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Wisdom of Gayatri Mantra - Pravrajika Divyanandaprana

Jun 08, 2021
The Gayatri


comes in both the Wade rig and the Wade user and today I am going to stop just on this because many of you have asked for it and since you want to know everything about it and how to chant it, we will do something. of that for the next half hour, but you must understand everything that is said because this is the most powerful


available to bring us to this level of experience and awaken us to reality. You know that in reality it is like a lit torch that will open the doors of


for you Gayatri is the most powerful mantra what is a mantra mantra means mana I do not stir up a mantra when you think about it repeatedly it will free the mind that is a mantra and Gayatri means hymn of boy tries a tea Gayatri whoever chants it liberates him, that is Gayatri, it is the most powerful mantra, which is also a prayer, it is a kama mantra prayer to open your day, the superior faculty of the human intellect that opens you to the heart of reality, it is called the spiritual heart.
wisdom of gayatri mantra   pravrajika divyanandaprana
Open the spiritual heart so that you can perceive reality as it is. I had told you about the development of faculties. It is one of the ways of perceiving these higher subjective realities that we have been talking about. Consciousness and all that. One of the powerful ways to do that is to awaken, hey, this is a faculty of the human intellect that simply brings the truth into your heart, floods you with the light of supreme truth, so type 3 is a mantra to do this, It is a prayer for this faculty. Do you use boy 3? Look, first let me give you some basic information about boy 3.
wisdom of gayatri mantra   pravrajika divyanandaprana

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wisdom of gayatri mantra pravrajika divyanandaprana...

Boy 3 is usually given during our opening ceremonies. Isn't it for Brahma cherries for the heads of families? It is a very important mantra because it will develop this higher intelligence. in you and Gayathri is personified as a day and her name is Gayathri Devi, you must have seen the image of a five-faced goddess, she is called Veda matha, she is the mother of all knowledge, from him comes all knowledge and correct perspective for everything hmm, so everything. It depends on the development of this Faculty. Please remember that this Gayathri has enormous benefits and blessings. Even if you do a little of it, you will understand the power of it.
wisdom of gayatri mantra   pravrajika divyanandaprana
It will not only awaken the higher intellect, but will open all your faculties of intuition in the Vedas. five faculties of higher intelligence are mentioned, they are like this, which is your spiritual heart, then you have created ha, which is a very brilliant higher intellect, then you have pragna, which has a higher consciousness, a higher will and Smithey's great memory . Gayathri awakens all these five, these are five powerful faculties of your intelligence that give you transcendental, bring to your heart transcendental knowledge. Gayathri awakens all this, gives great inner stability to your mind, deep inner calm just by chanting Gayatri and will remove obstacles from your path. remove the dangers from your path, that is the power of Gayatri, it also gives you a very strong memory, you see, the last thing we discussed is concentration memory, all these capabilities of the human mind are awakened and improved by the chanting of Gayatri , so it is a very powerful power. mantra First I will tell you the story behind this mantra and then I will get into the mantra.
wisdom of gayatri mantra   pravrajika divyanandaprana
There is a great story behind how the Gayathri was delivered. You know how these mantras come from the mouths of the wise. Do they think about it and make them up? There are mystical syllables that are discovered in the same states of Samadhi and meditation. They are mystical syllables that lead to those that give you a direct vision of reality, they take you to reality, so to speak, so it is not a question of it is not a kind of thought construction. What are the effusions of enlightened sages and this mantra Gayatri mantra was given to us by Vishwamitra rishi the person who gave the Vishwamitra of the gayathri the presiding deity of the mantra Gayatri is the son The son of Sumitra was the symbol of Brahman in the Vedic era mmm the supreme reality and the meter used in the chanting of Gayatri is also called Gayatri now this vishwamithra Russia initially was a king, he was a very great king, a very powerful king who had conquered many kingdoms, so it happened and one day he was together with Upon entering with his army, he was crossing a forest when he came across the hermitage of Washis Timoni.
Vashta was a great brahma. The Russia of ancient times, you must have heard of the names of the so-washed hermitage that he found and began to pay for. his respects to Brahma Rishi, so you see, this was our culture, always the best administrators came and asked for spiritual knowledge, they bowed to spiritual knowledge because they understood its value, they understood its value to human society, so Vishwamitra entered the Hermitage and Your army. He also entered with all his troops and approached Vasishtha, he bowed before him and asked for his blessings and what she asked him for was that everything would be fine in your kingdom and he said yes, by your blessings, everything is fine, Please bless me with more. power and wealth and all this and then why should I have said please rest here for a while?
His men are also tired and I will offer him some food to refresh himself and then he can continue now. Vishwamitra initially refused because he thought how they would provide him with what he needed. food there are thousands of men and why should we just disturb the hermitage? Then he said no, okay, we will go to our kingdom and eat our food, but Vashta insisted, so Vishwamitra stayed back, what did he do, what should I do?, he got up from his seat. He came in and had a cow or divine cow comedy. I know you have heard the giver of all blessings, so he whispered something in her ear, he whispered something in her ear and it seems that this divine cow was a goddess in the form of a cow.
Everything they asked him he could give, so he asked for food for the entire army and very quickly huge vessels with all kinds of delicacies and delicious food were presented in a corner of the ashram and the sister went and invited Vishwamitra and all his disciples . the non-disciples, his soldiers, let them come and eat the food, they all tasted the food and it was divine like nectar and then Vishwamitra was so surprised that he asked Vashta how did you get all this in this forest and then he said look, I have a mother. I worship her as a mother and she is nothing but the one who provides us with everything we need and she is a Devi, then Vishwamitra sees that greed entered into him and the Yugo was already there, he thought that this cow should belong to me because I am the King of everything. in my kingdom it belongs to the king so he told her what she said give me the cow I will give you whatever price you want for it well I said don't make this mistake she cannot be sold she is a goddess she is a Devi and she is the giver of all blessings, I will never part with this cow because she wants to stay only near a place where there is this environment where Brahma Vidya is practiced where there is Brahma hog nyan she will not go to your palace but Vishwamitra was furious now he said what do you mean What should I have that cow with? and he told her men to go and bring her by force immediately.
The cow ran after Vasishta and Sheeta said don't make this mistake. I told you one more time. I tell you. she is a divine being, don't make your soldiers touch her, otherwise you will pay for it and we will show, we see each other and I don't believe in all this. I'm going to take the cow and leave and then Vasishta just raises the brahmananda from her. He must have heard about the story and the entire army was destroyed, all the men fell to the ground and Vishwamitra was simply stunned. What happened was the power of realization of Vasishta, which is that Brahma Honda that he would hold, just hold. that wood on which he would do his spiritual japa and the whole army was just destroyed so he said there is great power in this, in this particular thing, then he tried to attack Vasishta again by simply raising the Brahma Thunder and he became helpless without any strength then he said thick Balaam Kshatriya Balaam Brahma Balaam Ava Balaam what does all this mean this promise and strength that I had the ego that I had by being so strong and brave with such a big army, such a big Kingdom, it means nothing compared to This The strength that this sage has, this is the true strength.
A knower of Brahman is so supremely strong just with his mind, with his will, he can control a whole army, so he said, "Well, I will acquire this kind of strength and then I will come and show." you and he came back, he came back to his kingdom, he gave his kingdom to his sons to manage and he went to the forest to do austerities and it seems that for a long time, if you go to the Puranas, they will even say thousands of years because you know that the sense of time is different, you know how they feel that time is in you, so for a long time he performed austerities and then he came to this realization, slowly his mind was changing but he had not yet overcome the trends of time.
In his mind, the tendency towards arrogance, ego pride, this had not yet completely disappeared, so at this moment comes the story of the three shanku, have you heard that story? You know there was a king who wanted to go to heaven with his body and he went and his name was three shanku he went and asked Vashta to please help me well. I told him to please come in. I don't do such stupid things and he was angry. He went to his sons, sons of Vashta, and he told them that your father cannot send me. Please send me.
He was cursed by his sons and became a very ugly person and then he approaches Vishwamitra who was doing austerities for him and says: You see your eyes washed and he refused to send me. You can do it now? You see the enemy of our enemy becomes your friend, so this automatically became Amira's friend and Vishwamitra said that what washed her refused so I will do it for you I am there, don't worry I have performed so much austerity with the power of this austerity I will send you to the heavens and he did all kinds of rituals and all that and through shanku he began to rise to heaven in that same body, but this is against the law of cosmic existence, isn't it ?
Only after death can one go wherever according to one's Karma, wherever one has to go, and I cannot go to heaven in this way, so immediately Indra went up to heaven and said: "You cannot do this, for Please stop", and Vishwamitra said: What do you mean? I have done so many tapasya, he will go up and so, through shanku hanging in the middle. He was not allowed to enter heaven and he could not come down to earth so it seems that Vishwamitra with his powers created a heaven for him right there and so in a state where he was upside down you know he was hanging there and even now let's say three shunko heaven when someone is indecisive about something they say three states of shanku so this was the power of Vishwamitra after he finished this episode that we showed with us we suddenly realized that he had spent all his spiritual power in doing all this for those three shanku just because he hated Vashta and helped him, he understood the level of his pride and ego, its all you see but Vishwamitra is life shows you how important it is to get rid of all this to control your mind and actually attain the knowledge of Brahman. joke, so when he understood all this more, he went into austerities, he said that all my spiritual power was exhausted by doing all this.
I will perform more austerities, he went into the forest again and sat down again. Hundreds of years passed at this time, another major obstacle. came before him in the form of an Apsara called Menaka, you may have also heard of that story, so she seduced him and then he again came out of his austerities and for a long time he was not in touch with this profound goal that he had set the idea of ​​becoming a Brahman regime, obtaining the knowledge of Brahman and becoming equal to washing. Nahi forgot about it after a long time, she came to her senses and then Monica also left it and came to understand that how am I wasting my life? powers how am I wasting my time lust anger ego hate this feeling of malice towards someone jealousy all this can actually ruin you completely it will stop your progress towards your set goals this is what Vishwamitra is life shows also shows the truth through triumph thank you At his will and understanding, he overcame all this, again he immersed himself in great austerities and this time he obtained a certain level of enlightenment, after a long time of austerity, he had the vision of Lord Bramha, who approached him and asked him may he bless him with the title of Maharaja Maharshi, then Vishwamitra said, but do I not deserve the title of Brahma?
Russia then Brahma said no, for that you need blessings of Brahm Harish so go to ashish to get blessing from him if you have really removed all these negativities. from your mind, if you have conquered them, don't just remove them temporarily, please see this, what tapasya you must have knowledge for self-knowledge, such tapasya is required means purging your mind of all impurity, cleansing it completely, not just emptying it temporarily, become absolutely pure in all ways, then only this knowledge is possible, so he said: go and take the blessings of Vasishta and Vishwamitra came to wash the star when he approached the Hermitage, he heard the conversation between Vishwamitra and Arundhati Vishwamitra told him.
I sit between washes, tine arundathi Vishwamitra has come to the hermitage. from vasishta, so Ouachita is telling Aruna... you know, I have been following Vishwamitra's spiritual progress and I am supporting himin silence so that I can achieve this illumination. He is a good man. The very name of him indicates vishwas. Sumitra is Vishwamitra. He is everyone's friend. but this arrogance had entered into him I hope he can overcome it I am helping him in spiritual progress as soon as he heard this Vishwamitra was so embarrassed with who that is why he is a Brahma Russia is beyond all this duality all this stupidity and then he came and fell on her she starts walking please forgive me for what I have done as soon as her head touched the feet of the sage a spiritual current passed through him and spontaneously into his heart arrows the Brahma Gayatri oh boo boo SWA that sumithra rhenium Virgo he was told that he and he or Yanna press alla earth is spontaneously arising within him, it flooded him and merged into Samadhi when he came out of that state, he found washing blessing him and this Gayathri Amanah tinkling from within his heart continuously when he returned, then Vashta He told him now you have converted.
In Brahma Russia, you have attained the knowledge of the Supreme by overcoming all the weaknesses at all levels and then when he returned he gave this guy three to everyone, that is why he is the rishi who gave the world the Gayatri, so this means You see, what the CD is for Cynthia becomes a medium for those who are trying to become Sinha, so boy three, this is how it comes to us, encapsulates the essence of Vedic


because it is a prayer of the day if you have one. you understood the value of this higher level of intelligence, what is called the spiritual heart, the awakening of this, then you have the right to receive that knowledge, if you do not understand its value, the value of this level of spirituality, how will knowledge come to you? so this is the Gayatri mantra, let's analyze the meaning and then we will repeat it oh poor bua swaha ohm is the symbol of brahman the sound symbol of Brahman who bhuva swaha are the three planes of existence that boo beans actually this land hua is the world of the joke patrol media one thing you are is Swarga look at the skies now all these worlds there are slightly different interpretations also you will get from these three words boob was for her like for example boo is considered the embodiment of vitality who is the destroyer of suffering, the oath is the giver of happiness, like the slightly different interpretations that you will also typically find in our boo boo Shastras, as wah are these three words of this land, the world of the main gaze of the spitter and the world of the gods, now all these three are enlightened. why light touches savitur varenyam by the light of the Sun who is miranium who is the most the best the most select the most adorable he is illuminating these three worlds bright the bright Sun Virgo the destroyer of all sins who ever see that divine You will see , there are two for Dave is div, which is the divinity that shines, the one that shines, deema, can imbibe my intellect, Geo, this intellect that is ours, Yona, has done, they can light that intellect and imbibe, that my Internet be able to absorb the supreme. knowledge in this way that illuminates my intellect so that I can obtain this Bromham jaan raghav India so that I can experience the knowledge of the supreme reality that thus inspires my Internet the son the most adorable the Divine Being who illuminates the three worlds that my intellect saw illuminated that I will get the knowledge of the supreme this is the prayer of Gayathri so let us repeat it once repeated after me Oh more bua swaha tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yonah prejoh son so each syllable must be very clear with confidence you must repeat hmm look, I have put it here please look at this each syllable should be very clear when you repeat it you can't mix words and repeat them anyway it is a very powerful mantra oh boo boo like swaha it is repeated once again after me Oh more bua swaha tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yonah prejoh the earth now how to sing Gayatri?
Usually it is prescribed that you should chant it in the Sunday period which means at dawn and dusk, these are very special times when nature is very silent, naturally the Gayathri will fructify and bloom within you if you chant it. You practice at that time, at dawn and dusk, at least in these two periods and usually one repetition is recommended not eight times. You can also do it 36 ​​times at dawn, 36 times at known and 36 times at dusk and another thing you have to remember is that you can't do guy 3 anywhere and you still have to do it in a clean place in a proper posture, Treat her with respect.
I told you it is a very powerful mantra, she is a Devi. How would you worship a Devi, so just repeat it anywhere, repeating and half don't do it, it's a very sacred thing, a very high thing, so you have to do it with full respect and then if you can't do it once, don't eight times, at least 12 times? intensely with concentration you must do it with the meaning that passes through your head and then Gayatri will heal the fruit of it. You know, people make like 3 Turin puris. You may have heard about this in Maharashtra.
Thousands of people do it every year. It is repeated 24. lakh boy 3 in a specific period of time and they do it with such intensity after that period that you should say their face has changed, it awakens all your energy and raises it to the level of realization, it is actually demonizing you so that you can include the highest in you, Brahman, so this is the power of Gayathri, only if you do it, you will know it, if you don't do it, again it will remain a theory for you. You know mother Mohan Malviya, who was the founder. from BHU Banaras Hindu University was a great advocate of Gayathri Pure Sharon used to do it many times, in fact many people have done it and it is the best way to change your entire mechanism, your very body will change.
I'm telling you your genes. you will change your mind you will change because you are awakening the Faculty of the day within you, if done with concentration and complete mind, you will awaken what needs to awaken within you and these five faculties of higher intelligence are necessary to be successful anywhere. in your life, please remember this, I told you what they are, then he made a prog Nia 3t and splitty, these are the five qualities of your intelligence, he is your spiritual heart from where you get this knowledge of Brahman maiya is your higher intelligence pragna It is a higher consciousness 3.
It is higher Will and Smith are complete memory, so if you want all of these together practice Gayathri and see that it was an integral part of our life. I received the Gayathri when he was very young and was usually in India during the Anna ceremony. Come on then the thing is that all these things have to be done to be known you have to do something about it it is not a theoretical concept I just told you you listen to it and it is not done like that mmm this is what you practice When you sing, you will see that the change looms in your mind, it will simply become clear, intelligence will simply awaken within you, you will understand all the dimensions of intelligence, not the stupid, one-way intelligence that you don't know where it will take you, that depends on the outside. objects are not of that type a holistic and healthy form of intelligence that is completely integrative that sees everything together this level of intensity is necessary for a higher and higher understanding it really helps you understand the scriptures the subtle is a very will of intellect refined will be generated, the subtleties of the scriptures will become understandable, so all these blessings come with the practice of Gayatri in Tennessee and you yourself will understand what it is about, that is why I gave you the complete story of Gayathri so that you remember the story and practice singing.

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