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YOU MUST DO 25 TRICKS DOWN THE STAIRS! / Warehouse Wednesday!

Feb 27, 2020
well, why do you turn around? Brad, oh my gosh, you look, you're the scariest thing I've ever seen in a


in my life. Wednesday, no please be the character of the intro. you look so down actually it's not bad it's freezing outside it's hot Aloha stepping in the mud Carlos is right there he goes what is this that's Brian it's okay it's with Brian's face I almost touched Brian's face with my chest hair from Dan but I still won't play it's because it's so gross to look the wrong way to look this way so why do you want Carlos to warm up today Brian I don't know I have a mystery dare for you huh no just dare I have no idea, you don't know, no, I don't know who you talked about. i know how many 25


or something yeah down 125 pulls down the 5 i n 10 minutes if you don't you get super grounded on us what you do what should I do I don't know touch touch the dummies beers , okay, I won't. we put in the blender and we mix it you have to drink that stinks good well that's your punishment this is going to be very good because you are very talented my try to be i thought you are going to be like yes i know am yes then you are not wrong it is okay are you okay okay bill come on go that way this intro is probably the best spoken intro of all time because of the video it's like we're shooting this four weeks from now go ahead yeah it'll probably be like summer they'll probably be like snow all over the ground it's still great that board how does it ride?
you must do 25 tricks down the stairs warehouse wednesday
Hello, welcome to have a normal head, thank you, it's good to be here, okay, there is this shelf, a thief, five


, brother, it looks good. hot go warm up don't kill him go kit won't five trick s for taco we should get that series back and we'll still have a Metro intro and all his trick is good though you know he's good I know he's put it to work It wasn't a warm up, it didn't land it, it's like a back to back smith if it was a five oh it was yes it was yes it was going so slow how did your dirt end up here how did that come about i don't know you like to drink toothpaste right i could have done it for more time could do him I'd like to throw myself into all of those it's a real good job ok now get some mystery challenges you got one got a blindfold and get that dummy down from the rafters what to get him down yeah someone requested for them someone covered them we got there more like first rhinos and you know you probably have to take that down for us you probably shouldn't take it down so Carlos told you oh yeah yeah that's a good idea by the way blindfolded s and then through Brian Brian is ready with an electric skateboard and Alex has the controller today he is doing how you feeling? about that it's actually super fun ok turn it down turn it down yeah turn it down now we can stop noticing i understand this is like those internet videos where you get beat up that was actually really good i meant to hit you right here buddy yeah sorry ok we'll get you something else we'll get you something else you got stuff yeah that's it we got to do more stuff blindfolded you know what might be a better strategy? just hitting the pipe, maybe not, this thing is really up there, it really is that thing that should fall down.
you must do 25 tricks down the stairs warehouse wednesday

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you must do 25 tricks down the stairs warehouse wednesday...

I legitimately didn't want to hear that. I think that has ever been done in a session. I don't know if I can do it, yeah, well, if you can, you're going to eat something terrible, okay? You just want to skip it and eat the cocktail from the fridge, which doesn't count. there's like all these alleys don't count don't count nollie and f akie do this count moly fakie ollie switch ollie count don't roll down it wasn't firecracker count firecracker no he's gotta do it you can't you can't do the trick you can't give him a trick you do it I have you got it like I have to do the tricks what's the last thing you said to Santa Claus you don't tell me what to do 16 extra seconds he's Carlos we should give him like three minutes follow your time man do you have your wire microwave?
you must do 25 tricks down the stairs warehouse wednesday
He has made one of what was written there. important things. one is ok 25 tricks three that's my favorite number three or something wrong we do we did it without messing them up that would be crazy will you give them some extra for gentlemen gum sure won't do them anyway - alright 20 wow that was really well it was like in my face that was like here yeah like i could reach t and touch it could you just dial a phone number well done six seven tricks now eighteen plus dog ok how many girls have you fought thirty five is nollie bolts set no and ollie are faking faking faking is really big i did a a really big snippet and the best hack goes bad long or hash marks technically cooks there but i'll give it to you if you want to even do it again okay, he said technically nine but I'll give it to him I like that I like that starboard yeah sixteen more yeah that's it and that's a respectable trick isn't it edited out?
you must do 25 tricks down the stairs warehouse wednesday
He put this there again. I'm starting to get confused. what this is this is like 20 with so many this is like people ain't cool 15 and 10 yeah he's just an assistant that was great i think i think i've seen him land 90% of the stray people who ever have tested and Christian had the most consistent three pitches now Christian Christian has been in the nude before you're right 1111 yeah well you're interested to see where this goes he didn't 704 well done oh I got you here 12 is 12 yeah he's getting it, they're dumping it, they dumped it right there. you never know what i'm going to do to you it's like the featured magazines where the message is hidden in the picture oh you're getting hard man you almost prema out there that was really good very good hey nick flip this board , it's getting down there. but it's more than half way there I guess you're not wrong 15 10 more Carlos I ran out of tricks first try late flip that was crazy carlos god that was good 16:36 3:16 but now carnage is not the one from 18 Okay, he picked it up and blew it up.
You know, it's great that Abraham Lincoln became president. He did not do it. Okay, so what did he do? Brian did something scary that was direct. underground he reached the wall made him land oh he's getting bodied he's all bodied buddy you


be getting tired. I've been tired for five minutes. I think you said like five days. dude, that was your knee, ok, ok, that was a bad fall, yes, Carlos, bang, he's going to have pain on the plane ride back, sure you're leaving today, tomorrow, tomorrow, it was beautiful, so i'll be so tough, nollie, half a cab, flip, where is it?
I can't find it where it is it's over it's not a trick it's right here it's amazing how many times it's put that left step that's amazing it sucks when I erase everything even though that was like that was a point three plus there's nothing what was a picture of an airwalk was an airwalk yeah will you get the ten down alright? It looks like it says 33 but no it's this 23 23 two more - Moss TWO 42 seconds one plus forty seconds back 180 is below I love it 14 seconds nine eight come on you did Kobe plus one no overa Everything was great we're going to give it to him just he's laying here, you did good, you did good, thank you, you already have a body, don't you Philly? one see i have no idea how this hasn't happened because he's been here before we embarrassed ourselves in the past and also made you accidentally break your head with jin jordan hunter that was a brutal shoot yeah that was the way What are you?
I'll follow him on social networks. Look at his face, it's a great face, but he's one of the mutant skaters in the world, as if it doesn't make sense how good he is, go see everything he's doing there, I'll put it well in the information and then , if you need skate gear he rides skateboards for three bucks he's a pro he takes it all together than they name on board yes you can get it at the strikers. and they can always carry or your gear but if not we got you boom over an arc we start to get this guy back eventually it will happen we were like so many weeks ahead of us here so yeah this is what happened in the last and for the final zoom, we did that, oh we have a bonus clip.

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