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WWE SVR 2006 | Season Mode All Cutscenes Full Movie Playstation 2 1080p

Jan 14, 2022
taury hi tory wilson hi babe you got a couple of minutes while your general manager there's some urgent business i need to talk to you about actually teddy i'm supposed to catch a flight and i'm already late i love to stay and talk but that's ok don't you Worry, Tory. I don't want to be responsible for my number one diva missing her flight. Thursday damn I hate to see that girl go but I love to see her go holla what was that teddy? Oh my gosh teddy don't worry teddy everything will be alright help someone please help me i just can't believe someone could do that to him. poor Theodore long time don't worry about it Tory he'll be fine you won't catch whoever did it hey Tory Cena excuse me Tory I heard you were the last person to see Teddy long before his accident Do you mind if I ask you? about it hey Colombo take him somewhere else ok can't you see the lady is upset?
wwe svr 2006 season mode all cutscenes full movie playstation 2 1080p
She doesn't need you to accuse her of something she has nothing to do with no one is accusing anyone of anything Sina but while you're here, where were you when they took Theodore Ion out? Sorry, I must have missed the part where you explained why I had to answer who the hell do you think you are to come here and put you on my grill, oh tell him Cena fights the power, don't take any nonsense from the man, I want say, dude, it's not like there's any way that an angry thug who walks around with brass knuckles and a steel chain around his neck could take out anyone, look who's mr. pay-per-view, you know, for a guy who calls himself the whole damn show, I sure haven't had much of a title shot lately, your boss sounds like a good reason to pull out our GM donut, so where were they? you when i got a good grade let's see i think i was probably chilling in the back stretching you know throwing some pies and reading some comics you think you were going to get somebody to vouch for you that's my time to I'm idle, I'm just the D.
wwe svr 2006 season mode all cutscenes full movie playstation 2 1080p

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wwe svr 2006 season mode all cutscenes full movie playstation 2 1080p...

I can't. I think one of you would do something to hurt Teddy. This is all so horrible. What do you think happened? I inside. I just want to tell you that you did the right thing last week. of the munchies would accuse me of running down t what the chain gang knows I don't roll like this thanks for believing in me friend actually Cena none of you convinced me of anything RVD wanted a match and I gave it to him and also, he did some good points you never said where you were when long got rundown you want to know where i was the night long got rundown i was in a locker room surrounded by a dozen witnesses and here's another clue if you want to know where i'll be later tonight i'll be in the ring with you showing you my Five Knuckle shuffle man normally seen this you know he's a pretty laid back guy to say the least but he's acting a little touchy with the whole field all the time well it's a touchy subject until we find out who made?
wwe svr 2006 season mode all cutscenes full movie playstation 2 1080p
I think he will continue to be like that even for a guy like John Cena. I don't have what it takes please I'm the whole damn show from the sunshine to the sun Van Damme is the reason tanglong got run over stick your thumbs up your ass or beep the teeth the gang from John Cena you can't see Wow that was very clever the way you made everything rhyme its vanilla ice it's a shame you can't rest even though you rhyme half as well you seem to have a lot of hostility but you need to get out of your system, so how about meeting in this ring a little later and see what? we can do if you want to go to RVD why don't we do it right now well here's a nice surprise looks like Cory Wilson is coming here to try to get these two to bring the level down remember Tori was the last to see GM Teddy a lot before his accident just a few weeks ago and it was some questions directed at Tori that caused the problems between all these guys the problem is Cole when you have a hot tomato like Tori he tries to calm down the guys that are a male clone and stuff it's like trying to put out a fire with guesswork rob jon come on you guys don't need to do this why don't you join hands and call off this nonsense? the only nonsense here is what's between his ears if he thinks he's got what it takes to hang out with me and my g-dog gang hanging with you sounds great and all if it's the same to you i think i'd rather kick you the butt isn't helping anything please calm down and let's talk about this.
wwe svr 2006 season mode all cutscenes full movie playstation 2 1080p
Mrs. present it's fine I'll see you here later tonight no problem If not I wouldn't want Tori to have to see the beating I'm going to give you anyway it seems you did the right thing to ask it seems Tori Wilson's presence hasn't called anyone to who is doing her best to help but has inadvertently exasperated the situation, yeah not just because she made everything so much worse for Torrie Wilson just a little lady she was looking for must be pretty flattering to have all those boyfriends doing all that Fighting for you like this, huh, what do you want?
GBL oh, just had a quick question for you, but don't worry, I'm not going to charge you with attempted murder. to ask him about any paperwork or contracts or anything else stuff like that contracts no what are you talking about oh nothing else just JBL what the hell are you doing at home I was leaving see you soon what the hell was all that I don't know but listen we have a bigger problem John and Rob are going to tear each other apart tonight if we don't do something to stop them why not let them do it to get it out of their systems because you and I both know that Isn't this going to be just a coincidence for both of them?
I think they have something to prove it's so stupid and pointless but I need you to be the special referee and make sure they don't kill each other tonight I don't know it's not really my thing please as a favor to everybody. as a favor to you i'll do what i can thank you so much i owe you one now you better go get ready. Between Cena and RVD tonight, no, but I would surely say that he is motivated, not for nothing, you don't say no to a girl. I think I would be happy to referee that match if it meant that Torrie Wilson owed me a favor three.
This potentially explosive situation is about Gloria seeing this last time Tory did more harm than good. She makes me a victor. The best move is to just stay out of this at this point how do you think it makes me feel to know that all of you are trying to macho each other for me and don't tell me that's not what's happening believe me I know a men and i know when i'm trying to impress a woman you see directly call a man see this question have you ever tried to impress a well matched woman i own the internet i can only think about this sunday on the day of Doomsday they're all going to face each other in a triple threat network I'm going to risk my contract I'll handle whoever wins and whoever doesn't win I better act like a gentleman about it we are all I'll never talk to you again well I'll tell you a story, what?
Didn't you just lay down the law? Now I have seen almost everything. Can she do that? ry just make up a match for you like this with Teddy law now we don't have a GM to say no and with Tory services online these guys that's for sure partner John Bradshaw Layfield tween champion out here hell of just put on magic voice. I knew it was going to be a classic. That's why I didn't bother to tell you that you almost killed each other, but something that is already something that is already his. I was talking about what you see before his tragic accident.
I made an agreement with our former general manager Teddy Long to acquire the management services of the Torrie Wilson wine line, the show boys, but just like this 7w, the Torrie Wilson title is wholly owned by John's branch, I think Tory has been under contract with JBL through all of this. time and she didn't even know that must have been when JBL was asking her about last week smack them thank you thank you people are too good it's JBL listening to the same crowd. I'm listening. You know that I have achieved many things in my career.
I made a fortune in the stock market. I am one of the best champions in WWE. in history and curse to buy him one of those humble sons to ever set foot in a smackdown ring it's all true he's humble you know what you should try to be a little humble sometimes oh please but for all my achievements, what about absolute? the major was addicted or ewilson of my administration and nothing against you Orlando but here's my favorite acquisition you know JBL for all your bragging it seems to me you couldn't get yourself a woman without buying their contractor that's a quote from light women everywhere fall at my feet i'm a rich man i'm a captain of industry i'm a wrestling god well if you're as big as you say you are then how about a little match tonight you and me tory's contract a hat on you You gotta be kidding you're not in my league what a champ but I'll tell you what I'll do go backstage and get one of your boyfriends to team up with you and you can take on my current management in a match later tonight that's it Pretty generous from JBL when you have to admit it's generous.
It seems to me that JBL is dodging a direct challenge. I do not think so. This is a mugging day, so exactly Queensberry, but I'm pretty sure us Queensberry needle types, Tory, what are you doing? Listen, I don't have much time. JBL will realize I'm missing out before long, but I've got good news. I have convinced JBL to risk my contract to get revenge in an Iron Man match that's great but there are two catches the first is that I had to accept that it would be a lifetime contract if JBL wins I'm his for the rest of my career that's not going to happen what's the second sack the superstar who wants to sign the revenge match has to be orlando jordan in a game tonight beetle and oh no problem i mopped the floor with that thug , you can't see me, wait, wait, wait, what do you mean you're going to face Orlando, just what I said, you have a problem with that, yes, I have a problem with that, I can take our land.
Oh I'll tell you myself we'll solve your little problem the way I solve all my problems you and I can solve it in the parking lot. I do not think so. These guys still can't be on the same page now. there's going to be a fight to decide who gets to take on JBL's chief of staff later tonight it's not just a fight it calls a parking lot fight this doesn't look like he didn't win Tori's contract from JBL ugh it's a contract lucky tory and a win over the governor, be champion all rolled into one, hey you motherfucker.
You have a minute oh man if you did it because you think I had something to do with taking out the GM from Smackdown. You are losing your time. A couple of quick questions about what happened to Theodore. say that love bug i'm just trying to figure out what you're trying to do you're trying to accuse me of running over a kilo in the parking lot right i'm not accusing anyone of anything until i have proof but i have to say that You seem a bit defensive. I don't see any insignia, so I have no idea why you think you have the right to play detective.
I'm a five time WCW champion and I don't answer questions from some dumb idiot who doesn't respect that you want answers, you beat me in the ring tonight and maybe you'll get some now, can you figure it out? Does it mean a joke? There is a lot going on between these two superstars. Undertaker the Undertaker only Stokes lamb Booker T Booker was exhausted from that match. I don't know if I've ever seen Undertaker this focus on just destroying someone. I have to agree with you there TAS, but what the hell did he do? Booker T does to invite such a vicious attack from the Phenom the Undertaker hey congratulations here I was thinking a busybody like Union has friends in the locker room but it seems I was wrong so tell me how you convinced the Undertaker to take over your job dirty for you, look Kurt I have no idea why Taker went after Booker T last week. and if you're accusing me of something that sounds like someone doesn't like the taste of their own medicine, you don't seem to mind accusing every superstar on the roster of eliminating Teddy Long, but when you're caught red-handed taking another superstar, all of a sudden It's a different story there's a way you hear Kurt I don't need commitment or anyone else to fight my battles for me and if you've got the guts to meet me in a ring tonight I'll prove it to you wanna challenge me to a olympic gold medalist to a match tonight if you want to then you can take me on in a submission match it's your funeral but remember this idiot and those fucking zombies show up.
I'm putting you both Six Feet Under, what does he want? nk is a pretty obvious target, Kurt Angle was right, the dead man is taking care of him, I don't know, it seems to me that the Undertaker's partner is as surprised as anyone else, hey, the egg was hidden, take whatever .the kitchen sink the last trip last drying the dead man has destroyed the olympic hero that's two superstars in two weeks he calls and realizes i'm even sharing a ring with this guy should give you an idea how fed up i am his what has been going on here Booker T and I neverwe've had a lot in common but after what's happened here the last two weeks i'd say we do now hey kirk i've never been your number one fan either but you're right about one thing in the last two weeks Undertaker has exasperated us both after our magic so we're here to call that fool who's been sent like a dead man after us teeth on both unless you hear the taker man we're calling you and your little friend too lay your hands about an olympic hero it's something you just don't steal it's time you had what's coming is an eagle this is unexpected to say the least Lydia guessed it was on her mind I have no idea cold Abel and Booker came here call the man dead. but instead they have a little bit of latino heat and they don't look too happy about it, wait a minute, he says it looks like you forgot we have a game tonight or maybe you didn't forget they have the you're just wearing all this from Undertaker as an excuse to get out of your magic with Latin heat that's a fucking lie and you know it Eddie I'll take care of you as soon as I take care of this just wait your turn and you want me to wait my turn Eddie Guerrero is not a patient man , but I think I have an idea, how about I see if Undertaker's friend wants to team up with me against you to be friends?
Death was tonight. I bet I'm gonna win I kicked your ass Stay tuned so you don't find your boy Eddie We'll see you at the read later tonight Sutter you're my ticket to the WWE title right? You see the Undertaker didn't even show up at our match tonight. He was starting to think that he was cursed or something, but me, Eddie, what do you do? i got behind your back mmm yo what are you talking about holmes come on eddie you know for three things and i'm not worried about the lion or cheating right now what have you got your hands on the other eddie eddie i'm starting to lose my patience can you show me what You have or I'll find out for myself is what I think it is, yeah well it's an Undertaker urn.
Holmes, I found her a few weeks ago. They say that whoever has the urn controls the Undertaker. so you were responsible for all of the Undertaker's attacks lately, but why come on? Holmes, think about it. Smackdowns does not have a general manager. It's survival of the fittest around here. come also and say think about it means the dead man we would be unstoppable I don't know about this area take your time and think about this Holmes just give me your answer before I have no mercy this sunday but I have to warn you as a savato if you're not with me, you're against me Holmes I think it's about a losing pole it's about who gets to walk out of the arena tonight chokeslam from hell not to stone omg the brutality is pretty clean on Eddie Guerrero. he's willing to make an example of his opponent and they have to believe that every guy who hits that rock notices there's someone who can take on any Warrior in the No, I think it's safe to say curtains with a southpaw hey that's the other one okay Boyd, you said the guy who won controlled them, that's what I thought, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
I can't believe what I'm seeing, it's like The Undertaker has completely ignored power. from her urn that has to be hit that understatement of the year fake call is totally out of control but how can this be what's going on here that's easy there dead man hey next time leave Ely with the experts, okay you may have left the arena with a girl at the end of the week but it was the real holmes you got a cheesy imitation well the latino heat kept the genuine article had a fake bird and set it up not for nothing, I couldn't control the Undertaker now, I don't know if you can. listen to me now holmes you know you're in a lot of pain but don't worry your deals are coming to an end soon enough cervix see this sunday at Survivor Series whether you like it or not you're going to one. -one with my great friend dead in a buried alive match, oh my god, buried alive match against the Undertaker this Sunday at Survivor Series, just thinking about it makes me shudder, the Undertaker defeated a buried alive match The Eddie Guerrero's master plan has backfired look at the latino heat smog look it's hot it's hotter than a plate of mexican lunch you can yell at him because the tracks hit him in the face but that's a little weird lately thanks for coming here tonight to get my attention you wanted to see me events yes thanks for coming to s Look at me, I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your hard work so far this year and tell you that it has not gone unnoticed.
The match you competed in in the past few months helped determine your ticket number in one of the best matches and sports entertainment Royal Rumble, as you know the rumble takes place in two weeks and tonight's match is your last chance to improve your entry number and it must be your lucky day because the mystery man in His infinite wisdom has come up with a typical brilliant plan to give you a choice of matches which you see if you are happy enough with your current number you can compete in a iron man game tonight when you finish your opponents number of pinfalls or submissions will be subtracted from yours the resulting number will be added to your current inning number so if you get three points and your opponent gets one your inning number improves by two, but if it's the other way around, your number drops by two, or if you'd rather not take a big risk for a big reward, you can compete tonight in a triple threat matchup against the contestants.
The number one and number thirty pants win that match and you will be able to enter the Royal Rumble last at number thirty which will give you a huge advantage if you lose the triple threat, however you will enter at number one enough to face others 29 superstars to be able to win. I love it, you are an absolute genius, mr. McMahon keep that in mind for a minute let me know which match you want to compete in tonight keep in mind the higher your entry number the later you will be entered into the Royal Rumble and ladies and gentlemen as you know tonight we witnessed a classic fight.
For the WWE Title: Before we begin the Royal Rumble match, let me formally introduce your new and I have better news for Smackdown Close to Klein, General Manager Theodore Long is almost


y recovered from his heinous assault earlier this year and Being the consummate professional that he is, he insists on resuming his duties on Smackdown as soon as he learned this week that the chore theater award has returned, it's about time Cole smackdowns bill without a GM for too long, now remember the man who wins tonight's Royal Rumble. a title shot at the greatest sports entertainment spectacle of all time russell mania 22 yes the road to wrestlemania starts right here right now in this very thing ladies and gentlemen of the ring here is your


royal rumble winner he survived to 29 other superstars and by doing so he will get a title shot at WrestleMania 22 what a night for him what a knife one punch we have a new double double champion and a new number one contender i'll tell you the coal that ran them over first of all let me yell at you, playing with us, being in this ring in front of all of you Smackdown fans is doing more good than all the doctors in the world.
Theater is just back in the house and this time I'm here to stay when I get back the first order of business is to find out who ran me over in that parking lot whoever it is won't get away with it little ball but I don't want to dwell on the negatives there are Lots to celebrate here on Smackdown and speaking of which, time to call this year's Royal Rumble winner into the ring and congratulate him on the tasks he's already been given to bring down Oh Dody w/e title Maria to be champion oh my god wwe Champion just eliminated number one contender nothing like RVD and what's written now the WWE Title Teddy homie welcome back man too bad it took you so long yeah though yeah there's been some changes around here, it's time to leave you and all these fans know that as of now ECW is back and we're taking over Smackdown ECW they went to WCW and WWE and now you say that ECW is bad. away Claire come on Teddy look at me look at this title looks like I'm kidding you gosh I was finally able to get the kind of opportunities you always catch for me like a WWE title match at the Royal Rumble , which I won of course so now that I've gotten what's come my way I've got some old friends wanting to join their party all ECW friends now listen here Rob I've never had anything but respect for you. he was happy to know that you were the new WWE Champion, but I'm sorry you felt like you had to go so far to do it, huh?
I suppose you will tell me that it was you who ran over me all those months ago. Thursday nights don't like to get their hands dirty you know what I mean but I know who got it right dude yeah I don't think so RVD if you don't give me a name you're going to stand up for that. WWE title tonight WrestleMania you like to dig this Teddy I will defend this ECW title anytime anywhere the only one against a truly extreme opponent and since my so called number one contender is knocked out on the on ramp right now, He is not inside if he wants this title he will have to go to the extreme first and show that he deserves a chance with me.
I can't believe my ears. RVD says that ECW is back and that they will take over Smackdown. Well if that's true things are going to change around here called ECW is a force to be reckoned with no doubt now we have more superstars invading Smackdown both Chris Benoit and superstars on the day they ate raw superstars tonight called are here for ECW business omg they have torn number one contender in half PVCC whoa whoa easy man I just came here to apologize for what Benoit and Jerry did to you just because we were in ECW together a long time ago doesn't mean I agree with what they did definitely crossed the line last week i don't know what's going on with all this ECW revival but you should know i had nothing to do with it.
I love being an ECW back in the day, but that was then and this is now. WWE has been good to me and Smackdowns where I belong, well I'm glad IVD didn't. I managed to brainwash everyone. I used to be an ECW. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready for my master night. That is another thing. I wanted to talk to them. Ben wants Jerry to come back tonight and they can come over later. you again i think we should team up against them in the ring before they get a chance you team up with me it's not a fight but you're not exactly the biggest dog in the yard look unit is strength come in whatever happens, plus don't forget there are other X ECW guys in WWE who may still be undecided about this whole EC.
What will they think if they see Spike Dudley in the ring against those two who might talk him out of joining? still not convinced, let's match the tables to something else I know a lot about ECW, okay okay I'll see you outside get these guys out of the ring for yelling loud goddamn Lord: Jerry is here. just for a cold match this is ECW pride on the line Spike Dudley is standing in bed wattage is creepy true to his word finally a former ECW superstar with some sense of room integrity ECW bingo, how will you achieve your WWE title? he wrestles at WrestleMania, it doesn't even look like he's going to make it, there's no way out in two weeks.
I think that's the idea. RVD doesn't want to get anywhere near WrestleMania. He wants to keep the ECW title in the family and ECW Superstars will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. listen this Sunday there is no way out the last pay-per-view before WrestleMania and I want to regain the WWE title before the grandfather of you all feel me now I have convinced Rob Van Dam to put his title on the line this Sunday, but I had to turn it into a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for him to do it, no problem, you'll have any type of match he wants.
I'm still walking for WWE Champion, that's what I want to hear. Now listen though, we need to get this ECW issue under control ASAP so tonight you should team up with Big Show or Booker T to take on Chris Benoit Tajiri and attack Dudley in a three on two no disqualification match now. Know your team will be down a man, but whoever you don't pick will guard the stage entrance and make sure ECW doesn't send surprises your way to dig, don't worry Teddy, we're sending ECW a message tonight. that they're done once and for all this time they're not coming back I heard that Blair, so who's going to be you? your partner a seven foot almost 500 pound show for the 5 times 5 times 5 times 5 times 5 times WCW Champion Booker T is ycj Chris Jericho this can't be happening I don't know what he's doing here but there isn't description for cases in a TLC match, all of this is legal, no, not like that, not like that, he did it, I'll still be ECW,Jimmy.
It's a shame, this is a slap in the face for all sports entertainment, where the hell is Chris Jericho here? He's another laws superstar and wrecking affairs he pours into a WWE title match come on Cole you gotta go over your history Chris Jericho was an ECW even before he came Jericho goes to him you know what dude , it was a great match, but there was no way ECW was going to let a Smackdown superstar win our title if you really want it, you still have to. show that you can go to the extreme go ECW it's not just an attitude and for sure it's not just a brand it's a way of life hey Chris let it go he's right Junior if there's one thing we'll never forget my easy dunk moment is being tough means doing sacrifices for what you think seeing you feel pain is not a punishment it's a blessing in disguise so assclown teddy long should feel particularly blessed considering how much pain i inflicted on him a few cainy inflicted on the general direction r teddy long what exactly is jericho saying ?
Yes, that's right, and it was the best career move Y2J has ever made. Every Superstar on Raw and ECW had something to gain from a weakened smackdown and think he's fast. I am both, it's just a matter of time. before the ECW bug spreads to Raw and that could finally take the heavyweight title away from that brainy clown Triple H all for one and one for all and this is your chance to join the winners man consider that the beating you took tonight is your initiation, you can join the new ECW or like the rest of Smackdown, Rob Van Dam can keep smoking your ass.
It seems that he has a serious staff in a somewhat correct choice. I'm never going to agree so leave it on that Rob Van Dam or a week from this Sunday you're going to the main event and Wrestlemania to defend the WWE title now one thing I've got to put up with there Michael Cole must There was something wrong with my audition I thought I just heard you call this the WWE title that's exactly what I said all the spray paint the world can't erase the proud history of that title oh boy Cole it's getting a little hot out there you want to talk history until i wanted this title to be a representation of the way WWE stole everything from ECW and put us out of business is that history you are so proud of well however you are going to Defend that title against a man who has taken everything the new ECW throws at him and comes back for more.
How do you feel about facing a man you can't seem to destroy? oh, oh, Paul, what are you doing? Hey, everything will be fine. WrestleMania is the biggest pay-per-view of them okay, you're talking to mr. I'm putting this ECW title on the line in a tough match at WrestleMania and I'm leaving the ECW Champion, so what you're saying is your title defense is going to be a tough match, how convenient I guess. your ECW friends won't have to worry about getting disqualified when they interfere, you know what dude, I'm getting a little tired of your attitude, it's about time you got a little lesson in respect.
I have a message for Rob Van Dam and all those ECW bombs on his back so far, you show you're really tough when you're attacking people or hitting them from behind or taking out the announcers but guess what, I'm still here. and this sunday is wrestlemania and i demand the devil with the title match i won in the rumble so if you got the guts come here and give me boomer before for him i think he prefers to be called ECW Champion Junior right? Say you demand a title match dude you want your title match at the Royal Rumble in a WWE match but this isn't the WWE title anymore it's the ECW Tony who do you think is kidding ?
WWE is as safe as day. I'll tell you what everyone knows. I'm a wrestling champion, so me. I will defend this title against you and a tough match this Sunday at WrestleMania, but first you have to survive a final submission match against Chris Benoit tonight and a final submission match against Benoit. You'll be lucky to get out of here tonight once Ben is done with you, but I hope you make it to Wrestlemania because when he wins you in the main event on the grandest stage of all, there will be no doubt that WWE has been taken to the extreme here. comes the jam and the blue unless he's here to congratulate the new champ because so much the superstar where he's going looks like he's pulling something out from under the ring Thanks Captain Obvious but come on I think I see where this was going now RVD I know you're not oblivious to the tables your small business made a name for themselves with them on the bingo hall circuit you laughed tonight you will realize this is not bingo this is the hope of WWE you had fun because Vince McMahon and WWE Jeff they're about to push you to the extreme oh my god rejoice there will be some superstars with a lot of explaining to let the region down what happens then cut the music cut the music what is it? going on i see no idea that tasks stay there mate that was pretty straight forward and you almost got away with it next time you try to cheat and change rumble entry numbers make sure you don't do it in front of a security hidden. camera I can't believe this he cheated you have to be what something was not right here I will not allow the greatest match in sports entertainment to be tarnished like this damn on my personal authority I am reversing the referee's decision and disqualified I want th The rule real restarted immediately with these six participants.
We're going to have a legitimate winner here tonight. Oh my God. It has not finished. After all, Royal Rumble is going to be receptive. McMahon. I say that it is true that she is never possible. It feels great to be in this wing here tonight as the winner of the Royal Rumble. Not only did I prove myself against 29 other superstars, but I also heard the opportunity to compete for the WWE title from SmackDown or Bras World. heavyweight title in the main event of WrestleMania, that's true, the winner of Tazz the Rumble has the option to jump in facing Triple H for the world heavyweight title or challenge the WWE smackdown zone champion, John Cena so without further ado let me answer the question that everyone has on your mind and say that at WrestleMania I have decided that I am going to challenge because the general manager has finally returned to SmackDown and not a minute too soon press see kilo says that w like half a month ago you think he has something on his mind one minute please sorry to step on your big announcement but i have a couple mountains around first of all it's great to be back here on smackdown and to hear the ovation for teddy it's been two years since i was in this ring six months ago someone gladly took me out of the scene when he ran me over in the parking lot now i'm sure i thought this time he thinks he got away with it but to see what's up something he didn't plan to see before he blacked out, the last thing I saw was the face of the man who did it.
Finally, we'll find out who ran over Teddy right now. What can he do? I can't believe my ears. Teddy Law must be delusional. He maybe he left the hospital too soon. Well, I guess there's no point in denying it anymore. Yes, I did and I don't regret it. You kinda had a coming today without you around to stop me I climb the smackdown man I got into the Royal Rumble and I won the mask title and I deserve not to mention the respect that comes with winning the Royal Rumble guarantees me a title match at WrestleMania , that means you can't fire me, man, like it or not, there's not much. you can do about it.
I have to admit, gamer, there's not much I can do, but if you fight for the WWE title and win it, then there's no getting rid of you and if you jump on Raw and take on Triple H for world heavyweight. Smackdown title loses one of its biggest superstars whether I like it or not so it seems like all I can do is make sure you never make it to Wrestlemania and by the time I'm done with you dog you'll be loved. sit me down now as we have some unfinished business that started in a parking lot so you're going to beat Eddie Guerrero tonight in a parking lot the road to Wrestlemania starts tonight with the theater. number one contender never gets there so under the circumstances I can't say I'm to blame listen to me Bischoff you're the general manager of raw you can't let that piece of trash from Smackdown come to raw and challenge for the world heavyweight title at WrestleMania this is my title and he hasn't He did nothing to deserve a matter of mine, he actually has Triple H, sees he won the Royal Rumble, which guarantees him a title match for either brand.
That is a stipulation that comes from the Board of Directors that I was unable to do anything about. even if he wanted to and frankly where would he jump to Raw I think a superstar of his caliber would be a tremendous asset an asset an asset more of a clown if you asked me to listen Bischoff I nearly killed myself winning a contender's match number one last week and if anyone is getting a world heavyweight title match at WrestleMania it's y2j Chris well it's true you're the current number one contender you know the Rumble winner's decision supersedes that if he decides Triple H challenge I'm afraid I have no choice but to postpone his title shot at WrestleMania a contender or not good if that's how it's going to be then it looks like the brain sack and I better discourage a certain Rumble winner from coming to raw Jericho you might be a clipped biloba but you know why for once i agree with you let's see how you feel the blade got hit a bit can you have trouble standing up?
Well, you're still better. However, in the shape of what I was after you ran me over and since you're still standing, I'm going to go ahead and reserve some very special magic for you this Sunday at Noel. I must admit that you are tougher than I thought. I never thought. you would make it, there is no way out, but I can guarantee you that you will not survive, you will see this Sunday in the main event of pay-per-view, it will be you against Eddie Guerrero and the WWE Champion, John Cena, innocent. Jenny the man from the three vs one Helenus cell loves to put the screws on this gu I sure never thought you could have a three vs one Hell in a Cell fight.
I'll tell you right now. There's no way this guy is as good as Sandy Guerrero. He's supposed to be in the main event tonight, well. by the looks of it I say Latino he won't make it he looks like he's down for the count to me who could have done such a thing geez Cole what a puzzle I mean who do you know around here that has a track record? to get the guys backstage and Orla solves their problems OMG you think Helena sells matches almost ready to go despite the fact that the fourth man in this match, Eddie Guerrero, was found unconscious in the locker room moments ago , so instead of a three on one, it's a two on one, but since coming up with the number one contender for tonight's main event, this two on one has become a tornado tag in a cell, By the way, I think we now know who attacked Eddie Guerrero.
Before, why would Triple H do such a thing? This may not be my normal program. but obviously i need no introduction, even you smackdown fans should know when you're in the presence of greatness and even the dumbest of you knows a 10 time world champion when you see one, you all saw me eliminate eddie. Guerrero last Sunday at No Way Out and teamed up with this man in their Hell in a Cell match. It pains me to say it, but sadly most of you are probably either too naive or downright stupid. They don't understand why I did it.
I don't talk to you like that Cole, well here's why, as the heavyweight champion of the world and the biggest superstar alive in this business today, I can tell you firsthand that a success story like mine requires more than just sheer skill. wrestling and athletic ability to achieve all that I have accomplished. in my unprecedented career i have lived by values ​​such as sportsmanship, integrity and fair play now please i just heard right thats true thats exactly why im here on smackdown call me old fashioned but i think that when a man wins a WWE title match the general manager shouldn't stack the deck against him or try before he gets it.
I'm not going to sit idly by and let Teddy Long, John Cena or anyone else take this man out of WrestleMania main, hey, that's very sporting of him. he came all the way to SmackDown just to do that. I'll tell you what Triple H has integrity. Come on, can't you see what he's doing? Well, that was a really inspiring speech. There are trips and it's all true if there's one thing we know about Triple H is that he always stands up for the little guy, you'll see that face with the scowl and the tilted forehead right next to it, but you know as much as it makes you want to throw up, admit it for the same pages, it is not.
It's right for Smackdown to try to keep their number one contender from his WrestleMania title shot, just as it's unfair for Raw to do the same to me. I won the world heavyweight title fight on Raw and I'm damned if I leave some smackdown. clown ass steal it from me now because he looks whatwe've got here tw o raw superstars who can't keep their noses out of the smackdown business now their actions last week triple h you probably expect me to call security and they escorted you and chris jericho out of the building but i'm actually glad you're here .
McMahon to do a special Frost-branded match if you show up on Smackdown so all three of them stay where they are because they're going to team up tonight against JBL Kurt Angle, WWE Champion John Cena in a six-man tag team and when I'm done We're going to find out what goes into what title our number one contender at WrestleMania is going to challenge. I have to say, I feel like he's been a long time ahead of the curve since returning to SmackDown, he anticipated the triple eight would show up again tonight and he was ready. I will say that a great six-man match cost a great match that rocked Athena's boisterous main events anywhere at any time and it's here tonight. stick your nose in and smackdown business you have to expect it to break and the number one contender is no fool he has a title match at wrestlemania in state but it will be a rich title backing er long challenge is to get a WWE Title Match I I was shocked when I heard that the number one contender decided to stay on Smackdown and challenge John Cena for the WWE title at WrestleMania.
Now, some might say that jumping to Raw would be an easier path, but it stops here. I don't have to like it. but I have to respect that you feel me, but let's not get sentimental, we are four days away from the grandfather of ammunition, WrestleMania champion John Cena has the night off so he can prepare for his title offensive, but his challenger not going. to get so lucky you dig tonight, he'll be competing in not one, not two, but three matches, a submission match against Kurt Angle, a first blood match against JBL, and finally a ladder match against Eddie. all those guys night off because there's no way I'm going to get through all those four days before WrestleMania goes live what I have here says otherwise this short game is what's going to hang over the ring in the man of letters inside is a contra ct for the WrestleMania match of your choice if you can win all three matches tonight you can choose your title match if you don't it will be my choice so what will happen when you put it like that?
It's not much. of one choice i will skip through this last year and at wrestlemania i will win the w ii title match of my choice it didnt leave him as a champion i could say both about this cat but he got over it. all the obstacles that stood in his way general managers fear combat theater law long and easy he's out of his mind hit notes six months yeah well at least he wasn't i can't believe what i'm seeing Cena did the first move so all bets are no coal I know you get squeamish about things like this but this guy is a great champion with the methods of his morals and the way he trusts me.
Altogether, he was asking for a young man, the Nature Boy, he did no such thing, King Tribulation, Claire will. all it takes to keep the tile around the waist of the game and that includes is pulling the property hey i saw a triple agent flare pulled last week this shit is getting really old ok? of them, but one of you, man, has to match that, what's on your mind? Hey, I'm one of the few guys in the wrong locker room who's painting bleach for three. I don't have an Intercontinental. title defense tonight, how about you and me team up and get triple agent style?
A little revenge is fine with me, but what's in it for you every time I step into the ring with the heavyweight champion of the world? the t-bone and pinned him again. I will be that much closer to winning the world heavyweight title fight that I deserve. Let's do this. Listen to Benjamin. beat Triple H that's good the fact is everyone knows you just got lucky as bad as bad as a beauty and it will never happen again you get me or man not one more time to settle your opponent after the match is over match and dim it rarely Benjamin is right he has beaten Triple H in the past fair and square killer Triple H junior was a fluke he says Shelton Benjamin is not in his League and from the looks of it he is right.
I can only call security late. in smack now this is bad jr. My God, what is that when you grow up you are going to do? They were down but not out. I don't think this is over jr. for an unlikely king for those Smackdown superstars here on Raw and what happens next, normally I would come here on Raw in front of the whole world, I will show off this world heavyweight title and once again make it clear to all of you, the entire people. Seeing at home and all the guys in the back that I'm the best in the business yeah that's what I normally do and if you love it or hate it they all do it to see it but that ain't gonna happen tonight Look at last week.
Douglas, no one on Smackdown thought they could come to Raw and take out Triple H and Ric Flair, the two best champions this business has ever seen, but like everything else Smackdown does, they were only half right, as you can see, I'm still standing up Ric Flair was not so lucky John Cena crushed his larynx with that chain and Big Show almost broke his damn neck with that chokeslam could this man can't comb hell he can barely profile Cena Big Joe I don't care who you are or where come from you don't put your hand on this man this man is 16 time world champion is a kiss stealing will and dealing son of a gun should ride in limousines no adventism and now all those desperate housewives in this field will have to go home to their fat powerless husbands and cry themselves to sleep because space mountain is closed for repairs is so sad jr. oh, it's sad, why don't you take a minute for yourself again?
He took his woops shooters the police do triple H because you have an idea how I felt when you and Flare took out Shelton Benjamin two weeks ago that's a whole different story Joan Benjamin ran her mouth and got her fair share John Dinner and the big show had nothing to do with me or you or Nature Boy and speaking of you, I've almost had it with you, you two better leave on the same page because I'm not going to stand for respect from superstars that they invade my program by the authority of the Board of Directors, they will have a sanction match against them next week, it is incredible, but that does not mean that we are going to wait until then to even the score this Thursday you are going to SmackDown to return them hey great idea Bischoff would never have occurred to me that I don't need your advice and I don't need your permission to do whatever I fucking want and if you think you can ask me hoop and think again and as for you, you can forget about being on the same page with me, we're not even in the same fucking library, understand that you've come to Smackdown if you want, but you better stay out of my way why not I always agree with the current shares of the general manager's house, but I have to give it again.
He has organized a super swim man, it's the Big Show and John Cena gets the order from cameron right away, one half of SmackDown, The Booth Man Jr. I can't wait for Ross superstars to come to Smackdown. I'll tell you what Smackdown is going to regret messing with Raw. Come to another edition of SmackDown. I'm Michael Cole, along with Taz and my partner. that John Cena and Big Show attack on some top-deck superstars last week and can you believe the Board of Directors has sanctioned an inter-brand grudge match for this Sunday at SummerSlam, but that's not all, some of those raw superstars They said that I'm going to show up here tonight to get revenge, wait, wait, it's that Triple H and Clair in a ring right now, tonight I'm coming to SmackDown to find the guys who kicked my ass and turned my father into the Nature.
Boy cries like a little girl say nature why do they still call you Nature Boy huh you ain't around 90 maybe they should call you father time but seriously no one can say smackdown didn't have an impact on Raw last Monday? we did just what we wanted and that was the best they got let's see them 10-4 Triple H 16 to Flair The law will never forget the day he snuck out 26 world champions and one ship and now we're supposed to be scared because Triple H is leading a gang to SmackDown please show up here you will get more of the same they can't see me they are here.
Hey, look, I get why you're teaming up with Triple H tonight. John Cena Big Show. You must be taught a lesson and you embrace it but don't get too comfortable with it. I'll be back on Raw tomorrow and I have some unfinished business with Triple H and Ric Flair that I plan to attend to. I know I respect you and hope you have my back like I took care of you but if you let them take me out you'll be making a big mistake okay show me I'll keep that in mind but right now I have to focus on Cena and show that we are intervening, but that is still the case.
I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow night on Raw. However, I will tell you one thing. h I would hate to be in Shelton Benjamin's shoes with Triple H getting his hands on him I called you here tonight on Raw because I want to give you a very rare and valuable gift two of them actually oh my god two gifts Junior it must be his birthday imagine celebrating your birthday with Triple H Junior that has to be great for watching my back in our match against John Cena and Big Show and sons of course I didn't need their help but they made my job a little easier.
I can't remember the last time Triple Eight thanked someone, so that's one and now. that's out of the way here's number two last night at summerslam you didn't do anything when shelton benjamin ran into the ring and attacked ric flair and i was a chair of steel normally that's the kind of mistake a guy like me would make a guy like you he regretted it for the rest of his life oh-oh here he comes so here's your second gift a free pass out of my ring and out of my life but i warn you this is a one time offer so don't ruin it do what right and no Don't stand between Shelton Benjamin and the kicking in the ass he's going to get tonight let's let him ride the bump jr. if he was smart he would do the right thing and walk away.
I have to agree that maybe he's the smart thing to do, but I'm not sure it's the right thing to do. there, this has gone on long enough. I'm sick of the interference and cheap shots, you two are going to settle this in a rematch at Unforgiven in a world heavyweight title match and just to make sure Shelton Benjamin and Ric Flair don't get involved. It's going to be a steel cage match did you hear that the team fights in a steel cage for the world heavyweight title at Unforgiven in prayer and Benjamin can't get to ringside Unforgiven is right I don't think Triple H is going to forgive Bischoff for this Junior cut the music cut the music I have just been brought to my attention about an obscure WWE regulation, since it turns out that the title cannot be disputed in a steel cage during the month of September and since this is September and that's a steel cage I have no choice but to overturn the referees decision such a thing I think you're right Junior that sounds like the virtual Reynolds amendment that has been on the books for years awaits due to the extraordinary circumstances that surround this title management I feel it's fair to vacate the title until a proper rematch can be done vacate the title what the hell is Bishop playing alright Bischoff is the general manager l raw he gets paid a lot of money to make the hard decisions he has to follow the rule book rule book my this has nothing to do with some assumptions virgil runnels amendment or anything else bischoff just screwed both men vote for my life I can't understand why one thing is for sure he's so lucky there's a steel cage between him and them Tag Team Champions like Heart Foundation or Legion of Doom yeah yeah Eugene or yeah that's how Eugene now that's enough yeah you're going to be a champion you need to stop acting like one hey i'm interrupting something no no not at all young master eugene was a little excited about our recent world tag team title win wasn't he?
Eugene yeah congratulations but here's a title defense against Edge and Christian on Taboo Tuesday good luck with that and to you as well in your match against Christian tonight he's more of a jerk than ever now that he and Edge they have met no joke be careful tonight you can look for Eugene as Nikolai Volkoff and in the Iron Sheik Iran number one USA hot chili good and just use the ropes he doesn't see nor Yugi Yugi is completely distracted as of custom, but this is one time. I do not blame him. Free beer isn't it obvious jr.
Hey, I'm just trying to soften up Ria Regal for her Tag Team Championship meeting at Taboo Tuesday. Surely it had to be to take advantage of it. Boss, there you have it. the return gift all is fair in love and title chase jr. So despite William Regal's injury the tag titles will be on the line all night and Taboo Tuesday, know about this one please you need to reconsider. TheEugene's uncle, Eric Bischoff, has a history of trying to crush Eugene's spirits. Eugene loves his title more than life itself and the fact that I can't defend my heart is a perfect excuse for him to strip us of their titles and hurt Eugene again for replacing you as tag team champion, it's a big responsibility if you don't do this might as well hand the titles over to those wretched tow-rax Edge and Christian.
I don't know about you, but I refuse to reward those two with a championship for crippling their opponents who barely had Woody's, yes, but you're facing Christian last week. tonight it's you vs edge you've explored both the men and our title defenses tomorrow night on taboo tuesday you're the only one who can help us ok ok ok i will there is a top man Thanks Eugene make sure to be entering ringside t tonight and pay no attention to that trish stratus scrubber don't let him distract you from the matter at hand despite the injury will ring the tag titles will be on the taboo line tuesday that's a replacement de Freegold manages to top her match tonight against that I'm sure you'd rather not but she has no right to leave you alone in the trees if she didn't know I'd say your teenager seems more concerned with her Stratus than her his own mate, can you blame him?
Junior, you should go over there and see if Trish needs rescue breathing and maybe some CPR. Everything went perfectly last week. Trish for a moment. I thought you were actually hurt. Look, if they stick with the plan, they'll be world tag team champions and we'll all be wearing gold when we leave here tonight. It won't be too hard, I mean he's not exactly a rocket scientist, you know. w I'd be surprised if he could tie his own boots and ugly man the hardest part of the match will be having to watch him closely hi sorry you hurt yourself yesterday Trish it's you yeah yeah thank you that's very sweet Eugene but you don't have to apologize it wasn't your fault actually Eugene if anyone has to apologize it's me I'm sorry I accidentally hurt William Regal two weeks ago I didn't realize he gave up I didn't expect he gave up so easily I guess it's not that hard like I thought it was Hey yeah but you know who should apologize to your so-called friend for hitting poor Trish last night is that kind of a partner you want is that kind of person you consider a friend Eugene someone who hits girls from behind um no i would like to be your friend eugene would you like to be friends with my little yes good boy now come with me i have something to discuss with you no i dont think so i could track even being around eugene she has a heart of gold.
That's for sure, if Jezebel has a heart, she's fool's gold. If you ask me, nothing good is going to come of this. I can guarantee you that a few moments ago you managed to beat Edge and Christian without help from anyone, but Eric Bischoff has ruled that because of the absence of Eugene, you lost the match, therefore, anti-christian are the new world champions in pairs. I have to ask you after that hard fought match with all the blood, sweat and tears you left in the ring, how does it feel to lose the world team? titles and you let William Regal down like that, how do you feel, Coach?, how do you feel?, how do you think he feels? the deck was stacked against him when his teammate Eugene decided not to show up for the game, what is his reaction when Eugene dropped the ball? ball Eugene you have to understand that it's Christian and that whore trish stratus and not your friends are trying to confuse you and take advantage of you but they said they were my friends and Trish is so pretty I wouldn't lie Eug Ene they took your tag team title last week after they talked you out of showing off for combat.
I know that I am sharing the titles with them. Trish said they're my friends and we had a big party last week after they want and they're not your friends they've already hurt me and they won't hesitate to take either of them if they're not careful look I've got a no fight disqualification against Christian tonight, I'm sure Edge will be ringside with them, Eugene, I need you to come to the ring with me, if you don't, they will gang up on me, you understand, good boy, Eugene? You two better get ready. I'm going to talk to your Uncle Eric about setting up a tag title rematch at Survivor Series, boy am I telling you Junior Eugene is as dumb as a sack of hammers.
I feel terrible for that poor young man. Someone will communicate with him somehow. you made me very very happy you know what i do for men who make me happy give them gifts you could say that and i have a present you can unwrap later tonight if you do me a little favor it's not my birthday i know silly but it's going to look like that no Eugene listen Eugene if you do exactly what I tell you tonight you're going to come back to my hotel room after the show do you understand Eugene listen edge has a match tonight against your old friend I'm afraid he's going to hurt edge and then he can hurt me again no but you can help edge we need you to be the special referee the extremely special referee referee like the dangerous Danny Davis there are brother days that's right Eugene I know you would do a great job for me tonight now go get ready hurry up shit santa i thought she was gonna die no well i guess we better get ready for your party huh bro yeah us you and me sorry bro me and trish have more plans for do, keep those belts warm, Christian, keep those belts warm, Christian, you're not the only one who can come up with a plan Trish Eugene lis Diez, to me, that whore is not your friend, she's using you and making a laughingstock of you, William, you just can't stand to see you, Jan, happy, can you?
He has friends, they're real friends now, and I think it's sad that you can't be happy. brother, now listen to me you vile little scum, young master Eugene is a good boy and the last thing he needs is to be corrupted by the likes of you, how are you? You are ruining the plan. Correction. I'm improving the plan. Called. this Plan C that limey regal was trying to screw everything up but as you can see it's over now this is how I'm going to get out of there omg Trish your Dean has gone crazy Eugene stop stop right now frankly , I don't care if you tear us apart like animals, but they are going to wait until Survivor Series this Sunday to do it, you see, I am making the fight for the world tag team title a ladder match, that is not all, since the contract additional incentive trish stratus will also be active. the match is trish titles and services for chris tian but heaven Christmas contract on the line have to verify someone man jr.
I wonder if it's too late William Regal from Goodman let me team up with Eugene win Trish would almost be worth it hey Eugene hold the tag title stupid son nice dumb mother wait we need to talk about Survivor Series you can't roll without me it seems that the ads and Trish weren't as enthusiastic about Plan C as Christian Walk. I believe that the problems of Christians are only beginning. Christian, I can't thank you enough for your help, my food, you certainly showed those puns as something and now that. we have the Titus back if you don't get it right, your Eagle must be crazy if he really expects the title to be handed over to him, here is your real title as a promise, but don't forget the other part of our deal in exchange for the title The contract of Trish is exclusive to you.
She's mine for next year. Work done. Small price to pay. know some thing you don't remember William years ago when Andre the Giant won the world title he tried to give it to the Million Dollar Man which the WWE commissioner said was illegal oh no I know where this is going the belt I was then, yes, I remember. Erica listen no regal you hear right I approved the substitute for your title defense when you got injured a few weeks ago that's not the case this time because you three just passed a championship indiscriminately without WWE approval the world tag team titles are here for the vacant officer just remove the lieutenants from the tag titles, why would he think that the title killer fishes Junior?
There is a precedent for that. This is a Bischoff decision and I have to agree ladies and gentlemen as you know tonight we witnessed a classic world heavyweight title match so before we start the Royal Rumble match let me formally introduce his new Bischoff's apparent desire to keep the world heavyweight championship. Raw vacant ampionship will in fact have a champion representing the brand in Russell mate and speaking of Eric Bischoff I plan to personally come to Raw tomorrow to get an explanation from him as to why he has vacated every title on the mr. Bingley is coming to Raw tomorrow night, take your pick right now who wouldn't broadly speaking, now remember that the man who wins the Royal Rumble tonight will get a title shot at the biggest sports entertainment spectacle of all time. times Russell Mania 22 yes the road to Wrestlemania starts off right Here right now in this very ring ladies and gentlemen here is your


Royal Rumble winner he beat out 29 other superstars to do it oh my god he'll have a chance for the title at WrestleMania 22, what am I right for him, what a night for Raw we have a new world heavyweight champion and a new number one contender.
I love the Royal Rumble Junior, it's okay, there's no point in going on longer than necessary. In the past few months, I've heard nothing but complaints from Raw superstars. and fans about the way Eric Bischoff has been criticized on almost every Raw to Earth title. I'm giving you a chance to come into this very room right now and explain your actions well, Eric. I don't think I need to remind you that you are on dangerous ground here tonight, so what do you have to say for yourself, Mr. McMahon, as everyone knows, you used to run WCW, the most dominant force in the sports entertainment industry, what was eighty-eight weeks in a row where we beat this very show in the ratings, yeah, and we all know how that turned out? outside, he used to be the undisputed king of sports entertainment.
I object to that and now look at me, I became nothing more than a foul under the thumb. The WWE Board of Directors knew everything about me Vince. I'm sick of it. I've been sick of it for a long time and about six months ago, I decided to do something about it. I was approached by someone who promised me enough financial backing to build a new sports-entertainment empire that would rival WWE's powerful exchange for backing. All I had to do was a kneecap. bra in any way I could while at the same time lending my genius to this new venture, Jaime's of course, so I stripped the raw superstars of their titles and put them in the most grueling matches conceivable and all the while my partner was making g deals and targeting WWE for a hostile takeover now you're probably wondering why I chose to reveal this master plan tonight frankly it's so close to being realized not even the great Vince McMahon can stop us now so it's It is my great pleasure to introduce you to my partner, he is a true titan of business and sports entertainment, put it away, he is JBL right?
McMahon's pathetic little plan for a month, sir, did he really think he could start vacating raw titles without me caring why he was doing it? I think Mr. McMahon may be way ahead of Bischoff. I've already contacted Smackdown GM Theodore, and while JBL doesn't even know it yet, this titan of sports business and entertainment, as they call him, was stripped of his WBA title and fired from Smackdown. . I know JPL is on its way here and I also knew you two had a dramatic reveal planned for your so called master plan the GBO is going to have a little more drama than I expected when it gets here tonight you see I got someone. waiting for JBL in the parking lot the man who won the opportunity to challenge Triple H for the world heavyweight title at WrestleMania Rod's number one contender will be JBL in the parking lot what does that mean jr.
I don't think he's there to roll out the King red carpet. I thought it might be a good warm up for Ross's title contender to take on a world champion before WrestleMania so when JBL shows up here tonight he'll find himself in a parking lot brawl and buy my watch JBL should be coming Right now you can't be serious you can't do this to me I'm Eric Bischoff I'm the general manager of the law I'm the only man to take on Vince McMahon and win Eric in case you haven't noticed now all you are is that It's not all there's going to be a parking lot fight between JBL and Rose's number one contender JBL may be a business-savvy Tyson but he's about to find out who slipped his 10 gallons and WrestleMania last week into that parking lot fight jvo was squatting jers got fired last week on behalf of all the lost superstars i played some again in alesson i saw what happens when you try to mess with the dominant sports entertainment brand that offending man his personal assurance that there would be no more interference on smackdown until after wrestlemania which is just how he wanted i said blood sweat and tears to get there where i am today The world heavyweight title is the crown jewel of our business and brings out the best in every superstar that comes along.
Nerys Bischoff should never understand that that's the only reason he's this X sub zero manager and speaking of the world heavyweight title, here's the world heavyweight champion Triple H, he won the Royal Rumble title, remember Jeff, how could I forget? I'm as surprised as anyone to realize we're on the same page this time this is the crown jewel of our business this is the ultimate prize this is the last thing all superstars think about when they go to sleep for the night and the first thing on their mind when they wake up and the only fundamental reason this title means so much is because it's around me, the game and being looser in the back. being mentioned at the same time as Triple H imagine that Junior who would not want to be mentioned next to an all-time great like Triple Eight but listen to me Barry care


y this title is part of me and I am part of him without the title my life is not It makes sense without me this title is just a belt if you can have your chance against me at WrestleMania but you will never beat me for this title you will never take it from me so take a good look now cause this is the closest you'll get while I'm here and why, because I'm so good oh my god Triple H just knocked him out you cold noble champion.
I tell you what Triple H makes me sick, he just won. the title and I can't wait for someone to take it away dammit we've only been without a GM for a week and Raw is already turning into him stay away there's a hurricane coming he's the big green tomato. What's up boy, now this is enough you cowardly villains, the hurricane is here to bring you to justice and the truth, the honor and the integrity of the World Heavyweight Championship and how exactly are you going to do that by relieving yourself of that title, for Of course, with justice on my side and my powers at my disposal and I'll do it like you don't have a chance, yes, but it's not going to fill his brain with blood in a second.
You want to face me for the world heavyweight title to visit. I don't think I'm ready to take on a superhero tonight, at least not. I'll just tell you what if you and your buddy take me and Ric Flair here and now. I'm sure you're familiar with the concept of a superhero putting together a team of contending citizens for just one night. I would accept you as my sidekick. and join forces with you to defeat Triple H's evil plans. The battle is on. There's the hurricane and his sidekick in the GM's office, but who's in the gym chair?
Junior. I have no idea. King, it's not Eric Bischoff. you have to be kidding surprise e I bet you two didn't expect to see the coach in the GMs chair you are the new row GM what about one day? good, mr. McMahon likes to say that I'm the interim GM and he's still looking for a permanent replacement, but I think we all know he's just saying that to smooth over some bruised egos. I mean, where are you going to find a better general manager than the cup? okay well if you are done talking about yourself let's talk about Triple H and what he did to me last week it was coming to that don't rush coach or I'll take away your title shot just kidding coach.
He is famous for his sense of humor. Now I know you two gentlemen are skeptical, but let me give you a couple of bouts as a show of good faith. WrestleMania for the trainer fans, but I'll give you guys a shot tonight against Triple H's right-hand man Ric Flair in a submission match and as for you Hurricane, I'll give you exactly what you were looking for last week. , a world heavyweight title. fight tonight against Triple H himself a title match He thinks it's a pony career opportunity but citizen coach? What happens when he beats the police tonight and wins the world heavyweight title?
You probably don't expect me to fight my partner at WrestleMania. Defeated Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title. a funny guy hurricane sometimes i think you're almost as funny as me now go ahead gentlemen the coach is a busy man and they have matches to prepare the meal what an absolute jacket what is wrong to deserve that as a GM why do it i have a feeling that triple eight is very worried about tonight's title defense day, the odds may be against the hurricane, no doubt about it, but that young hero has all his heart in the ground, there's a hurricane coming, you know? let's just say anything can happen in WWE and from the looks of it there must be some kryptonite in that deck which will be the shortest time defense on record damn dam mentions it never starts but i guarantee you one thing Triple H is not good for getting off the meds.
I wonder what our interim GM will do about it, of course, with noses like theirs, it's hard for them to keep them out of almost every complaint Nature Boy let slip. Hey the deal was, he'd keep me out of the way after the game. I'd say you idiots should kick me out of the fucking ring. we were too hard on you but let me tell you something, you're going to have it a lot worse than that when I give you the first world heavyweight title shot after WrestleMania so let me ask you was it worth it to beat a bit what you want? head home and cry yourself to sleep with Triple H and don't get me wrong I can take whatever you give me but if you try to betray y2j you will never make it to Wrestlemania.
I can't believe Chris Jericho is selling. the soul of him to that turbo devil late in as soon as he got a good price for him, Junior, as long as Triple H retains the title at WrestleMania, Jericho is the next number one contender. I'd be happy to seat the coach. I attacked my number one contender after your match last week and then you combined it here tonight and why the title match against Triple H after WrestleMania in case you forgot the trainer is the general manager of raw manager interim general you beat me is Junior and that means the coach calls the shots around here so Jericho Flair get out of my ring before I lose my temper and trust me you don't want to be in the ring with the coach would I lose my temper? he convinces Bob more than he can chew.
I can't say I'm sorry to see it, but I'm sorry to say it seems like they're just getting intimate and still running the show here. Don't expect to talk to two former world champions like you want to ask for raw superstars hoop and so you better be able to back it up that gives me an idea what you're talking about ok I'll tell you later jr. but first i have to give mr. McMahon one call ok Christy Stacy let's go over tonight's show one more time, first we have a bikini contest followed by a bra and panty match and then there's the diva talent show and the dress match tonight and you two at a cake meal contest I love raw I never thought I would see Jerry the King Lawler as interim general manager of raw okay girls I have some serious business to deal with here I'll see you both later tonight okay Lawler yeah you're about to end up beating the Divas keep it there first of all watch your tone i'm the interim general manager of raw so you have to respect the position now i'm not a jerk like the coach but i'm not going to be a pushover like he is enough fair, but what are you going to do with Triple H Ric Flair and Chris Jericho?
I've taken everything I'm going to take from them and if you don't do something about it I'm going to take matters into my own hands that's exactly what I expected you to say look regardless of how I feel about you I want a title fight at the Royal Rumble and you're going to be the main event of WrestleMania. I don't like the idea of ​​Ric Flair or Chris Jericho ruining the biggest fight of the year on Raw, so I'll give you the chance to do something about it. Tonight I did a first blood match for you against your choice of any of them, so who do you want to eliminate?
I mean facing someone who is going to take control of the situation. it's been years since that idiot psycho showed us wearing masks around here let's just say his timing is flawless the south jimmy hart can't believe what i'm seeing like i said before mr. McMahon, can't be happy that Jimmy is breaking up and humanity has invaded his ring since the world heavyweight title returned to Raw. It's been nothing but chaos around here. Ron needs a GM who can restore order, so with the power of Mr. McMahon and this megaphone, that person is none other than myself, South mouth Jimmy, you gotta be kidding, that mouth Jimmy Hart is the raw general manager.
He knew he should have kept the job for a few more weeks. that was not a job for you next to Jimmy Hart you have a long history in this business you commit the excellent general manager in my opinion you can thank you for showing the paranoid two weeks away from WrestleMania mr. McMahon made me GM I said I might need some muscle kicking the water around here and well that's why I'm asking you to be the daddy musharraf on Jimmy Horn when you asked me to sign on as sheriff my first reaction was respectfully decline.
After all, your offer. I have enjoyed a happy retirement. Maintenance of a boiler room. Hobbyist taxidermy. masturbator. But after having seen walls in the last few weeks. in nursing homes I myself know what I'm talking about, in fact I have to agree with you that as an unstable, unpredictable, sadistic, £287 best-selling author with a bachelor's degree, here's a perfectly fine flu job. qualified, except that as for you, you have a chance. at the world heavyweight title at WrestleMania, actually I have great memories of main events like that, I'll have to forgive myself if I can't remember exactly who they are and next week as a special. ak preview you and me are going to have a tag team fight against the same SOPs we just removed from there the testicular fortress to enter the ring against all odds for a change so as the new sheriff the bra I have six words for you or five including one with a script I'd like to borrow from a certain prickly acquaintance of mine bye have a nice day the new general manager of raw is jimmy hart and their new sheriff has been good and he's going to partner with a number one contender next week, can you believe it?
King, I normally trust mr. The McMahon AR trial but I think those two running rough is a train wreck waiting to happen so let me get this straight the demented walking hermit crab humanity breaks out of a dungeon and Jimmy Hart appoints him sheriff overseas because He wants to end the chaos around here. that's like trying to start a fire by pouring gasoline on it everyone in this field knows humanity and I can't stand each other it should be pretty obvious to Hart Vince and everyone else that humanity is just a sour one who's been broken who's taking advantage of the chance to sabotage my world heavyweight title reign for those who think they can just come on Raw and start ordering someone like me, sorry to interrupt Triple H, but your little rant seemed to raise this question for a man calling. he himself is the Brain Killer.
I have to wonder how cerebral you really are seeing how you come here to talk about the new sheriff in town and I hate to point out the obvious but it seems as of last week Jimmy Hart is your new boss and you can be sure that the new boss isn't the same as the old boss so he thinks i'm impressed humanity he thinks i'm scared i know he's a concussion away from a lifetime pass to the madhouse so just in case he You may have forgotten, let me remind you that I am a 10-time world champion and I must admit that it takes a special talent to win the title ten times, just like you must admit that it takes a special talent to lose it that many times, but how do you like to keep track? of things like that, you are in luck, you will see that you will have the opportunity to add another loss to your record if you lose that title again at WrestleMania. see Triple H Jimmy Hart's on needing to find a partner that will not only keep your ponies out but keep you in so I suggested a little fight which I hold near and dear to my heart not to mention my broken kidney broken ribs and incisor that found its way across my upper lip and lodged in my nostrils for all the world to see, so in case you haven't guessed, let me explain, your world heavyweight title fight at WrestleMania will be Kelvin a sale at WrestleMania, oh my lord, triple H, what did he do to him? he deserves this card humanity is trying to sabotage him you can't do that i am the heavyweight champion of the world i am the best fighter alive today mr.
Socko, putting aside whatwhat the new general manager said in Sharon for Triple H, I hope he's okay, he will have to become the world, heaviness is at stake Oh, fight at WrestleMania and we are going to say a preview to give him credit Junior takes defeating a champion as Triple H and on the greatest stage in sports entertainment the game can have be aware of the carnage the carnage no one could have survived this will be the shortest title fee on record there is no way our new champion will rise from that and someone call a doctor for Triple H well he better call a vet because he is an animal ladies and gentlemen as you know tonight we witnessed a classic world heavyweight title fight so Before the Royal Rumble match begins, let me formally introduce your new, come Bischoff's apparent desire to keep the World Heavyweight Championship vacant. raw will have a champion representing the brand at WrestleMania and speaking of Eric Bischoff, I plan to personally go to raw tomorrow to get an explanation from him as to why he has vacated every single mr.
Bingley is coming to Rolla tomorrow night. The pick of Eric Bischoff right now, who generally speaking wouldn't remember now, the man who wins tonight's Royal Rumble will earn a title shot at the greatest sports-entertainment spectacle of all time. WrestleMania 22, yes, the road to Wrestlemania begins. Right here right now in this very ring I would like to start off tonight's show by congratulating all of the Raw superstars on their performances yesterday at the Royal Rumble I think there is no doubt that Ross proved to be the top brand that I would like to single out especially To Kane, a new Intercontinental Champion, and to Batista, our new World Heavyweight Champion, for putting on two of the best matches in WWE history, that's why they went intercontinental on new benches for Eric Bischoff, sadly there were some issues with the tables here we go. again so i'm afraid i have no choice but to see mr.
Brickley in my life do you think Bischoff was about to vacate the titles again jr. I have no doubt that this is exactly what Eric was going to do. I speak for all the superstars in the locker room and all the WWE fans around the world when I say I've had enough of you pulling titles off Raw. superstars and tonight here and now i want a fucking explanation of your actions if that's what you want vince well that's exactly what you're going to get today he's eaten he's a smackdown superstar how did he get to the arena alright eric?
Looks like Vince wants in on our little scheme. I guess there's nothing wrong with that, since there's no way he can stop us. We plan to meet. Vince, Eric Bischoff and I have been working closely the past few months on providing the financial baggage to salute a petty wrestling empire. Eric has been handicapped and raw by keeping titles from him late. I do not think so. That means when Eric and I trade against you, you won't just have to beat. the ct dad i am the highest profile champion in the business today he will also have to accept that he almost destroyed WWE when he ran WC and we all know how that turned out mr.
McMahon put WCW out of business, so Vance, this is your first, last, and only chance to get out of our ring before I come down and do something you'll regret, you think you can intimidate me JBL, you think you scared me. I'm Vincent Kennedy McMahon, damn it, I'm the president of the biggest sports-entertainment empire in history. I didn't get to this point because I was an ignorant fool. You think you're the only one who can come up with a secret plan. I was waiting. I wouldn't have to resort to this, but desperate times call for desperate measures, oh my God, it can't be.
McMahon, you know when you hired me, it was specifically written in my contract that no physical violence against me would be allowed, as long as I'm the general manager of Raw, either one of us lays a finger on me, I'll sue you. for all you got you know austin has to admit he has a good point which is not acting rashly here let me see if i can figure out a way to resolve this little misunderstanding eric bischoff you're fired and now roz without a GM austin would like offer you the job, although we have never agreed, but Raw needs you, Steve.
I hate to admit it, but I need you here to clean up this fucking mess. You know it's when you call me and beg me. being the new general manager of raw that was the happiest moment of my life so far seeing you in the middle of this ring and your stupid suit and begging stone cold oh please don't cut the path and solve all my problems damn if they don't let the old man cool down the really special aspect i'll let it slide because i need a man like you to keep JBL out of Raw affairs plus i'm sure at least one of Ross's superstars must be working with JBL from the inside this mole he needs to find the media so what you're saying is you're asking stone code to find some fucking traitor who'll open a can of whoop-ass on a fucking dime and maybe just raise some hell Yeah, sounds like a job for Stone.
Cold Steve Austin tells you what if you want to see Stone Colors the new GM give me hell yeah ok Vince you got a GM and my first owner is you can get out of my ring and that's the Bottom line, A custom goal has been set, so if there's a problem with the bank, this is going to be a train wreck. Junior. I know everything is fine. the fact that he's not a good yellow something is that he's not going to give up on his own b Since Bischoff got fired, Kayne Bautista, you guys better watch out, you're not.
Bischoff was trying to take away the titles for everyone to hurt the show around his waist and could be a target on his heads. I'm not worried about JBL or anyone. the others that Smackdown I say to bring them if they think they have what it takes, yes, anyone from Smackdown or Raw thinks they are going to take the title from me. They're the raw champions, they're going to take care of their titles and they're not going to look to mix it up with a Smackdown and that's all I have to say about it, as far as they signed for a world heavyweight title match against Batista in WrestleMania if I were JBL you'd be at the top of my list and since I'm the new sheriff in town I'll make you my deputy to find out who else around here is working for Smackdown and open up a whooping can. ass completely cold, stop, I have any suggestions on who to start with, hey, I heard how the new general manager steve austin wants you to watch me because he thinks I'm a traitor to raw well I have a message for him and for you I'm not a traitor and if you want to call me a liar better be ready to back that up whoa calm down benoit no one is calling you a traitor you are coming here from smackdown to go after the world heavyweight title it may seem a bit fishy although maybe jbl has been planning this for much longer than expected that no one noticed if it's just a coincidence you have nothing to worry about if you don't see that I came to Raw for a reason to prove that I was the best WWE superstar in the world by winning the world heavyweight title on Most prestigious award in our business Every big business decision is made because of the title My advice Follow the trail of gold and you'll find out who has the most to win Follow the trail of gold or what is that supposed to be? he's a traitor in case you forget So, I'm the Intercontinental Champion and I don't like being called a traitor, screw, Stone Cold, his lieutenant and this stupid investigation.
I'm going to start beating the truth out of people and I'm going to start with you, Benoit. game relax you got defensive pretty quick i almost have to wonder if you're trying to hide something is that right order and i wonder if you and benoit are working together for jbl me working with benoit in case you have forgotten. Legend Killer ended Chris' first world heavyweight title reign. Do you think he would want to work with me? Come on Kane. You sound crazier than ever. solid I thought that's why I'm sitting in it dead end this Sunday to raise hell and see what you can dig up dead end that's a smackdown pay-per-view did you clear this with your feet or long heck I have no shelter No i cleared it up with teddy a long time from what i know he's on the couch with jbl, also if ted wants to keep all the superstars out of smackdown he should never have let jbl get to raw ok that's a good point.
I will see that there is no departure this Sunday. What's on the program for tonight? It depends on you. once Batista what the hell are you doing in JBL's limo only I could ask you the same question you're asking here - Smackdown pay-per-view Austin sent me here to look for suspicious behavior and you coming out of the WWE champions the limo seems to me pretty suspicious look you got it all wrong im trying to get to the bottom of the situation like you i came here to confront JBL about his plan to hurt Raw he told me stone cold is the new general. manager he's given up let me get this straight you say you weren't just colluding with JBL in the comfort of his limo but you were confronting JBL over their takeover but now JBL says he's going to give up anyway and I guess you I'll say you believed him not like a mat In fact, I didn't believe him and challenged him to a fight.
I was going to destroy him tonight and end his plans myself. If you're calling me a liar, then you and I can work this out right here, right now. a fucking traitor is wrong now as much as i'd like to rob the world in every way of a jerk he's going to hire for a wrestlemania title defense so i guess it's up to my deputy to take it from him. Austin is doing us all a favor and shut the fuck up, do you want to send the SmackDown Raw Superstars where we think we return the favor on Raw?
We're always on the same page, but we'll be damned if we let an invasion go unanswered. killing him they're killing stone cold steve austin someone's gotta stop this toto with these guys is all you got ain't that the best wall? Do you want some of this? Come on we didn't do this quick and painless hostile takeover guys make yourself comfortable because we're not going anywhere keep your sugar sweet JBL he wouldn't be ready for your little attack. Week you think you'll be that lucky again, you big corporate bastard. Great, all your stupid limo in the garage tonight. - butt on JBL with steel chair this year give me a head you heard that JBL so get your butt in the ring so I'll drop it and dry it you gotta be kidding do you think I'm going to walk through that ring while holding a gun I did the I came here to do last week Boston, you could be the general manager of Wall, you're the sheriff or Mayberry or whatever, but I've got John Bradshaw Layfield, I'm right among champions, I'm a wrestling god. you had no authority over me at all no JB oh you could be WBA champion but I am the president of World Wrestling Entertainment and I never forgot it now you tried to threaten me last month Steve Austin might not have legal authority over you, but since you have a contract with the initials WB, I sure have it and the Brussels mania.
Just six days from now I'm giving these raw fans a preview of the main event so tonight and that very ring it's going to be JBL and Batista against the number one contender for the world heavyweight title and Texas Stone rattlesnake Cold Steve Austin and I have two more stipulations to add: first, if Austin's team wins, the number one contender will win the right to choose the type of match they will face Batista in at WrestleMania, and second, to ensure they don't end up more inexperienced employees on your payroll. tonight JBL I'm becoming the special referee you can't do this you can't do this I'm the WWE champion I'm a rich man I'm your big stupid jerk and the cold said I can I don't think so the heavyweight champion of the world and one other contender in a match here tonight, Stone Cold and Vince McMahon, the WWE, this may be the best blunder ever. kenny jessica has nothing to do with the new raw junior champions clearinghouse i hope it's the last we see of jbf are videos

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