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"Yous Are Gonna Die Today" | Sammy "The Bull" Gravano

Jun 01, 2021
I have a story


I had this club on 18th avenue uh a while before I had it and I had problems with the balls of grease the closures or whatever you want to call them a lot of people say that's not a good word but with us I think we understand that it's not I say it in a negative way, but since Italy, when I was with the columbo family, I am in that same club much later, I never had any problems with them again, thank God, but we played one game and one. tonight I'm in the game and to keep it alive we didn't have enough players and I'm exhausted it's late at night and they've been gambling and I'm awake and tired and I move Down in my seat I throw my head back I'm out of hand so I'm getting cold My eyes are half closed I'm ready to go to sleep for real and I realize the guy right in front of me is dealing the cards because we'd rotate the dealer, we'd play poker so while he goes and I am my my eyes are very low I see his finger his little finger goes up a and I see that the letter at the bottom goes out.
yous are gonna die today sammy the bull gravano
I was tired. I said what and it happened very fast. game someone brought them two guys came so now I'm alert I'm looking when it comes to him trying and his partner is sitting here and he's sitting there and I'm right in front of him like so now I'm looking I see the bottom card, let's say it's an ace of spades, it was an ace, I don't know if it was clubs or spades, but let's call it an ace of spades and sure enough, the car disappears as fast as it could have. I blinked and missed it but the guy who won here his partner won the hand and he had that ace of spades and it was amazing now that I think about it not now but then I realized every time I dealt he won and then you called. he, a mechanic, they are professional cheaters, they can shuffle the cards a certain way, they know which card goes. g to come out who's going to get the card so every time you deal you win and the cards disappear from the bottom and you have it in your hand ok so these are the two we play for a little bit longer it depends from a few guys i said listen guys i'm too tired i'm not going to play anymore there's only about three four guys we're going to end the night ok ok


yeah it's ok boom bop so this guy is going to leave some of his abilities with that well take care brother, i'll talk to you this guy is fine i'll see you this guy will leave no no no no you stay you're going to stay another guy leave the other guy you could also sit down i called the son of taro and told him to bring a friend.
yous are gonna die today sammy the bull gravano

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yous are gonna die today sammy the bull gravano...

I knew exactly what he was talking about and he wasn't depressed. I told him he was clever as a bastard. 14 1500 pretty good pretty skilled when you're in this club do you have any idea what kind of people you're with? it's a mafia club certain thug dog guys like me sitting in the club with you the ones you're robbing and cheating ever thought what if you get caught let me explain real quick these are going to die tonight i'll tell you in advance , but I want to discuss some things with you before I kill you. I'll give you the cards.
yous are gonna die today sammy the bull gravano
I'll give you the cards. Show me how you do it. No, no, save me. I swear to god don't swear anything brother you're going to die your last night on earth that's what you want to do is illuminate what's the difference show me what you did and how you do it he responded a certain way and taro son charlie gave him a very good shot right in the face right in the eye popped his eye wide open blood is running down his face bring me a towel you don't need a towel take your hands off your face i want to see the blood dripping down your face we don't need a towel all the time place is going to be full of blood and we have to clean it up get up so don't even worry about it just sit there they are begging the other boy he is crying real tears he is crying so i told the boy he was crying stop crying you go to die like you kinda want to die like that so finally after telling him and he's petrified to show me what he's doing he showed me how to do it I was really impressed with how this guy could manipulate letter s i mean even showing me i couldnt even understand my fingers are all i could never do that but he was good at it i have to give him i didnt say that then but i say it now he was good at it very good i get up talk to louis trophy a little talk with charlie a little bit i said i dont know i really dont know if this is a crime of murder im doing more to scare them than anything i really dont know im going to kill these guys for cheating on us we cheat we do all kinds of things , i mean they are in the wrong place but maybe they were lucky to be in this place with us i started talking king to them again i said listen this is what i am going to do with you get him a towel for his face stop drip on my floor i said this is exactly what i'm going to do with you both of you are coming to work for me you're going to mop the place and clean the place when someone wants a sandwich when you're playing cards you go to make the sandwich take it away on a plate with a napkin here you go sir if you want a cup of coffee we are going to show you how to use the coffee machine you are going to work for me that is exactly what you are going to do i am going to find out how much we lost and i'm going to hit him with a number he's going to pay that number back from wherever he gets money from and he makes money and when it's paid and he decides his debt is paid and i don't need to do this to you then i'll give you a complete piss and that's how i'm going to trust you to give me your wallets and give me everything and i'll check it out now i know where you are i know a lot about you i'm going to know all about you who is this pitcher who is this of that's my daughter you love her of course i'll see how much you love her when i let you go if you leave if you don't come i'm going to kill her so i want to see how much you love your daughter you're going to be here you're going to pay me you're going to clean this joint you're going to do the right thing i'll give you this picture back the last thing i I want to do is hurt a child ino but it's your decision it's not mine don't come back she's dead you're you killed her no me no Look at me you did it so clean yourself go wash your hands wipe your face and leave and I let them go when I informed taro.
yous are gonna die today sammy the bull gravano
She had a grin from ear to ear which is so manly. no, he would never have listened, he would have had to carry that cross, but he would never have listened, no, absolutely not, but that's what I told him, so he had to think about it. aro thought it was a great decision my stories and my conversations with him got stronger and stronger and there are so many of them that he would take me to the backyard and soften me and the boy as i loved him as a father i think he loved me like a son i know and the stories to come there are so many stories this boy loved me and i felt it in that life he goes in usher there are many things that are not really fake you can feel things you can feel vibes you could feel love you can feel when a woman is pretending she really loves you the way she touches you and holds you and hugs you and the affection and this isn't about sex it's about love so i felt it with the title and and we got closer and closer and I have learned a lot about them.
You'll hear all those stories in the future, probably on my next podcast. We are working on that. I hope it comes out in the next few months. month and a half or whatever, we'll get to that another time, but let me g Going back to that story, the guys showed up and worked and did the right thing. In fact, I liked them. They weren't bad. They really weren't bad. They were thieves, so I see it as who you are. a priest you are also a thief you are a


y you do a lot of things why would you look down on this guy? he was decent and he just made a mistake and did his thing and so on when he used to help girls who were strippers give him a few bucks.
It was all about strippers and hookers and I don't look down on people if that's what she wants to do. It's your business. Who am I to put her down or put anyone down and that's life that's because an officer someone less fortunate than you wants to sit at home with a computer you ref. go ahead get up and look in the mirror mo when you insult people or whoever you are at times i will be told you would think you would be better than these people that in th the mafia came out me john gotti a light 100 different names michael frenchies a hundred different names what i could give you they are good they have a good heart but they could be violent token soldiers so can politicians when you want to hate hate people that's all you do is sit at home and hate on your little computer i don't even want to talk about it, but listen if you like this video please like it if you can and I would appreciate it because I would know that you guys have an interest please subscribe. and uh, I'll see that you take care bye friend

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