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Jan 14, 2022
You may have thought I got a new truck or something. This would be the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, so this is not my fourth generation, it's actually my father's fourth generation. we're not here to talk about this truck in really we're here to talk about stupid idiots what can i say on youtube we're just here to talk about trashy people people who people who have no limits people who don't give a shit people we're here to talk about people coming up while you're in the store and stealing your hubcaps because they're so desperate they're so desperate I don't know we're going to find out how desperate they are when we catch them huh but someone literally Came out here and fried the hubcaps on this truck.
you stole from the wrong person
There is a pry bar mark on this side, well they couldn't get this out. You could see where they tried. random stuff hasn't happened to me this probably because they're scared but my dad has had a decent amount of petty crap happen to him so he always said you know I want to catch someone someday I want to sit there and wait I want to wait I want put, you know, a bunch of valuables in the truck. or whatever and just sit back and wait until we know someone


these and they didn't come off because three out of four are gone and they don't come off, you know, like they stay when you go 100 miles an hour like they don't they just came out someone was desperate enough to steal hubcaps off a truck like 120 bucks on eBay they were so desperate for 120 bucks they were really willing to risk getting killed wait how do we put this? whoever took these hubcaps picked the


truck yeah i mean it's a little petty you know it was petty for them to steal the hubcaps off my dad's truck is it really that petty of us to wait there all day like 15 days in a row? behind tinted windows and seven different bait trucks sitting there with valuables in bed and just telling a hundred thousand people on youtube to get sick is that really petty no not at all we don't really have anything better what to do so we're going to sit in the parking lot and we're just going to wait and see what happens dad has also hit about 25 30 deer in his life i haven't hit any it's illegal in indiana to bait deer while you're hunting i see that you scoop out corn and wait for it to rise and then shoot it well it's also illegal to vandalize people's vehicles when you get hit and it's illegal to jaywalk today is the day we take action yeah here we are someone might be here , but with the naked eye it shows that there is actually no one here but we have there is a pair of boots over here you have a nice tool chest from milwaukee here huh yeti is sitting right at the door rear ta this guy looks like a steeler hurry up a steeler have fun in jail hurry up this is too good my wife used to work at this store and people ran away with power r tools every day they were allowed to just hang out with them because the employees can't do anything they can't beat him up so we're taking matters into our own hands here jason you haven't seen him in a while you didn't expect it jason has a broken leg so he has nothing better to do to sit here for 13 days and take care of this truck and so help me if one of you pulls the baseball bat if one of you puts that away we can't show you oh I can't wait to catch stuff I'll see you all in a couple of hours If I see someone, obviously, we'll wait until they actually get them out of the truck bed, do you want to hurry? and hit them someone jumps out wanting to play baseball we are coming fast hard here comes our first victim he sees you pull up oh he is parking next door okay this is our first victim here he is okay wait oh look at him he just hit the truck the little jimmy wants the yeti for free little jimmy won't get it for the yeti he's going to get a yeti for free I'm going to make a prediction.
you stole from the wrong person

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you stole from the wrong person...

I don't think anyone steals anything. No one will stop for the first three days, but that's why you're here. the brakes steal it just take it i'm tired of sitting here very they left it parked parked there after they circled the truck they'll think i should sit in the backseat oh oh oh they're leaving they're leaving record now recording they're leaving have a code blue steal something this guy bought a trailer to transport all the stuff we waited quite a long time no one really tried anything unfortunately i guess you have to be there like all week but i guess what counts is that i'm prepared for the day something happens here at home and i can't wait because i have a lot of fully loaded battery mags, not that i'm going to empty one of them, there's a fine line where you decide between lethal and non-lethal force i i don't know it just depends on the day i guess which side out of bed you wake up those are some stats you don't want to test so in the meantime maybe you'll avoid stealing from people and you'll live to see another or day we did it.
you stole from the wrong person
I can't use our baseball bat I don't even know where it is right now but I have a crowbar in there I have a rifle in there and I have two rifles in there so I can't wait for the day when somebody actually tries something and I m there it took a instagram showed a picture of him next to a community of r18 cars let me introduce myself by saying he asked what color for his bugatti and i said if you wrap your bugatti purple like everything else i'll gouge my eyes out with spoons and he blocked me so I said if you wrap it purple like everything else I'll spoon my eyes out and then Stradman said this isn't the first time he's attacked me for no reason I really apologize for any pain that caused your family i really wanted to apologize for saying i didn't like the color purple but anyway i thought it was funny how sensitive you are oh i posted a picture of the teletubby and i said look it's one of the purple Stratman cars it didn't seem answer him At street speed you know he was able to take it all but I guess not everyone in the car community is real huh tough real man don't take it


ally bro it's just a color and huh , being a man is just uh characteristic, so uh, the car is still intact, I couldn't find it. a reese hitch for this probably sounds more like he's attacking everyone but he's not he wouldn't do that and then someone also commented oh the stradman kids cars drive right now that's a lot of things they like . cars coffee and street speed do it too and i get it go get some scones and look bro its a color did you know millions of influencers are misinfluenced every year by people telling them no they like their purple color, i said? too bad that was a joe biden speech ok that's it man i'm doing cody that's me a fucking hornet's nest fell in here it's that big you can see it back here i dropped the battery ok excuse me he's looking at me ah they're still flying around it was like uh five days ago i think five days ago yeah we got the truck you know you can't drive a vehicle without license plates well the dmv is closed for months well , she had to book until november appointment i mean if you can't go there even though you know you can't you can't operate a vehicle the governor had lifted that van during i guess you mean when he stayed in the can turn that off yeah thanks during the chronovirus is your vehicle is that right yeah that's fine so during the coronavirus when they shut down the bmvs and stuff they opened them up again and there's no longer a grace period for the registered vehicles two one go 2.88 seconds two one go what was I'm going to take my two point eight three that was three one go go go three two one go go go no matter how you turn he's looking at the camera I guess Clayton the jerk was in the sand dunes he broke his cockatoos one jerk alone had a question what what is this what the heck is this dude this thing is how many miles are on this thing all of them 59,000. over there?
you stole from the wrong person
I didn't put it there's a fucking chainsaw coming through okay I've had this 32 years you

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