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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links - PC (Part 1)

Feb 23, 2022
Thank you Oh strong eyes as it's someone say ukyo dual


pc goes John J ninja well welcome to the stream i'll do well it's Yukio dual


on pc you can download it now for free on steam make sure i can get him the first big good cool idea john J ninja im fine thanks how are you yourself they closed who helped close this oh my god oh my god close you will close eventually little by little get there quick question can you link your phone account to the pc version. I think you can. In fact, he pointed it out to me, so I'm going to say yes. god is a follower ya John Janey now hosting my stream we have a viewer oh my gosh no way I don't even know what hosting does but thanks Jud oh man I can't read this so little yoga Griffin thank you for following you absolute legend, there we go that looks good people are hosting my stream.
yu gi oh duel links   pc part 1
I don't know what that means. Does anyone know what Houston does? Thanks for hosting anyway. How are you doing well? By the way, I have a completely empty friends list right now, so if you want to be my friend, let me know. go ahead it's like sharing ok thanks both of you i'm joe griffin from stream so how you doing joe? Little by little I will remember it in this, I think, I hope, okay, what else are you, so it's been a while since I played yukio dual. links if i'm completely honest via RT RR v TT g FF b gb thanks for following you absolute legend you does anyone know what these GX releases are celebration our tickets are because this is new to me they can be exchanged for cards by placing them on the banner in the dual world ok so I would like some of the GX cards which would be pretty cool. i got alexis here hey jim ok piper asks cook


in kaiba corp cup for rewards a stamper


you can get this reward guys whether you win or lose so give it a try ok you can call me artie or kyra i will call you artie thanks following Artie writes a lot of info in the Star Carlin Rider thanks for following omg legend you got a shop let's get rid of all this little popup stuff right now hey there's bingo on this there's so much stuff seventeen pups thank you for following holy Nova, how you doing, man, what's up?
yu gi oh duel links   pc part 1

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yu gi oh duel links pc part 1...

I like gold, how come you have gold? Very classy music if the game is up. Thanks for your notice. I'll download it right now. hosting the stream oh thank you so much i appreciate it's not streaming in game when i open it oh the stream volume see you later santa nova thanks for following legend im gonna turn it up a bit and then put it. better 35 so yeah let me know anything you like or dislike so far about the sound am i talking too loud for us to turn it down if that's anything? I'm going to make everything perfect.
yu gi oh duel links   pc part 1
It's about 8 o'clock right now so we're going to start playing how much is the game on steam artie it's free completely free it doesn't cost a penny so before we start someone wants to try and add me or something what can i do to upload my profile from there? they are profile so this is me tgs anime here tgs capitals space anime capital a so if anyone wants to add me as a friend how can i have none or if they want to put their names in the search bar and i will do it there i will find you whatever you want daffy mike 206 thanks for following legend you are free to play which is great i would like to try it dont think about it try if you never played the mobile version this is a pretty good place to start really kirby lord 92 thanks for following me right So yeah if you want to add me again TGS animate is t here I am more than happy to give some tools.
yu gi oh duel links   pc part 1
I actually haven't played a match yet what the heck is this so I don't know if it's much different than the mobile version so if I want to cross the screen I have to swipe it like this can you see my mouse on the screen that is shows in a good point? oh you can see it yes you can see this ok as long as you can see my mouse ok it's me. Tim has a transport light. Tim, okay dude, our body, where I remember my username is five DS forever, is that cross-play within the mobile version.
Actually I don't know, I guess you can't transfer your progress, apparently you can, apparently there's a way I think I clicked on settings? Here they go to the data transfer settings, so yes, they set the transfer to transfer your game data when you switch mobile devices. so yeah if you want to keep your progress that's your choice remember guys this is this is free you might as well give it a try I have the global chat here too if it's worth continuing but we actually set up a room and just see if we can room 99 per what not and i think it works so hey man i'm going to try and find a dog because i really want i started when i did this before i started as Kaiba hey nick do this from everyone i've gathered here this is the place to hone my Skills I must.
They will call me bug hunter. Bug catcher Nick Riley. You boast of having a level one. We will do our best. Thanks. TGS demos. Hero of Phobos. civilian beast. I'm thinking of names. I'm going to get very confused again. Guys keep me updated. This is my first time streaming from the computer so any issues please let me know. I will get a level seven to fight the servers. Thank you very much, cardboard samurai. excellent name by the way that's the most annoying noise i've ever heard in my life okay then go ahead guttural otter thanks for following you absolute legend you my internet sucks i hope you have luck in the game well it's my first tool let's find out depends if i can win with feral imp alright what is this ramie drop? your subsequent hit points for 300 what the heck yeah fast door so you got all the yeah don't log in corners very well we could close it will that be ok?
We have 500 attack points there what's up what's up boss 13 him why not I summon the wild imp. I'm ruining his voice. Not good. Six stacked or let's buy this. I have a snake. I had a little chance with Moyra today. alright 800 rip damage mike ski o0 302 thanks for following you hail to the legend just as you yell into the search bar for this topic and i should find it on the first or second search yeah literally when i was looking for this dual link UVO i went in the store i think i was in was uh new new and trending or whatever and this was one of them.
I couldn't figure out any of this er earlier today because of the way speed dueling brains are based on dual bonds, yeah pretty good we're getting, shall we say, a few quotes. well, what's wrong already? I'll be great when we're online when I start playing against you guys it's going to be awesome now how many? Steam is free to download saying how you doing man welcome to the stream Curnow brilliant Viper game oh that's a long name but thanks for thanking the following let's call on the Silver Fang. I wouldn't if they added links to this.
I mean they can do it, it will add those two little zones in the middle of the battle, the water charge 27, thanks for following along. Legend, Admiral, how are you doing? start BM everyone BM not BM is what it is BM breakdown I also sent you a search. I'll check all friend requests up to this point. I hope they are trying to keep this simple from what I can tell. Car insurance with you Admiral oh my god mystical glitter ball Nick you are a powerful duelist what kids his monster Thunder that's


of it. I can't wait until he has a deck, let's fight him.
It should be the end 100 Life Points silver Fang you can beat us this door go whoa 40 viewers streaming yesterday I just said sky snake watching that's crazy how big is the game how big is the game oh it's too small I think it took me two minutes to unload everything together and the spectrum to play is literally nothing i mean its all just this rudeness again you can deflect my reabsorbs oh ergo these spells now you can dispel our opponent two chests keys get the key in the gold campaign as your city will be sent to his gift box nice but a green key the keys I'm not too s I'm sure I'm being honest with you ok cumulative meter field sure chance to bonus, your meter next to you will accumulate times two points, don't miss a chance, okay, sweet, sweet, sweet, degenerates starting, the best package to open is the dawn of destiny destiny I will open some s packs for the set and then Oh, it looks like it's not just about attacking.
It should also add some monster effects. What are you talking about? Hey, the highest attack point we had was like 500. what we have first is magician the lizard well it's magician the lizard but yes that's mrs. the lizard that's an awesome name i got five coins for a thumb duel nice thirty gem auto flipper campaign ok another get all the cashier oh i think we have a blue eyed pc version released, celebration gift ok these are the celebration i guess we have a sweet GX card sleeve a new game map will equip that game in GX nice thousand ten ok a blue eyed white dragon on earth background illustrations pretty cool japanese 1st anniversary nice give silhouette the double door keys let's get gifts to celebrate gifts PC version please hurry up and get 500 oh my god and install the app 750 I'll take it coins for the merchant yes we have a level let's search the merchant even if you don't we are fine so what was the package you want me excuse me yes also dual I think I remember playing around with it and sometimes being disappointed. the bundle store i think we have some free bundles you said dragonic force that's what we landed on.
I think you can duel against phone users and vice versa. Oh, no way, it's fine. So do we have packages and markets? We'll find out alright for a drought Dragonic force then Oh dawn of fate okay look all we got we got Next Generation that's the GX one to the right seventh electric king Overlord echoes of silence daughter Destiny okay Daniel thank you subscribe thank you subscribers thank you for following legend u dun da two beasts in galactic origin ok then we will accept requests for these as we had a dawn of destiny hopefully we can afford it anyway ok one pack ten pack a hundred for ten pack why what not buy buy please? wind dragon roaring who is that good we have baby vampire natural skin hydrangea if the VEX will show you mercy control activated 1900 attacks he does not defend five stars thats a bit annoying puzzle reborn exactly one months you control never cars is the effect of the card drobo they are monsters but its not that bad fossil reborns a vht so you have a few options the cheapest deck that can work a bit in pvp is notorious so yeah testing the nutrients then i know its notorious strawberry to be really good lady vampire that's good fire king avatar Kirin might send a bit a neck and rising beast that's an annoying kuriboh numbered in a notorious outer fate and lover Fang fire King Island if you want to make the fire kings you want super fast or the phoenix ok super shouldn't be such a bad version of flames when a card is normal summoned successfully no cards can be activated of trap, ok, vampire, dragon, misty, flame, hippogriff, opponent can't say, get this card, we have effects, once we pretend it should be one more. five months, this guy attacked again in a strange way.
Oh I have a special pack guys what would be another attack fire king here in another hydrangea and sick Bloods? Brad, fool or master mark, thank you. oh for following me man I appreciate it oh we're gonna be number one it was the end of a gold soul card look at your deck and if you do you can add a month to your deck to your hand whose sum of attack and defense is equal to your life. points, note one soul card per turn. I've never heard of that card before so if I have a hit point total I can add cyber oh no I can add malefic cyber end dragon to my hand. lambda is luminous moss. cool and ice bushfire gents perks animals we stay the stag beetle tree bone crusher kitty cat shredder thanks for following awesome name by the way so im gonna try to kick her yummy you used up all your gems no we've done it we have quite a few left , we have 2230 left.
I think Acharya, pumpkin, leanne, 1998, thanks for following me. I'll ever summon that monster because they're trashy stereos Explosion again soon some you got Canton ok not too bad pretty happy with it we got a sick slip hope we get to use some of these cards anyway but I'm really happy they got them send to the previous deck box, why some games? i need a 64 bit pc i dunno i thought this one needed 30 to play against someone who plays a cat deck oh thats not a bad show ok so i want to get one of the elemental heroes.
So how many of these from Agra can I get in a pack of10? Make sure you say 5-inch gems for the Dragonic structure deck. To accept. deck right now ask draconian force well he buys five hundred or four pounds i'm going to buy a real one use this deck with seto kaiba's max performance ability it's a shame he didn't choose the set well but we can always unlock it later but just when traffic forces yeah please we can still buy two more games of server structure cars stream on twitch hey wait weeks hook twice man there's a structure platform never played dual links , but I have seen some duels with him.
How is p2p? and a lot P two docks pick a pre-built one once you buy it you can do it thats ok oh ok way wick thanks for following me glad to have you here the rig didnt fall off grand dragon im not the best some higher penthouses ok , could be interesting i thought we would have a ful The set is out of 10 20 ok its a 2008 debate we should have paid £24 for twenty cards oh my god oh yeah copy deck set up your deck yeah yeah it's fun can I just copy it on this copy?
Copy can copy - yeah copy to this next slot deck copied ok we'll adjust a bit later but we have to but now ok and cancel it we have an ability but no abilities its not too bad for making links earlier when i was playing on the phone i think its absolutely fine i think you and luck things that are consistent enough rate its better than some other games i've heard of that pay to play just like the junkie force boards so we have 1700 we might as well buy three more sets out of ten isn't this like a pay to win game? cards but in this one you can get them we're not necessarily going to go straight into a PvP anyway so I said I wanted to get someone some elemental hero cards so if you guys want to suggest any that you think I should get let me know know one of my 10 packs of this oh wait a minute bye three cards per fate packs are the last ten of these how could you have finian nightmare oh i'm off to a good start it's gold oh let's get beans hand mirror for some light not bad would you like to see a weekly series on this it could be a weekly series to be fair we could kind of progress and update and i get tired of that whats the best ukyo game right now for me it's Yukio World Championship 2007 or something I comment which one it was but I really like yugioh legacy of the Duelist it's fantastic it's back always zero ocean nice it's so strange to have all these new cards now because it's i am so used to the old last bloody idea from mars last plane beast cute little ash neo bug sphinx bear sound two layered be my friend on xbox please sorry scotty snake kawaii boy girl thanks for following thanks mr or mrs khan felicia it's what you are and you were hero blaze neos nice terra firma gravity and andros stuff so we have to lie down and row now we just need the big perry don't break back one guys each protect their hands their deck where the mill dips and draws again , you get nice championship defenses in the 70s game.
No no it's the game boy advance one it could be like 2005 so it's pretty old yeah it's like one of my early yugioh games. true if i remember correctly galactic origin king ken doc pretty good 1800 attack a li of just this ufo royd awesome we have ufo roid fighter if it's a little monster 7 or higher and the problem open as the graveyard becomes well neo space instant gen x seeker gladiator the beasts fight gladius halbert beast re thats good we could make a gladiator stay out of this i think oh i never pray what we will get i think its a holy fenian ice barrier Marine Neos oh the quarry never played with a g ladiator V stick when played against them I can sit very well opening the pack you go world champion 2010 reverse our Arcadia I think you meant 2006 thanks you can't destroy it I think that's what I meant right often V W X Y Z letters like well plus sunrise and destiny we'll give you a minute sir let's try the deck and see if anyone just tried to add friends here we go.
Two people have requested an application. question friend yeah everyone fry yeah well so i think we need to level up like someone said they got to level seven before i can start burson people pvp pvp man i dont think i can pvp arena now i see which is being built I need to get to level seven first on the right let's level up and then go so the door is open but no it's nothing don't worry we're going to beat some people. path is ok its botanical garden cover we'll see how this goes too a short in the name of the game my name in the game is TGS anime spelled as my channel TGS in capital letters space anime with a capital A yes the man in the couple yes two missions no nobody character ah thanks i'll make sure to artorius thanks for next i appreciate the strategies not too bad thats great my turn i pick this car you know this should be added to this if you can get you suck a key as a character you should be able to take, get a, you get that you take. the voice of harm lion Belle great dragon My God, then add space that still, what do you do? advance zone once you return during the end phase of any turn you pay tribute summons two months in which you can apply these BECs since it is sequential based on the number of summons once you chose one or more Strom assets for drawing a card Wow ok ok sure let's play schools one through nine thanks for following legend you can change the camera perspective to a top down view.
It's worth it? doing that would you recommend me d it I summon the dragon of Komori I fight battle phase what um how many stars are those that tell the dragon six six that we could somehow sell theirs that will help me and the coefficient of the face is only sent from the graveyard assisting lady some there so we have to be normal so many people can use her ability it's so safe with it what do you do? Speak, you are going to write mice in the field. I have again to enact events. We can also make up to two attacks on monsters during each battle phase once. per turn during the end phase, this monster will try the tyrant wing later, so I don't expect it won't have its icon where I'm looking at Oh, top down view, a little peek on what you prefer, guys, get the one ready top down view I think I do something like a kimora dragon.
They gave you this cheat letter ago. I don't think it will kill the monster, because because he's going to attack, he'll lose his ability. No stability. You know what I mean. The main focus has been on the phase if please no no no no that that that one Emed is going to tap twice. I said it in monsters so I don't think it could be right. It's okay. I was just curious. Twenty. after this gate i don't think you're J i will oh no we go irregular no i'll keep duel login or keep it off i want to use it oh guys if you want us to make friends people people like top down view top down view so it's my draw dragon's treasure what's this to do again it's time you see my last monster tribute to my two komori dragons oh man sorry i had to click them separately i summon the fallen Great Dragon can i use this once pretending to be the old man in the endgame?
I also equip him with the spell card dragon treasure so powerful look at this summon boy concede go see them it's time they concede dragonborn around their lifeboat sorry jay my bad guy we blew it I win guts times definitely ok worth playing it's the original and GX right now but they'll be adding the other eras as later dates yeah I'd definitely recommend that too it's like you're not a huge fan of how competitive and confusing the current meta is in the game. perfect game to play because it simplifies things and i think it's really good i really like making a wizard deck it turned out delicious now you can use the power of dark candies and it's used for climbing but first we sat on a deck ok we'll add that there's a little peek at things we're left with later on: double 8 9 10 11 12 one of the best abilities in this game is one we like to redraw or something that's a good cash generate J not generic J I feel like this meter we got some boxes or something.
Is it worth keeping global chat on too? Do you want to see what the world is talking about? Oh my gosh, generic. you should try bluffing by sending a spell card well jay dont tell me you go na do that just do it oh the global trip there oh no - friend requests let's take a look who we go oh you are free and john j ninja on nice line oh and i forgot free but wait week shit garmi and densey Dendy i like the GX Shinigami logo I also like the one on the tail a pretty cool shape Twix interesting gold rank for oh wait mecha Oh Hydra hey hey hey i tell you whats the friend list limiter there is a limit to how many of them you can have ok its sweet ok then we have to do quests to progress so look we visit the store ok , so we complete that so we should level up right tomato stage missions done geek red achievement unlocked until this reboot scam situation awake oh-oh oh no use global chat then no problem the more you know just moon one tie ne real players all rooms only scanners ok doors open OH legendary duelists unlocked who comes first will it be Kaiba or Joey or not we are there yes it is still a little further Joey Wheeler Brooklyn rage how did you do a voicemail set? there he is, hey uke, estimate that was ouchie, a transporter caught me again before I'm ready. it means feeling at home when i tried to become king of the dueling world its so hard to read some of this dialogue so all you knew you better watch out cause joey wheeler is coming just dont come to me please but I can't believe it.
Cabot did not send me a personal invitation. I'll show you there we go. Joey Wheeler now appears at the gates. Hopefully, we should be able to duel him right away. they occasionally appear in the world so that's the golden ones there are the gifts ok stage quests win a door get Joey Wheeler easy enough ok look what's here. I'm not gold and platinum. card I'm legend right now somebody got the joey face icon oh yeah h wanted was a mess or something is it's on deck it's because you do it right because I'm ruining my um yellow card sleeves on the game map are pretty i'll take the yugi jaden card sheets i'll take the pretty ones too cool i like it.
I also took that. I'll make a rear fuse. I just need to add my ability now and I'll be ready to take on Joey. Here you know, everyone should get out of here while we're at it. We should set up a month in his field to make it a graveyard. I guess we will be an amount equal to the letter of the attack division. its going to time out while you control banish that target if you spend more time sitting in your hand or in the graveyard we need that fourth dragon elgrand best use be dark monsters we have some dark monsters to be fair but dark yes please so it works with dragon from Komori which is good nothing else really oh i slayed dragons sweet there is something i can trade for ultra tribute to the best decks you need to make a cyber angels and red eyes deck oh that could be good definitely try and do that then terra firma gravity i can't use that we're not going to use finite cards i hand over the size limit of free no i don't think this is worth putting here i have a lot of good trap cards right now scrolling cars so oh here we go oh there's more cars down here sorry beast going up maiden carly used that your plates a quick play spell cards that will appear on the field and destroy it aunt alot a prism may not work it works on demons and spell casters oh ok thanks guys i'll be there i take that off and we won't buff the opponent. just kidding a banner of courage i think so or dispel mask now banner of courage not much can go wrong with that really there you go a solid twenty card deck take this off i don't delete this or take it off they go well that will give you months Steve with a fit high yeah I mean all most o If these gates are going to be if I summon a monster that's too powerful against my opponent and then it dies great let's go fight Joey hey what's this special oh , omg, log in to tithe, let's take this quickly, oh my gosh, are we going to be new? matt ya icon icon sorry on a football what the hell do you do with that okay head to the door to defeat your opponent can i do that i can do that hey joey level 10 you're a little stronger than essentially oh we have to see his death has timewizard there here we go oh wow soon since you can't get to the next stage unless you defeat me first come on show me what you got or you won't pass me Hey I bet my trash Doug sent shivers down your spine Shiva room right it's playing dragonic force ok bits level 10 fighters ranks i'm playing running in it for c-spine fierce fighters ranks wont drop you will be demoted of the following ranks no matter how many times you lose Joe uses time wizard anime skin activates oh he will after you beat Joey.
I challenge you son, you can only play against AI. play banner of courage this increases my monsters attack by 200 join the battle phase i'll just lie face down it's from sandra pitch sky at least 11 done be my spell card rock cod oil card a pastry school oh that's cool yeah it's tapered enough over the higher penthouses here to be honest through so and phase so we can target it with our face down Special Summon a monster from the deck and if we have a little AIDS in our mano we can summon that that's pretty cool in a paint anima that's ok steeler 287 fan but you can keep going in the new legend you come a turret with your heretic what's that oh kitty cat i'll do it on my turn if i draw a level 8 I really face his not going to the final phase is that he did not draw the explosive dragon was destroyed by the battle and since the instruments of the tomb have this card, there is no problem.
I normally summon this monster, activate my face down tyrant wing, they're new and nice so we should get something good. just go by what you say to the dragon BHT under scroll under scroll under scroll and even following what I saw a bit earlier in the chat just weather you know don't go over 20 cars and you could add the anti magic prison because it counters the enemy controller oh I bet later so guns up sir his defense goes down good. We'll see what happens. it will soon be oh no we should just man what time to attack around 200 attack him even daddy 600 get in i got a brilliant oh he never notices hello Dragon hang him following the fisherman monster some of his losses or attack in events touch become zero mirror wall is an ultra in a below average package it will be hard ok match time with your heretic monster yeah oh sorry let me read Kurama is not Karaman the name of the QB I drew.
Oh dragon slayer I could summon him but he doesn't have to cause we won sorry Joey can we just have a quick taunt? I'll be in the gift box. I'm sure the transmission is a little slow. That may be true. It's probably a bit. But me, Sabina, your neighbor means that he will accumulate three points times. he continues to do well, well we have no way I lost, but that doesn't mean I'll give up on my dream of being the king of the dual world. I've never given up before, but I'm not going to start now when I like to give. he's my everything and find him by my side he's the only one red eyes being dragon is that what did you say that's not giving me oh we got joey andi's red eyes oh sweet sweet new character well no options besides 720p not sure what Paula be good to you oh well PC version is slow overall ok we finished stage three now give me my keys just by pc surgeon for like 10 minutes and it was better than playing on an iPad oh thats good listen TGS, what was your name in the game? my twitch name is i think we had some new friends i think net free five thanks for following me thank you so much oh my god we got crimson with gold right at legend rank - oh my god dont play against that guy shadow drac rookie rank 1 he is a new mage hey hey hey nice picture Admiral I see you're a gold rank nice VHT I see you're a platinum rank oh my god some powerful duelists Joe has the most fun unlockables oh well that's what I want to hear ok so oh we have the bingo mission we should try that gems no more ambitions now you're at stage 4 just try dueling school in the rules we'll do that another time dueling tests let's not do that. after opening a door when a wall tool i go to duel at least farm life which is still easy you can play a double test up to level 1 to shoot the small stages of dueling school ok , we'll do them now I'm going to Get a golf club.
I'm very happy it's what I've always wanted and we'll get a good deal so we'll do a dual school in a bit, win quick when it matches. Well, we also got the multiplier. Oh, cash, we'll keep the stock, girl, okay Bella? That's so sweet well we're about to rip you and your renamed critters when you go up they reset what it resets so buttons are on. Until you defeat all the toys, you can duel, ok, I understand. The godfather of games has not been unlocked. I want a different deck mat I mean it's pretty cool I mean Jaden and I don't ever have that was a fantastic twist Bella well done now I'm just going to use this I've got a bit to go too I usually summon my dragon slayer in stance attack that's not enough I also activate the dragon hoard so increase the detector of my Ma 2000 by going past the wolf hunter 9 4 3 7 thanks for continuing appreciate that man place him face down on the right let's kill the monster of this girl, okay, she's probably just this? it's probably a first duel she's so excited to start playing and we're going to smash her into the ground so he's playing with the girls what a bully 10 voice actor Thank you, wizard, the lizard. i tried but in the settings you can change the fr with the power side meter the fr fr wait wait fitz come back to our turn l FR or the frame rate is ok oh yeah there are more settings down here the character lines not free images now no frame rates nothing could see why sale dragon yes dragon let's go further i will never use turret rings probability i don't think it's nice to kill is more your in a pickle from your father's killer end this you have to get out of a double wall is fine thanks Jason you give me a good boy I like to teach kids wow you can dampen a dark girl's dreams you will need it to fool the enemies cause the enemy lags a bit if you can change something alright we beat anyone in the world i'm going to chest of gold two gold keys i'll take it times three multiplied so many extra things it's crazy anti-magnus has a guy man too yugi no lights you know like sorry it has the oven talking to the stream i missed more about a cheat card oh sorry i forgot thanks for the duel now o bella ok so we are at frame rate sense hi global chat out of language, PvP results, gift, miss Prime, gift as Prime, thanks for following me. cool name.
I do not can. see something for frame rate here i'll have to look it up another time lemme let's check the pinger mission to see if we can do something get moka burr oh my guts oh sorry bingo we have 10,000 gold open packs of five cards we did that 40 gems Joey Wheeler we got bingo for this Joey Wheeler can now use fields of warriors bingo bingo get the bow bingo spell cards five times okay i got a jewel get to the stage ten farms says for someone when a doll vs my ten card valentine from the trade of cards we have to do that for 15 dolls ok sweet what we gonna do next maybe you cant change the frame rate on pc.
You are a third-rate duelist choreographing a four-a-deck to defeat Bella. Real yugioh questions that could be quite funny. We can do it together. So where is the duel? She is a good food in the world. I finished bingo. You get an econ buzzer and metalmorph and mocha. hello hello and welcome to dueling school here you will have fun learning to duel rutile dueling quizzes and trying different decks ok oh and i missed all this good you come to the right place dueling quiz ok so many months there should be a monster huh i am lo I'm so sorry I think we have to do five of these with enemy control like that I didn't know what that was I'm very glad you told me and we control their best card in the game it's fine thank you all for helping me what econ it was I know rotor I know MST I know black mage no oh no I forgot to win this turn Attack 1700 Attack 1700 I summon a 1700 attack monster Thank you personal race for playing omg we made it guys kuriboh throws he calls a bowler there is no MST i got lost even in this game oh no way open more packs after this dawn of fate and galaxy origin would be a good idea i opened a galactic origin we will try a dawn of destination then I will see how soon as we get to the next level, the more packages we have. 1400 we are 15 someone must have done tribute summon a monster again i'm so sorry this is so embarrassing i have time for a snack now maybe i quit it's as hard as cuphead walkthrough lets say oakland omg my opponent has the curse of the Dragon and I only have the second one, the dark clown, how about I invoke my reddest judgment?
Oh just my dread now can we get toned at the tour trial? Oh look, I'm torn, really kill 'em. you drag just attack now its working great for me ok who killed him bunz slacking off my guy is going to prep mixie del even better guys suggest some youtubers who might help him improve yeah go ahead v HD . I will see. some youtubers good news my laughs omg be so fun to play. I would like to play merry beasts. Do we really have to do them all? I don't know, this was what stage and Lux ​​GX.
Although there are already some new Jake cards, but I don't know when we will start playing some yu-gi-oh GX character. s I want to play Jaden and play the heroes e what you can make die is this tribute summoning again Oh a double trivia it's okay to be two monsters I honor you and the I wish to select them both but I knew my boy, in the At best, they're guns blazing. making meta links and whitey Dan it's ok I'll definitely remember to make meta links I'll check it out later Stephen Gately best tips stage 10 unlock yugioh GX thank you card well something true maybe i can't remember oh i think it's 13 ok some confusion it's old raining during the school module oh here are just questions which episode yuki defeated seto kaiba using exodia episode 1 i think with episode 1 episode 1 or 2 anyway i didn't notice so many links youtubers that ask ya as soon as you start playing this game its like how much do you know about yourself are you very familiar have you watched the series blah blah blah and I click well you are very familiar with that so what did i assume? i'd skip all this but i guess it's not cool we just have one more left select your targets no problem macOS karan ok pokey buns glazy honey this is a surprisingly large youtube community winning this turn right has 1000 defense so we'll get the 1400 attack points to attack the lowest of the bits so we need the 17 inches to attack that's fast maps look at exactly 900 I win you walk up to the mic and say pokey pokey means pokey pokey that was cool card also talk cautious arc is in the first set and it's the most annoying thing to deal with because there are literally only two biblical exits and on top of them are hollow counter traps oh ok please say I'm done with that please please please Please, we're done, thank God, level five, two plus two, that's four minus one, that's free.
Demo of this demon Whenever I think of that song, I always think of the movie meme where it's the clown from the sewer and it's like your last unlock took a gardener. We all know the legendary duelist right? I definitely came to this. pla ce oh i just came here to share with my friends but they bought me is it a duelist ok excuse me is it lemonade is it my chance to hone my skills? a bit of the gates go hold the Shire we're gonna win a world duel and win some ok oh we're right the gate I already said I'd open some packages though I didn't but we'll do that in a bit oh where is she?
Here we go. Duel. She has a dark magician girl and a wise stone. I don't think we'll play against her because she's using the weak first. I shouldn't let you win teehee but that would be fun so you don't want there maybe other students out there either but I have the heart of a champion so let's do this. I looked at the summary. I knock her to the ground. Tearing equals weevil equals burning equals cancer wetware taya but starting to link was Ridiculous to deal with. Is she gonna try to burn me? Until I want to go second, so send me a weapon link.
The same pokey, please. nom some of this i activate banner of courage and set face down though it wont be used oh you know its not too bad its been a sell dragon i could summon komori then go straight toselling wat that could be good. I read that right so we'll talk Monty Control about it if they roam together okay no rebirth oh well done tear oh my gosh I draw so-so. The blue-eyed and red-eyed decks are pretty good. The komodo dragon is just brutal so i like to hear good normal summon this activate my dragons revival something navigate attack decks other evil can really make us look a little fit better than that absolutely twenty seven we totally won this nice turn and we won shut up taylor i'm telling you smasher it's just that one of the abilities that taylor has is being used at a really annoying rate that's why people associate her with all the bad things in her abilities they get lends itself to burn and grind decks with double standby that make a banner of courage it's a tier 0 card in duels yeah it's great that 200 tabloids come back to the big difference you play in cyber tainted i guess trigger phrase the effect of the card will help a lot.
I'll see omg we have a spirit on the mountain the best free deck you can build with little grind is Dino Kingdom in my opinion you only unlock Bastion and Rex. and then beat people with 1900 hydropistols and 2100 oxic tons there family more raid field spell sam oh no way i have thwarted nash practice more i will never feel like this again keep up the good job opportunity one thanks terra interest the see your rare and you will burn the deck layer Oh blue door key I'm playing that got me ad level 15 in the cup I have one what number six there is no stage six level twenty is now available for door duels test your mettle is Luis on a higher level i think we will have auto duel feature when we duel in the duel world let's remove this character and the lucky machine is now available ok sweet it's bear PvP you can duel with other players online here we go PvP unlocked Suites character could complete all character map quests by playing a doll. and Joey Wheeler when the free duel is right we can make that sound oh we have an announcement the event is now open oh wait for packages. use your duelists listen it's time for the Kaiba Corp dueling tournaments there was only one requirement to enter you must be at least stage six we made it and here's some breaking news so I'm with a guy Kaiba Corp Cup this time I serve as a preliminary to the World Championship I am playing two have three Kaiba Corp Cups a year those who rank high in the free Kaiba Corp Cups will receive the right to finish the world championship final qualifiers they got it the battle to become the next dual world king has already started the new rosters it's time to fight again we are pride on the line the road ahead will be long and hard but the glory will be worth it Roland begins the tournaments yes sir yes sir German it's me look at that time Court now start Interesting a couple of corporate drinks courtesy kitchen people from all over the world whose high ranks will get rewarded special sas.
The first stage goes until November 24. I will go three days. coop oh never mind don't give up i spent nothing but the best we could miss stage one only came out today is an invite to the royal world championship qualified no way i made a heart another credit card be with you now i do i don't really plan on using real world money with this game. I'm actually treating it as a free game 100% well, you know, buy some packs and see if anyone wants to duel. accept cards close nice picture like it ok self study not a closed store oh buddy cashier oh we got some flapper no what did the balloons come out whats going on why do the balloons keep coming out ok so hero rises we should buy this by stick what we are gonna get?
Play, man, polarization. I buy. I don't mind. A neck thrust limit. I think it copies the deck that copies a copy in this text space. Hey, we have two decks now, put the deck away. The deck was later saved. It's great. The rest is garbage. We can edit it. McKinnon. 1000 we can buy two packs so what packs are we going to recommend guys we also have 2 X structured if s you should buy them or we have all these packs here oh boxes someone we recommend you one was not check the trash can for free gems ok what what what package we will go for the boys service the kings have very good trap cards kings servants where we are vii sub kings ok donna fate is ok we will get kings servants and the dawn of destiny then we will get to ten packs wallet disruption the hellish world of mac disruption in a white pretty soldier summoner gen-x turbine as a soldier again vampire koala dart blade the pretty cool evil world captain get the man-eating bug in this snowman maker swarm of crows Itachi would be proud well the description we got it when an opponent declares an attack everything is a position monster q What your opponent controls loses 800 attacks for every time they control, oh my god, that's also amazing in this card game that goes in the deck, that wall of disruption I've never heard of before until now, that's a good look, thats the best card in this set, boo are the heart the pack roman cross port a dedication to light and dark elemental hero flare neos sweet i hate you now drawing no sorry wall of d stallman creates genex bus mechanical fan show you sam is real let me tell--can half ggwp had to go through 70 facts to get it out on my first oh sorry card one samurai sure it will never happen again good cheating there yes sonic rose see the rest of the pack sir not very good we have another Oh, could be good.
I know cheat no cheat this wild imp the empowered warrior about 18 the monster of him huge me to pressure them to get long arms out of your hand. level six i like i gotta know what this glows does it mean jussbuss fan here in the middle of this flare beetle cool makana sniper nice makassar pretty cool card yeah very very very happy with it come on sir let's not waste time let's put that bad boy directly into the Dragonic force deck what can we lose the advance to contribute a level 5 or higher monster to try some level 7 advance for us?
It might be nice to get rid of it, but then again, we could use cards to make guinea. Dragon spells are good too but not as good as we're going to find it first let's get rid of the banner oh not really or one of those gear I like the banner I'll get rid of the dragon hoard and we're looking for a filter oh what's a way easy to find? My eyesight is terrible. we can't see it captain that description of a water there we go ok it's that rare secret we should also get rarity upgrades the hero emerges in the deck area when a prize wants declare an attack your hits one on a car you have and if it was a monster that can be a specialist that's not that bad I don't really blow up a dragon it's a good card I'd really like to keep that in the deck we should get rid of a dragon treasure ad beat sticks Wow this hat is permanent ok so we'll stay here it's fusions , then ok sweet save save cover yes please nice backpack great ok so what would the other pack go for?
We did servants of the King, we did galactic origin, we did dawn of fate, anyone else, well I don't have any enemy controllers, but I just started. I say that I am ashamed, sorry for my eyesight. it's terrible yes but you get an SR ticket for logging in you had less than 15 killstreaks as a ship in star wars and a good dawn of fate. Next I'd like to freeze your last 10 packs with me today okay what we're going to get oh that's been good for the first one Robbery of violated summary ceremony. do that then radiant mirror to hunt once again an attack and then control three or more attacks your weird monster will never use that tentacles when it sees things send me over a ton again they are glowing event you have gagagigo i think i say d that right destruction event there is a lot to do if it's the other way around we use the jellyfish worm I used to play that in my deck of invincible fortress good times you want flood gate will lift you all it's gate trap holes in this win on catapults sweet I want something the Jack's Knight Queens Knight things that could be cool flash fusion fusion summon a fusion monster from your extra deck using a monster to control as fusion materials wow i've never seen fast flash fusion before that's cool sudo space Semitic Sarah for in if I make My friend the deck I'll see those spaces oh my gosh drop that yeah yeah great we see Queens Knight and Jack's Knight next.
I'll never play him in a deck, but it's great to have raised the lizard. hole i'll tell you what spell shotgun on the field strut target ok oh i'm gonna shine sing some of them right in see lancer don't lose this a little late she died the card just got half counter it's a budget mural war half counter half count r counter during gnomish calculation if once you control target is being attacked that monster you control that target gains tactics at half the original attacking attack wells until end phase ok that's a fake super Polly I'll see what I'll put 1/2 cancer in there Joey Wheeler Dex we need to use it too What should we skip?
There's a lot we can get rid of here we have here emerge the hero barrier we'll get rid of one of them so quest tech ah quest half cancer there we go we'll get rid of a hero barrier that doesn't care too much about them so what we have here? We have everything here. too bad yeah we have one more left in the decks we need to get rid of it for something oh well adam the cheat card there really good we just got what was it? berry, I can go back out, we can exchange items to recharge something that I like in the program, but not in this wall up.
Wall up DS in. I have fire monsters between suffocation like flare beetle that were his three. How many more fusions do we put? The jars are a bit I'll be needing Neos to put it in there anyway just for air the monster in there Trump would be proud so many good war cars we're going to be doing a Borderlands episode soon I'll probably do another one soon I did it without a rule and now it's not that bad it's not that good sorry we should just leave it at that for now i'm going to see what we can actually do yeah they'll be fine maybe a high level monster we have the polymerizations we'll really leave it at that we'll just see how it goes we have some ability to me feels of the warrior we can deal with feels spells so again they wouldn't help me with that guys or they would I mean they're all warriors should I add it in as well?
Yes, no, maybe I don't know, does it increase the warriors and pyrotechnics? We will find out. anyway candy right back to right it's all my money spent that's the worry candy will go next to their traps hey I can't it's a look at PvP actually see if you can do Kinda good, but today hmm, gather around or two. room right friend dolls duel with a friend now Dalian online online so does anyone want a game here we go Nia who is the guy who was like a legend rank really high Rank 2 in lion right so you can play Crimson I went to utterly destroy me I want to see if he has an awesome deck or something oh look at that I probably should I should probably mute that not that steam smart duel I will though I'll get him 30 seconds and see if this duel gets accepted and then i'll try someone else what's your dual id Jaime mine is TGS anime TGS in all caps space anime it's on my my twitch name basically the platform isn't that good I know where my name is on steam I have no idea actually I think it's TGS, I can also open it all wrong, ok, ok d I don't think the tools will be accepted.
Dual room Oh let's create a room and share everyone with other players who join the room can make little members of that room. members to see enter the room as a member today go guys anime CGS you see it right there if you want to join join i don't fully understand how this works let's figure out how to get the moment now where is it why please friend? all requests in game are popping in the corner so ok they are like tables we are in a real room so if i sit at this table would you like me to sign up?
Id is up here I think the viewer id is a room id The room id is a copy I think I pasted it Hang up nine three nine six two seven there are nine slots available guys I wish I could have a little tournament on this how awesome it would be ten people ba-ba-ba-ba-bom the tables of club penguin Khajiit Zoo six people I am against the crimson start with the boys. I recommend youwe got one no while i came to me i have a drink ready to regret interesting if you want Jana you bet some of those warriors very true i want jaden to play a lot with the character base dex its good to hear i like to play against carrots laurel sticks oh my gosh oh sorry jess duel hey jess you got a lot of multiplayer i got some i'll try to donate the patreon I mean a bereavement request soon.
I read Go Go sounds good. I will be careful. Oh, it's good to see the queues. I can do it well. Some in this. that should be ok good mom kinda this you know where our turn goes back and that should be free then normal cement yes trivia that goes on normally should have the username yes luke in all that gold enjoy the foot of the plane like the characters yes , it's good, so the Shh hides all the bacon. It should have been enough, right? I'm free of tributes that some have done, so we have to go back.
Joey, I need to change your debt even if you edit the deck. We need to make a warrior deck you want Jayden oh it's a crater deck yeah worried deck dragon bea st warrior warrior machine warrior beast fairy dragon dragons ok monster built with worry i guess so sweet warrior sorry what a sale lo sorry hunter mechanic sorry neo bug call play link on red eyes sorry airy hysteria whatever kings knight anything with a decent attack something that plays man blashaw sure oh nice ocean trying to put ocean in woodsman wine and fire night forest there you have to finish save this is not your active debts is a platform that is using tools yes i need to put this come also a hit point increase increase increase light on hit points per thousand wow that is awesome we have the field of warriors for this one.
I sent you a new challenge to accept not only yes ok probably could probably while I get into the points yes go ahead except Seurat. I set up Chen Jackie. I accept a NIC 6e except oh yeah PvP buddy so this is a challenge in ninja ok then the PvP begins though I hope I can rack up some of my warrior sons and whats your new user. dueling me is TGS anime just like tgs twitch flow in all caps space anime simple enough to get sick of cards from this shop ok noob rank one until jaden yuki thing is ok very good oh OMG I'm really us, what deck? i'm playing i'm playing that deck worried oh god you're going to win this ninja john one hundred percent y'all coco you go to bed thanks for joining the stream helvetii still a man currently boosted his attack Jaden Yuki s awesome by reko yeah i won Jenna Yuki I want her voice it's epic we've had a complete elemental hero that's oh yeah it's scrolling you sent a request I'll be sure to take it epic but I also have an elemental hero a fusion already we will possibly burn but a banner of courage i will take it so we can win 400 attacks of that is not enough jar grievous right son mango dope you win the door will see enter the battle phase awesome music the egg that is mine is a good reference, he jokes a lot, there is a lot of stuff in the last row.
The Never Never Warrior King's Knight's Cement to block defense Look what you were upside down Laughs I was there Clayman Far beyond I can't It's our ability Norris I'm pushing my attack You know 1900 2000 I want Jaden's Japanese theme It's time to puke and put your gay in that all you get come on man not only jaden likes that i drew alakay ok a lumberjack and he's a warrior and then that's it come on lumberjack whoo-hoo have you seen the new pokemon movie he made i cry ain't a city yes it is oh yes huh yo mais now follow me thanks for following well let's see if those simmons warriors counted hope they did love me for a sec yesterday's brilliance buddy scott your snake go and then i'll give you a game see how it goes this John good game man well played nice to see some elemental heroes get summoned ABL Enola I'm interested what am I what fusion monsters did you have in your extra deck? you're going to be g Well, some good banter on this door.
Good. You can see it well. Airspace coverage vs. Joey Sounds good Okay Interested in vacuum day can I do it? I went to delete you from exodia Why can we seriously plant zodiac? I'd definitely like to see that proto man, how's it going? he is not a warrior, don't worry, there is no flash. I'm worried about that upside down, but we'll try. I keep dragging the screen. It bothers me so much. We will be fine. can deal with a special summon though that's fine havoc see deck XYZ that's a good question mark I'm working on an engine so build but I don't have the cards yet that's a sack that will do me Rafi m -19 thanks for following as there were some heroes to make tony viable sounds good they saw you there a neospace deck we'll play you next to nepeta you call the same on this monster epic don't blink i don't know how Let's get through this, okay I cast bang guard of the Dragon 1900 battle I just realized I'm not strong enough and I didn't forget to put my card face down. i'll stick to this finish Reggie awesome buff hero marine hell dolphin flare beetle and glow Neos that's great and we lost connection with Scottie snake only he was about to win that's a shame i was hoping so too i hope Get them subpoenas thanks I might be Reggie there you are with Chazz Princeton I like and the guttural cool name is fine so we have a quick check here oh no we have we have five out of ten five more subpoena type concerns we should get Jaden Yuki friend dolls so the Japs right there end Raji start challenging e john ninja enough everyone won't be able to play no where is week challenge me i'll give in wicked or safe chen jackie sorry i came easy but next time there's no escape technically i won you technically won scott snake that's fair hey you gave up and finished everything in progress ok we gave up min though i got something for you maybe time its stinks fails for me. great what was his skill today is grandpa what are grandpa's cards someone let me know oh my gosh how is that awesome first turn I'll give a girl five more Simmons.
I need to buy several more. She gives you five Exodia pieces. What she does without a continuous card. it's an awesome ck ya Malus token will checkmate and turn this is going to be a short wrist I think the ability grandpa card puts all five Exodia pieces into your deck oh really no way so this is an Exodia deck and pine against then oh you said you had an interesting oh words to both sides ok i mean you could keep trying the hard damage mm damage ok we can do this i'm sure there are no more golden apples we have three more concern is the cement oh morgan apples no we will never hurt you see I get a month of Teddy's would stabilize people over 200 attacks.
Nobody messes with Joey Wheeler. Yugi moto will use it. A new key could be obtained through an event. I can't get over that monster. I just realized how easy it will be to get an Exodia with 20 cars in the day for 25. Technically safe. Let's use disability. Confirm my beautiful field. something bad we've been playing for a ges we have almost almost four hours oh my god oh I'm not petting the dark. No, I might as well kill him again, get rid of everyone. getting all these chances to get these characters again i won't wait i'm going to be like yugi and stuff i wish i could kill him upside down i think i'm sorry i know we're going to be waiting until i get exodia because i don't have anything that can beat that monster at the moment, especially since I don't have any cards in my hand, they retaliate all the time so I can kill the characters, unfortunately, then I can't do anything face down again, I could help him myself That is, if I don't need it, we need something to contribute but i think we have something, it's so close to exodia i can feel it, yeah it's got the right hand isn't it?
If you have four pieces in there and that's my fault I pretty much gave that that ESPA monster draws shot a nice green please have a high level monster here play man play I'm going to be good I hate killing one of my monsters somehow from one piece by exodia seller lynn bell bell lynn thanks for following you absolute legend. I really appreciate it and place 11 remaining cars one will get the final piece. Blanc Arts, oh, okay, now I don't want him to take Exodia because we can't really do something. Now enter, please don't win, Yugi.
I sent a royal challenge. I think once I will definitely be accepted in a moment. alright how you got it oh ok so you're ready then ok awesome one sorry ok 1800 attack on Liberal but i can draw more it's not ok i fit into this so he has five cards left in his deck to get eggs oh dear, we need to get some pinal out ok here we go i would say shield spear of the khari ok here we go battle phase go go go no and phase. I don't really need to summon two more look at the animation GG Way Wick wiped just come on t exodia we were wiped oh geez that's good dude dolls ok reggie I see your invites let's see these neo-spatials then we should it's not possible I love how the animation xod is mandatory you can't skip it that's good I'm glad it's you will be deleted.
I wish tag duels were something I thought could have been pretty cool. Happy Birthday. I have accepted, yes, but ah, here we go. competitive decks for this one i'm a little curious to see the air neo-spatials play gold rank one looks good someone write it up i've heard of dueling nexus i think but i don't think i'll test it actually it's the nexus being automated everything you need to know the rules I've never played real strike force games when I started I called reinforcements and mirror wall there was no structure decks and used element duel and bird of faith or whatever you're called sell us some synergy that's good pretty sick it's blaze m and there's Neos this added to 1,400 yeah it's got it.
I just noticed that my sensation smells increase when buying a thinner coverage. I hope we can attack Tap Blaze. Graveyard send one five months when your deck the grave on this card is to try this in the salsa semis ok ok and face a good start a good start poll a few days ago konami asked if we would want to duel of pairs in dual bonds. okay it's cool it's an ocean of heroes another hero this could be this could be a game no I'm so sorry we never get to see the workstations oh it has a shield that drains I thought it was the end. transformers you've had enough goodnight friend thanks during the broadcast you've been absolutely great reinforcements oh so he's added that card with reinforcements interesting i summon a monster on it i think this is the end it's super sweet no my final warrior it's time to fight alone i want to set myself hit points to go i actually dont think you lose 400 enough stuff moroni captain on a penny oh yeah we have enough Gigi being jaded i will take it and the irony is i think i have unlocked Jaden now oh Gigi man Sorry, some of the Neospacians give me Jaden.
I'm in kuriboh. game one of the days there was definitely Chazz up there was going to be Jaden Oh Alexis is Jaden next gen Oh gen next game in the game come on come on I create your cards that's awesome in the world of yu-gi-oh GX how to change series Yukio GX we are a new place. I don't think I've ever said this before. More jokes. Let it be known. Lux is going to be a character from GX that will tie in with Jaden Yuki. so this is mind boggling what could be sweeter in the world duel is gathering a place curry curry ok t is annoying kuriboh yeah mate i knew you would agree can we just agree we each do this here maybe i can meet yugi again that will be super sweet i gotta get going i totally will with my awesome hero and i'm gonna be a neos cool hero our jobs are fun to play and with you too plz Of course, okay, let's get to the point.
Jaden Yuki unlocked Ibiza Elemental Hero Neos. one oh no way so we'll have to build that interest all over that place like my icon but where are the cyber dragons I'll take these friend requests while we're here she's itchy juhi aku no mojo me sander maggiore thunder alright the sound is all there cheap mints then too I'll look around thief here the cash this card studio is cool the Same dual standard this timer yeah right so guys we've been streaming for three hours and 45 minutes I'm only planning to do two hours so an extra hour and 45 them I'm playing yeah extra stages for duel monsters and GX okay so yeah I want to say thank you very much you should do all the fuel tests and what are the fuel tests are the dual tests. they let you play dimitri they should let you play dimitri so first of all they have been fantastic thank you so muchfor joining the stream if you haven't already i would recommend following me on twitch because every friday now friday the 8th o'clock we will be streaming yugioh dual links tomorrow i will do some overwatch if i remember if i get the chance so which should be on tomorrow but yeah i'll do it on different streams on twitch if you want see more also wednesday will still be on youtube too will get in the new age we want more sorry guys im so hungry and so tired i cant call you there , but at 3 hours and 30 minutes it is not bad for the transmission and we can do it in three hours. 30 min stay tuned anyway we can do more yea y'all have been amazing thanks to all the duals 8 yrs ET what a 8 o'clock UK time not sure what that is , eat them tremors. everything has been fantastic again guys i'll see you later see you guys in a bit

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