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YESSS, A Race Weekend to Remember | Nico Rosberg

Jun 10, 2021
and everyone likes to crash into each other and stuff, so this is going to be a crazy start, big hit, welcome to cinegel, welcome to the second extreme electronic


. We have the extreme boat here in the port of Senegal so it will be really very exciting it's


day here on Sunday in Senegal we came second in qualifying as you know hamilton first


second up third button fourth um so today anything can happen thing, let's see how it goes trying to pass us and of course we have the best chance of winning again too, so let's cross our fingers, cross our fingers and, yes, now I'm going to go to the engineering meetings very, very early In the day, as always, I slept very little in the engineering meeting to maximize performance because yesterday, in reality, the performance was not that good. day for us so we still made the most of it and our second in qualifying so it's really good she's trying to find a bit more performance today it's quite intense it's really very intense because it feels like it's at the start of the race and I'm in full formula one race position, so not as much, but still pretty intense.
yesss a race weekend to remember nico rosberg
Molly drives yeon is there so mola will drive, you will see it from the command center, everyone side by side. like the pitch, one left one and then they come here from that direction to this ridge area and in the change that will be the change, you have 40 seconds or 40 seconds of minimum time for them to make the change and then jon is I'm going to go for this for the second round and then there's the end and then hopefully we're on p1 let's see so it's pretty fun uh Sebastian Love is starting in the middle and starting extra on the outside so Sebastian said extreme .
yesss a race weekend to remember nico rosberg

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yesss a race weekend to remember nico rosberg...

He says he brings your snorkel gear because if you're next to me you'll go into the ocean, so maybe he extra took his fins, his goggles and a snorkel in the car this morning, so he was pretty chill. It's funny because all these guys are really angry, as you know, and they all like to crash into each other and stuff, so this is going to be a crazy start waiting for the green light now that there are 14 world championships on this grid, a lot of wheels have been on. on the inside so it will turn from the three extra cars on the outside got off to a good start loosely rick johnson ducks over a little notch super tight on that flag chris johnson is too far away look where he was going to try to take chris johnson's live the rhythm from the beat jar closes the gap with low looks towards the inside line trying the same movie becoming Saudi he almost did it again now he has the inside line for the left-hander chris johnson closes the door and he and goes to p2 these are the First drivers making their lap, they're going to have to make big shots, okay, so the changeover time is now up to 45 seconds, I can't waste a second.
yesss a race weekend to remember nico rosberg
Christophson runs away what happened come on keep going oh this is a klein schmidt for some reason molly taylor managed to escape just a couple cars ahead now this is where it's going to be about the pressure can you hold the pressure? Can you handle the pressure at the front? You're going to make a mistake and look how close they are on this, look this is a fantastic race, fantastic technique and once again it's another win for Rosberg's car. it's molly taylor who crosses the line, congratulations on booking your place in the final and making history once again for christopherson and Taylor, we've had so many that there was a lot of smell of rubber in the car, right, yes, like very thick smoke in the car, yes, a lot, but you actually touch the protection, yes, rubber against rubber most of the time, yes, and then against this door. a little sometimes let's go through shifts again another guy is a damn he's a warrior and Molly is such a perfect job yeah she did such a perfect job this is not what she's used to it's never no no no he's never had a huge car in the rear view mirrors what an epic driver, epic, just incredible because we are really struggling with straight line speed at the time we lost at the start, but then Johan took him into turn one which we didn't It was very nice and then Molly came by. the pit lane, so I think I think there's an epic race there, but everything is still up for grabs, uh, because at the last moment, before four cars, so just get the job done, there are definitely a lot of signs of compromise, Although we are also real with love, there are incredible things now.
yesss a race weekend to remember nico rosberg
We've really been working our butts off, we even shortened the lunch break because we're really slow on the straight, so we went over everything, um, with Bernardo and looked at the data thinking outside the box, like what it could be and we're done. finding something, so, you never know, of course, if it's all of it, it's part of it or what, but we ended up finding something and actually two things, um, so let's cross our fingers because that would really make a great big It makes a difference if we are fast on the streets and it's just because everything is new, you know the car is brand new so there are so many things you have to pay attention to and of course being electric there are so many little software things and all.
These things happen, um, you really need to understand everything and the suspension, I mean there's so many things, the ride height up and down is like all over the place, so it's been pretty intense and let's see if we did enough. So that Molly and Johan can have a great race, I'm really excited for the race, hopefully, so here's Johan, here's Johan, he's almost asleep before the start. I was a little worried that maybe you wouldn't realize that the race is so I just clarified that I'm going to go to the control room now here we go themselves in their starting position, so that's key to this and look, there is contact between the two, it is going to be a um for one of them, you can see them many gts coming from the west have lost a lot of pace, it is the jbxd team that is in front and hyperdrive is being used, but look at that on the outside you've got Molly Taylor in the Rosberg car, she's doing a brilliant job. work of trying to get to the front and here we go Gutiérrez simply using his hyperdrive also which of them will manage to get there this is a fascinating challenge behind them veloce has managed to make room and surpassed the gender battle, oh, they have gone wrong and no They've taken the line they wanted to force, this is a really good battle between the two of them because they don't have to take the line they wanted, you can see our mess there. he fought against Hamilton's car, was pushed too far, lost a lot of time and Molly Taylor took the lead.
I'm Sarah pushing hard. Look flies over the ridge. Now it looks like Taylor is being able to extend her lead by the time she goes down. Look down. the wet sand the flat sand trying to close the gap but he is very close behind they are going to brake as late as they dare and we have a red flag. I would like you to put your second driver in the car and then we will proceed to the start area and do a standing start restart and they are digging in the sand, a heavy start, but it looks like Christopherson could do better, he will turn around, has the inside line, it's Christopherson with the lead as they run down this long stretch, the stretch of the beach, the Atlantic to their left, a black rose to their right, who will do it.
You can see a little jumper slowly slowing down as they take the right turn, move the car. Absolutely brilliant performance again, I pretty much bought it all


, two in a row. Wow, I don't think they're very happy with the swimming session. 15 security guards at this time win the second team. Everyone is an epic start and teamwork, yes. 22, team one, master. I've used World Rally Crosstalk yeah, I was a little worried because you got a good one, really good, yeah, yeah, and then when I took off I was like oh no, okay, okay, yeah, yeah, because I tried to avoid your footprints, Yes Yes.
Yeah, I saw you, you turned left, that was cool, yeah, it's just perfectly executed. Hi guys. It's the day after the race victory. We had a very pleasant afternoon yesterday. We will follow them today. We are going to visit the school as part of our purpose-driven projects where we are going to donate solar lamps, so we are here at the primary school in Senegal, just down the street from Black Rose, and our visit today is to donate solar energy. -light panels that help children read at night when they don't have electricity. We're working with Littleton, which is a nonprofit that's working to develop these technologies that basically harness the power of the sun for lamps and then the lamps run through the night to help children read and therefore , educate them more as well and know their education better.
It's great to see our impact here on the ground with the purpose driven campaign with Rosberg racing and as you know with rxr it's always purpose driven campaign first um and I collaborated a lot with the prince foundation of the second foundation of Monaco , so we will review one of their initiatives here and learn more about it, so we did a quick meeting here where they explained everything to me. and it's really quite simple, I mean, the EU is supplying satellite technology and the EU is providing them with information where these satellites analyze the biomass throughout the territory of Senegal.
They have like 50 local points around Senegal, so they combine the satellite information with what the locals report in those 50 announcements and then with that they create a kind of predictive situation for the country for the next six months, they broadcast it all over the country through different radio stations and then, of course, by word of mouth to reach all the nomads. uh ranchers and this helps guide them on their journeys in their quest to find land that is full of grass and of course food for the animals and they have had a great impact and this is uh this is very powerful action below in the link so check out the website too so you can get more information and of course if you want you can also donate a little money.
Just sum up the trip here with a bang and then recharge your batteries for greenland

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