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Wir sind die Ersten, die damit fahren! | Porsche 911 GT3 RS in freier Wildbahn | Matthias Malmedie

Nov 11, 2022
this is going to be a video to enjoy oh god oh god oh god first on your knees now for the first time the car in the wild hey we drove 260 and the engine is louder than the wind it's not always like that and you think why not the one on the left really racing have a wonderful good day dear friends and this time motorsport hits very hard I'm standing here and waiting I think the first GT3 RS in the Cologne area so I felt like I drove the day before yesterday at Silverstone where everyone was there and now We're getting my GT3 RS delivered home thicker, so that's not mine, no, we can drive both days, I can see a little bit, I can taste some.
wir sind die ersten die damit fahren porsche 911 gt3 rs in freier wildbahn matthias malmedie
I'm very, very excited because driving the car on a track like that at Silverstone or I have no idea in the south of Spain or whatever it doesn't matter where this presentation is so it's always a bit out of life and now we come to life now the car comes to us this huge meter in the back she will drive through Cologne with us today and drive with us today on the home route over the Autobahn we will press the DS button and so on mate that will really be right here , no now no yes now right next to the multiplier it says do you know what's happening?
wir sind die ersten die damit fahren porsche 911 gt3 rs in freier wildbahn matthias malmedie

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wir sind die ersten die damit fahren porsche 911 gt3 rs in freier wildbahn matthias malmedie...

Do you know what kind of image it will be? You know how cheeky that looks the same when there's a GT3 RS here 992? Oh god first on your knees welcome thank you so much for bringing us this beautiful vehicle how many people took pictures on Autobahn 20 man that's brutal that has to be said it's very very early we have this car now that it's usually when the presentation is for all the press it often takes three four five six months until you get the car and this car is still here much much more special than anything else and how do you get it now i swear we are first in a lot time who are allowed to drive with him and take a video with him and that's very good no PZ has one there are no cars in Germany there is just no customer has anything we drive with him the drum sounds so bad and Matthias what you've done?
wir sind die ersten die damit fahren porsche 911 gt3 rs in freier wildbahn matthias malmedie
Touched the gas for over an hour welcome but really going now but really first time GT3 RS in the wild can you see why you've already driven it and the open road was much more Silverstone? for 45 minutes and today I've been driving a GT3 RS and Silverstone for eight hours, it doesn't matter on which track, it's always an artificial situation, it's always so good that you don't have references, you don't have trees, you have no signs, you don't have other users of the road you're just alone on the race track and an hour from now you obviously have to be extremely focused to put this movie together and there's nothing to sit and ponder and think about what I'm actually doing here right now but you only do you run for an hour and ok and today we are going to enjoy a bit we are going to do some nonsense we are going to do some nonsense look at our companions a little how he is so in everyday life you can actually use it in everyday life go by plane yes we drive on the route of home we drive on the highway maybe we still drive to the city and maybe we still drive on the track we don't know exactly yet actually i would like to do everything we just watch It's what we can do, so we've ridden Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, not Cup 2R, the R tire is again indeed Really three levels above the normal cup tire, I'd say it's really a track day tire And it's not at all suitable for street driving.
wir sind die ersten die damit fahren porsche 911 gt3 rs in freier wildbahn matthias malmedie
What I'm already noticing here is that the car follows the tracks extremely so it doesn't drive extremely but you notice that the curve so the road hangs slightly to the left and the fellow drives into a curve because he just does a very test short, kind, my dear Adrian, who also holds the tube and the tires are cold. it was easy he only shot once so he can't keep the camera steady that doesn't work why are you shaking like that dude? I don't see a car like that there are no GT3s right now this car here is a plane that no one has yet we drive it through the area we are all together there it usually shows us the temperatures it's still not very hot but already a lot on the road the oil already it's 80 degrees so it's so slow it's a beast and unfortunately there was a truck in front of us on this first driveway on the freeway but this first driveway that's exactly the feeling I get every time coming with the home stretch is mine because it's white i know how this freeway entrance works i know where the pothole is i know how fast i can drive it and i know how fast i can drive it with all the other cars that are in the fleet yeah what if i drive this way here with cold tires and it goes much faster so i know how crazy it is and the same is the issue with the source route it's crazy you can see it only happens DRS if you do it like this i press it here is something no no that's the function only d available in your forced account now we have the DRS ready ok so you have to go to sport mode for the DS to work I have to adjust it this way it is done this way I see it in the outside mirror to bring it to the mirror I have to look at it like this to see how high there's this rear wing i have to bite it now it just went down bro that's so cool you can see how high this rear wing is higher than the roof.
When I first saw this car in Mendig, it was still completely finished. No, I thought he was so old then. how big is this rear wing how high is this and that that is evident everyone who passes in front of us everyone who passes in front of us reacts and that is also what is the first time on the Autobahn now that it has several million kilometers have you driven a car on the Autobahn? and now you're changing lanes for the first time in a GT3 RS we just turn the lights on it's like an apparition what a car like that can do is unbelievable we need to get on the highway right now because there are long chts and turns to the left and that makes sense with the gt3s this path here is all straight just feel how it goes but it doesn't go much better or worse it goes the same way as the predecessor you just have to say yes more or less It feels like it goes to high speed, not that great, yeah mate, the bigger rear wing is in the back, so of course the Autobahn with the corners makes a lot more sense, we do it anyway. hey he's yelling that's unusually rude but overtaking prestigious obviously not so good because the 520 530i in the front thought come on oh shame oh my gosh you old Swede boy what's that?
Now no nonsense, the wheels are not 30 degrees yet, yes. but the thing is a razor I ain't no bullshit no bullshit stupid stupid I've never driven a car that delivers with such precision on the freeway it's on the freeway like this monster is on the Di ng sick boy I hope you can feel it somehow I don't think you've ever seen me freaking out like this on the Autobahn it's so cheeky how this car is hanging on the wheel What kind of car are you like the one I've driven? a lot of GT3 but this here is really a very very very different number a 991 gt3s is an ultra cool car only recently would have driven on the circuit ne it's all great but this here that's supernatural oh crap, that's a great oven, actually, we can do that.
The video is now over and I have to honestly admit that I was completely overwhelmed at Silverstone because I didn't know the track, I didn't know the car, I didn't know all the buttons, I haven't touched anything here yet. Fully adjustable rebound and compression front and rear separately, that's awesome if we haven't exhausted everything this vehicle can do. m 100% safe in this zero situation Action just turned into track the car is already super cool and from then on you can start playing and adjusting the car as your personal shoe as your perfect slippers as your favorite shirt, like his favorite underpants, I don't know him. i can get it set up down to the last detail the aerodynamics are active on the front axle on the rear axle it is reduced everywhere where downforce is actually achieved the rear wing supports 600 kilos of 600 kilos and in fact i have driven a lot of cars recently to 96 GTB the Ferrari that was also an absolute razor blade but this is a different world and you also know the guys developed it in Weissach you know the guys once fully developed it on the Nordschleife and the time they drove was Jörg Bergmeister's has driven so far that's still not what this car can do it was a little cool and slightly humid It's still foggy and it's starting to rain and it hasn't snowed lightly either but it still hasn't been the best this is a damn plane there isn't a car that can pass 160 where you can still hear the engine, yes the wind noise is getting louder the obvious thing is that it is very hot in here hey, we drove 260 and the engine is stronger than the wind is still rising 5000 people who are as sick as this car is so sick that it is no longer normal brakes ne you have seen how my lips after they went to the front that usually just it works if i have to put on my round look really cheeky then i do it like this too this will be a video to enjoy it will not be a technical video it's just a climbing video People today we will show you how the thing feels in everyday life and that it's unbelievably sick how it feels in everyday life the DRS works on its own it does everything automatically you don't actually need this button DRS there is an e In one there are several situations where the DRS may need you to know and just know if your name is Lars Kern or Jörg Bergmeister where you know you can drive a corner better without you is without the employee wing because you know your Si can drive the section without the heavy downforce and pre You would rather take the speed with you because you know after that there will be a passage somewhere you would like to have the speed then it makes sense to push the button or if a friend is behind you and he wants to show look here I can here with my drinking age is great 0.35 seconds goes up and down well and that's the time i saw because i said now for the first time the car in the wild That's a different kind of thing The race track is always an artificial situation of course I it's designed for that, but a Porsche is also designed to function as normal in everyday life as possible.
He drives to the race track in a car so honestly it's ultra comfortable anyway, we're on the track, we're on the track and he hasn't done it yet. your camera and headphones the headphones are on the back of his neck the headphones slipped the thing the headphones slipped under here buddy hello everyone who sees me in this car today please excuse my driving style i have have to do it over and over Check the curves if still possible. This is a very, very important place for me because this is the bus stop where I used to stand as a child and wait for the bus.
In fact, I always ran past the bus stop because I was running from there because otherwise I would have missed the bus because I usually missed it actually This is where it all started and we are here today with the car and we will be driving it extensively today, Which I think is one of the greatest cars, one of the maybe even the coolest cars I've ever driven. Look here the line no I don't really go there it just goes by now it's looping in the back and then the gentleman comes then we could get in beginners how to get in the front one because it looks like this car and that's it for me.
It's really a cheeky moment because this over car this high flyer which is now really in the place where I started my school career when I grew up and I always drove to school here in this rickety bus and now this flying stove is here and I can drive it. I am a very, very happy child. That is something I am very proud of. It is a great honor for me, so the 3S Hausst. stretch out full climb sheet you understand it's going to be really hard if i finally start driving you have to enjoy it and don't let it stay here this time 1000 jump cat and let's show it to everyone no if we get going extra slow but then again extra quick about you now i really have this moment i am very seriously excited because i have already explained this final stretch 1000 times.
I'll still explain something like that again it's just this home stretch you know like the back of your hand you know every pothole you know everything ne you know how many cars I feel there and now I'm going in the car with it quintessential and this new GT3 RS and this turbo suitcase wide body these wings taller than the roof more violent aerodynamics than with any fighter jet was just thats just a blatant moment now we are taking the car where it belongs too and where it has to shine and where it actually has the most violent effect because to be honest when the cabin pulls up to the Opel Corsa or we park right there somewhere in the serpentines or I have no idea that's much, much more cheeky than bringing the car there and where practically was born or what it was made for on the race track, of course we will be with a GT3 RS will go to the Nordschleifeat some point but then the 3S will be available right now early in the urban setting on the route of origin on the freeway first time on the freeway that's first time on the freeway and first time on the country road those are moments that we won't be back anytime soon and this first time there's only one time and that's now woah I don't even know how to set that up because not really we can really set the car up like this we want it to really leave the rebound and compression stage intact because the car is in a perfect position because the big question is ESC off or on I would also say we prefer it off or ESC settings so here is PSM PTV plus here we can do traction control and set ESC press once then theme is selected , then we don't do ESC here dynamic but ESC turn off the tits and then we can do traction up here set the control in 7 stages 7 we do but we'll start with three now I would say I think it's something you can live with if he completely cuts us off because the tires are cold then we'll catch up again at some point hopefully something really tough is the optics so the view in reality is permanently hampered by the heat coming out of the mid-cooler.
I accelerate now I focus the gauge on the Mini when I accelerate of course it won't get better but it's constantly so it's like that now I'm close now I can see it so it's not like you fully notice you think so shit I don't see there's also the AMG GT Black Series by the way the heat comes out there in the front and you can also see all the time this flickering there I knew that to be honest I didn't think about it I didn't know and I was like okay it's kind of funny here for what ne and then i understood in time why that is because the cooler is in the middle and the heat just flows through the middle in the front so it is not clogged so you think well how is that supposed to be? at some point on nordschleife i can't hit the gas but yeah that's just when you're trying to read the number plate in front of you now so you're thinking huh why does it flash like that when i'm really excited oh shame, moisture and foliage traction.
Let's see, I turn off CC completely, it's very slippery, it's a mouse track, I'm very nice to control it, even if it's wet. , dude, very nice, boy, that's the second climb here, folks, the first climb on the Autobahn and this is also so ultra rude, oh my god, this car is sharp. I really want to say in the truest sense of the word it's so violent how precise is this car here and you really feel the aerodynamics that was straight and just this slight ridge usually a car like that is always easy and you think like that haha why is it directing you correctly and here it was like that?
Yeah I'm pressed to the ground, boy, yeah you can turn, you can do it. everything do with me what you want it's really creamy what you can easily notice here in your home stretch it's a fucking feeling i love shit that stuff is amazing so let's do 100 and see how it doesn't work honestly i don't know if it works but doesn't actually work yeah 6250 that's awesome forgot to turn on the meter really excited what's going to happen now at 100 so 3.2 should go 50 50 3178 more device has delivered you sorry Aero that's unbelievably awesome that's awesome everyone will love this car everyone will love this car everyone who gets in this car will say oh my gosh it's a great car and s You'll say oh my gosh I don't give a fuck this car doesn't have a trunk because it just doesn't matter what's so cheeky about this car is that not only is it so fast and above all precise and so unbelievably cheeky your word what you give your right or left foot to the brake if you are on the left brake or just your right foot or and your two hands and your keypad what you give up, this car keeps its word and that's really people, it's a different thing.
I say very, very often and many, many cars are very, very cool in their segment, but this is the coolest and this is the top level that can only exist in the field. of sports car, watch how it gives way and how you drive behind it and you don't break the rear end the brake the pedal felt how can you estimate the car that's a giant plane with the wide turbo that's a giant in the suitcase but that's how you feel like you're in your absolute favorite shoe or you drink your absolute favorite drink you take that first sip and think this and no other way and that's how it feels in this GT3 RS it's unbelievably intense it's truly unbelievable unbelievable the gear changes the sound of the engine the rest is perceived as how comfortable the car is on the Autobahn we are driving on hard shock absorbers now we are driving on hard shock absorbers and it's not too hard I really think it's a good thing car on the country road is as much fun as he could knows there will be planes that shit next year yeah but you can't drive it on the road because somehow it's too rough and too violent and too uncomfortable and too r loud i say against the gt4 rs ever drive a car like this this gt4s feel three times louder than this and you can drive anywhere in the world with this ren and thats


too you gotta wonder these shell sets , that's the only thing i really think about with my own build and color the color issue is very tricky for me if i take these shell sets the damage rates are absolutely perfect for the race track but long term i would like the backrest to adjust a bit to the comfort position i would like that and that is not possible with the bucket seat that is why the bucket seat is almost out of stock for me on the other hand i think It must have a damaged seat and this is the coolest car I've ever driven.
I have to say many many many thanks and these thanks then go to Breuninger and the entire GTA dept team old Swedes you guys are amazing thank you so much for this.

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