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Zagar desde el bar con Edson ZķŮiga "El NorteŮo"

Apr 08, 2020
it is to get me out of evil the best thing that has happened since the birth of facebook and youtube that was boring because you were not football remember to share to have a laugh shopping friends if someone out there to settle from the bar comes to burst it is better or invited one easy girl from him for the guarantee the good humor that was cheaper we do not hesitate an amount of the guarantee if you laugh it happens to you we are already we are on the air gentlemen like every Tuesday pay from the bar o'clock at 9 o'clock today makes you g√ľey even a minute before entering an hour if you sucked a lot loud applause for yourselves orchestra people accomplished bastard who works with us what a badass he was I'm a little hoarse from last Tuesday since chuy liz√°rraga I was doing badly and you and I still singing in seconds and the china and then yesterday I still got together with a pure old man here a pure old comedian here in Monterrey I want to send a greeting to all of them for the bullet this one for god√≠n is for rufo for the whole ball that we were yesterday yesterday for so this that I think that the next time we get together I don't think they are all still alive but this gave me great pleasure to greet you this program for you gentlemen ma'am that is in the month of May is one that you They celebrated it in a big way and there are still ladies who are teachers moms teachers caught the fart for about 15 days Mr.
zagar desde el bar con edson z iga el norte o
Aschwin imagine first for Mother's Day and then for Teacher's Day and right now the old women don't fit in the jean and so much of the unfortunate that I swallow but with diet and air, you will see how all these markets are going to disappear. You still see that they are very similar to eating a mocha field and the lady will remain swollen from eating so much in the We are in the month of May but we are celebrating, as always, talking about the news and today's week, no, well, one could change it, like the old woman who left with so much truck for the pool, daughter, it's her mother, well, not for the pool. d Iga and everyone's comment or less that he is a macho but not at the same time old had to make laws his sea as we blame them that they are not used to us to manage the purchase the man is to blame where they do not raise him they do not they ask because not many of us and with all our lives we tell them that these are 25 web centimeters and they are doing well, they are digital, you are missing about two meters and in the web conversion percent they are 25 I also lacked in Chinese 3 after pure I say and Longer than suddenly the race over there says good morning or the race but washed it was nailed the cart was left with a full tank and since they didn't pour water on it they did or the paint is bought again but just as there are some that are bad to drive there are some that are very lively, such as the very lively woman, in a street that has four stops and if about four stops were completely torn off that the old woman was worth her mother no and she did not make the total stop and points and even touching they collided there is that well yes now she is beautiful Mrs. look what a coincidence I was saying to see if this week I meet someone because she had had that and single she said to the one who collided like this look now that I met you you are single she said yes yes I am single look what a coincidence I am single and it will start and when nobody does the one that is more or less that has good meat and starts to look at you like that you say could they say the fucking coincidences of single men and women to follow the fart let's toast to this said the old woman let's toast to this well this one I really would like you but well here you can't see a little bar nearby or anything eaten what a coincidence here I have a tequila and a little horse served him the double tequila let's toast to this like hell it's not by chance said the vato and inside I say and you that months of June and the old lady can't be what a coincidence I'm from June you also believe in the mother's coincidences before but lately I've been thinking to abate fucking coincidences there well let's go toast to this I can toast bastard with the double tequila and the plan for let's say the cheap car wait let me give her one too so that we can loosen up the Basques and the fuck off because it's like the old ones that are so cold that mom Milan or not that the great age and now more than 12 keyboardist call her son of your mother so you can see but leave more squeezed than a lemon from a fruit bowl and just Villar know that he told me listen after I took sv one you also with me to Well, to toast these coincidences, as I take it until after the opinion, since they come from the shelf without gas to take money, it has been 15 days long that they have taken care of where I went.
zagar desde el bar con edson z iga el norte o

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zagar desde el bar con edson z iga el norte o...

I always thank the people who have worked for me and I want to thank now that we walked with the teachers of linares nuevo león greetings to all the lineage teachers who contacted me from the municipality of anáhuac nuevo león also thank you very much for trusting in my work to accompany you wherever you are going and this 24 today umbrella blood spheres gentlemen there are very few tickets left this suddenly one passes me if you buy but if you want to get in there so they can see this there are very few tickets left so that people who like it here in Spain don't think about it anymore monterrey the water blood but we were going to work and next week we are going to baja california actions we are going to go first to mexicalli on may 31st to see if he arrives for the shot compadre we are going to this one for the bol bol gentlemen pal bol bol los You can no longer get the tickets for this one right there at the bol bol in the ticket office of the hotel araiza actions there we will be there for you and in the area for you that are also for you online and for a hard ticket to jim beall bol and at the araiza hotel you know where to buy your tickets in mexicalli we haven't gone to magical for a long time and we went a year ago with the masters with Mr. rogelio ramos we went to the theater this one we did a very special show there with the masters now we are going to ha cer the one of Jose Luis Alarcón everything there we are going to practice and we are not going to section ourselves and nothing to do everything that is the same clash I am also going to prepare for the people of Tijuana at the Zaragoza theater this is the first of June so we already know that On the 31st, which is Friday, we are going to go to Mexicalli to play volleyball, then on Saturday, Saturday the 31st, I don't know if it's heavy. 31st, we're going to the Zaragoza theater where the tickets are for the people of Tijuana.
zagar desde el bar con edson z iga el norte o
Would you like to make a new approach 609 5233 the wing from 664 to 37,375 ounces at the theater box office also Baja California people also fuck and fuck that I went there they will not fall for me only now they are not going to leave me angry there but already a lot but we have people together now because I always make them share a bit I haven't said fuck I tell you that they are going to share the people from facebook share because I show off a lot to my guest choose emptiness to the most watched program in the no rte de mexico that shikotan played unemployed between facebook and youtube and there are about 8000 people I think it is time to bring him closer and come and talk a little about his career of his life about what but with this man we admire and we love you very much and you did us the honor of giving us a lot of your time because here you traveled from your land to here and what hosts you ate us but because what is really going is a time that we are very grateful for you to give it to us have a good time getting from him from the bar epson if you came to be with us because the reason to receive it and a mariachi life comes the manager I compare to me that they do not say that it is very screwed and there they gave me this and since I like this one more than It's empty-handed, I'm also bringing it, it's from here, so make yourself comfortable, thank you very much, thank you, what a barbarity for the whole race that is watching us in the north of North Korea, well, stop nuclear weapons please, I think that's a nice message.
zagar desde el bar con edson z iga el norte o
Because these people, well, they don't get bored. Guys, while we're thinking hard, let's keep the bomb going, but keep an eye on it, it's the egg. This one who wants to put up the wall was his mother. If you're watching me, Trump, without gas, your mother is watching us. He knows what he said to get out of you, he is going to care about the mother of the fuck, we already say throw a lawyer because I am very happy, the people asked you a lot and it seems barbaric but happy, no, but don't pay attention to them because I had brought comedians from here you go but very man hair because that white name is cheating is that a guy came that you took by name that does not take this and we pour water on him the hospital is the one you like the most I hardly have holy water and leave what you have fermented a lot of water and from this if there is another one from teatre m please this this is the best that has come to houston and it is called the 1 please no I better of little more it is not that it no longer converts into more than a billion omic or I also have a mezca They sent me compadre from Durango but no, it's not from Durango, the mezcal is from another side, but an agent from Durango sent it to me personally from you. way is the mother or that light and she is about to have you with us this is a new one since hospitalized as it is good from that one that footprint came they poured it on me the water I always start talking with my guests because getting to the comedy compadre to In my case, it was very, very simple because my older brother was already doing that.
My other brothers worked in a comedy bar, without Iberia, there was comedy. From other comedians who have been doing their job for 18 years and are now presidents, but look, Carlos Salinas from Gortari, a bastard, gave me the great impulse. reid comes a contest called estuary is as well as luis manuel √°vila j√ļnior of the stuffed animals many elements that will compete level I what I to rest I also have it over low heat and that's where it says I didn't say how he said you are You're single, you're young, you have nothing to lose because it was good right now that you invented that one, but since Carlos Salinas you're talking about the economy becoming a mess and the girl 1994, the mistake, the mistake of 90 and it was worth it, mother, we started to lose and that the money was not enough and there was no pull there was where you had and how nothing else has changed than in those before there were no cell phones if I had not pitched from the bar with the


√Īo with foam hey buddy after that there is no wires there is a television contest because the family three times a day at parties is not known in the mochito what the fuck and you are the one who told jokes like that that is why he is dead, notice that not the family's aguayo was the mashup is Tadito because all my mom's family is that they count the unpaid I feel between the way to monetize the riot and that's where you sign up and because it's a hair from my mom and then they talk on the phone I answer at that time if I know the The television phone number is worth it, mother, the family just dials two fucking extortionist flights and the copes nothing but dials, it's already that you signed up, what the hell, and it says more to me, and they got out a lot of that because it's a course with a lot of crosses 1,800 and so many people, a lot more or less, the tiger stadium fills up, too, which is chasing uncle, sorry, 4,200, a lot of people, and you also know that this was a contest for comedians for nightclubs, so many children were not counted who also signed up, although many children who were going to make a morbid wait fascinated me because in this hair they get the guests drunk and I feel it European sunism for bullshit is then a child could not do r to me I passed a story of when I said hey, the opportunity to make me laugh I'm going back to this story but I do it and wei you because to begin with it did not happen and from there I started if it is pure pure robbery that full milk mom but to me I used to have three or three people who were going to decide if I went to another filter, not among many races from Monterrey, but those who were there are already there and this dude like why the hell are you going to see if I make you laugh or not, but who was it? who is what was the name of the g√ľey that is in timbriche the new band timbriche the g√ľerito that eric I swore that it will be decided if I seized the authority I have to tell you dad so they don't feel for me in your case who was the one who said The one with the hat in which another magician who was Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo conquered Jorge Falc√≥n goes arb√≥n another is not worth it and having the new way Eugenio Derbez of authority those bastards judging the difference of 15 minutes that the old one hardly knows bastard little alcoholic tree s I use it on good night I'm Jorge Z√ļ√Īiga hello Jorge I've been an alcoholic for two Greek loans and our hands shake like that well that's why we put it here and you want it from s&p from wii you already passed several filters the truth is I don't remember me too he won but from europe the shots won may and but they all came out in the ball advance a lot of people who stayed on televisa way since you were already part of the skis and the ortiz de pinedo programs of all that stuff they were seen to a very strong wave of comedy this and then since I'm going to see who has less hair in his hand like the fart for the one who has less hair in his hand because we need to get a little hand but imagine hairy food like my old me A lot of hair comes out of the knuckles and we don't talk about the stuffed animal anymore, it shouldn't if they have hair on the hands and soles a little while ago we broke a dress and the knet the ball of this one peeked out and they white leg white the pillow and I said good because normally it seems that I have a soccer field so maybe you can see the fucking pearls like this mate that throws two hams they stay stuck like this milk no no the thing isone thing the heels me the stems and with similarity he took off his skin and twitter but scrapes up to his sea and the nails leave the onychomycosis fungi along, well look what hit me because I put a finger on him yesterday with the little nail what I bring here but what the hell they say it is when one why why why they say it's what the hell and because I'm famous that they unloaded where I was and where they were I was ashamed to scream if you can approach me it was my fire go and you think I'm not ashamed that people think that walking with iron but that's why your wife is totally allowed because the other religion but I have about 10 years old my wife who didn't suck her bread if they say yes she says no it is that it is on her part I do not know that she will bring this fire I will fart in vienna cancer because they already know that I was not asleep as well as seeing two but things as she wants she has turned but she knows support and the third fourth day the waters when they have infection you know what does the slipper smell like with infection I don't know where you went in the afternoon something good everything went well because I brought it from India top nothing less is what hurts me to throw track what God forgive you because I can't serve another and nothing more the little drink is useful so that you don't shut it up to the Vatican media a little what a fart with the little hand oops and it's not that they need a bastard to talk and slice football and make a football mor here I have a partner I admire a lot brother of alpine ram√≥n is that he has a lot of years appearing on televisa monterrey doing football humor wey no I mean I had and slice him here that you go football leave me drunk and chinito if your mother from the store no football win is fine bastard the subject wei wei name doing 17 year old humor 17 well more mix a lot and how it came out or casting too but there was no casting there was adri√°n uribe there was luis manuel √°vila there were many comedians there notice that this casting was done on September 11 d 2001 was not yet born, I would not agree that the twin towers would be thrown down the first on September 11, 2001 because that day my brother Lugo was playing with the humble a group from Los Angeles where from modest to modest California they went to an awards ceremony about our music that it was the 7th grammy award and then I woke up to my old lady the towers that are falling are knocking down the hostel that's how he says DJing in the US between sleep and my brother Hugo said to him my brother when it was already electric from the plane and what's up wake up wipe something there bastard is already in los angeles and if it was the one from los angeles to new york but after studying geography son your mother doesn't arrive the plane has to make a layover point but they also went to washington and left add the same between washington is a strip from new york to washington and then later the one that fell in the desert these that became chaos in the usa and they would not let them land it was mech in another and bomb and i want to crash and it goes down in the background is more that day is not forgotten well but that day was the day of your casting ends on the day of the casting of this tower they are burning and they are breaking and their mother and we making a legend and look that these compas adri√°n uribe and luis manuel √°vila they did his hand so adri√°n uribe did it like the one from highway and of course the voice as well as this he didn't do classes to move now or what like these very good many and note that this character originally the idea is de gustavo rodr√≠guez pp closes that they are lifelong writers of eugenio derbez and a producer named luis surely a televisa producer was their idea and they called him manuel adame because it had to be so we would have known and somewhere and So, from a novel by Michel Barnier, I had to do it with an open hand.
They airbrushed the eyes, nose, and mouth, and depending on the drug they were consuming, the mouth moved. done by him then he supposes that towards the 20th side no this he does not see I presented it like this now today for me these here are the wrinkles of the mouth of an old man you see that the digits of the square are logical to you yes yes yes and then I am here but originally the coup spoke of covering a sour old man Wayne who didn't like soccer he got angry with hungry children and shit and he was an old man from the north so he was always making memories and remembrances of soccer from years ago than a more punchy soccer Before America around there and then later I was talking like an old man and they tell me hey way it's that it's a long time an old man when an old man talks it takes horrors and he can't go on I tell you it speeds up then to be talking to you as digital now that they give him the voice, the compayito is born I like I take two or three a lot of mother's universe and the 20th character was born since it existed that's how you put eyes and wi-fi people I'm going to miss those eyes not how you know them a Right now they already have eyelids and eyebrows, they were bald white eyes with nothing more than a black ball and they were grabbed by unics I read a web rope so they gave watery eyes up already in that casting and then they put me as a commentator who was the one doing the casting with me anselmo alonso since at that time how the hell was I going to know the name of this vato I did not know the name then to avoid web shame because it is a real shame card from TV and tell him sir what is your name this Tell me, speak, look at me, we're married so that she can wave to me, people call censorship, once an asshole, talk to me, points, it's like my old lady is talking on the phone, this asshole is going to talk to you, now she's saying that I'm not a purist, so it turns out that it's not in the name Ask him the name of this bastard, well, I told him compayito, there were compa√Īeros and compa√Īeros and everyone was a compa√Īero and compa√Īero and compa√Īero and that's how he stayed with the compass and then he reached the shoulder of infectious the range of prices to all of mine more this is tradition it's not stupid I'm going away I'm going away from the comment sweetheart don't pay attention to her precious so that I'm going away from the comment then well then share competed that's how it stayed originally it was Manuel Adame this one manuel adame and from there compadre world cups and how long has it been since he won accelerator between the t millennial part look I'm going to show you a factor way cameraman I can't do self love in the air as one arm has a different way the other way from so much heck me I am also nostalgic different if you can there is water but it is one thing to have the faucet imagine how the muscular one is that's why the claudia 80 pesos the room apart like complete sardine fins but hey what is there don't get distracted knowing then additional if the compayito and for you to go talk about a comedian and the three months that I asked you worldwide to fuck sum of comedy and you're going to escalate me but but I imagine that here there is no ce nsura man sales g√ľey that when one goes to those events friends that God wants you to go to that one day he understands me that for you to feel like a bastard what you are all mother sends me alcohol and swallow dario I leave my old woman more than one week and he's already drinking milk during the week while you're alive and with the coke alive so it turns out today that when we all this company that you don't have to tell you tells him to go but the whole company what the hell are we going to go to soccer not even Mother, we are going to announce the coste√Īa pepsi and soccer and the program is in a studio and the chet are very few who go and at the very time of the play those are the ones who narrate in the least mere rats are they are going to run well the pure 20 jew that those are the ones who go there with the players are the jews who are the relatives are the mere mere mere mere thirds among jews they lean on a boy is bastard but also compare if you follow his example in a table, that's not why you go to the ent I understand that they don't play football but I don't have to go to the game if you don't have it, which is a web business and also pause football is a business but television is another separate business it's another different thing is another different business but we go to the television another thing what is good here bastard is that we go to other countries and many people tell me hey see as a technique 50 years ago I have been in this world for years because also if you don't hear it there in the booth they make a profit ue simon Mother, you are good, but do you think look at the leg like this wey has it?
Do you think I'm going to be pulling? I bring the leg up from one. It's very hot and I'm delaying on the web. If I could, I would do the same, but I can't. They say hey what you are educated to learn Russian because you know that we are making humor for Mexico even though I am in Russia but I am not consumed by the Russians they are going to see me there the same race from there today this jubilee appears right now dt don't look you can't find a substitute it's not me I look like a prostitute the hell comes if there are people this first I'm going to mention this dude because these guys have a salary and I have to buy tacos mike from somewhere in the morning here in monterrey It is the best thing they have in San Nicol√°s.
They have five very cool branches, even with corn from half past six in the morning until one in the afternoon. There are tacos, shredded pork rinds, potatoes, beans, crushed mincemeat, beans with cheese, high levels in their social networks because There they also put look just buy the same, they support you little green sauce way it's a show it's very classic here in the north the steamed tacos that are with little sauce compare an onion and a lemon they are for you to tie and the skins with I look like that is theirs we put together all the skins that come together that you can see a canteen when they fail the re until they read full everything that is falling we put it in binary at 1 skin of what a good mention paw squid the experts from a can but if not because I'm on a skinny diet to suck on Friday and this is the best there is the branch the matrix is ‚Äč‚Äčhere at money money also number 900 colonias roble de san nicol√°s I'm going to get a special promotion from There are no tacos for the people that I am going to take out of the bar next week because here someone advertises, they have to say well and he continued sagas from the bar that it is almost not fart and to do this we have 8 thousand 800 people right now in order to do something His mother's children, that's why the country is taking the hell of it and 9,600 let's compare, we are almost 10 18 thousand people watching us the day they put me to do something the day I go because you go I wanted with his greats tell him to rest when you have ah She will never invite us where I want to go even if two thousand people see me, those who see her tacos more than 10,000 new patrons tacos in the morning 15 of colas is your best option for lunch and breakfast and mine tacos novales is that he never gets to one of the most important things to do that he will see bastards here say bullshit do you remember from the first joke they told because I was so scared on TV and no way does his mother feel like you left me I mean it scares you dude He tells me populous a love is that he let me listen I'm going to my mom he puts me in this contest on May 6, 7, 1994 June 16 that we are talking about a month eight days later it was more or less I am always on Sunday well no A month and a half later, he doesn't talk to us either, he will say if they compare me, Mike when he posted his video, a congratulations from Mai because dad is coming again for the second time and this guy registers it and everything and he's hardly even in Monterrey and he's like getting pregnant, what's going on is that this is a good heart there are people who adopt dogs mike if he does not require DNA congratulations as we are the head of counting at all times congratulations congratulations congratulations congratulations you see because if they need unions to that they organize that they really have to organize that congratulations I hope that it seems you choose a better sponsor because the ones that you chose last time with the first topic I have the most and they are not valid for the action is the dude I am why still not even girls in the world just like the pineapple when he told me compadre I want you to be what I know he has a job congratulations with peers with all my heart really many blessings for your child suddenly there are cruel jokes like it is an asshole to tell jokes with bs 1 that The lady was there where the woman was giving birth in the first part black and the couple was Latina of color like that neither blonde nor platinum project where she saw him black said lady something to do with an African and an abyss but one she but the part of the chest comes out to the yellow waist something to see a doctor when he was going to give the buttock but it exists we are left with the wall that after a month and a bit they are always on Sunday bastard he owes them blowjob to someone gave me a lot of knowledge and then it turns out that I because I loved and I always don't get cured on Sundays they started at 8 at night point that they start at 8 at 6 in the afternoon I don't remember but they call us at 11 at tomorrow whiting away televises eu and then at six from 11 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon I had loaded six times water footprints and atole to everything so much the xix is ‚Äč‚Äčhydrated arrived it was already like this I had a hundred and then I would give it like inside because the agreement that when you don't have a follow-up dude when you clean your finger it goes inside once I put it in to clean oneself well the good thing is that it's proper today everything up to here just up to the first phalanx when I saw the Nation I felt the time to do it but I told Fernando now I hear I don't want to leave here I don't like it basically from Ghana from my body from my body I melted I don't want to and in my body well I spent my time saying I told Fernando I didn't melt, he tells me no And what he says, hey, but I don't mind if he were the producer, buddy, I have the times, you bastard, and you have to cover me here for five minutes, let someone else speak to him today 20 because youHe says no in these companies of the favor one does it and a favor demands us and then it turns out that Fernando tells me now I don't tell you the invitation with the invitation that Ra√ļl Velasco gave him and I told him that I owe him and I'm here sir stir things up to see that I got sick to my stomach I have diarrhea I have done six or seven times of the play called right now and the salt and total that tells me look my wife is German I did not know that way and my wife hates comedians then The woman, since she is German, the students are very dry of character, they do not like comedians, but your joke about the crocodile is that they suck Gentiletti, nothing and even soap and a bar, so as not to waste bullets, they made them with gas, he says, this smells like you, and they made them lampshades Seriously, run away from Hitler's ovens and then it turns out that I had a party that my wife liked a lot.
You made the web crocodile. Don't be bad. have it for me to have it in my house for my own use web because to me because I lived much better and nothing more like me I already have people in the forum as well as here that there are a lot of people they omit the bad words because well there are minors here in the forum and there you go and I take this video with me and I show it to you my trip and there you go and I have to tell my joke omitting the masses of words and once the joke was over they took me out of seeing you more than 90 million of people through the system the vision of the Galicians of the overturn that now I see my house and you defend the Russian and already tells me this gentleman tells me you know how there are not 90 million people there are three unionized chambers there which is from joke the one about the gentlemen's crocodile with you the first joke with everything on television in your league in the lathe but here everyone compadre how is it going we are not going to go out as the loyal gentleman who is the owner of the unicorn is that he arrived at the sun in the unicorn when one could not go from saying way is bastard and until yesterday there is the loyal gentleman that I send him a very affectionate greeting because he was part of my beginning with which by means of rest note aspen of dead to see you are not I just won with Saturday I am going to die I was not here a mom that I have here we don't talk big well so it turns out that he took me to look for burgos to the place and he tells me salt extension loyal is very special and you are very bad-mouthed and the bad mixes with the good so the loyal gentleman goes to you Let's talk and yes, the first night I tell a compa that I don't know if the compa has it, the other sees the city tells me √ďscar Burgos, I'm telling you that it was the joke, bastard or good, the loyal gentleman is speaking to you the loyal gentleman in an office with wounded climates for the chosen one fuck some white flowers like the ones thalia asks for dwarfs sucking on dwarfs he doesn't say it because he's downstairs I saw them his name was checo and the one at the entrance was very loved but hey it's compensation the lo hey fix this s Mr.
Z√ļ√Īiga, well, look for you a job and I don't think I'll tell you later if he said well, I don't think you heard him then yes, but many women come here, wives come, mothers of families come, sons, daughters, then that word, sir, sounds like you abuse it. omit which where it says that the partner is the other and then I say excuse me but in the case of my parents the berger is here not here I don't say Mr. Loyal and then what do you want me to say and then as we agreed he told me the pool come He violates the peeling of the gasoil jug General Carlos Bologna wait for the Indian I'm going to ask him in favor of unique bear that when you tell your bilingual jokes I say your mother so you can see that Adame is not new what a shame seeing what should be said up to date the next day v there in the unicorn was the stage that measured 25 x 30 centimeters 60 so it was seven steps away today so as to do it to see what it feels like steps from the stage s I'm going to start vinci c hilango inferior race is a middle ground man grabs the complex Mr.
Loyal as we read about the but I imagine the Empire and the League did not say anything he opened his eyes as his person was like that in everything I tell him Mr. Loyal let me do my daughter here you guys fuck his mother to his office the days bastards already let me put my cali this would be work way behind were all that was broken was burgos was your brother were all behind wave and everyone jumped and so take care of a neighborhood me doing channels of the loyal lord He turned around with his arms crossed and he turned around and left, Oscar Burgos, his mother's son, tells me they are going to run me to my gate.
I don't tell him that I open a scapular triplet to come and that his mother, but your lips have already arrived. once again the two climates for him his foreskin leather chair the white flowers there was no steppe comes out oscar peace bugs counted I asked him for a favor yesterday he asked him for a favor and he did not agree and only that they lynched the eggs and he also sent me a Fuck my mother don't you Mr. Loyal I told you go to your office to fuck your mother you are not inventing me to talk because there is video way in the cameras there is the video look 0 dream this will always be your house because today you tell me He taught that you do your pull and I must do mine and I must take care of my pull and you are responsible for your pull this will always be your home that is where you triumph over the hill hehehe feeling in which you already teach it I imagine with my wife, look at her peeling, how are you going to get divorced?
Everything is peeling, I'm going to write it down on your buttocks. loyal to bella to paola to eric to all his children who are driving the microns are excellently false this 22 thousand people also a lot of stupid people don't believe him this cough even if it's in the family 22,000 because my dad was very good today is the first joke What did you say that they told you that they just saw it is better between the discount the joke of the contest g√ľey not the usual one on Sunday because it was censored yes yes as a side in the contest to the one of the contest and riad so much they portray him that is the first joke that It's walking completely that an entity passes now these new words that our fucking millennia of entities use a web entity because that's what they call it because of the game of thrones footprint everything but a piece of shit flies by and Pepito shrugs his shoulders and backs off his dial and return propeller calm down pepito I'm an angel no angel enough to be her ugly mother not a pepito relax I'm an angel how can you be an angel if you're horrible I'm a cherubic angel of those who carry the virgin pepito I am an angel Calm down and healthy way I'm a cherub angel but really these angels don't have legs or arms no pepito the cherubs don't have legs or arms serious way you're an angel but you don't have a body no pepito The angels want to live we have no legs or arms my body seriously the sea the pure wings of the head and Pepito pos to suck with the game the first to portray they say that you pass the hat hey you have taken bars with peers where it could not be It was possible if Higua√≠n, notice that in that, well today we were in this qualifying round, a monthly qualifying round and Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo was there first, in case you grave him, Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo was there, C√©sar Bono was there, Eugenio may he rest in peace watching the coal The work of the caveman is already 400 years old since he operated on his very beautiful nose and it was done that way but it will not be done to us and at this age the Lord is already pushing outside and that is why they block us on Facebook or people who are not blocked bones We have 10,110,000 people on Facebook, reading action, 19,000 have already dropped a lot, this is 12,800, almost 36,000 people, we integrated 19,000 footprints, Arela has already marked 2,500 together, I'm going ahead.
I don't know why but this is one of those women, this one who is not very pretty or very young and very good, but you want it anyway, the page that says I love you, I love you, well, this devaluation of the peso today I'm going but it's already holding the program as for you come burgess and leave the fucking tacos with mike and now we're going to eat I see why but you know that here is a place that makes charcoal burgers from another place where he got very strange pig vallejo de and about what that adhesions the hair yes because it gives body to this thunder this is the best place that you can find in san nicol√°s and also the tacos at night since 1989 1800 obviously there was no coal way in that time there was no coal 1900 loves to little mother's charcoal and after that they made everything and taquitos from the pork business to the tacos they at the first spin of roast wings bolt it's good that they are burgers also hamburgers in their specialty grilled hamburgers compadre is cheese from two mothers because they are going to bring us ritter seriously all that you saw did not change I wanted pig foreskin tacos also that are going well they will fall what kills me the morning that carlo today to tie up so they want a bunch of motorcycles compadre for you You are at home I'll keep the telephone numbers 81 05 35 07 and 83 53 42 37 for you.
You have to write down these numbers because they will be very important in your life for any meeting you have at home 81 05 35 07 83 53 40 creativity here comes creativity live and savor it we've been rehearsing for months and it turned out we don't mess around because if you're at home and want to talk vital come come come burger a bunch of motorcycles that we have compadre some with gasoline and some with a little less of gasoline guaiacol with this minus two because we dropped two this week and the women who drive well rest these two distributed necessary burger hamburgers we recovered it from them those hamburgers did not die to their families we have them there especially because they have so much shared land the families were rendered useless they were given your lives worry if you don't have to run the risks as we motorcyclists from bourgeois Venice run for that we have unemployed children who are going to distribute the fucking rubbish come burger is your best option come calm down look at the consumer of venice burger bm and bid open wings come and savor you have the pediment and don't mention compare every hour and then my old lady how she gets pissed off with those emails but gross that you're going home compadre my love if you find me a hair it belongs to this bastard and this that they are jealous when they groped you it was fine here the production of taking out topics they took you some now you don't have to go urinate I know that love I distance myself from that comment I distance myself from that comment with the precious ones, you think that you think that your old lady is really seeing us, the mother does not take off the announcer like my daughter's are 958 is What a radio announcer and they do it according to the time I always ask her what your favorite joke is.
I already know that we all have a repertoire sign, where are you going? This joke, wey, I like this on my Wii, but the only thing is that I'm going to put your knowledge of what universal history is called in a predicament and it's worth it to me, mother. tell a joke you can't point me in the answer no no but the law is web you don't care mother the pediment hey someone help me yell something I asked come on old gaby brimmer in half is a woman with you gabe is not a woman has been a director since she had cerebral palsy now and she wrote with one foot typing with both feet typing a web typewriter like my left foot seen that movie then she typed empty with what is the name of gaby b's dog rimmer, you think that I let it go against me on television because for you the pianist was hungry like superman flew after the horse, I really like talking about this and about the censorship that happened with facebook today we can't talk about this You can do it but you can't tell them respectively that is by constitution the Mexican constitution protects people who have preferences different from our chambers either if we have to refer to them by the medical term or the scientific term and if they don't know why we We protect the beings, but I don't know when I'm there, but I'll be cool, the cover at the same time, but in others, like my friend, he doesn't love me anymore, the children, eat something, child, I take off my league, eat something, dance with a doll with a term scientist or doctor of these people to see how it is people from the bottom with different abilities they receive love out there and that we different abilities are more men than a man because it seems to me have marine I speak orally when I do think that is when you run into looking at one of those bastards see what you are saying about not myself it has happened to me I am short this then Adame familiar but how ugly how ugly it is when you are looking at the web and the one next to you takes out a mother and how ugly that one is because to look you have to loosen up a little and there how do you do it if you are seeing a mother of that so you squeeze or go to the web corner like that I am one of the little corner if he decides that with his buttocks tight in case I'm not going to make him come to pay or rather they have also talked to me about the end of hashish since I was a practitioner of the overwhelming grace if one in a wheelchair the zoo already there are so beautiful little monkeys without milk here what beautiful little birds suddenly because of the horns of the zoo please evacuate the zoo because the lions escaped into their sea and the slide everyone running from the land 3 now way who was running among what was walking got on a tree way and From above I was seeing all the fart and he is seeing his from the saw and he is seeing that the brush I was going behind the wheels of the tree the flames let him choose the son of your mother do not recommend the boy to meeat and bastard that cool share that right now with this of the fourth transformation that we are experiencing on a nervous level also the kiss with you weiss and if the TV turns on from time to time it turns on the TV or in the morning cool colors the little does not appear very Since these women from Monterrey were caught, the assembly round, although not everyone has the video where the cabins are put in, but why dance without pregnant, then the east-west hour, a drug addict from the mother of the family, Loret de Mola, his wife is very good with everything respect but now that you have left me the chosen one before me a Chinese bastards that but everything is shared with the G√ľell race and each one would like but it's worth it mother but I real and at the same time that I had already made an error the visit was already Well, then, when the relationship in marriages has already been closed, one already has been doing nothing to conquer the couple.
I don't know, it's been direct and one becomes rude. You do it for love or for interest and for love I regulated a little interest so much interest oh if it were you if I gave you the cool gum I was tall to the chile more the house of that river look at my age ar and it is that one tries to put a walk In the couple I said my love when when we get to do it because if we fuck but we have not achieved it anymore we are not going to do it since we are in the act complain more I can't stand that you go on Saturdays and the girl and that what you earn is not Enough to support this family and it is very uncomfortable to be taking with that from a source what are you talking about that they seek romanticism and the day my old lady turns on the golden choice starting at 12 at night the ego to my old lady as the only ones lynched and vast I was traveling so I put it in they have returned to the mill until they squeeze the eggs in the glasses hours are not many eggs but talent bastard although the word has been proposed that is very strange I want to say today sir loyal we send you a greeting of permission a special permission today I want to say nothing else because there is a sign of people connected there I did not remember a record of people connected to all my family in reynosa who looked at facebook they looked at it because they live crouched in aguascalientes de zacatecas de león guanajuato thank you very much that you are tuning in well everyone I told them to call me when my wallet touches me, I don't use a bastard, this girl I've never seen enough of being together but when she learns to do it, she's the son of your mother, sheput istac, this bar will also put the human arm but that word because that's romanticism one day means my love said that it couldn't be more romantic than the burden on a moonlit night rifai how romantic and of course the date is and in time I have married children to paris you have a 16-year-old girl laura sofia who unfortunately compares well later she'll give it to the reverse I don't know how to say it here but she's already asleep because she's going to glory at the same time how good compare look I also have a girl there Like you, it's six months old and it's not very famous because it jumped out of the oven before it was what we chose.
My father-in-law I told my father-in-law that he's been coming for about six months. big in ensenada baja california place of good wines as they told us about a cool thing and then there was my father-in-law's land next to the beach and once I told my father-in-law I should sell he mentioned a little piece of land to build here but for half a mile million close to the beach wimbledon to the key now lately after 25 years of knowing the old but he taught how much if it is that close to the beach cove some Ghanaians but for that reason but doing on youtube I talk to you about millions thousands in dollars because the price So I figured it out, I said no, I didn't, I didn't book them and I kept looking at the one who doesn't read better.
I hope you wait for your mother's son to tell you if the truth is going to touch me, take it to his bitch and study It's a lot of spicy and Chinese so that it's bad enough that your person bursts so that it explodes and makes them come back Ensenada lobster with rice tortillas Cholesterol 5 lobsters and invest a little too with Todd and Cascara he brings them but If I find it boring, I am praying every day, everyone, if you get a compliment that you deserve in 15 days, don't move yet because if you can't talk on the cell phone, we are from another generation, totally share.
I'm still from when they send you to the store, I'm from that time I'm from the phone and one part picked up the hook and the other was here, it's all over the place and now I want to talk to my aunt Maria I swear on us mom seriously bastard there were no photos back then but seriously I'm going to say sir I want to talk to my aunt Maria like this that's how my old lady speaks but when she arrived more than greetings today it must be a shame because I lost another one because the other one told a joke today there is another mention again I really like the one from the first class from the first children's class when the teacher said my name doesn't beat me and neither my teacher nor one of those moms called me regina regime so not everyone but she understood my name regina children regina ok very well and Pepito making a mess having an appetite What's my name I said I said what was my name tell me what's my name and worth it sea and the girl who was in the distance Pepito is called like what we girls have between our legs but with efe like this the clearest night of the night god I looked at us while I was there but I'm going to tell you a joke for the children and the children are not going to hire me again for meals between what I'm taking no one laughed the phone the phone a call is this from the eu I'm calling communicating I'm dialing I am calling I am communicating with you the nose does not leave me much but I imagine that it covers the issue but the nose is important because they suck the green scratch in the balls come back from reaching the txingas here for the 23,000 people who are not They are watching so as not to leave you without a job, you tell me in the censorship, no dude, it's not in his mother's team. by road the bastard is inflated like this 45 Spanish pese pairs wearing the judge la chingada again the singlista pin take now with you bring sight and fuck you don't be okay mother efe to me I became a load of people there are a greeting to the kids who are You just caught them from me the truth the truth hurts greetings to louis for the other good number well mario sa√ļl and saura between them they don't fuck it was the one with my sweat and mother came out and then we were in he told a joke for all the people but a joke for the children and two sheep are playing ball the ball hits a stone and jumps away the ball goes away but that's what a revolver says from the other go you're very nice you can go back to the unicorn surf goals from joke without farting wey without worse than go ahead of those there is no arnedo and she is not pulling here we see she sent me a this a joke my brother Juan Manuel paparazzi that I give him a greeting and it turned out great to the pa for how to lose weight from worrying is but I am and I tell him You got skinny bypass hey buddy I remembered why cowboy hats in the days of stagecoach cowboys and Indians and all this with people from behind with different abilities are going to remove us from Facebook even a person from behind with different abilities and what beautiful the one with the phallus with a fire because it had sucked, as you say, the fallopian tubes and that's when the web apaches came to attack the stagecoach here come the apaches there is someone the apaches I can't help it already reading the legacy of the striped in the concacaf if they did not put it in to touch it in search of more the concacaf but hey it was in the left tito from the dot above the tigers said the door of javi in ‚Äč‚Äčninhue already shaved and the threads close l The web apaches and the apache chief says as they speak they say about the apaches of the people spread with grace they kill them and with the aroma of the borda and the chief says to rape the men and kill women and children and he said one of his Apache collaborators boss will not be the other way around and the dot says oh if he wants to know more than the boss as the boss said to travel oh what and then I didn't go I'm going to pull just when you're going to see those who say work you came across swimming son your mother not every can the caravan lives through this job we already have and I'm going to later you give me the contact well I knew they took it from you is that I keep swimming there is no salt in a bar that was serious plus the contact It's not much, 25% gringos way, the Indian Bryant in the dejan uribe and the Omar shorty already lives and is already underway.
They shouldn't put a certain height to give you a Huesca visa, okay mother, but there he is in a bar in La Mitja, forgive me for what He said I'm not going to win in the USA by height Normally, I was there, take this idea to the race so that there will be some girls and it would be logical one of the old women and the old women laughed at the initial to the race of webs, compatriots, hold on to say with the old woman as if she threw me worse, hold on and leave heading to the old woman and one said wei with a smile he said 50 dollars for sucking it's the tits 50 dollars it smells and where did these old women hear that it's stupid it's surprising me get out of here wafer I spoke to the police and they did wrong and Cruel $500,000 pesos $50 threw him down, it seems he was tied up by the fourth transformation of the transformations. and it is that I am from curbelo really determine how the hair of the teeth of the following said that it is stupid months vettel moment to the police the son done wrong web 500 dollars get out stupid lechín guy made more than 1500 dollars to see the girl s and I told him he started he would have told me friend for 100 pesos like this with toy hair like the leather of mike tacos and there when I choose 1500 dollars he started the old one it is not that you can not what you want is friends two thousand dollars to progress and fat 2 thousand 500 dollars name was worth sea to the bee the fight was opened compadre maybe with the fucking bedbugs but if you have a chichis asshole with her little caps of nescafé water and women of little girl and also some posts verbal debate the debate and it is not because there is a station and its drum poses and the china and the web but today he got into the hashish of the steps for the cheeks and liz legal is not going to kiss them with men who are very expensive and yellow was what I spent In the cellar and I still have my old house, he said, I told the surgeon doctor later I want you to put chiches on me, son, seriously, from the North, I told him what it's worth, Guadalajara, how about I say hello to all the people, put down your shoes and a girl and all her surroundings autlán est In the city of Guzmán, for or against, I just went to work there.
Greetings to the whole race. There was a friend of mine who gave La Jara a greeting to make up for that. Yes, I found out about Potos√≠. They discovered the website because it had Koreans, I'm going to tackle it, I discovered it among the Koreans, a great project and then it turns out, wey, what's there in Guadalajara in the Plaza del Sol and since they're not women, don't say anything to me, but that day I'm also hotter than my old lady, handsome and in the plaza del sol later and at 67 astana age and then I'm going to pay a very nice web fee and it turns out that the next morning in a cloth skewer and I don't know what the president's assholes were today it turns out that love kisses me the eggs with an insistence compare you will see I continue and with a mind with a fervor I opened my menisci I said that I fart and to the one that I give her my fortnightly and I tell her that a moment has come, miss she likes my eggs very much I miss mine a lot how to pay or not because of the winter the pleasures way that suddenly there came an egg to a brothel with an elegant quique double a volleyball busti and a woman wants a woman so we have several scales of 3,500 and with eyes a lot of money well well we have others that too they are very good nothing very pretty this one is 2500 when the hell 1500 well we have some flat ones they are so expert but they are 1500 when it didn't arrive well how much do I bring 150 and he is a judge if I don't have 50 percent well it's enough for a good mother wool more children and if whatever it is they take 250 x they put him in a room not naked ronald wayne naked they sat him in the chair a chair and they still tied him up and the other sick yes yes I like being killed I like calling ra√ļl they bandaged his Look, well, don't you believe that the fourth compadre had a door and the door and the wheelchair dragged him like this along the sidewalk of the street uy and he's in the street naked to tie up for 150 tied up the one with the eyes of the blindfolded girl and u n goal that happened there in the balls that I have with that guy until a judge already lost from him and he removed the blindfold and when his mind was removed they went I said oh what a good mom for 150 normal ok greetings to the people of facebook we are going to send greetings to karina teams, this one that I always tell old jokes says shit, grab a click, dahlia tv, change it well by returning to that, it's Mondays, Mondays because on Tuesdays we're sunny, that's how everyone's old women are, greetings to Monterrey, up to 200 pesos in the Face less they throw away they say on their facebook facebook says eric and francisco today let's see if I can get a phone number from youtube to send greetings here I bought this greeting this fell the Caribbean chestnut coahuila greetings to the people look how time moves and I also did not understand it is where everyone is airs actions up up without gallery but here it does not say names here it says it is not salty like that he is a good man greetings to the family health sas son your man n or there is salgado greetings to the salgado family your family doesn't love you bastard the old man you were an abortion son your mother nothing because your mom said I want to abort the child is in elementary school ma'am don't suck he lived on greetingsfor tacos mike greetings greetings to my wife liz clara a greeting that she likes a lot program that when we go to laredo and to mcallen 21 and 22 laredo and mcallen have earrings I'm going to mix I'm going to mexicana and the competition is her mother said I'm going to mexicalli compa√Īero and to the region of america freedom with mother and then the first the first of june dude they are going to have a very good fun options they are going to be in the casino in the casino that has the northern region please don't go to the casino because This compass lowers the line and needs to keep these cameramen who agree to one thing they are already paid and I'm going through the door and so don't suck these even though we're in Kenya they charged me in advance for the people of Baja California who had been around for a while Not to go there Laredo McAllen Roy Ramos is also rolling 40 from Guadalajara active to say just that I fled and it borders on bad and Miguel won the fuck today in the area I also do my Juan Gabriel imitations since I the maxi sinama micro I never thought about the microphone and I took nothing more than another invitation you have a web this michael jackson web how is that gianni rivera already so that the water was already soft the microphone I do not want to drink after what people are going to say a Northern greeting from the water in my mother, that's what they call tagua papa tagua tagua, it's not watery health, greetings to my wife, Lisette Hathaway, there's social and set for me, this Juan Goy√©n, very convenient. numbers 1324 this ortiz family this july gold that today has a boy as well as from the mothers of the last name web hey s like they celebrate things jessica gait√°n samuel hern√°ndez this river brother from the northern tigers of the channels of n a gray van dude what happens is that they had cleaned it and water andrew castillo mayra casta√Īeda mor√≠ ruiz marcos serrato pedro cruz adela micha western adela micha on youtube we had 12 thousand and here more than 10 thousand you if you want to go nobody the wii ma don't pay attention to her work in touch tone and that she is my daughter her mother seriously get to do something bastards seriously get to do something world that's why your mother doesn't turn marco sandra jonathan cesar this man I'm back I'm Francisco v√°zquez jr kansas city √°lex alexis castillo this one I'm going to get to the elementals in mexico that's fine bastard if there was convergence here today in mexico it was from china if we had 30 comedians here at the time when comedy was catching a flight thanks to you this well right now comedy has a position in the fairs that there was no water before comedians did not enter the fairs they were because of the groups bands in mexico there were 80 100 bastard I don't know how many way and the competition is bastard had compadre some comedians or yes no no open that today baby you pass who is giving hale in california if there are 7 the one that you give me to drink you know that that was said or is said wey that myth that there was compadre or the one who had a great time on the phone sea ‚Äč‚Äčhappened to me with a comedian or if I am a saurian comedian these are from the Pleistocene of our generation police girls study their mother's sons so they know what we are talking about so I told him one of those I know that in California there is a theater that It's called Los Pinos and so don't be bad, I went online from this point to see if I could do it and he told me you're never going to go to Los Pinos because there were those fucking grudges that obviously already stopped when I said that's because people in california and other places in the usa no longer wanted those comedians from the pleistocene see luis de alba the red horse all those no longer smell so and there we go to adri√°n uribe teo gonz√°lez the shots celedonio the cantinflas and of course but to They also put my foot in me more bastard how bad but no footprints and it's a serious crime that if they give it to you bare and the mouth sucks it tell me look like I went through what I was saying hey he had answer me the question he asked you I'm doing or if they give you the skinny sucks yes yes I do ask for the 2,500 dollars that he offers me until a while ago people see that with a commission he quotes or something like that and if there is not but the on since no win you do not go that is no It happened to you, I would hope that the three sad tigers that are there start to remove the fuss that the group of the current life, not in life, they have stripped me.
You have already seen the dates, you have seen the number of dates that these compasses have with no It's a show, they're going for free, man, I'm confused, it's not a party concert for the teachers. I ask you to shut up a little bit, please, drink your beer. I ask Jorge Falcón to say this to me many years ago, friend, I ask everyone who is there. but those who are watching us that I know are many without guinea fowl or all of you do believe because they force me to be a better comedian so that they never surpass me God bless all of you damn give him the hard never They are going to pass me, come on, bastard, one is coming cool right now that he talks about being there we are going to talk about it like this openly today there are programs about being there are many international things with being here I come white leather escamilla promptly compadre to shooting hello my compadrito and he is a friend of mine and we played together for a lot of years and he hit her well machine but he is not clearly being there but this guy sang and made jokes and towards the color of sorry or not what happens is that he matched well in the programs of being open but halo with us doing humor francos camilla found the formula of social networks there is something that you and I have not been seeing a lot you do it I before that we started and they already went and the people are there I keep my daughter and five greetings to all to all the nursing homes my love that you are seeing me I I brought your colleague and he took Rio Pan, you know that today we, the people from Rio Pan, go straight to the head.
He sent for 37 as we Mexicans are I don't bring what do you bring to Hig√ľey two of the reader and double boots as I am going to bet double this is the one to cash the check and this I open the door of the dancers he gave them to me with this story but I thought I thought Poland was still born if you had grown up the girl changed her address she no longer lives where I live what happened to you so they try to shield you from something and then you get angry and I'm fucking this one I owe my existence to me woman and I can't do that no more damage from the photo of work and now but old if it's a lie don't get hooked dude don't pay attention to the fucking millennials who change their way to go see gomita put put go see a franco escamilla he does new new things we trust his bad memory that they forget them go see fran play half go see a month water el bichi magic what is the name of the magician good good both that is to say he does new things we me I have one Cousin, who is a magician, has spoken since she appears and says good, but suddenly she can be seen and can't be seen.
Send us a word, for example, and they're a joke about that word. drunkard or the elementary school boy that is to say the web or they are not going to take out until today of those who send a word mom a send in the joke with the word web too or we are already drunk we call farts tomorrow as polished bobby can be hospitalized and owen today is by the way he died he did not die he does not live or that it was water brother-in-law brother-in-law says a dude turkey or brother-in-law church priests 19 web the priest is mounted he never hit me with a nun and the camel is dying to fuck his mother in the I walk a mass and total that the camel falls these get up it was pulled out of the sand and the priest says this sister we are halfway in the desert of soro they are not now we are halfway at the temperature we are and with rice clothes clothes qu We bring, I estimate about two or three hours of life, just due to dehydration, we do not bring water, sister knows that I have never seen the part of a woman, never, and that is how we are going to die, empty photo, sandwich, the scouring pad that the woman says, listen, Father, I am also always faithful Sir, I have never seen the part of a man except in some bibliography, it will be possible if you take a photo and because the vice photo looks good, let's go back to hell and in a good mood that has the image of shacks and all my life, well, it's not like that It's easy to pray to her, if my daughter doesn't think it's like that, it's free, the miracle is prayed, but as a father I have never known that that mother returns like the rosary, she gave charity to the fucking balls, well, the nuns and the nun says the miracle is done father, look at how that mother became, how she was made an unfair ball, a lot of hate, what is that for to give life while he rode the camel so that we could get to the convent, I really like the father on vacation on vacation and the bishop said there isn't much ha I read on vacation that he told the sacristan he said the bishop didn't let me go but I don't have to do that I'm not going to go from Monday to Thursday Tuesdays are confessions but prostrate the unemployment way you don't stand here and whoever tell you the confessions tell them to be aware you give them you give them the penance but I don't know father I'm going to write it to you g√ľey the sin and the penance and they won't see you because it's wood don't go from the corner of vacations no because I go on vacations from the first one ahead and a lady notice that I lied let me be the antithesis lie lie here are our three mar√≠as male of oysters both short up to half and you start the other one with adela micha and the one who follows the Girl add this one that follows, notice that I stole, it's okay to steal, it's not stealing, stealing, stealing, don't beg, this case can't be done without seeing this stealing, five Hail Marys, the next one, and that's because I had oral sex, said the oral sex girl, and she said does not appear allows money It seems to us that oral sex in the m with the mother does not come until the f of fanfares and the fasting was not good either, mother this p is optional, he said that the attitude of allowing enters and leaves grabs the air into the street because penance does it I'm not trained for that, so I passed the altar boy to the one who knows more, the sales father said, beggar, come here, my son, you don't know how much the father gives, program a kitten and a regular coke, we can't connect, mother, why don't we leave? one is disconnected little by little and that seems to me an idea like fabi√°n lavalle way that he accused for lamadrid that they gave me if they did not get it out of halo even the women on your side fought dismissal is what we have done this not what What we have done is that I'm going fat, albums have arrived and enjoy them too, enjoy this is coming up with some new project but what I put on, you invite me again first we should sue the goal bol and you the casino and make a theater together for the girl to g anar la negra if they don't pay tickets but for the people who are in baja california and I already know you're going there is you continue with the televisa projects you're on televisa it's not supposed that now they notify me unless I call but right now yes a lot of people are emigrating a lot of people but you are still among the books youtubers that are hitting you on the mother side will be then until they notify me of something else and I'm there we'll be on the lookout here here more of any event you have here because already We said that you're going to the kidney table, he's coming too, throwing balls, throwing cool, on June 6, from the meeting table, but he kept throwing balls, he's going to record with my partner Franco as well, but he goes to the bar to congratulate Mike Salazar on the new him. that the reign of the reign is going to reign so it is not going to be the firstborn not of the second offspring this no congratulations to my compadre hey you with so many brothers what a offspring are you is the last joke of mine for my wife er and the last joke was already drip irrigation in the olympus who is going to be here on the lookout with his crumb gentlemen he was with us in taking out from the bar it was a pleasure to stop on the contrary compare our complaints almost two hours he was here I don't even know They felt sorry for the sleepless night and they go through the sleepless night for the whole race.
In addition, people continue to arrive, we are the first program in terms of social networks that says goodbye with 20,000 more people, someone of whom I am a fan, the father of my brother was shaved by northern tigers and if you and I told if they told our necessary stories of The girls in one imagine have more you remember than with the gays those that are not seen and I even got scared I thought that I had crossed heras thank you very much and bye-bye we're leaving compadre then see you next Tuesday it's at the same time who still don't know why they confirm no no no no we don't always know on friday I think bobby polishing comes to say that he drank water here he died here because it wasn't the reason why polishing hospital died right but no it is not true in certain powers for their poses no the polished young man is fine power but you know that here we always have cool guests earthquakes like it was this Tuesday these gentlemen since facebook and youtube were born it was boring because you weren't there cuba remember to share to that the rule and compass friends if someone out there to get from the bar one comes to burst the best guests an easy chela but woman we will get to have the guarantee

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