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YTread Logo vs. Name Brand (GAME)

Feb 27, 2020
Can we tell the difference between a


and an imitation? Let's talk about that mythical good day. I'm a big fan of the old scene. Money doesn't grow on trees because it's true. Money is not fruit, it just sits in your stomach. for weeks and I'm a big fan of the other old saying that extremely discounted products being sold in bulk by shady massive retail online companies are probably haunted and full of gimmicks and you can't trust them hmm but regardless from the provision of interest the internet apparently has made it more possible than ever to save a dollar case in point i


calm this website is a massive retail site that has exploded seemingly overnight but the discount is too good To be true, do you really have to be careful what you


for? put it to the test it's time to wish maybe i wish i bought this from a discount site each round we'll look at an item and have to determine if the product is full price or if we bought it for questionable theft in wish quiet we can't or interact with the item, we can only look at them, they will be presented to us in a varied way, some here, between us, some there, and whoever wins will take home their favorite item of the complete wish. welcoming mythical crew member John sporting a beautiful pink lip and some lipstick too this lipstick is Kim Kardashian's luxury


of cream liquid lipstick that retails for $45 or a imitation that we bought at Wish Calm for eight bucks may I ask what is the point of lipstick that is this color it's like you have to get within inches of someone to know they have lipstick on.
wish com vs name brand game
Evens out the entire complexion of the lip. It just goes straight to the rest. You could have been wearing this lipstick shade since you started. working here and I wouldn't know if you've been no he can't answer that I don't know I can't touch your lips you can't touch that either what's that he says kke it's ok k'kaw k'kaw I mean this packaging ok However I think that it looks great on you Thanks Lee, so if this is from Wish calm, we'll keep it up. Now we are going to vote with these lollipops, I wish or I do not wish, which is also known as Mitch.
wish com vs name brand game

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wish com vs name brand game...

I'm pretty. i'm sure this is ok three two one finished it's ok i wish i think it's i wish i could see the smack and her lips from here i think the packaging is really nice and that's the 45 dollar pack i'm looking at the lips is lipstick this is de Ojal√°, haha, that's a good packaging. Hopefully he won't let that happen to our lips. Another packaging, although yes, on the back, this is the liquid texture of Kim Kardashian, smooth and dead. The same. No, it's a Velvet Matte effect. The color is good. shape is great it's time to camp hopefully no bears in our studio except crew member david is this a coleman four person tent costing one hundred nineteen twenty nine very specific or was it $32 in wish calm emily you give it a try you have some issues wow that zipper is because its not a $32 tent you think a $32 tent would have a double door oh yeah thats good you dont know youre actually selling it its very wrinkled, but I don't know. a good thing in the camping world i think it might be a sign you know the $120 class isn't a bad price for a tent that looks amazing look at me in traction on top yeah What is that? a drone on top yeah it's just a little bit of ambient lighting but this isn't part of it hmm ok of course i can't go there and touch it or go inside or oh wow that's a hurricane informative, do that again.
wish com vs name brand game
Emily do that again, okay, earthquake time. ok i feel great ok ok three two one that can't be no 30 to the dogs that the buzz at the top tells me this is $120 to fine it's wish calm really really not a wish yeah it's a wish calm 10 32 bucks and they're making it look real good there it sucks when you're in it geyser it's about that not bad honestly ok you guys can spend the rest of the day there see ya , say hi to alex look and get like heck in these snakes as the kids say these babies are yeezy 500s which have a tag price of $200 but can be over five hundred bucks on resale sites or are they just knockoffs $27 from Wish Calm $27 how's that weed?
wish com vs name brand game
Well the funny thing about Yeezys is that I always thought they look like they might be from Walmart, oh you know what? I mean, I mean, I've always legitimately thought that no, I'm not saying I wouldn't be where I am if I decided to buy them, but they looked like something you might see on clearance, well, I used a friend. de Mines Yeezys for about five minutes at a time they sold me well he didn't sell them but I would have bought them for five hundred bucks they were almost as comfortable but these first ones that aren't even your size I eat like three sizes too big am I right ?
No, they actually fit me. sorry you're making some assumptions about my feet yeah yeah yeah I'm congratulating you okay thanks but do you actually wear these do they even come in that putrid mustard color of course they do? okay that backs up they're Yeezys or a definite knockoff man the price difference is so big twenty seven bucks give me a jump like oh yeah oh yeah give me one more yeah Willy one more can you jump ? here we go oh look at that yeah keep jumping keep it up don't stop till the show is over i better put on something pretty easy okay oh those ain't ready i think i know three two one this is 27 that's the man look at the flex no flex pay your wish calm down but yeezys don't have logos on the outside so you do this i know so i'm saying yes there's a chance that you can fool someone on the street Fedora because you are not. i'm right in this case emily ing pattern fedora the latest in fedora fashion that was picked up for free from Wish Calm or for fifty eight bucks from Tommy Bahama but you can get free stuff as an add on you know what's good by Less with its size what does it know is yes it's not melis I don't see any problem here perched up there I don't want I want to put it or touch it no no you can't learn anything I can't touch it though muriel oh ok don't move yeah hmm like you're in A case in Cuba, okay, looks like a guy I did once when I was swing dancing.
Better yeah man okay you just lost the whole swing dancer. I have every day ladies hanging around and it's not an understatement at all. You were literally spinning or gently rolling rocks and rocks. You put rocks in a thing and turn it inside out. and then you put different gradations of grit in there and they get smooth and you can turn them into jewelry ok it just makes Rock smooth yeah women love rock jewelry oh ok I really don't know I had never looked at it this closely or for this long, even when I was considering buying it. handjob myself Fedora Rhett ok handjob for the door yes God are you ready yes three two one i think this is real the real deal don't tell me yes till the end man i can't go on but wow guys you're both right yes that's a good hat look it says Tommy Bahama inside it $60 yeah you want something if someone puts as much effort into a knit as thank you you can't you can't give it away you're crazy it really holds its shape yeah it's hard to tell what's more creepy wearing the turtleneck chase or this cat skull holding sleep with him who knows? say up front you'd rather interact with a cat skull than a cat oh come on come here don't be shy trying to keep us away from your cats call Steve Jobs come up here he didn't eat no Steve Jobs aware of this sort of thing yes he yes he did it the black turtleneck did it you just make a weird purr $48 or $9 well are you saying this is real? say, since you seem to be questioning it, well, there's something, there's like a sponge inside the nose, I mean, you're saying that's real gristle, you know, I wish calm down, just come to the Catskills, I mean, is it really that hard to find one? is it $9 hard or is it $48 hard I think I think I've heard all I need to hear and I really hope Skulls Unlimited Calm is a real website ok three two one wish I don't think this is a wish oh , we disagre.
I think this is going to have a chance to tie, listen, they can easily make the s tuff, missing a roasted tooth. I think he is just a shoddy craftsman. I think that cat really lost his tooth. This skull is from the wishing table, yes. Wow, is that a real skull? Sure, if it's a real skull, but there are no skulls, unlimited calm is a real website. not super new now i guess this laser show offers pulsing lights and raucous tunes to get your whole crew dancing and this dance party starter was definitely 80 bucks from Guitar Center or 13 bucks from Wish Calma oh yeah eighty bucks it's an amazing $13.
I want to be a part of that good time there. I do not mean that you could injure yourself. Look at those who are agitated. Yeah, the more they dance, the more I don't want to be a part. They can hit you in the face. man I guess look at Jase yeah yeah Chase is going to murder someone today can he? tell me stevie if it changes colors because this is like a christmas theme um i mean there are multiple colors in there but no no there are two colors red and green yeah multiple yeah yeah multiple christmas colors ok , I mean I can see this is the Christmas party spectacular so let's do this year look now she's swing dancing Tanner oh yeah okay I feel pretty I mean I feel pretty confident about this I mean the magnitude of what i'm looking at there is ok this is for all the marbles yeah i think its ok three two one i think its a wish yeah its a cheap man theres only two colors and its christmas colors you get it for 13 bucks Are you choking on the light? the laser show is from wish that and you know what i can have this cat skull or i could have some easy imitations of shit man i just can't i can't do that i can't do that alright i'll do that but this skull de cat I'm going to grind this up and make it into a tincture congratulations lin k you can have that tincture to yourself thanks for commenting and subscribing you know what time it is my


is Tyson from Orlando Florida and it's time to spin the wheel of the mythical hey batman i like I like it is that you never never rode I thought I didn't think something else was going to happen?
I have to be honest, you know, because waiting for a firework, click the link above to see this go through our full wish. Hall in the middle has other good stuff and to find out where the women are. the gala that is going to land is a sketchbook is a notebook his ass notebook get yours now a mythical point shop

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