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World's Weirdest Pillow | Overtime 11 | Dude Perfect

Feb 27, 2020
How about you start stacking? Just stack them and see what happens. To you. Coby, towards you. There you go There you go No no. It does. Done. done. Done. The tower is gone. What happened? Ok, reboot. Bring it this way a bit. No no no no. To your left. To your left. Weather. Put that deadlock. Oh you had it. you had it Let it go. Let it go. Coby, are you ready? I'm ready, Michael. For the record, go. A nice stack right there. There are only two more. The last two will decide everything. Holy Cow. To you.
world s weirdest pillow overtime 11 dude perfect
To you. Towards you, the first two. This has to be all towards Ty. All towards Ty. The first two towards me and towards you. We have time. OK hold on. Top one away from you. A little more. Okay, hands off. Stop. 2, 3, 4, 5. You went from zero to hero in the last second. Wow. That, honestly, could last as long as the Egyptian pyramid. Donut Chamber. Coby, the existing record was seven. You have tied the existing Guinness World Records title. Congratulations. You are officially awesome. Great job. Thank my Lord. Eat donuts, guys. Oh, it tastes like a


world s weirdest pillow overtime 11 dude perfect

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world s weirdest pillow overtime 11 dude perfect...

He does. Oh man. I will say, Cobes, a lot harder than it looked. However, well done. Thanks. Great job. Another plaque on the wall. I can not complain. When you lift it high and feel the sensations, you know it's real. It is true. What a saying! What a saying! That doesn't happen to me often, but when it does, it feels good. Ladies and gentlemen, for everyone's favorite and final segment of this episode of Overtime, I'd like to discuss it with Garrett Hilbert. Are you serious? I would like to do that. Guys, if I'm on the bench, it's my favorite game show to watch.
world s weirdest pillow overtime 11 dude perfect
This is Wheel Unfortunate. Better. Much better than the first. Yes. As always, I have a new hat to choose from. I'm wearing a pizza hat today. Yeah, hats just don't work for me, you know. Guys, I was under the impression that you were anxious to see what new hat I bring in each episode. No, not really. I'm curious what kind of reaction you expected. No. My God. Oh, wow. There are toppings on top. Oh. That's actually what he wanted. Did you know? It's okay. I have the hat. I would say that I would like Cory to pull out of the hat.
world s weirdest pillow overtime 11 dude perfect
Everything in favor of Cory? Me. Yes. This usually goes well for me. Cory, do your worst. There is at least a 72% chance that you will land on Own a Cat. They are all the same. It feels like a 72% chance. Do you have it in hand? No, it is not in his hand. Right now he has the name in his hand. Hey, this is what I want you to do because this always excites me. Does it start with a C? Yes, that's what I want to know. If that is not the case. Yes. Yes. Yes. No cat for us!
I love the pizza hat. Muah. Oh Yes. I'm ready to show it. IT'S OKAY. Wait. Expect. Hey, what are you going to call your cat? It's me and I have a cat. Ladies and gentlemen, the person who could have a cat is Garrett. Yes. Welcome to the best game show in all the land. This is Wheel Unfortunate. Well folks, this is Ned Forrester checking in. A little more depressed than usual I guess. You could say we've been on the road. The boys are finishing the tour. They asked old Ned to come along, and the tour life is not for Ned.
Oh it's taking its toll on me, vocally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Just about every kind of -ly you can think of, sorry. Too many fans yelling at Ned, encouraging me to dance, or taking every Golden Boy he had. I don't have any Golden Boys left to throw at you. Just bring them. Come on up, Gar. Man, I have to say I can't believe I have more energy than Ned. That's crazy. Well, you know, it seems like tempers are pretty low already, and I don't want them to drop, so I guess I don't need to spin the wheel.
So hey, nice to see you, buddy. Yes, you don't need to spin the wheel because I will do it for you. Spin that wheel. IT'S OKAY. Here we are. This is a joke? And let's see what we're going to land on... No. Dude, it says stand in line at a theme park and don't ride any rides. And that's exactly what you're going to do, Gar. Many thanks. I'm Ned Forrester. Old Ned came here and decided, hey, let's get this done quick. Gar comes out, I spin it. That's what you're doing. That's how the ball game works.
That's not how the game works. I'm supposed to spin the wheel and you guys are supposed to spin that wheel! Log off for now. Say it with me, that's unfortunate. Ladies and gentlemen, we are here at Six Flags. Today is about finding the longest line we can, and four of the five of us having the best day of our lives. Who's ready to have some fun? Me. Here we go. Dude, I'm going totally hands-off. Oh no doubt. Won't you make hands? No. No. Hey, keep it moving. Keep it moving. Hey Gar. The roller coaster brothers, yes.
Goodbye Gar. See you. See you Gar. There's Gar. This trip is notorious for a three-hour waiting line. The good news is we have fast passes, guys. Yes. Ga, enjoy it. I'll save your water, Gar. I have it. That's brutal. I am a changed man. For the unicorn. 1, 2. Get it. Nice. Yes. What is Garrett doing? Garrett, he's probably still in line. It's literally over 100 degrees right now. Hey guys! Hey, I'd like some water, at least. Oh. Oh man. That was


ly good-- That's so complicated. Honestly, the carnival is the best part of the whole place. Stop touching me.
Do you want to kiss him? No. I hope it gets soaked. High five my friend. High five. Wait, Buckey. Hey, good news. I say we don't have Garrett queue up for this one, mainly because we need you to hold this while we assemble it. Really? If you wait. Thanks. It's ok, we'll be back. Yes, it looks like a lot of fun. It's been a long day, but fun, one of the best at Dude Perfect. I agree. Say it with me, friends. That's unfortunate. Sorry about that, Gar. Yes, that hurt. That hurt me more than you. What did they do with his stuffed animals?
He kept it at home. Yes, mine is on my bed at home. Is awesome. A special shout out to the 140,000 of you who attended our first ever live show, the Pound it, Noggin' tour. We had a great time in your cities. Thank you very much. Thanks for looking guys. If you're not a Dude Perfect subscriber yet, click here so you don't miss any new videos. Also, say hi to the guys who are holding the fort while we were gone. Editor Edition 2 is available. If you haven't seen it, check it out. Log off for now. The microphones are fake.
Coby went over budget, surprise. See you next time. He doesn't have the next episode of Button. Oh yeah. I forgot. I suspended it. How nice.

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