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World's Best Candy | Overtime 14 | Dude Perfect

Mar 11, 2020
I didn't know you didn't know how to use a saw. Listens. Once I figured it out, she felt so good. Before that, he felt so bad. However, is he as bad as Cory hammering a screw? Probably not. You also don't know what a chair looks like. Coming soon, we have a segment that I've been waiting for quite a while. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a huge fan of magic. Raise your hand if you're a big fan of magic. Me too. Giant. It's false. Everything is false. Do you think it's fake? Yes. What do you think this is?
world s best candy overtime 14 dude perfect
Matchbox. This is a box of matches. Do you want to blow your mind? Do you think magic is fake? Let me show you something. Wow! What! I know what you're thinking. That has no coincidences. There's a bunch of matches in there, guys. OKAY? Your fake box was behind your hand. It fell, and all the things fell in the middle of your trick. Can we watch it in slow motion? Play that in slow motion. If you play in slow motion, people will be more impressed. Guys, I think you should know that we have a real wizard downstairs.
world s best candy overtime 14 dude perfect

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world s best candy overtime 14 dude perfect...

And I think that's where we're headed. Let's go downstairs and get to Magic Time. With a real magician! Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together. An illusionist, a magician, Harris III. I don't know if I have anything that can top that actual intro. That was incredible. Why don't we do a little audience participation early on? It's okay? Yes. I could save you for last. Let's try something else with you. How would you rate your imagination on a scale of 1 to 10? Oh, I have a very, very good imagination. Ok, I'll tell you what. I need you to pick a card, a random card that you think no one else would come up with.
world s best candy overtime 14 dude perfect
The jack of clubs. The jack of clubs. How crazy would it be if the card I turned over in this real deck of cards is the same one you turn over in your mind. OK, I'm going to go through the entire deck so you can see out of all these cards, there's only one card upside down. No way! Not! The jack of clubs. No way! That's good. I don't understand! Well done! I don't think I've ever gotten a standing ovation after the first trick. That was crazy. I'm lovin 'it! Let's try something. All right, Cory, come on up.
world s best candy overtime 14 dude perfect
Let's go up. Good luck Cory. This is how the game works. I take out the paper. I rolled it up into a little wad of paper. Your job throughout the game is to guess which hand it is on. Take this, move it down a little bit, here we go, so it's out of the way. All right, let the game begin. That feels impossible. Left again. Left. Dammit! Give it a little hit. touch my hand Blow. It totally disappears. We will give it another chance. Here, have this. Re-roll this up a bit. He's trying to look at a hand even though I'm moving it.
He won't take his eyes off you. Don't take your eyes off him. What do you think, right or left? Get to work, son. Works. You got it. Right. Right. Oh! Show me your left. Show me your left. Gone again. Big round of applause before returning to their seats. Well done. Well done. This time I need one of you to come on stage to help me. IT'S OKAY. All right, Tyler, come on up. Let's go up. Big round of applause for Tyler. Confirm for everyone at home that there are no foreign strings in the air or on the stage.
OKAY? Everything's fine. Alright, that's great. Tyler, I need you to help me hang from the corners of the tablecloth. I'm going to do the same thing on this side with my hands. If the table moves, I just need you to move with the table. His hand doesn't move at all. I know you want to watch. Look good. Lift the tablecloth. Lift it up so you can really see. IT'S OKAY. It's okay, let it go. Let it go. Let it go. No way! No way! What! Big round of applause for Tyler, ladies and gentlemen. I have many questions.
You guys might officially be my favorite crowd of all time. A special thanks to Harris for coming out today. To see more of his incredible magic, click the link in the description below. Your YouTube and his Instagram account will be there. Back to the desk. I know you want to clap, but you can't. Let's do a three-way clap. Oh that's nice. Yeah. Coming up is the segment where people tend to clap, and I hope you don't have to have a cat. A segment that people think is great but we tend to hate. The game show we played, but we wish we could slow it down.
Coming soon game show we play but we wish we could push it back. Why did you just say that again? I already said that. I just wanted it to come from me. People think it's cool. It's the one we hate. He tried to take advantage of his prank. From the middle. Go. unfortunate wheel. Chad, put on the serious music. And add a big like when that drops. Like there was a 50 pound weight there. Like Indiana Jones when he does the seal in the library, and it's like... Drop it again. You're going to feel this in your bones.
What is the total that everyone has spun? I'm curious. I've only done it once. Have you only done one? Yeah I did the first one, haven't done it since. The first and never again? Yes. Cor, choose Cody's name. Choose his name. Choose a name right now. Do it! Pick it up! Get over it! Pick a name! I keep changing. I changed it like six times. Hot take-- it's Cody, and he has a cat. Take hot. 3, 2, 1. No way! No way! Say it with me, guys. Spin that wheel! I'm Ned Forrester, the greatest game show host of all time.
Let's bring our contestant. It's Cory Cotton again! So you miss old Ned and you want to get back on the show. That is what it is? I'm pretty sure there are five. Five times. And you know what they say:


friends of five are still alive. I think you know how this works. I don't need to explain too much about it. You know, I'd give you a Golden Boy, but you've got five of them. So I did my


for you this time. The young edition of Golden Boy. You know, fun fact, I wasn't actually even flexing for this model shoot.
I stood there, and that's what it looked like. So stick with it. enjoy it. Put it on your fridge or wherever you keep the rest of your Golden Boys. Hold the mic for me. Tell me, big guy. 3, 2, 1. Very good! OKAY! Send me behind the wheel Thanks. Get behind the wheel now, Cor. I don't even have to tell you what to do. You say it for yourself. Spin that wheel. Very good, spoken like a true champion. Here it goes. Decelerate. Decelerate. Decelerate. Decelerate. Oh! Ladies and gentlemen, this is amazing! You're the guy with no hair. You have a stage of 50 million people to influence.
What are you going to tell them right now in this moment? A special thanks to Team Cory for being with me through the lows. Yeah, I thought it was going to be better than that. Say it with me, friends. That's unfortunate. Hi Cor, see you next time. Okay, let's leave that for Erica, who's going to wax Cory's armpits today. I promise I will never pick a name out of a hat again. I want to see what we're working with here. Oh yeah, that's a good amount. That is a good amount. That's a lot. It's three inches.
Yeah. Okay, get on there, big guy. The table is actually very smooth. It's very smooth. You're going to love it when your body goes into shock. bam! Erica, is it safe to assume this is your first time waxing on a basketball court? Yes it is. That's good. Oh my-- That's hairier. That one is hairier. Are we just doing it? It's so exposed when you just have to pick it up. Right now, I'm just cleaning. That's sleepy. That's sleepy. You may look better with shaved armpits. Yeah, not a good look for you. He shaves his chest. Show his chest.
Let's make the legs. A knee. We should do a knee. She goes for it. Oh my gosh, she's just doing it. So what is that? There is no turning back. Oh, she's hot. Tell us what you're doing here, Erica. Right now, I'm just applying the wax. Really? Oh, that's a good amount. Oh, it's over. This is going to be good. Very good, Ty. Can I do the ripping job here? Not! Not! No, you can't. Yes I can. I can do it. He is not qualified! Yes it is. I am fully qualified. Not! And what are you doing?
Not! Erica! Erica only! Erica! Right here? Do it! Do it! We have blood! We have blood! Bad news. Bad news. There's a little bit left. No no no no! Oh! Oh! One down, two to go. IT'S OKAY. You are well. You are well. Oh yeah. We need a GoPro camera. There are a couple more pieces. I dont know. I hate this. One down. Dude, look at the-- This one's hairier, I think. Do you think so? Yes. A huge one. A huge balloon. This is up there with the eyebrows. Yes. Yes. The eyebrows weren't painful, you just looked like a weirdo.
Yes, although it was horrible. Cody is interested. Do it Cody. I have a good hand. Don't hurt your shoulder. No no no no! Yes. That was the worst! Your technique was horrible! That was not a good technique. I did a slow rip. We have to hit him again. Oh wow, I was gone a lot. We literally go back to the same place because Cody did a horrible job. When the wax comes back on the wounded area, it hurts. I don't have a degree on this. Cobes, you have to cheer up. It's fun? Yes. Get a jerk.
With the doll In 3, 2, 1. Ouch! I know what you did there! That was good! The pain was at two different points. That was good! I have quite a bit of leg hair in the same pull. Thanks, Erica. I appreciate. No more hair stuff! I'm over that. I love the game show. Cor, I want you to know that I'm proud of you. I also want you to know that our 2020 tour tickets are on sale and are still here. We've got them! Oh that's good! Because usually, they go out when I turn around and say, that's it for today, but they're still here now.
Come to see us. They are for sale right here. You can click to get them. Also, subscribe below. And if you want to see the latest video, Airsoft Battle 2, click here to watch it. Closing out for now, where we mainly identify horrible


, and Cory has waxed holes. See you next time. Stay until the end, because I'm going to get a monkey out from under the desk. No, he will not.

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