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Worst Siblings EVER

Mar 30, 2024
friends with me and today we should take out some of the


demon spawns, I mean bros this doodle spawn camp is oh it got in his mouth oh that's a target if I


saw one it's got that window Styrofoam, hey, listen when Go to mom and tell her I want McDonald's for tea. Go, mom. Trisha told me to tell you I want McDonald's. Why is this small, insignificant part of my childhood so accurate? Why do they have to be like that, though hey, favorite son, go tell mom you love McDonald's mom. Leah Tolton is going to tell you that she wants me to leave old man No God, this is so frustrating pranking my sister Oh, for those keys, okay captain, relieve, get your keys, I'm completely giving up on life, That's not how you do it, she didn't even try.
worst siblings ever
I haven't even let you know that in these times of need, toilet paper is very scarce. You know some people are just bastards when there's no toilet paper in their bathroom, they'll go into your bathroom and take your toilet paper roll without telling you and this. brother took the roll and replaced it with duct tape, shall we play a game? Look, this or this, okay, you know what I can see, they'll really make me choose. I can't even clean with duct tape. Honestly, it doesn't absorb this. how I'm bad, a B and one week, when I finally ran out, I heard you'd like watermelon, I saved some for you, then you turn it over and the whole inside is missing, they took out the best parts and you have nothing but a shell empty of melon so my brother made this while no one was home.
worst siblings ever

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worst siblings ever...

I learned a new ticking trick. all the glasses in the pantry on the counter will serve for water. Oh, this is water. You know, our real spawn of Satan would. I've done this with cocaine since they were sleeping what to do what to do. You know, I have all these boxes of Dunkin Donuts and she falls asleep. You know, it's a blessing to be able to sleep through something like this. People with insomnia scream. Alright? four boxes of 12 donuts and each one I'm not impressed what else you have my brother had work on thanksgiving and he asked me to save him some of


ything so I made him this dish happy thanksgiving now here's a little of everything and that would be a very good bite, that's just one bite, the perfect bite, but that's all you get, but I give my dog ​​more food than this Thanksgiving, this is fuel for the depression.
worst siblings ever
Oh, no, look, that's why you have to lock the doors when you go and drink. a nap otherwise someone might relax under your bed and a clown mask Billy I was a brother I actually feel really bad because he was terrified after I did this to him so I hid under his bed , he went to take a shower and when he came back. I went into his room, sat on his bed. I pulled his ankle out from under the bed. He screamed so loud. My mom. My dad ran in. Look what happened. this I left some ice cream in the freezer oh how sweet it's going to open the ice cream I seriously love these five so when you open the freezer to see it it's still there intact my Politan food right there you know The punishment for this is actually death.
worst siblings ever
You know, this was the


thing growing up. My brothers or my dad ate my food. My food. My gluten free food. That's just for me. They will eat it. I have cried so many tears over this. This guy's sister. I just got married and it saved that day's newspaper. A great headline. Tragic mistake. I like how she posed her like, I know, watch me get the inheritance money, although today's episode of sleeping sisters, what are we going to put in her face next? Maybe the butt. the loaf of bread, okay, you know what she's still asleep, half the loaf, yeah, the lady is still asleep, she's resorted to breathing through her mouth, uh, hell, you know what fits?
The whole bar is still asleep, next step, so I'm making sandwiches in the middle. the bread, I bet she dreamed of having this shiny slice in her eyes, on the slice, so this guy's sister was asleep and she's a vegan, so you know what you do, throw a burger into our unconscious hands , take a photo posted on Facebook, who's vegan, now it's cool, now he's going to be excommunicated Oh, from her vegan Facebook group, I mean, at least you didn't force her to eat it, maybe she'll wake up and smell the meat or , as I like to call them both, hey Siri, what is meat in French in French?
Meat is both why. Is it so funny to me? I went to a French restaurant and the waiter was trying to explain the menu and they kept saying "I'm like a bull" and then I looked at it on the menu. "Oh, it's beef, but probably both French my brother changes the names on the Netflix account me, the guy who pays for the bill, parasite, a parasite is lost, you only have two parasites. I'm still leaching, the my parents' mother, look what we built, this whole tower of giant Legos. Nice, but Have you seen your sister. Oh, she would be relaxed inside.
I really built it around her. She can't bother us anymore. This is what prison looks like for little kids. She got stuck like a duck. She was out of luck because her sister stinks. So my brother got. my whole family these simple black cups but when you pour hot water in them they get completely covered with my mugshot ha ha ha ha Wow just a reminder of who is the favorite kid and who was a delinquent this girl is packing everything to move out of her parents house and her sister was home alone and wrapped up her dog she would like you to get along you gotta make sure that it is safe, like the rest of your belongings.
It looks like a cloud. A pug cloud. I bet you. She could drop it and it would be fine no, it's fragile, handle it with care guys, dude, she gave her brother a card for Christmas. I was like his Christmas present, sitting in the driveway. Oh, in the driveway, do you know what that means? Merry christmas. Morgan is a car. Don't get your hopes up. I picked up this vehicle at Enterprise, it is a rental and must be returned by 5:00 pm. m. on Monday but the bill has not been paid so all I ask is that you pay the bill with your debit card when you return the vehicle.
I spent a lot of money buying gifts for everyone else in the family, but don't worry, I have almost $90 in cash. Applebee's gift cards at Subway that I have acquired over the years, so you made me buy my own Christmas present, which is a car, and I didn't even ask for this, everything for the next two days is closed, what want? even drink it, oh but I like Applebee's honey, drive a car without even paying for it, that's illegal. I couldn't find my beauty blender, my brother kept saying it looked like an egg, then I checked where it belongs and he finally found his. nice, this girl logs into her computer and has a bunch of folders that she doesn't recognize.
Did your sister steal my $20? I have hidden your project in one of these folders and guess what all these folders have three subfolders which this should show. Don't steal from me, so have fun trying to find your project, if there is a lesson to be learned here, don't steal from your big brother with a single glance, then, hateful, hate and revenge, your beloved brother, go die. Oh, have fun looking through it all. of these, okay, when I was a kid, you see, I have two brothers and a sister and we never stole money from each other, we took money from my dad but we never took money from the bishop, that's illegal, it's against the laws of greed between brothers.
I don't feel bad because my dad spent a lot of money on cigarettes and I'm going to be like he doesn't have Yugioh cards. My brother ordered new sneakers and they arrived while he was at work, so his sister asked for photos. Oh no, he took charge. the oven messing with the iguana all over the toilet this is straight up it means this anxiety just hits different because you don't know if they will really do it so this is a challenge where you text your brother a selfie yours. How I look? I heard my brother was single.
Oh, the mogees are just the icing on the cake. A way to rub it. She danced with her brother. A picture. How do I look like a turkey farmer? What was a turkey buddy? I even see myself as a brother. How I look? I look, he's not charging. I have bad service. Two seconds. Okay, you look ugly. Why did he wait two hours to receive this answer? I mean, what did you expect? I feel like most people will tell their


that they look ugly. praise maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken maybe it's about starting over and creating something better and then your mom is going to answer that's why you have a younger brother Oh decimated annihilated I feel like that's the case though why do you think which are I'm going to keep having kids, oh man, the first to fail, have another and another more chances that one day one can become famous on tik-tok.
My sister's nickname is giraffe because she has a long neck, so this will be my birthday gift for her, happy. giraffe honestly my sister wasn't crying she thought the whole birthday party was canceled the youngest boy who really can't take a joke I couldn't afford a gift this year so I bought you this box I always wanted filled with my love for you, but it's empty, exactly speaking of toilet paper, they tied up the toilet paper, you know, just because I'm making your life a little more miserable. It's a joke for you. I still get the news halfway good when you take toilet paper out of public bathrooms.
I feel like it's on the inside now, it's very difficult to get a clean piece out, but anyway that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this video if you made sure to like vanilla and comment below the most annoying thing your brother has done or if you're an only child, blame your parents and make sure you get notified today. Click and be sure to subscribe. You are the wolf pack. I love you so much, nice jokes, bye guys.

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