here also different I really have all the money right now to get rid of a a small battery drill piece so you expect it to be small but partly also probably very expensive agro poros hope they grow quickly and then you can also sell them again at some point it comes down to the fact that The business idea behind it hasn't surfaced yet, but it's really just that I had no idea at some point when I got this cordless drill.
The fever seized me. frankly apparently that happens with everyone that probably happens with me lets say and was abroad mr coupon really has no idea so it's guaranteed or sometimes it stops but then same thing and filter for the first master they knew exactly what is possible and of course now I also have Really, since the values ​​have been stable, some high-quality real animals have also grown. I might be standing in Frankfurt one day. Yeah, I don't have such extreme eyesight yet, but I see the whole person here out of the corner of my eye. there i see purple green blue in there that was great i haven't seen the light so i don't have to have it yet the smaller ones are more detailed we need a little time let's take a closer look at the whole thing you have a lot going on that's something but at each point I felt something alive we counted but that was now before yesterday I got them yesterday but they are n It's also not clear in Prague because I'm supposed to talk about it in the meantime you have to say the patience to do the two weeks of sport talks about the extra aquarium of some parents.
We have extra lighting that turns it off. Yeah that can work too but I drive really well with it on my because I really don't so I have the right now really too bad it's the one I have holy grail banana that had three heads and then I had it from someone I gave you tips for the huge areas with tips that there are also often would know to see on purpose qualify the world flat unfortunately I saw it too late and I would also say that it is ok if I had written it sensibly or if I had practiced it in advance and the instructions could have been guaranteed now i just cut off a printhead the trade doesnt see a company so well explained so solariums is actually the classic has really wanted to get rid of the man with the thick stop and can also see or see yes they actually are like that , see also my favorites actually though they're not that good now they're not that expensive anymore at the most like I said I think I have about 70 80 different ones on purpose at the time the me now i never proactively put them there so here they are by the way the fan collected what do you say 60 70 pieces I'm definitely apparently I left anna julia the first time I knowingly hurt myself therefore also a little burned actually never seen before folks we got 'em back I can't even show you I got my makeup back on now i actually matched i don't know 100% you really taste everything that should be the same i got it now i did. it's durable like shop the water doubled and i got a lot of them too not just stuck in drops but i think we'll do it again like this r very very good mix that's really a lot really could be almost a hundred how i work now , I also realized that wasn't the plan at all, I just wanted to stretch some out quickly and was expecting so many choruses with it, but there really are some great choruses on there that now I've just been saying many, many thanks to both of you, in any case, again the corals, I have also sensibly toned them down, so I see these little victory stars everywhere, now they are somehow in every aquarium, maybe if I do them later, I don't know how to really swim, I know that they can really multiply explosively as long as i can do without it i would definitely like to but i have to be ready for it so here's andré jock again i don't know yeah i don't know i'll set the blue sure if i'm pretty satisfied i think you can't see what's actually going to happen then i have the panels underneath the man was patrick you can't see how big it actually is in the daytime i think it was wide open it's really cool because it also goes very very well with the flow many of us are of the opinion that the acropolis will die here because the fresh imports were but alive until now except one which is almost at the start so i'm actually pretty sure looking here you can actually see the polyps on the reporter so actually it's already right at the start down here now patrick's discs yes they are sticking too It looks pretty cool too unfortunately I have to , I have a very small area of ​​focus because it's already very dark so it might be a little blurry here and there and up here the green monti is mounted right next to the red one and look at these growing countries so it's looks great the lights are so powerful it's so extreme it never came on in the box you and me still have some kind of kenya where i think it happened here in front of patrick also agrees with us but another Monty's purest wildfire there in the background looks a bit like bubble gum but it's not babbling gifts but last but not least here again andré's acropolis can you write in the comments? you want?
What exactly is that? He was referring to a fellow Millipore when we didn't have a professional cordless drill, but a Millipore doesn't have much longer tentacles. Now hold them here. I don't know, I could say wa. But what I definitely know is that today's video was here because it's only one o'clock on Saturday and the video is supposed to be online at 36 now, which means I still have to export everything here. I'd like to thank you again everyone involved here on the video, I think it's a really fresh breeze that has come into the project here and I thought that was really cool.
I might do something like this more often in the future. If they liked it today, then by all means I would give. you a happy thumbs up if you subscribe to this channel if you want to continue this project of course always turn on the bell joy then you will definitely not miss any more videos check the installation of the two and yes it is important in In any case, it's always important that you don't take life too seriously and we'll see you, so if all goes well, bite again next Saturday, take care and bye.

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