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YARD SALE THRIFTING: Ebay and Poshmark Reselling Vlog + HAUL!

Jun 12, 2024
Hello everyone, welcome back to my YouTube channel. Thank you for being here with me today. I am a part time reseller and in today's video I will be a garage


sman to see if I can find some clothing items and possibly hard goods and electronics. to resell on Poshmark eBay merari and deop I'm about to pick up my sister right now and we're heading to a Shell garage near where I live that starts at 7:am. m. I came across this garage


yesterday afternoon when I was on Facebook Marketplace and searching for garage sales near me and then that one came up and there were a ton of clothing items in the photos so I thought it might be one of the first on getting there so you can get all the best finds, if there are any you can find.
yard sale thrifting ebay and poshmark reselling vlog haul
I've wanted to go garage selling for the last few weekends, but every time the morning comes I just say no, I don't want to leave the house, I wish you luck. I think I'm going to find some great finds. I keep the mindset that I will do it. I hope so. We have the sister. How are you this morning? Well, look, pretty good, so we get to the first garage sale. Me, of course. I headed straight to the clothing section and looked at each piece of clothing. When we got there, I realized that this was a multi-family garage sale, not just a single-family garage sale, so there were a lot more clothes than a single family would have.
yard sale thrifting ebay and poshmark reselling vlog haul

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yard sale thrifting ebay and poshmark reselling vlog haul...

There were no shoes. In the end I found a pair, but all these shoes on this table and in a box I also looked at had nothing. They were nice sandals, but no brands. Nothing that could be resold well. At first I was discouraged because I looked at so many clothes in this garage and I think it's just because the person who organized the garage sale at his house didn't have many nice clothes, but luckily the other people who came to add their clothes to the garage sale , the neighbors. they had good parts so I was able to find good parts later.
yard sale thrifting ebay and poshmark reselling vlog haul
I'm going to check this big bag. I've started going through it a bit, but I don't want to leave anything on the grass. I have this whole table. I already looked there, there's my little box there, look, oh, that's pretty, I don't know, there's a nice color away, although look, oh, it's a girl's size, it's a dress for six to eight years, isn't it so pretty? down there that looks fun oh they're cookie cutters with letters look at this oh they're like Play-Doh we have a turkey we have a Chaste bridge that's cool Belle I like this I don't really have cookie cutters on mine even though I don't have a good fist 32 heat no this is kinda cool let's see sinking haror says six that's pretty pretty whimsical gothic kinda okay so we just ended up at the first garage sale and found some really awesome stuff but unfortunately they don't accept Venmo so I'm going Going to the bank with my sister right now.
yard sale thrifting ebay and poshmark reselling vlog haul
Let's go get some cash. I literally have a box full of stuff, so it's very exciting. We have just come back. but it's pouring rain, actually there's little rain now but it's been raining and we went to the bank. We have $100 in cash, although I don't think I'll need that much. I wanted to go to another


or garage sale. sale after this one, but I don't think anyone doing a garage sale is going to close because of this rain, they put out a lot of stuff from the Pavilion. I'm going to give you the loot now because I have some cool stuff and I'm going to try to list a lot of that stuff today so I'm going to give you the loot today too, let's get into this loot.
I definitely just have bread and butter pieces. nothing extravagant and there are a few things that are here that I just added because she gave me a huge package for $25 so maybe I'll just donate them in red. Although I don't know, this first thing is from the sweet salt brand and I know that this brand is a modest dress brand company. I think they might sell shirts and skirts too, but this dress is a size 18 to 20, a very large size, it's this beautiful flowy green dress with a cape, whimsical boho floral. I love it and I'm thinking $25 for this, but I'd even take 20.
I think they're new, they sell for about $60 to $80, great find here. I'm pulling as we go, so this is definitely not in order. I'm from North Face and was very excited to purchase this. The first garage sale I attended was a multi-family garage sale, so some people had nice clothes and then others just had average clothes and it showed around the area. of clothes, you know if you were going to find more good clothes in the same area or not, so this is from The North Face, it's a pair of gray joggers, kind of utility joggers, EXT extra large for women, just a great pair of women's joggers from The North Face.
I've sold a pair of Northface women's sweatpants before that were new with tags but I've never sold used ones before and I know the value of North Face has gone down so we'll see how it goes but for less than a dollar on that package I was glad I picked it up, well let's see what we have next, oh I know what this is. This is an Orvis top and is an Orvis size large. I'm pretty sure it's a women's top. Don't know. I even know if you guys can never read the labels, it's just this basic Orvis shirt, maybe they sell it for $15 to $20, just a nice blue shirt it's a size bigger too.
Next, this was actually the first item of clothing I put in my pack. I guess you could say it's a Banana Republic Navy 100% Wool Gray Long Sleeve Ribbed Shirt. I recently sold a gray 100% Marino wool sweater cardigan that was from Banana Republic so I hope it sells fast too, it's just a It's kind of a quality basic, I'm really happy to have discovered that this is from the brand CJ Banks. I decided to buy it because it is a size 2X and it is a type of denim jacket, it is tan cream with black polka dots.
I mean, how fun is that. how cute and feminine and for such a cheap price I couldn't pass it up so the next thing is so cute I don't even know how much I'm going to get for it but it's a size 18 so it's bigger. size is size large is this beautiful long maxi skirt and it's 100% linen it's from the Old Navy brand and how beautiful I mean absolutely stunning is this skirt and it's 100% linen perfect for summer maybe $20 for this one super excited I discovered which below we will see that this is another extra-large size Orvis piece.
The good thing about this first garage sale is that most of the clothes were in larger sizes. a nice basic purple long sleeve shirt $15 $20 for next we have a pair of democracy jeans i love me some democracy jeans when i can get them super cheap this is a pair from ab technology of course size 14 and I think this one had a stain or was it the other one, yes, there is only a small stain. I really think I can pull it off, although the good thing about these is their cargo style, which is on trend, their gray cargo pants, I'm very excited to get them. listing probably between 20 and $25 for those, this is another option based on another style, it is a kind of dress with a cardigan attached in plus size, the brand is connected to the clothing, the size is 20 and it is just this purple cardigan really pretty with the attached dress.
I just thought some women would love this little outfit, probably $25 to $30 for that one, so I was going to look at the next shirt and then when I was going through my stuff and going to pay, I forgot to look at this. brand the brand is Coco Bianco I honestly don't think it's anything and I didn't I wasn't going to buy it right so I pulled it out but then she said how about $25 and you can also include all that stuff you pulled out so I decided to throw it in there because It was essentially free, so size extra large.
This is a very nice shirt. Maybe you'll sell it for $15. I don't know the Coco Bianco brand. I guess it's Maybe nothing like a JC Penny brand, but I got it for free, so any money I make is profit. Next up is an oversized Under Armor t-shirt and it has the University of Utah embroidered on the back as well and it's um Under Armour. So, here's a nice sports family t-shirt. I think you'd like probably for around $20 next we have this one that's also the Sweet Salt brand. It was right next to each other. It's a size 18 and it's just like the other one except it's gray and white, it's bohemian and flowy, there's a level and it's also modest, like I said this sweet salt brand specializes in modest clothing so it dresses really pretty there and it's amazing that it's plus size, there were some Ralph Lauren shirts. which I'm not really shopping at thrift stores, but if I can get it for you, really, really cheap, I will.
This is an oversized men's shirt from Ralph Lauren, it is very colorful. Something perfect for the season we are in. has the little yellow Polo, but I also have another one exactly the same, this one is just orange the same size and it's short sleeved and then I think there was. I remember correctly, yes, we have a Polo Ralph Lin in the same plus size. big, nice, blue, short sleeve button down and then one more thing about Ralph Lauren is it's a large size Polo Ralph Lauren, just kind of a shirt $15 probably not sure it's a really nice basic shirt.
I'm not sure now if I'm going to mix it up with the stuff I got from the second or third trip. I went to one more garage sale after dropping my sister off. I was almost home when I saw this garage sale sign and I think they had been going from 7:00 to 11:00 and the time they had their garage, I think it was 7 to 11:00 and it was only 10 :00, so I went and they were basically packing everything up, but I asked the woman if I could take a look at the clothes. I found some good pieces, so there are some things here at the bottom that will be mixed in with those things.
The second garage we went to, which was actually an additional sale, I think those clothes are in that bag so they're separate, but these clothes I'm looking at now are from the first garage sale and then the third sale garage that I went to without my sister, which was very improvised and spontaneous. This is a size 2 times larger. well, lots of great 2x Plus sizes based on style, very very beautiful black button down cardigan and this white flower stitching, how pretty it is, I would wear this if it was my size. I love it, a nice little button up cardigan, next.
There are a lot of clothes, this is a really big loot. I didn't expect to find so many things when I was garage selling but this is from the Vine


Vines brand I never found this brand before but I have heard of it. I even know, let's see, this is going to be, yeah, this is a size eight women's shirt, just a nice button-down shirt. I think it's cute, so we'll see how much that one is worth next time we get it. I saw this look at the table the title and the logo and I thought to myself that's Title 9.
I was thinking, you know, oh, maybe it's a part of the nine because you know their logos are very similar, but I say that no, that's Title Nine. I confirmed it and it's just this really cute women's sweater it's pink and purple and it has these zippered elbow patches. I think I can make a good profit on this. I think this was my best score at that first garage sale. The pile is a pile. That's how Grande, okay, here's the other pair of Democracy jeans, also a size 14. These are also a cargo style and I'm happy I got them.
Someone who's 14 and wants Democracy jeans could probably buy both in my Poshmark Closet or my eBay store this was from the third garage sale this is duth brand and Tu duth Trading Company is this hard crew from Alaska, yes, from Alaska , I don't know why I said that so strange, yes, but it's tough Alaska equipment, tight size. Large and very nice checkered shirt for men, with buttons. I know there I saw there was some peeling, yeah, just a little bit of pilling, which I need to get rid of Duth Trading Co. This was 50, actually I think all of their clothes were 0 50 and I.
I ended up with two of the pieces of clothing. I only paid a full dollar for them which doesn't really make sense because 2.50 is a dollar so I paid a dollar too much anyway, it was two separate transactions because I thought I was done and then she brought it. I pulled out the men's stuff and I thought to myself there are men's things that are cool so I had to go through them real quick and that's where I found that shirt, this is a pair from Judy Blue, I found this in the third garage and it was really excited to find These are size N Slim Fit, there is a little Min distressing and it's not a raw hem but distressing on the hem part, just a nice pair of Judy Blue Jeans, this was in the same pile of men that the lady brought out.
In the end, this is from the Marmet marmo brand. I don't know much about this brand, but I did a quick little Google search and they spell a lot of new things, so I took that as a good sign, it definitely needs some shaving. There's a lot of pilling action and honestly, I hate shaving sweaters because, oh, my clothes fall off, but honestly, I hate shaving sweaters because it takes a long time and it's a very tedious task, so I'm really trying to avoid get things that need shaving. but that was so good and a good piece for men. 50 cents I just had to get it oh yeah this was a piece for me.
I love thecolor, it's from the brand's wish list, it looks like a Chinese brand, just a very nice green snap button sweater, not cool for this time. year it actually rained today so I guess it's perfect for this week we're in, but I really like that it really was my style so I bought it. In fact, I bought them from my sister. They are the size of loose mom jeans. The brand is denim. I've actually researched this brand before and they don't sell much new and they don't resell well, but this is such a cute pair of jeans and I'm giving them to my sister for her birthday, so I'll tell her that No. to watch any of my YouTube videos I don't want to ruin this award I guess I bought something else for myself this is a size medium just from H&M another sweater I thought it was so cute we'll wait to wear it when winter hits again which it always does a lot sooner than you'd expect so this one I was really talking back and forth about the brand is Lulu and it's the oldest label, Lulu and Lulu just been sitting for me the long formal maxi dress.
The dresses have been waiting for me and this one is a small size but I thought I even sold it for $15 it was 50 or I guess like a dollar how cute is this though it's really pretty kind of reddish neon kind of reddish orange shift. The dress, so I bought it and we'll see, I thought I could add it to my closet was very cheap. The last thing I bought in that bag was this. This was from the third shell of the garage. The last clothes were from the third garage. garage sale that I went to impromptu.
This is Disney brand and I haven't actually been selling Disney, but I couldn't pass it up when I saw it because how cute is it. I looked at it very carefully because it is white and white always seems to stain, but I looked at it very carefully and yes, it looks like it is in excellent condition. How cute is it that it's a kind of short sweater with rainbow colors. I could even list them and put lgbtq Pride because pride month it is. in June, so if you have any rainbow colors or something, definitely put it in your titles and descriptions this month coming up because people will be looking for Pride clothes to wear, so it's very smart, there will be a whole month in the one that people I'm going to want to wear the colors of the rainbow, so that's something I'm trying to keep in mind and something to think about for you guys, this is from the brand Guys, still choose Guys, why do I do I do this sometimes? but I feel like it sells fast even though it doesn't sell for a ton.
This is a size three and I think it is extra large. It definitely needs a little shaving, but it's this cute orange sweater, so just a basic little piece. So there is a small stain that I will have to remove. This is from the Colombia brand and if it were a shirt or jacket I probably would have left it on, but they are a pair of pants and they have sun protection. I feel like these would be perfect for a guy who hikes, I'd probably list them between $15 and $25. I thought they would sell well because it's fishing, camping, and hiking season, and this really reminded me of what's selling and what that is in demand right now. true, the latest or not, I guess it's not the latest, the last piece of clothing is from the Coleman Outdoors brand.
Now I know Coleman sells expensive camping gear, this is a size extra large and there were some places like it here, but I think it can be washed easily. I didn't look for comps, but this was part of that $25 package and I think I can get a good decent amount for this as there is some wear, some like scratches and stuff, but overall it's great. I condition a nice, heavy jacket, perfect for camping. I think it's a really nice piece. I bought two pairs of shoes in this one. The third garage sale I attended. This is a pair.
A good pair. They are basically in new condition. They were probably $4 for the most expensive pair of clothes I bought or the most expensive item of clothing I bought today, but they're like $90 new $4 for these things and they're basically new. I think they are men's based on the size, I think. which are men's but yeah they're just a pair of fuzzy slippers how funny is that and then I couldn't believe it because I saw the ug logo that was on the bottom of a box and I pulled out these shoes and I was examining them and there it is where there's something like a whip pulling on whatever material it is and you know you can tell they've been worn, but there's not much drag on the heel and there's not much. wear on the tread and although the leather is falling apart, they are waterproof Ugg boots and I asked her how much they cost and she said 50 and I said sold, I'll take them 50 cents for a pair of Ugg boots that still have their tread and they don't have wear on the heel and are made of leather and waterproof.
I will definitely take them. This was such an exciting find, so glad we ended up going to that third sale. Back to the first sale, we have these. These are Ultra Vibram tennis shoes now. these looked really modest, but they have a wide foot. I noticed that they immediately maintain a wide foot as you get closer to the toes and I don't think many tennis shoes do that so it must be something highly desired because it's definitely better on your foot, there's some wear and tear right here , but there is still grip on the fingers and it's called Mega Grip and I think I can get a decent amount for these, they're just a little dirty, they just need a little. a little bit of cleaning that was also in the $25 package, um let me see, okay, I got this quickly at the end of that first garage sale, I guess it's some kind of travel bag and this thing is new too , I can't.
I think he dropped it at $25, but it's pristine, it's literally clean and I think this new thing sells for a lot, you can wear it over your shoulder, it's so cute, you know, for a girls' trip. I was like, how are they selling this? and how did they get it first, so cheap in this package, just a fantastic little bag? My sister says oh it's Gucci and I was like haha ​​it's not Gucci it's just a guess but I'll guess if I can find it for a cheap enough price and in that degree of condition a bag is amazing now let's move on to the second sale I went to, which was the property sale.
I got this now, obviously this isn't a piece of clothing, it's this hospitality snack set and since it was an estate sale I assumed. This was old and there were a few other types of glass sets like this, so I quickly did a search on eBay and the selling rate wasn't surprising, but my search was very general and the ones that seemed to be selling were this color. this set and let me show you the inside, it's cool, okay, we have it, I don't know if you can see it, but we have this really nice glass plate and I think there's more underneath and then these really nice ones. glass tea cups so I paid $5 for this and they sell for $30 on eBay so we'll see but I really like to try the hard stuff although they are heavy so whoever buys them will have to pay a bit. little for shipping, okay, so these are the clothes that I got from the second sale, which was the estate sale.
Sorry I've been very repetitive, but I just want to be clear and clarifying, so yes, this will be the last batch of things that came. from that estate sale this is a Mickey Mouse set now it was only $2 that's why I bought it but it's so cute look how fun it is and if it was a short sleeved pajama set I wouldn't have it bought but since it was long sleeve I think I can sell it for $5 to $20 how cute it is super soft too super soft perfect for a Disney vacation to continue that Disney spirit even when you leave the parks this is another option based In style this is from the brand and Taylor, so you know, a Taylor is an expensive brand, but it doesn't resell well.
I thought this skirt was so cute, how feminine it has these kind of striated details and she is Rosy pretty. I just thought it was so stylish, size 10 so a size medium but I only paid a dollar for it we'll see how it goes and now I have a ton of inventory for a while and I don't have to go shopping which is a good thing and bad because I love shopping, but at the same time I have to make time for it and you know, I bring my daughters and sometimes it takes me hours in the day and then I'm done.
I'm really hungry so this is another option based on style. This whole set was $2, the brand is t- Milano not sure if it's a vintage brand, it's a size 10 and I thought it was super cute, it doesn't have shoulder pads so maybe it's not vintage but it is a suit set As a skirt, it has this really cute short sleeve with buttons. Blazer blouse and then there is this pretty black skirt that matches how pretty it is, perfect for a classy business woman. Okay the property sale didn't have any branding material so basically this is all based on style but this is Chicos brand oh I guess Chicos isn't a brand but I noticed it because of the brand more that for the style, this is a size for a purple sweater, the sleeves are really great, they are kind of wide and look like sleeves, it seems like there are needs. to peel a little or shave a sweater, how cute is that, although I thought it was a very nice basic piece, probably $15 to $20 for that and we have another thing from Orvis.
I don't even know much about the Orvis brand. but I thought for a dollar we would try it in the large Orvis size and the reason I decided to buy this one is because it's the 4th of July color so I can put it in my listing and it's red, white and blue. it's got a few different shades of blue, a great base layer for you know, 4th of July night, that's what I'm thinking, you know, watching fireworks, let's see, oh yeah, I also remember looking at the stuff and thinking , okay, that's nice. it's 51% modal, 45% cotton and 4% spandex and then the last of all these things is a pair of torid jeans, yeah i won't be buying torid at regular thrift stores, i just won't because it doesn't sell for a ton it's very oversaturated but I will buy torid jeans and maybe possibly a dress but I will only buy mostly jeans from Goodwill Outlet or if I buy them from a stale garage like this pair this is a pair of size 20 Torrid so a great size large , ultra thin and I'm pretty sure they're capris so the raw hem is perfect.
I thought they were very cute and 5 to $25 for these very rare ones. I just cut. I'll cut those looks like the threads won't come undone. I realized that with jeans I have to do a lot of things, you know, just cutting out little threads that hang here and there, but that's the last thing that's all. I think I went through everything. I hope you enjoyed this huge one. I had a lot of fun finding all these things. I left very early, which is a first for me, but I had a lot of fun hanging out with my sister.
Thank you very much for watching this video. I'll see you in the next video.

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