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Feb 27, 2020
that was the worst door ever opened what is that what happened raining you almost hit me with a shovel i didn't drop a shovel yes it's raining outside watch out you fool looking over there looking at the sun down there just standing in the rain what is written yes okay it's muddy it's raining and it's filthy okay we're going real fast buddy okay okay he's a fan I'm a fan you ain't got a wingman where's your buddy? I don't know, okay, four tricks to warm up upstairs and then we won't do it miss we get excited on Wednesday yes yes I'm doing a mystery challenge ruin a parent-son challenge and I was going to do tricks you're going to do them you're going to repeat them in the fingerboard mallet Why some kind of smaller board?
you must skate all the skateboards warehouse wednesday
I do the tricks and then you have to do them on the fingerboard, okay, okay, and then your main challenge, you'll have ten minutes, sir, you'll do two trips that you've never done before us. one you can get a new t shirt yeah if you do too you'll get anything yo want in the shredded quarters you know like any phone hey if you don't have ten minutes to do it if you don't what's the penalty i don't know the shot hot from hot sauce all hot sauce shot good your cameras work super good the weight is so soaked I'm gonna go oh my gosh hey do you agree?
you must skate all the skateboards warehouse wednesday

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you must skate all the skateboards warehouse wednesday...

He agrees to hear that they cleaned all that up at the time, yeah it's gross outside, overall it was scary to film, you know such things. that bet i thought a sledgehammer was going to hit the door and it hit me threw oh ya got your helmet on your board its right there what are you swinging? Which Decker did you grab? do this right, what do you want? for your hot drinks do a jump run you can do it like a drop of acid from the box yeah you know and you reply leave the box won't you do it on something you don't have?
you must skate all the skateboards warehouse wednesday
I haven't done it yet ok yeah who outside the hubba ok i don't know if he's done this he's filmed a lot here he's done a lot of passive drops and tricks you've done this very well well I've done this yes your foot i don't do it right yeah i like i like my feet i think all the time landing on those studs ok that was good that was a proper acid um ok so i came up with this one just try it just try it a couple times if it will change it if you don't if you don't think you do run fast and get foot here and here oh my god it felt like four of those bigger feet.
you must skate all the skateboards warehouse wednesday
Wow, you can do that alright, maybe you're alright. I thought okay, what's your new idea? I'm a baby chick 2.0. It is falling. This is different. It's like oh oh oh oh. i like your creativity dude oh my god ok this really is like baby leaves for colons baby branch hack from us oh baby branch oh look what god from alex oh dude yeah , he's warming up Simon, no, he ain't got no tricks, you gotta do one more trick, man, sorry I forgot four tricks. Stay here try good this would be so amazing oh my god right Anthony I can't believe you tried that give me a real five this was so amazing I can't believe you tried make this like the best day ever


of a lifetime after your terrific warm-up.
I'm going to do tricks and you have to do one trick on a hand board, one trick on a fingerboard and one trick on a baby. Wow, I dropped it on the fingerboard as a baby. board first ok ok so i'm going to do a trick on this port and you have to do it in your hand guest i love your trick i don't normally do i'm going to do a three show the only time i do it is when brian gives it to me does in a


board game, oh yeah, i'm probably better on a hand board than my real skateboard.
On this trip, I really don't like to put your tail there, go there, go well. I know you don't do three pretty well good job mate Micro look at this what can you do with that now I'm going to do a three somersault how big is it in comparison normally what are you putting in it's so small it can do it it's small You imagine it's like: buddy for work ok so you know how to triple fill the normal fretboard ok that was a 1080 cup turn now now do it on that one that was Switch Ridin hey you gotta do it here Oh give it three push it push it I even know that was it.
I don't know, I do it so I do it in a move in the city. Choose your skateboard. Ten minutes to the right and you were finally going to land for real your ass Rock yeah your belly belly Rock I mean n he's better at exhaust where I appreciate so yeah fall back on his belly and get up there and Rob is great, I want to see this, so he got close to this, but it's like he hit his wheels here, he has to get over it. here's alright so Brian you and me be the judge when you walk in he'll start the timer ten minutes ok try again try again that close they say it would be easier to get it right hit the wood super good dude that was awesome , you want to thank Alex for speeding up but ok ok now so we have a shirt you have a shirt we have youth jerseys now yeah so you're good at it you know but if you're going we're going to jump to the three on his board take a jump before he spends this on you okay are you ready grab your board?
I guess Alex can come along, what's the time, buddy? 41 seconds left, did you hit them? when we were like reloading it baby so he's alright you're going for all four so he remembers only your feet right? here and you're fine ok pull the knee high five ok ok ok and point to the pool ok right now don't get too confident ok you have to respect the trick my son woke up it wasn't like I was going to be four times crazier than i've never been if you're alright he's a he's a hit it's a shock oh my god this is what it really feels like to taste a gap oh you've got this oh oh my god so close buddy yeah 5:17 I can't believe that you won the zone challenge you got it mate alright double ass you get a splinter oh my god you were just a fucking dude right? do it, I'm fine, you didn't, are you tapping?
Hey, you did so much better than buddy. sauce you made the minimum amount and that's really good. I'm going back for 5-0. Okay buddy next time you get out of school you can come over and try to do it again okay you think you'll be able to walk fine tomorrow but we've got a little guy making fun of a hurt feeling at least it was a two levels like you did with the first trick, so Brian, where's surprise number three different? shirts that would fit you mate we're having earthquake tea pizza skull tea or oh oh oh geez red life preserver right now what do you want?
You can never have this, do I have you now? there you go buddy hmm hey girl bus hey and we'll have you back by rose


this is a handshake so thanks guys for looking i'm so proud of you you like it you stepped on you pushed up you took the bar and pulled you lifted it on the air dude you really got it up and it's okay you didn't win outright okay we use our losses to get back up and try again and improve ourselves okay guys you wanna see more videos I do we do all this . time on the subscribe button i usually make videos once a week with it because i have a blast doi do it and this week you got a bonus.
Here you are in the skate video. I love you friend. Oh my God. My nose. Try kissing you on the forehead. skate shop right here shred quarters chill yeah that's it if you have a local shop please support it ok they can always carry our gear but you have a local scene following if not you know what with Straight Quarters, calm is here for you. Let's go. home yeah today subscribe bye that's bye girlfriend boy don't say die if they bored i know i said subscribe bye bye oh my god

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