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Work With Me! Episode 4

Jan 14, 2022
Hi guys, I'm Cece today, you'll be


ing with me at this fun little desk. I'm not sure how old it is and I don't remember exactly what these types of desks are called but it's really cool it has this part that flips open to the writing area it used to have a piece that would hang here and close this space but that one is missing piece so we're going to embellish it and make it look like it was never there and the inside is really cool it's got these little cubbies for papers and letter envelopes whatever and then this I got it taped up right now but this little writing area pulls out to make a bigger writing area so it's a fun little desk I like this kind of it doesn't take up too much space so it's fun to make it pretty and we're going to put a nice chair with it and do a little game I'm thinking that I well well then I have it I stop watching it I am thinking that I am going to leave the legs natural or maybe I just go over them with a little ointment or a little glossy sealant llante.
work with me episode 4
I haven't decided yet, but when I had a good fist, I sanded the top and put a I'm going to do, I'm going to apply a block of color halfway down on this peacock. play dixiebell it's such a pretty color I have one coat on now and I have another coat to go and then I'm going to do a custom combo color from our custom mix of barn red and flamingos I'm going to paint 50% flamingos and 50% barn red to paint the other side and I've used my tape so I can get a sharp line and to know exactly how far to bring it down on this side.
work with me episode 4

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work with me episode 4...

I continue with that pattern or that design down the front and then around the bottom skirt I'm going to do some stripes with this it's dixiebell cotton and then I have a color called midnight sky it's basically a black with a little bit of a teal tint navy it's a pretty color so I'm going to do that and continue it to the other side so I have a peacock d coat I have two layers of my white cotton and I think just in case I'm going to go ahead and make a third layer of the white cotton.
work with me episode 4
No I don't really think I need to but there are a couple of spots where it wouldn't hurt so I'll go ahead and do that and then after it's dry I'll move on to my custom coral blend for you ok like this that before I moved in and did the other paint the other side of my desk top in the custom coral color. I'm going to go ahead and make a large stencil on the part I painted the peacock that is now dry. I just want to add a little. texture and interest to that so i decided to add a large stencil and i will do it in a color that i will use peacock as a base and add just a little bit of midnight sky to make it a bit darker.
work with me episode 4
I don't want this stencil to contrast, I want it to be in the same color family, so I'm using my peacock just a hint of midnight sky and I'll do that. I'm going to use that in my stencil so I'm going to go ahead and mix it up and not measure it because I'm not going to measure it I'm just going to do just enough to make sure I can cover my stencil. I have something left. and great, i can use it for another project. I love this peacock color. My God, it's not even in the video.
It looks a bit blue in the video, but it's more like a deep turquoise. In fact, I will see the midnight sky. I'm not going to pour it. I'm just going to take a little with my mixer and put it in there because that's the little that I need to add, so I'm just going to take a little. with my little thing here which is uh maybe just a little more just a little i don't want it to be much darker than the actual color just a little bit ok ok so the stencil i'm going to use is a big one it's called a 3d stencil it's from redesign with premium you can use these stencils look how big they are you mean its like almost 2ft by almost 3ft almost 2x3 but these are really good for walls furniture the only thing i hate about stenciling is having to repeat the pattern a million of times so if you're doing something like a large surface area it's a little bit of a pain to use a little stencil so these are awesome they're great they're super thick so you can use them with 3d paste to make stencils 3d and they're just nice and thick, very high quality, and you can hose them down.
When you're done, you can reuse them millions of times. I went ahead and already sprayed the back with my stencil adhesive because I don't do stencils without stencil adhesive. I've learned, I've learned my lesson and that's just one of my little stencil tricks that makes it bearable to be honest because we all know stenciling can be daunting you know you don't want to spend all your time


ing on a piece you know and then go to stenciled on your own stencil and you have to repaint it so the stencil adhesive helps a lot it's a spray I spray the back and create this.
I let it dry for about five to ten minutes and it creates a tacky surface for it to stick to the surface of whatever you're feeling, so I've already done that where you have two days. so I'll somehow show you that it's ok so you can see my template. It's pretty big. It's going to cover the entire surface area that I want to solve for, which is the peacock side of the desktop. I can or want it to be fine just give a friend to press down so the adhesive sticks and then when I paint the stencil I use a foam roller 99% of the time.
I don't like to use a brush because I feel if you have too much pain it seeps under the stencil and if you stipple it you have to apply a couple coats and it takes forever so I prefer to use a foam roller these are cheap, you can get these at the craft store for a couple bucks and I found that it's the best way to stencil without having the filtration underneath so I'm going to take my custom peacock dye peacock with a little midnight sky it's a little a little bit darker than the color I already painted in there which is what I wanted to make sure it's mixed really well that's ok and then I use a little tray for my foam roller so just pour a little bit into your tray.
I want to load my roller, but I don't want to load it too much because when I press it it will push the paint under the edges, so I want to load it. The whole lashing process squeezes out a little bit of the excess so you don't have too much in there so I load it up and then I just get rid of the excess on this little side here and these 3d stencils of the premium redesign are awesome but they're kind of thick, since they're made to do 3d like 3d stencils they're a little thick so you just have to make sure you're digging into the details with your foam roller or if you're using a paintbrush or whatever just make sure you get in in the details because yeah I did some where I just go through them like I normally would and lift them up and I didn't have some of the detail that I wanted so when you're using these really thick and dense especially these 3d stencils just make sure to get in in details painting very excited with this desk guys it's going to be great it's going to be colorful and bright and pretty and bold and fun it'll have a little bit of everything going on it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with this desk because I was thinking it's been a while since I've done anything neutral you know everyone's friendly it's been a while there's some pretty fun flashy stuff that you know I'm going to go play bowling because that's what I like to do and that's what I feel like, so why not go in there?
Oh my gosh, I just realized my washer and dryer are set up for that. trying to decide if i want to do a second coat i think its necessary it looks like its covering pretty well or am i getting in there i want it to be pretty subtle so just cover it all up and then i'll probably go over it one more time just for a good while hear all about good measure, okay, so I'm going to run over. I love these large specimens. I have to get my hands on some more of these bad boys.
There is one that has written words that one is really funny. i love Imperial Damus is another one that is my favorite there is one called garden dreams which has some flowers but also has some but they are so much fun ok so we have a little bit of my people awake or not much. I'm pretty good with the amount there so I'm going to take my sin out carefully and hope for the best every time I take out a jig it's like my step or whatever you're first. I can't like it, my God, good. ok i got some white paint on there somehow but other than that no i think it looks pretty good ok so i wanted to add a little bit of texture and that's exactly what i thought watch out for the stencil, um so I'll just let it dry and then move on to the other side of my custom.
I'm going to go ahead and start stripping first I'm going to go ahead and start to reduce my force so for these pieces there are so many streaks I'm going to use an inch and a half painters tape usually if it's a small area I use an inch, but when it's a large area, I like to use larger stripes, so I use the blue clean release tape via duct. I found that it seems to work best for me. He doesn't get up, he gets up less. It doesn't lift paint like other tapes hit wood, at least it hasn't.
I had good luck with it, it doesn't lift the paint. I haven't had much seepage underneath so I get nice clean crisp lines but I'm going to go. go ahead and start on the side and look at my stripes if you've seen any of my videos where i'm in front of people it's like oh my gosh you're crazy and i like looking into his eyes my stripes are really perfect but they're not supposed to look that way because I usually end up putting them on so they look a little dirty or distressed or imperfect and then once I'm done people I kinda understand what I'm going for that's why I don't measure them if you want absolutely perfect streaks , you are more than welcome to take a measurement, ruler or tape measure and mark. every inch and a half so you know where to put your ribbons or you can lay your ribbon one after the other, side by side, and then lift each other up if you like, it's exactly one and a half inch stripes, but I'm just going to and then when you are when you put the tape down be sure to smooth the edges with your fingers to help prevent some peat from seeping underneath.
Don't break your finger. I'm almost done with one side. side and paint it and then I'll move on to the rest of the other two sides so and you'll see my right corner here is a little bit shorter if that makes sense my last little strip is shorter than these other stripes so when I continue to the other side, instead of starting over with tape and having a tiny little corner strip I'm going to count the count of that part of the strip on the other side as if the stripe was around the side see what I mean, so i made that corner a parting that comes up on both sides just to make it a little more visually appealing than having a little straight so i'm using Dixie Belle's midnight sky to make my parting since we're black with just a little bit of a navy tint normally normally for stripes I use a foam roller like I did with the stencil but because I have very hard ones I have this hard lip right here.
I want to get under. I know I can't really do that with a foam roller. without putting black on top so I'm just going to use a flat one inch brush and I'm going to go in the direction of the tape like that because if you go in the opposite direction it just increases your chances of squishing that paint underneath of the tape and get a not sharp line so I'm going to go ahead and apply a coat of midnight sky in the same direction and you may need two coats I'm not really sure so it's more like a charcoal with a hint out of need instead of black it's kind of hard to tell like gray maybe so blackish for me and I'm going to wear down this piece as well so once I get all the paint on and dry and stuff I'm just going to get my sealer and wear it down I don't know not Super heavy but do the medium distress which makes me not super light but I definitely want it to show I wanted to look a bit beaten up, so with the midnight sky streaks, what do you think?
Yes, I think I can do it with just one layer. so I'm going to go ahead and finish my streaks, let them dry. I'll go ahead and pull out a couple of pies. tape ces soon so we can see hopefully they are a crisp black white line yeah can you see how they turned out? around this thing and then I'm going to mix my custom coral and you're good so I'm ready to paint the other half of my desk here and like I said I'm going to do a custom mix of a custom mix like coral color but I'm going going to go ahead and tape it down first real quick ok it's empty so I'm going to tape it down so I have a nice crisp line and you can see I really just need to remove the top to just below the edge of the top well when i put my tape when i'm doing colors right next to each other i overlap a little bit like a 16th of an inch instead of trying to get it like a perfect, perfectly butt the color, the colors perfectly but next to each other another oh i'm going to overlap my my coral just about a sixteenth of an inch over the hole in any painting because that would make me sad great ok so likeI said I'm going to be doing about 50% dixiebell 50% flamingos and 50% dixiebell barn red I'm going to start with 5050 and see how I like that color and can adjust based on what I love the new paint jars I feel like I'm wasting paint because it's on top, okay, so I'm not measuring it, I'm going to look at about 50/50.
I really need to paint the pores without it. That was a disaster. Don't try this at home. It's ok, try it at home. Just be more careful. awesome ok so im going to try it like this here we go that works better lemme go clean up my mess that really grates on my nerves is and i got another 50% of the red barn ok thats pretty much it I wanted it like a coral maybe a little more on the red side because the transfer I'm going to use has some red flowers with a hint of orange coral and that's what I was going for I wanted it like a nice pink coral which is exactly what I I get, so that's awesome.
I don't think I'm going to adjust it any further. I think I'll leave it. in the flamingos 50/50 in barn red perfect look at that oh my gosh that color is so pretty so pretty I don't know if you can see the light shining on it but isn't it so pretty yeah it's so pretty ? so ok i'm going to go ahead and put a first coat on this side of my desk and then let it dry and do my second coat then we'll move on to decorating so i'll do that. I have a plan for this desk, I really do, but I also leave part of the plan a little open to depend on what I think is going to work what is my idea that I want to use some floral transfers to cover some of this overlapping part here and maybe a little bit on the sides and definitely just a peek at this bit of writing that is pulled out I want to do a little peek of flowers but I think I think I mean I have to add some gold somewhere I mean okay, no, so I'm thinking what I'm going to do for the gold is these gold transfers, the gold foil transfers that are like scrolls, so they come as strips and you.
I can put them along the edges or details and make them look like they are embedded. I'm thinking I want to use them somewhere, but maybe here and then along the bottom. I'm not too sure that's the part that I'm undecided as I know I want to wear them but I'm not sure exactly where and it all depends on how this looks like my are finished with this coral color and I put up my ribbon and to decide like that myself I Never start a project without a plan, but that doesn't mean that sometimes the plan doesn't work. change a little or adjust or you know you have to be open to adjusting your plan a little bit because things don't always work out or you know sometimes things start to look a little different than you thought they would like I said before I'm going to age this piece but I'm going to wait until it's all set to be waxed because I want my trans to match first, you know, the distressing thing is to match the rest of the piece so I'll do that. right before our wax, what would you have to do to seal the transfer?
So this is dixiebell, it doesn't necessarily require sealing or waxing, but if I'm going to wax the transfers, I might as well wax the entire piece and myself. I am a big fan of how the wax feels. I love the velvety touch which I really like so I am a fan of waxing. Please note that I am NOT. None of my brush strokes are going towards the ribbon you don't want. to rub towards the tape because that will increase the chance of paint seeping underneath ok so make sure when you're brushing your brush strokes away from the tape so that's my first coat um it's already starting to looking quite modern and colourful, although I would never dream of leaving it that way, it looks kind of cool. already with the stripes on the side and that bow yeah you can see where I'm going with this so I'll just let it dry and then I'll do the second layer and then we'll move on to the candy skins and on the candy so now I want to add some gold touches, of course, and then some transfers.
I'm going to do some gold foil transfers and I'm also going to do some floral transfers along with that, but first I want to give my legs a golden look and the way I'm going to achieve that is I use this by Design Master. It is pure 24 karat gold is the color and it is a liner spray so I am not a fan of any other metallic sprays that you have. I haven't found any that I like that are as shiny as this one it comes in silver and rose gold and d I think about three or four different shades of regular gold but 24 karat gold is my go to so you'll see how I dip my legs in gold and I basically spray from afar because I wanted it to look like it's fading. up if i wanted a hard line i would tape around my leg and they would just spray you know we should have a part of my leg. it's my choice I mean after stirring I'm going to do it now to dry and after it's dry I'm going to seal the legs in a transparent polychrome can you see I don't want to mention that? very high so basically just to get that fade look you just have to stay away from seeing how they're gold plated just a little kiss of gold nothing too crazy and then now i'm going to do some gold gold scrolls and be called I think it's called gold scrolls and lay and these are redesigned with Prima they're transfers which are gold scrolls So they come in these strips like this and you just cut the piece of the strip whatever you need and apply them with a little bit Less effort than adhesive transfers that simply place the glue on and put on gold leaf or mica dust. or rub it with aluminum foil, so I like those too, but these are a little less so I would have cut out the ones I'm going to use.
I'm going to make you think they're like gold buttons. almost so I think I'm going to do them. I'm going to do something along these lines, and like I said before, I'm going to do flowers to cover something along these lines, so these will just peek out a bit. kinda I'll take it down here and I think I could even do some of these little pillars here I think so let's see what it looks like on the top first and then I'll decide on the transfers that come with this little stick. and basically it's the graphic and they come on the backing paper and all you have to do is peel off your little ba Actually before I do that I'm going to fit.
I'm going to snap it to my top as well and cut it so maybe that will leave me here, which is almost perfect, leave it there, okay? so now i'm going to peel off my backing paper and gently place it where i want it on my top and hopefully when i get it in the right position it's a little hard to see that you can't really see through you. I can't really see through these like I can see the true regular transfer so we're expecting this to be pretty central so I jammed it in and I'm just going to provide it with my stick to make sure it holds up well so once .
I have it all erased or where I think it is all erased. I'm going to try to do it slowly and make sure my transfers get stuck good, great, can you see it's not that much fun by how easy it is? add a bit of character to your pieces it's like the scrolls i like how they come you cut them into strips that's great now we'll do it his part down here is a little trickier going around the curves but it's definitely doable slowly , i make sure it transfers right so clean so clean let's see and that great fun look on that little bit of glitter and with the legs that's so fun so I like I said I think I'm going I think I'm going I'm going to add some to these colors here as well but I'll go ahead and start layering my floral transfer just so you can see that part and then I'll do the rest of the gold and the rest of the flowers in my time lapse version so you can speed up my one of my favorite transfers is a spring 2019 Ruby Rose release transfer and I love this transfer because I love it there is so many different colors on it that go so well with it it was just all the basic colors physically so they can see some of the blues.
It kind of matched this pencil color that I did and there's Rosie here, you can see it better in the back. the pinkish red and the coral there that I used on this side so t I think it will look great so now I just have to figure out exactly what parts I want to use and I think I'm going to do some on top a little on the sides and then I want to do some, remember? this about that's what he pulled out so i'm going to put a little bit in there just for fun since we're missing this front part why not liven up a little bit of pink here that you can see I really love, I really love this flower here because it has that Coralie color, but then I'm going to add, I need to add something with blue as well, I'm going to cut the one with the coral and then I'm probably going to take some, you know? maybe i'm here to add it so i'm using this transfer i'm cutting the pieces and using them where i please the nice thing about this one in particular is that it's kind of meant to do that you see how they're all really separate elements i think which you intend to cut up and do whatever you want with it so t that's what I'm going to do my other favorite is pink and bruised it's similar to this it comes in little pieces and you cut them up and I love it I love i love to customize my transfers and make them how i want, you know because each piece i think the calls for different pieces have some personality so i really like to play with that.
I'm going to put this one up yeah like this so when you throw away the backing paper be nice because sometimes and in the right weather circumstances the graphic will stick to the backing paper and you don't want if that happens you put it on the freezer for just a couple of minutes so I like it so I have it where I want it so now I'm going to press down don't press down until I have it where you want it that's my advice to you so I'm going to go ahead and start rubbing my graph.
I let my pai not dry to the touch before applying any transfers I think the instructions say a week or so, but off the record I'll tell you that you can wait until the pain dries so remember how my desk has this. the lip that comes out I'm going to take a sharp sharp knife is the keyboard there and I'm going to cut a crease or I'm going to cut that graphic smoothly so as not to cut my paint smoothly where the graphic falls that way it won't bend that way or it won't It's going to turn.
Sorry with the door, but it's going to separate, so I want to worry about it going up right there. I think I can probably start removing this. you can pull it back very slowly in case you've missed some points where you just want to put your backing role on and go back to acting and buff them a little bit ok great and then once I have my graph I like to go for the edges with my finger and just make sure those edges are really down so you have to do it firmly but carefully because if you do it too hard I'm afraid it may break some of the pattern ok so start lifting my supporting role.
I like to roll it at a tricky angle. I think it helps not to pick up the chart and tear it, but I want to. go slow so I have a little bit of my floral transfer in there. I'm going to do a little more like I said. I want. We want to incorporate some of the blue into the flowers. But I think it looks pretty good. I wish the colors were just as bright, but probably not branching, maybe just like that, we can still see gold spikes. wherever you want so i'm going to cut my little work where it's articulated like i did before gently oh my gosh i love all these colors i love all these colors so much i love them together omg i love the color alright, so I think I'll add a little more I think I'll add a little more flowers maybe like here or here.
I'll have to look at it for a minute and decide, but I definitely want to put a little here on the sides. Finishing up my gold dots there and then I need to seal my transfer so I'm just going to go ahead and wax everything and clear sorry clear glossy polyacrylic on my legs and then for the seat I'll show you the really beautiful seat with grain and i don't really want to paint it i could put some floral transfer on top or maybe on the back maybe like a little here to coordinate with the desk and then i'm going to get the seat back so that's all i have left to do and then I'm going to be done with my piece so if you have any questions you can message me at cc.
I redesigned my facebook page, other than that thanks for looking.

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