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WWDC 2024 Recap: Is Apple Intelligence Legit?

Jun 11, 2024
So we just wrapped up with arguably one of the biggest Apple WWDC keynotes of all time, maybe just because of the state of the world and what everyone expects from tech companies in


, which is AI at its best. compared to what is interestingly done with Apple this time. Apple had AI in the back half of what they did literally the entire first half of the keynote they didn't say AI once zero times and then in the second hour everything was just fine yeah we actually have a lot of stuff of AI to share. with you and they just spit it all out and of course they managed to flag it because of course they made AI for them, now it's Apple


, but look, I watched and live-tweeted the entire 2 hour long keynote so you don't have to and I've put together all my thoughts and all the biggest announcements, so this is all you need to know about what's new and some of my thoughts on it, so I'll go in the same order that Apple did.
wwdc 2024 recap is apple intelligence legit
I am going to start. with Vision OS and somehow we're already on Vision OS 2.0 less than half a year after Vision Pro was first announced and there are some solid new features, but I don't know if I'd call this 2.0 worthy, it feels more like an update 1.2, but that's okay, whatever we do, so there's a new wrist twist gesture to quickly see the time and battery percentage and then you can jump straight from there to the control center instead of having to look up at the ceiling. like you had to do before, it reminds me of Oculus Quest every time, it's easy, it's an upgrade, there are a lot of immersive multimedia features, like they let you go through your old photos and use advanced machine learning to turn them into space photos, which which is It's really interesting if it works and there are also new tools to help people create spatial videos and immersive videos on cameras other than the iPhone, but of course you can only view them on a Vision Pro, so who knows how valuable this will turn out. but this year Mac mirroring will get a lot more resolution thanks to it now doing fixed rendering on the Mac, so it basically frees up a ton of resources and allows you to double the resolution so you can make a gigantic ultrawide image.
wwdc 2024 recap is apple intelligence legit

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wwdc 2024 recap is apple intelligence legit...

You want there to be a lot more space for Windows and Activities love it and that's it again, it's not the biggest 2.0 update we've seen, but it looks like there are some interesting updates there, including some new environments and ability to rearrange your home screen. Home, believe it or not, you couldn't do it before, now you can, but speaking of rearranging your home screen, iOS just got one of the biggest or at least most interesting updates in a long time and I'm just going. If you're an Android user, I would say for the next 2 minutes and 3 minutes, just unplug the keyboard for a second and relax because yes, we've had these features for a long time, but now they're from the iPhone.
wwdc 2024 recap is apple intelligence legit
It's your time to shine, so you'll officially finally be able to place icons wherever you want on the iOS 18 home screen grid, and it was hilarious that this got a moment of applause from the audience during the keynote, as if they'd just invent a new one. feature, but hey, you've been waiting a long time for this, have fun, but they didn't stop there, they added a bunch of other customization features to the iPhone 2 home screen and it started to get a little more interesting, look, there are This new theme engine now allows you to go in and change the color of every icon and widget on your home screen to the same color so you can really match your wallpaper with your icons to frame it nicely and have matching colors everywhere. something simple and we've been doing it on Android with launchers for years, but the thing about these is that before this moment, basically all iPhone home screens look the same, we've been saying that they've given you the ability to become go crazy and ruin your home screen if you want and people seem to want to do that.
wwdc 2024 recap is apple intelligence legit
I've seen some rough home screens that people are making on Twitter, a lot of them just look terrible and I think the biggest thing I noticed is that it seems like there are apps that handle this whole color thing well and then there are apps that don't. they do and they just seem to tint everything, it just literally applies one color tone to the entire icon on the home screen, which causes all sorts of readability issues. Look well, there are widgets that look horrible and are just unreadable, so yes, you can create some pretty home screens if you want, but you can also create some really ugly home screens and I was trying to decide if I like this more or less . than what Google did on pixels with U material.
I think it's technically better because it works on all icons. I don't know how many settings I've tried where I wanted the monochrome icons, but there are only a few of my apps that don't support it, so they end up looking like they stick out like a sore thumb, so at least Apple lets you change all the icons to the same. time, but anyway Apple also redesigned the control center to be completely customizable on multiple pages. So again, there's a lot more going on here and there are a lot more customizable shortcuts in more places, including finally replacing the flashlight and camera on the home screen without jailbreaking, finally and the list goes on, stop me if you've heard this before, but there are now you can make hidden apps inside your app drawer so you can lock apps in a hidden folder which makes it easier than ever to hide Tinder from your wife.
There are also scheduled text messages and iMessage. Great, they're finally having fun there. text format there are satellite messages Support for RCS was very casual but was briefly mentioned. The photos app is redesigned. There is also a game mode that now minimizes background activity and minimizes Bluetooth latency for peripherals. Great and a new automatic categorization in the new Mail app so you can tell me there's been a lot of stuff. I'll definitely make a bigger Focus only iOS 18 video so you can see everything new. There are a lot of little things that didn't appear in the keynote, so I'll do a full one.
Go deeper just for that be sure to subscribe to be among the first to see I think we are catching up with Apple and subscribers will be nice if we overtake them that would be crazy then airpods will get minor updates like voice isolation during phone calls, spatial audio during gaming, and the ability to respond to a message by simply nodding or shaking your head, taken straight from the Sony headphones. I like it, although controlling it without using your voice is nice, so Apple TV gets this new feature where you can slide the remote down at any time during a show and it just shows you all the actors and character names of the people on the screen and whatever song is currently playing in real time and there is also a feature that enhances people's voices so you can always hear them over the music and then see the operating system.
They got this little workout mode that balances your workout trends over time and evaluates how hard a workout was versus how hard it might have been and then iPad OS, so this was supposed to be Apple's big break. to really convince us that the iPad is something special that has something that would convince us that we would want to get the newest one, the M4, which just came out just on your phone or on a Mac and I will say it got an amazing feature, but actually It didn't do much more than that, so the iPad gets all the things I talked about with the iPhone, full home screen customization, customizable control center, new photos app, etc., it's all great, too There's a feature in Share Playy that allows you to remotely log in and control someone's iPad when they allow it, which seems like a small thing, but I promise it's huge for family tech support, you know who?
They're just the one awesome new feature on the iPad in iPad OS 18 and you think I'm kidding, but I'm serious when I say this, it's the calculator app, it's the new calculator. I promise you I was so ready to mate. On this, like I had drafted a tweet while they were talking about it, we finally brought the calculator to the iPad and there were screenshots and it looked like the iPhone app and I was like, this is really what you were. I was so excited to have that CED clip ready of Craig Federi saying yes, we had to do something super special to finally get his calculator to the iPad, but then they pulled the Apple Pencil out of the way and pulled out what's called math notes and it was pretty sick, so now on the iPad you can write equations by hand and it will understand what you wrote and answer the question in your handwriting and then if you adjust the equation or add new information or something, it updates automatically.
The response was so sick. I don't know why I'm so impressed with this, but it was really cool to play with and see, so if that wasn't impressive enough, it also supports variables so you can have variables written all over the place. the page, so look at this, it has G and to the equation and will give you a graph with real-time adjustment of any of the variables in your equation. I mean, I wish I was in 6th grade again, so this could be my full-time calculator. This is sick now at this point in Keynote they haven't even said the word like AI once, but I think this is clearly AI.
This is like handwriting recognition. This is like the semantic understanding of all the things that happen on the page. It's a good AI. Well interpreted. Craig, you did it. Okay, but this is before the actual AI section, but it was also not mentioned in the scenario, but it will also come to the iPhone calculator app, but then Mac OS Mac OS has its newest version. It's called Sequoia and it also has a nice little grab bag of new features, there's automatic window snapping now finally built in, you no longer need a third party app to do it.
Sherlocked, there are built-in backgrounds for any app that uses webcam streaming, there is also a new password app. that basically takes what was hidden in the previous setup and turns it into its own standalone app, so it's actually on Mac, iPad, and iPhone, but probably the most important thing is iPhone mirroring, so this is another continuity feature that basically allows you to always see your phone wirelessly. iPhone on your Mac merges your notifications and audio with your Macs and lets you drag and drop things back and forth between your phone next to you and your Mac.
I wonder if this hits your phone's battery harder than the normal. I'm not really saying Obviously, so I'll have to try this, but I figure if you're just sitting on a wireless charger then it won't matter, but I'll check it out, but then we get there, they did all the sections. with all the other operating systems and now we get to the part where Apple is going to talk about AI stuff now. I don't know if you remember this, but a couple of months ago, not too long ago, I made a whole video about all these phrases that it seems like Apple refused to say on stage they just wouldn't say them and AI is one of them they just didn't say them. they would say anything else neuron Nets machine learning all kinds of things like that, but the These are the times when people want to hear Apple talk about AI, so they finally did it and they liked it too.
I told you they renamed it just for them just to rename AI and now it's called Apple Intelligence in Apple Land so this is basically what you need to know about Apple


so Apple already had features of artificial intelligence in their devices before they had the neural engine inside their chips and they've done things like, you know, intelligently cropping subjects out of photos, they've done things. like autocomplete on the keyboard that already existed, but this new intelligence from Apple is basically a set of these new generative models and what they do on their devices, so there are these new diffusion models, generative models, and big language models that they're all built by Apple and bringing new functionality to supported devices and in fact, I'm taking it out right away.
These are only compatible with the highest-end versions of Apple Silicon currently available, so that only means iPhone 15 Pro and any iPad with M1 or later and any Mac with M1 or later, so what does that look like? Basically, starting with these new operating systems,There's a little set of tools that are scattered everywhere, it's not like there's an Apple Intelligence app or something, they're just scattered everywhere. so here's an example of writing tools, we all know how powerful these great language models can be, so whenever you type in Pages or Keynote or basically anywhere there is a cursor, you can use writing tools To summarize or rewrite something you've already written, you can change the writing style or simply review only basic and useful things.
Here's another one. Remember the Magic Eraser tool in Google Photos and these Android phones that use it. Apple is finally making it integrated into its own Photos app as well. It is a cleansing. tool and it's basically the same idea: this will identify background elements, allow you to circle elements you don't like in your photos and just get rid of them, fill the background with gene to fill it up super fast and there are also generative emojis. and this may seem really old because I would never use it, but apparently there's a whole group of people who go searching for emojis, find out there's one that doesn't exist, and say, I wish I could make an emoji for this moment right now and for those people, yeah , now you can generate a new Emoji. you can literally type it in like a message and the broadcast model will create that new emoji from scratch in the style of all the other emojis and they had a whole system called image playground that is built into a bunch of Apple apps but also has its own standalone app that lets you create these cute little square images with prompts in three different styles, illustration and sketch animation, and yes, there are also Siri enhancements that use large language models to better understand overall context and, In general, be better and more natural at being a non-garbage assistant and later in the year you will also be able to extract information from inside the apps and perform actions within the apps for you as well.
I remember when this was like a big Bixby feature on Samsung phones, so it's cool. To see, also, there's also a pretty new full screen animation when you activate Siri to tie it all together, her voice has apparently been updated slightly and now you can also type to Siri instead of speaking out loud to her every time, which is long . delayed, but also nice, there are Notes app summaries, there are phone call summaries, all kinds of features that you already know sprinkled in like I said, I definitely want. I think I'll end up making a video just summarizing/testing/reviewing all the Apple intelligence stuff.
Because it's all over the place, but now you know what it is, but one question that's been floating around the internet is what things happen on the device versus things that have to go to the cloud and this also comes up a lot because you may have also heard talk about Apple specifically partnering with open AI to integrate GPT 40 chat into this Apple intelligence stuff, so it's a big question that everyone is asking, so I got the official answers from Apple and the answer is basically that almost everything happens on the device intentionally and those are the models built by Apple, so it should be as fast as it happens, but on the off chance that there are things that are too complex or outside the area of specialization of Apple models, then you can basically go two ways: one is to a larger server-based model which is on servers that Apple has built with Apple Silicon using what they call private cloud computing, so basically the information is never stored or sent to Apple, you will still have the disadvantages of having to leave the device. uploading to the cloud may take a little longer if you're in an area with terrible internet, it may not work at all, but on the off chance that this is like something very complex that could benefit from those models, that's what will try to do it , but the other is when you specifically ask it for something that GPT chat would be good at, and if that happens, then it will specifically ask you, hey, is it okay if I ask GPT chat for an answer to this question and then you can give it? a yes or no on the spot, so every time you want to do this, whether it's to upload a photo that you're asking something about or just a complex message in general, this little dialog box appears and you have to say yes every time and then you can take advantage of everything that the open AI model is capable of or generate different random image styles even more realistic or varied that Apple's diffusion models would never do.
All of this is free without an account. At no time is Open Aai allowed to store. any of these requests and Apple has also said that they will obscure your IP address, so you can't even open the AI, you can't even connect multiple requests together to form a profile of you, just a lot of thought has gone into doing this ideally. As secure and private as possible version of going to the cloud for AI functions, so yeah, it's really interesting, there's a lot of interesting things happening here. I think my general opinion on many of the WWDC announcements and with Apple's intelligence.
The first thing is that, like the Humane pin and the R1 rabbit, they were so doomed from the start that even if they were good up to this point, there's just no way they could be as good as these things on your phone. with all the personalization, all the information they already know about you, so I guess it's confirmed, but it also feels like we've entered a new era with Apple. I think the AI ​​stuff is so important that it's what we're most interested in and it overshadows, honestly, what might be your favorite non-aai feature of the last two things: moving apps and home screen icons everywhere Well it might be the most important thing, but it's up to this point now. all about what these smart things can really do for you and what they can bring to you, so that's what I'm really excited about.
I'll be working on some videos on a lot of this stuff very soon, so definitely, like I said, subscribe if you haven't already, but this has been your overview. What you need to know. Thanks for watching. I'll see you in the next peace.

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