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You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown - Speech

Apr 18, 2023
- this is your last page of the campaign, so go out there and give it all you've got, mr. president teachers and fellow students this will be my last


before our election we got it cold



i want you to know i have enjoyed this campaign i need it was a pleasure meeting many of you so Thank you for your support. I had a little surprise for you, and as a change of pace instead of a pitch talk, I decided to say a few words about the Great Pumpkin. Halloween will soon be with us and I am Halloween night.
you re not elected charlie brown   speech
The Great Pumpkin rises from the pumpkin bed. and brings toy children. I only have choices, okay and say it, go ahead, say it. I know you mean it. I talked too much and I messed up the election, so go ahead and say it. look we still have a chance my personal hope now shows that you and russell are even at 5050 if you don't do some other stupid thing we could still take him out of the bag it's depressing to think there are students who don't believe in the big pumpkin
you re not elected charlie brown   speech

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you re not elected charlie brown speech...

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