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Wout van Aert CAN RECOVER

Mar 30, 2024
welcome to beyond the cover John Chris horer in today's edition we have to go back to dwars dorf landrin and talk about the repercussions that we will see later in the season here in 2024 we saw Wild van AR fall hard, we saw them sliding towards the side of the road and then falling on his back until help arrived, we saw his torn shirt and we saw him being taken out in the ambulance. Now, the next day, we started seeing some members of the press. from VI molisa bike talking about how his broken collarbone was a successful surgery.
wout van aert can recover
Now we saw that he had some broken ribs and a sternum, but we don't know exactly the extent of the fracture there, but when we look at the article we see. Molisa motorcycles say that the juro is still a possibility or is still in doubt. You look at the article and they don't say if he is going to do the jural or he is not going to do the jural, which tells me that the sternum and the ribs are fractures and not complete breaks now in 2014, after winning the Balta ESP. I told you yesterday about the butterfly effect that the next season, while traveling with Lampe, I got hit by a car in the tunnel.
wout van aert can recover

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wout van aert can recover...

I had four spiral fractures that had been crushed in my ribs, so there were complete breaks of four ribs that punctured my lungs. I still made the tour to France, that's why I spoke to you yesterday about the butterfly effect dur dors or vanderin, the great guy who has the wild art of the van. I'll focus on the tour to France when you look at the article, although today, as I said before, Vima has not yet been removed from the judicial list, so that tells me the other rib and sternum fractures, making an educated guess here it says. that his fractures and not complete breaks and that they are PL like clavicle now, if you put a plate in his clavicle, he can return to training the next day.
wout van aert can recover
I mean, it's crazy how quickly the doctors put the plate on the collarbone, which they said was already covered. It was a successful surgery, meaning W could get back on the bike and one day, two days on the trainer, no problem. 5 days. I've seen athletes compete in major events after having a collarbone plate applied when trying to do Torto Frances. and other big sporting events, it has happened many times, so if you put a plate in your collarbone that will heal it quickly and that will allow you to get back on the bike, you have 37 days to prepare for the jro, that is very important if had complete breaks. in the ribs or sternum there was a complete break, he is not doing J, there is no doubt that I have broken my ribs many times, it is almost an annual occurrence and sometimes if I missed one year, the next year I


wout van aert can recover
Having three rib fractures throughout the season, so you can run with rib fractures, it's uncomfortable whether or not you can be 100% fit, that's another thing, but remember that W comes from altitude, it came to yesterday dwars door vanderin as a second race after altitude, meaning his form should be exceptionally good. He looked exceptionally well just before that accident with 67km to go in yesterday's race, so if he gets back on his bike and trains right away and if the sternum and ribs were just fractures, he could still do the jural. I don't doubt it at all, but if they are more than just fractures, when we talk about the ribs, he is not making the mistake, there is no doubt that we are.
We will see him in the Tor de France, now Mads Pon, he has to be the next big favorite that will be affected here in the face of the Tour of Flanders due to the accident at 67 km. The Tre Rider says that he will do absolutely everything he can to do in Flanders, that means the accident was hard for him. He's a little doubtful about how he'll feel the next day when he gets on his bike or the next day when he's sitting on his Chester Field. I'm sure more. It's probably his bike, but he's hoping to do the Flanders tour, so that means the accident wasn't as bad for him as it was for Wild Van Ard.
The problem is the mats, let's say he goes on a tour of Flanders, he's there, he got hit a little bit, so he lost a percentage, he was already 1%, maybe 2% behind Matthew Vanderpool's Fitness. I know he won there against Matthew Vanderpool by pulling like crazy for 20 kilometers, but I don't know if Mads can beat Matthew Vanderpool now. Let's go to Flanders, there will be many more towns. We will have the Padberg with only 15 17 km before the end of the race. There won't be a 30 35km flat section in FL where of course. Mads has more time to


after Matthew Vanderpool's massive accelerations that we'll see in Flanders from a guy who didn't crash into Doris or Flander, so kill him Pon if he lost 1% and I already think maybe it's one. two% behind Matthew Vanderpool in terms of fitness, anyway the race will be 20 kilometers longer than the gentleman, it will be a tough task for Matt Pon to get in there and split it with Matthew Vanderpol, other things to look at.
Alex Kersch went. below he broke his hand in the accident he is Trek we look at the other teammate yasper stens fell he broke his collarbone the classic seasons ended and in his social post he said North hell came early he will see you guys next year in the classics, so we know he won't go to Flanders and we know that Alex Kers is not the problem for Trek when you take those two riders out and add the complications of the accident to Mads Pon, they have simply weakened. his team is split in half when I look at the Tour of Flanders roster I see that as Tom Squinge is actually the only other climber they are preparing to start the Tour of Flanders who could go deeper into the Tour of Flanders and overcome the Bergs . and be there for Mads Peton to help him with all the attacks that will come from Matthew Vanderpool and a group of other Riders now that they smell the blood in the water because, along with those three Tre Riders, when we start searching Benam G, his team , his team manager Visbeck said he is 50/50 to start the Flanders tour and of course Ben G caused his teammate Lawrence Rex to crash maybe 500 meters before his crash with w vanart and the other Tre Riders.
So massive repercussions from the crash with 67 kilometers to go at Dwars Vanderin gate yesterday, but Tre still has some hope with Mads going to Flanders. Vam gmet still has some hopes of touring Flanders, so it will be interesting, but all. The chemistry in the race has been affected in every detail you can imagine as we start to enter the Tour of Flanders and Matthew Vanderpool will have all kinds of eyes focused on his team and us when we look at Albine Dunic himself. I look at that list. Yasper Philipson is a sprinter who has overcome the climbs when we look at Milan and it is real because he won there, but when we are on the tour of Flanders, we are talking about almost 20 climbs, all in depth. deep second half of that race and it will end as I said with pburg.
I don't know if yasper philipson will be able to overcome these climbs and when we look at yesterday's dwars or Flander, yasper Phillipson was in that field and he came up with that. group of 25 in the third group and couldn't get to the front and Chase when he was saen CW Anderson in front yasper philipson really needed to be in front immediately at the same time we saw Michael Matthews in front who tells me no he had the form first to follow the movement there of Jorgenson when we are when he started attacking the BG canary and he tells me that he did not have the form afterwards where he could risk getting trapped. up front with sauren CR Anderson, his teammate along with Michael Matthews and a few other riders who were chasing about 45 seconds behind that group of five led by Vima lisae, so that means when I look at Flanders I don't think yasper Will Phillipson, a guy who can help Matthew Vanderpool deep into Flanders, be there with 225km to go?
Hopefully it makes it that far or Matthew Vanderpol will be in big trouble because look at the list below. of writers there for albine dunic lacks strength in terms of the deep guys who can climb deep in Tor Flanders. I don't see him, I just see Sor and he cries Anderson, who actually performed quite magnificently at the gates yesterday D Vandon leads with that group of 25 and keeps the Five Guys in front at a considerable distance at any heading towards Flanders. Massive changes, there will be tons of reasons to tune in early at the T Flanders because the other riders and the other teams are already changing their strategy in a big way right now and if I were the Emirates team from the United Arab Emirates, I could change my strategy and get Tad Pagota out of altitude.
We know he's fit, bring him to the Tour of Flanders because he doesn't have W Vanart to deal with. with Matt P it's a little weaker. I'm sure the team is weaker so they won't be there until late in the race so they can chase down Matthew Vanderpool and Pacha, but of course we know Bacha has the jro on tour so that won't work. to happen, I look forward to seeing it, though make sure you like and subscribe. I'll see you in the next edition of beyond the actual coverage.

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