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Xavier Naidoo 16.04.2020 exklusiv Interview Janich Stream Ton korrigiert neues Album / Sonja Zietlo

May 28, 2020
yes hello dear friends i have



as a guest say hello to yourself how are you too? yeah especially after yesterday's action we want to discuss we beat bill gates on the flight did you notice yeah great I'm so excited impressed and that you just informed people with the facts in such a way that then they took down their mail again amazing i really congratulate the people who haven't noticed yet so yesterday this solidarity pledge started that's the hashtag that everything was going under and i immediately sent my people out and we'll show you very briefly what was passing, wait I have to show something, wait, it won't be that far yet, and that's it, bang, it comes as an example, see? either that or wait a minute you see something like that you see it's ok super well displayed there i have to drive over there so here that's it we don't give gates a chance it's on us i'll explain right away like below the current lichen solidarity pledge all these are posts from us no chance for gates made by miro wohlsfeld and he linked my video right away which was very smart for the link bitly and it's the impffluencer also better to use than others not to. now i have a chance written in typical AIDS campaign font it's also great here on the right but if it's not linked to a reference to the video of course then people don't necessarily know what it means because I just revealed what what people want to say before they will say and I think that scared them a lot that was a great impact if for example Mario Götze has 8 million followers on instagram and he deleted it and several more we have to notify them well they can see everything later on Telegram, but no i think it needs to be removed but you know him you probably even know him or know him very well i like him too. we don't agree on that but everyone should have a say no problem but i think if you were a little better informed then you wouldn't do that and you can see that now in retrospect people wake up and realize that that's that i think it's not worth supporting what the man has before him and hi support she also said her brand actually has to be here so she also met him on his show really a great person and you can see how the power structures work yes it will it probably refers to people exploited so to speak by a foundation worth billions and many well done so you have to say take care of the poorest and people in front , no one really wants that and that's the trick so everyone if they did it for free i said my video then at least they would have let the paint industry pay them then many probably would have not felt so good exactly yes you are also in quarantine or actually it looks quite comfortable because you can already quarantine here in the wild but it is exactly talk about it yes how are you doing because you will be the constant me? i'm attacking now of course from the main


press yes how it is we're moving on target that's why they only shoot at us when you're right on target with your opinion then you're probably right and then they attack you and they shoot you but I've known that for a few years, it doesn't hurt me at all, on the contrary, because there I feel more confirmed, yes I can confirm it, dear viewers, not only does it look so great here, but even if I send something to the about it the other day i insisted that she had to sue she had to sue now and you weighed it again oh come on sometimes yeah yeah i mean i just want equal rights for everyone so if i say my opinion everyone Others should also say their opinion and if they still have such a rude opinion about me that's ok it's not a problem and your opinion briefly also coronavirus pandemic you told me before that I was already a little worried about what's good about it of course , I'm they pushed chinese measures early on and then i thought, okay, they would never do that if they didn't take one somehow. of course i just looked at all the labs for me also the one not so far from the real market we must not forget the real how should it be said the real route of the virus has never really been tested pangolin bats what in addition the market It has always been cleaned and this virus path has never been traced, so this has never been tested.
xavier naidoo 16 04 2020 exklusiv interview janich stream ton korrigiert neues album sonja zietlo
For it jumped from animal to human we might as well say it arose in the lab so you get some really really bad artillery and yeah I think everything will show up and yeah and you've been dealing with it for years It makes the elite be busy and probably doesn't know money either is one of the good ones. I think you can see that through many years of his TED talks and all of his statements, he's always very happy with his smile on his face with what he apparently knows what we don't know and what he has planned that we don't know and I don't enjoy watching the men.
xavier naidoo 16 04 2020 exklusiv interview janich stream ton korrigiert neues album sonja zietlo

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xavier naidoo 16 04 2020 exklusiv interview janich stream ton korrigiert neues album sonja zietlo...

I really have to say yes well I just spoke to him again at Buddy's restaurant who said they justified that he says he does want to vaccinate people and thus reduce the population and then he asks me like yes how do you justify that ? doesn't work together I say yes I don't justify it or you know the logic again because the logic developed for me is that his family are eugenicists and that that's anchored in the family and he works the same way so his father is the senior co-founder of Blend Parenthood that we don't delve into that because it's so disgusting but of course I trust these people because now he was also involved with the stars in all of this maybe again here by the viewers you guys know a lot of them some they just explained to you and how it is without giving names how it is behind the scenes saying some of you are right but you can't say it or speak they don't even talk to you about these topics, the industry, research topics or how it is sometimes during the break in the filming what do I do with all these programs do you also talk about that?
xavier naidoo 16 04 2020 exklusiv interview janich stream ton korrigiert neues album sonja zietlo
Well, I always try to play songs to see how people react, also there are always groups that contact me about this type of productions and they want to hear certain things, like I'm a fairy tale guy who tells horror stories and does that. I kind of like it but generally I leave people alone it's a very individual matter very few people are as excited or have an opinion as I am so I get someone involved there has to be one thing at the moment it's something I'm doing alone and if I find people on the battlefield who function in a similar way, then it's fine, but now bringing people from his circle of friends or other people with him is problematic because very few are really prepared for all the discussion.
xavier naidoo 16 04 2020 exklusiv interview janich stream ton korrigiert neues album sonja zietlo
They noticed that I called. He told you that he actually said it below supporting yes nice yes I'm happy so I think of course many still believe that I have said for a long time that we only do entertainment and unfortunately we also take a stance below and that is why I have given up on the entertainment industry and I see our task not only to entertain the people below, but also to enlighten them and lead them a bit, at least in our lyrics we don't have to be on stage and travel with slogans, we just have to have lyrics that make sense somewhere and reflect on what we do believe that is why I don't get angry with anyone if they don't bring up certain issues because many don't deal with it either, you're outside it's very cold, that's why I have a little bit of shivering over and over again, but it doesn't matter the sun is coming up quick it probably would now everyone freaking out i'd say hurry up but we got her sitting agt we'll only do it briefly you've got to keep holding on When you ask then what question do I forget my question if you want to address the public like this and you have indicated in one of the statements that I have also published who says that I am making the record to sell it, so to speak, and I told you right away that now you are saying publicly that you shouldn't unfreeze it for free because if you sell it you can make it dirt cheap and that will skyrocket up the charts then i think everyone goes over to the power elite and all the haters because you're absolutely right. he's involved in it, yeah, directly under attack again, so I thought, okay, I'll figure it out with all the people involved in the


, there are really very few of them and we'll try something else, dammit. it's just that no one involved can be bothered with the issues being discussed on the


We are not ready yet. Yeah, I don't know how to do it, but I can look into it. It is not with books. There is Of course I have it with all these things, but it's also a bit of a sign, I don't really intend to continue all this here, but that would somehow know that after the album is really mine, my career is over Or it will be over and that is how I have prepared myself so no matter what comes after that I have to be good with it to be honest I don't believe it at all but you might get a bad image that's for sure , we've got it, but if people know what it's about, we're going to talk about everything, such a different picture that I think there will be a big comeback when everything is ready.
Maybe lying there when you're there I don't know if Trump Q and such is real, but I have a feeling that everything is going in the right direction and if that's the case, then it's even bigger than it was. taking care before I don't know I think we still have to be careful I think this other side is ready to give us a lot and also to coax opinion songs so to speak because that's what this other side is all about and I think you get into it a lot on them Make a move to fool us anyway so I'm extremely cautious I see Jared Kuschner and his person and who and to water the man is Donald Trump's son-in-law so my confidence is limited but I'm willing to keep my time and then hit if I think it's right, that's rambling or not true or whatever.
I don't think there is one. Yeah, that's a healthy attitude I'm reading now. In a book I'll probably be featuring soon the Trump connections are really creepy yeah you can only hope the universities don't forget about that so there's a lot of it and even more of a certain mob so Milber Ross is the key word there , but there are many more. connections so he got rich with the help of the usual suspects you have to say it pretty clearly but it's just that I've got a few more lines I'll say to you right away against the Jesuits, Jesuit hangers-on, it looks like we'll collide soon like standard rental stalactites which were good but unfortunately a bit annoying but we'll make up for it with better print quality yeah so with the jesuits nothing is definitely right if we're going in the direction of the royal center of power that's something the las people who understand think so yeah the pope and so and so or the greens have no power but that's complete we go wrong yeah first of all we also have a completely different legal situation in the vatican and also in the city of london etc. last wedding there ok great closing words very nice so we just wanted to make it very short and spontaneous because we wanted to celebrate the fact that we could have beaten Bill Gates to get back to silver at least initially yes and then you can see what we can already achieve also thanks to everyone else who has been involved Miro Eva Hermann and yet now probably also shared some cultural studies so you can see if we already have an influence when we all get together and of course you too have made a significant contribution to this. my channel has gone up massively since we're in touch again we want to tell the story now with with with exclusive club up to the exorcist a I also saw that as much as I can say yes I really wanted to talk to you again about how you lost my phone and I thought it's okay that Olli tells you about this telegram all the time, people have to know about it, but I never get an email. received or sent I don't do anything with SMS Essen so I do thisAll social media usually has nothing to do with me but I thought ok maybe that's the only way I can get back in touch with you, and then they sent me this telegram last year, then I went to you.
I paid for everything and then I was written off as fake and immediately kicked out for you I think that's exactly how you see it's the most exclusive club in the world who said you know that was my support group in this case and generously like you they are transferred immediately with 500 euros yes and that's how it was then you didn't immediately become friends with the other people with whom the dialogue revolved and we thought that now it can never be just want to collect addresses from him no so I wrote you quickly and hello it's How are you but I have 10% I thought that maybe you are but in the meantime it could be bad XL if you touch everything well with care better than night vision if then that would have changed the course of history then if we were already in contact Because that was in October or what was before I wanted to play the songs I had for you It was like that actually my intention would be like this I would check that everything is real and then I would have had another photo it would have had an influence on it the texts or what is more theoretical shit are all finished now all already finished some things I will do some more things I have something else nowmeans yes absolutely maybe I'll send you a few more lines that's when real artists then get something sent by friends look look I wrote something there and you have to say yes very good but not good enough but we want to see maybe maybe I don't know like a good poet by the way i have to say Sonja Ziet again at this point little praise for her daring i mean she also dares what i think is really tough and i don't think it's that easy to shake off that great respect for Sonja another time yes it's very important that they probably know each other personally or not just about her husband and SMS I know Olli pretty well because I've already worked with him but I know he's great so he's probably very strong yes but now he's been removed that the profile was removed yea i guess people are not used to the fact that everything comes crashing down on you which you might have to get used to sometimes but here i am the shit storm the storm expert Shitty tapes from Germany, which will also pass, that's very good.
Closing word and yeah, I thought it was cool too Sonja Zietlow and how she did it she, she wasn't from here. I have the city but she just listed all the professors and said today they are conspiracy theorists against your chest you can't argue at all but you are untouchable but they still attacked you so now cheers to Sonja and I believe that more and more are opening up, also in the artist scene, so now I have two left. I'm not saying that we're talking about artists, there's still a lot to come, also as far as Bill Gates is concerned, I wouldn't reveal it now and not to screw him up, so to speak, yes, that's all.
In short, thank you very much, Silvia, and we can see that yes, you are as technical in this type as I am. more often thank you thank you good time yes thank you so now I still have to see

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