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Winx Club: Das Geheimnis des Verlorenen Königsreichs | ganzer Film!

May 12, 2022
Once upon a time far far away in the magical dimension there lived a normal girl from earth who realized she was a fairy and a princess her life changed forever and became a fairy tale a story of courage friendship and adventure is a magical story but without the famous happy ending because she couldn't write the ending i still woke up too late it doesn't matter it's going to be a great day i know my hair the sun shines on my face i'm walking towards the street my friends are already waiting for a new one adventure the school will return today a lot to learn don't waste time this is my day this is my life but when i dream i only think of you you really fulfill my dream the others say that you are you are incredible what you are you can do it you are the course that talents still follow you are up to your standards you are smart against yourself you are the honor you if you really want and with us we did it that must Hagen s close you are ready then go that is totally rude to you no h no one here to greet us someone at home someone at home someone at home someone at home maybe someone else there everyone reigns no electricity until i feel beautiful and i'm still asleep energy and transformation Clara shines so beautifully around me with tech now starts laila's blue magnetic sea of ​​lights these plugs are ice cold i think i should hold out for a bit let's be blue we'll have you covered stella would say let's powder her nose my problem they're bigger than we thought and uglier too maybe i can stop them with that Zauber e.V. flexible you're not hurt it hurts but i think i can do it maybe i'll continue i'm in pain but i can protect them from the money process your control unit is in ambush i can't hold you much longer the fusion celebration got stronger. t flowers you turned an entire army of evil robots into scrap metal in less than two minutes awesome thats what i call teamwork girls so much better that was more than just teamwork



teamwork we need more of that scanning another presence close that's right upon us I must be a swordsman, keep your eyes open, park, master of the shining steel you're on, can you give us some light. in the shadows just one more step and it will be the last i finally found it it's not too late you and your friends broke into my fortress and destroyed my guards but you're not so lucky against me we're pretty bored with you and your sword by the thousand stars faragonda it really is you my dear Hagen has been here for centuries to say that since the company of light was dissolved you seem older but what we lose in youth we gain in wisdom if we have paid close attention and now you lower your sword in the presence of the flower of the last surviving princess of dominoes the daughter of uritel and meryem is alive i thought she wasn't my old friend our flowers were saved she was raised by foster parents on earth now she has returned here to look for her biological parents this is not the time to shed light on the past it's time has finally come to accept the invitation you've declined over the years well i'm not arguing with a so beautiful adversary well then we can finally talk fairly everywhere so we have finally lured you out of your cave you the old fairy is here everything is always so colorful and cheerful or today is just a very special day today is the end of some of us and leaving as here forever their magical journey comes to an end with this ceremony but for the flowers the journey continues that's why i have to talk to you meisterhagen i know my parents are my real parents somewhere in the someone magical that I don't expect too much from me child, otherwise you might be disappointed later the sword of a father yes, the sword I understand is enchanted and no power in the universe can separate it from its rightful eternal and indestructible owner the greatest work of the master of shining steel at least that's what the magic book says because you created it if you feel his presence it doesn't matter where he is and if I find the sword I will too my father re oh bloom many thousands of swords I have forged in my life but for yours Father I created the strongest of all a sword a banner strong enough to give us all final victory we were the mightiest warrior wizards our world has ever known united against the witches of old we fought them to the bloody end but instead of winning the triumph we paid a price so deadly that i stood by their side every day it was the final battle of the original three witches against king and queen maryan tus parents released them along with the witches in a great whirlwind and there was nothing I could do not even the most powerful magic sword I had forged was strong enough to save them and since that day I never stopped looking for them every day of my life I tried feel the power of the royal sword and find my closest friends your father and mother now you understand me but the magic dimension is so i know what you want believe with your heart but face reality sorry blue no but whats up me I know you are a good friend but now she needs some time alone so come on girl soon our ceremony will start after three years of hard work and Frequent unexpected emotions.
winx club das geheimnis des verlorenen k nigsreichs ganzer film
Your time at the Alfea fairy school is coming to an end and now it will be you. present your closest friends are celebrating gift day it's time for our proud graduates to take over as guardian fairies to create ultimate harmony hello Kiko now is not the right time hey my sweet kitty sorry but i'm not in the mood to play you shouldn't be sad with you i didn't know it wasn't your fault i just felt the world had lost its colors oh god you're cute what's your name because you have a name ron robin if that's a good name for you these little jewelry boxes contain the power of harmony, it's the graduation present for every fairy, now open the box and get ready ns to come back to the magic dimension stars plants trees i hear her whisper in the wind i understand every word of her feelings dear flora is the difference between a fairy who only uses the magic of flowers and the flower fairy as everyone knows i Feel connected with all forms of technology in any part of the world.
winx club das geheimnis des verlorenen k nigsreichs ganzer film

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winx club das geheimnis des verlorenen k nigsreichs ganzer film...

This is fantastic. I can listen to all the music in the world, even the secret songs in the heart of every human being, and I can sing them. The light of the sun, the moon and even the stars. It shines inside me and I feel like it could light up the whole world. I feel the sound of rain all over the world, every drop, from the smallest splash to the deepest ocean. now in each of your worlds has new protection fairies, namely wings, I love you, please don't cry, although you are still so beautiful, even with tears in your eyes.
winx club das geheimnis des verlorenen k nigsreichs ganzer film
I like my horny smiley flowers better with the princess maiden of the lonely tower of her, it's too late to start. I'm still not sure about the length, Brandon. Shouldn't my new shoes give Brandon your shoes? Zero girls, I actually didn't want to allow such a thing, but since today is a special knock knock day, is there any protective fairy here by any chance? The most magical and desirable property of all protections is missing. to give you a flower but no one can compete in beauty with my magical protection fairy it's true you're hurt with every computer with every electronic device in the world yes it is and i'm as fast as a glass of water cable oh i play the stupid ribbeln vi that you watched me during the ceremony I came here because I thought that here is a big party and no one is laughing at me.
winx club das geheimnis des verlorenen k nigsreichs ganzer film
Why are you so grumpy? I can't believe we made it. Our time here together was amazing. scared that's why you're afraid you can't live up to expectations you're always the only one who understands exactly what I mean I know very well other people and their expectations but I know you're a huge success you'll surpass even your wildest dreams get dressed I can't wait to see you at the party tonight hey look down flowers honey we caught you red handed yay lovebirds everyone made it but i'm not kidding you're Blum and everyone knows that you experience the most powerful fault is to protect your own world and its inhabitants what does a royal protection zfee out but i'm just a princess with no kingdom i have no one to protect my home domino has been completely destroyed oh if only i could find my parents then i would have fully accomplished my mission then i would have achieved harmony and it would be a legitimate tutelary fairy I had the chance and hope, but now they both lost, so the flowers I knew would never have given up.
A witch slipped into the body of the girl I love. Don't give up, you know that what matters is to believe in yourself and what you feel in your heart, then you will never lose and don't forget that I am your biggest fan, I believe in you, there is one more thing I have to tell you, dear flower , In fact. I'm not allowed to tell you but you should know oh I don't have to obey my orders without you I can't leave the planet hey only f five minutes how about ten seconds scientist excuse me what's going on who is this woman? , blum, listen, I'll explain everything as soon as I have the promised time, blue. go skate no please don't ask questions now i'll be back soon and then i'll never leave you again but we have to go i love you blue please don't ever forget that. the strength in your eye maybe hello blue finally where have you been so long for a moment it's all good i'll feel better oh give me a hug how was the party you mean the boring gathering in the backyard you know if you're not there it will not be a real party yes girls you know but tonight is our last night we're together as we are and we shouldn't waste the night getting a good sleep of course I'm fine that'll be fine next time for a big pillow fight or no we should prefer one sleepover why are you looking at me so weird?
I'm serious girls we need to pack are you going back to lindfair yes but no one can imagine me going back there as a father flowers don't worry it won't be much different than before just with a few extra responsibilities you know you have to protect the whole planet , to people and their happiness, but that's a piece of cake, as I always say, meet girls who are also powerful. Popular and you, Bloom, will you return your Earth parents to Gardenia? Yes, Michael Vanessa is already waiting for me. I'll probably help my mom in her flower shop first and then, who knows, you're so lucky to have such good parents for each of us. a new adventure begins what isn't between us won't change a thing flowers no matter what happens we will always be best friends the best friends forever forever and ever here I was little when my heart spoke to me since then I just continue he sits me here and now i give all my super power and fight against the dark forces look at me and what will you see i know that, just like you, this is my way to save the world, this magical life, this is my mission, but sometimes i wish only one day live like you do everything.
You see Vanessa, she's like a wild bird in your little cage, you know it's true. this world is too small for her this is not her life anymore i just want her to be happy again oh we can be happy again when she is it's up to us we have to do something tomorrow i'm sure it will be a wonderful day i promise you what of You really love me Flo don't wait please don't leave me alone my parents flowers at least you are insecure my little girl makes dragon fire it will never be yours you will never be alone flowers for this cause true love knows no distance knows no borders listen to me little sister you must continue your search in your heart you know that our parents are still alive and now they are closer than ever I must talk to you flowers come to light rocks come to me where are you flower my dear sweet sister it is so nice to see your face again I believe so too you told me that maybe they are not our parents but all is not lost are you really ready for this trip where great and terrible dangers await you sister you made the decision to save me with your help i'm ready for anything i know that but our father had a magic book called the Book of Destiny that contains all the history of our family so our parents live that way but the book will tell you why you told me i wasn't sure if the primitive witches destroyed it when they stormed the dominoes, but Daddy had hidden the magical writings in a secret library up on Rocksberg, where he knew they were.
They were safe there so I go back to our world and look for the book no matter what happens nothing can give me no stop flowers wait there is something else I have to tell you it is about my mask which will be yours now if you wear this mask you will see through my eyes You will see I master as I remember and there you will find your way the mask will take you to rocksberg and there you will find the secret library wait my powers are fading I have to go back to the depths of the lake to undress please don't go bloom this is not goodbye remember that i will always be by your side be alone no one and we will be a family again one day thanks for that now i know what i have to do mom dad something really amazing just happened to me and the amazing will surprise you even more in a moment just don't say that now you forgot today is your birthday flowers oh mom this is the best surprise i could imagine so i think of you hey you know, yes there isa party somewhere I'm always the first there that was the idea the way your mouth took care of the rest and as far as your gift it wasn't exactly easy for us to think of a few flowers you're so sweet seeing everyone again is the best gift i can imagine are you really sure i'm sorry honey you can go home i'm Dario as i promised where have you been i called you 2000 times and your phone was always switched off since every night when you you left i was on an adventure but not a day or night went by that i didn't have to think about you i think you both would like to be alone for a while now hey blum what's so amazing that happened one appeared in my dream my parents still they are alive she asked me to go to dominoes and find the secret library the search is not over yet and then let's start flowers you know that we will help you to always believe in yourself and trust what your heart tells you that you said again it is not so yes and I believe in that the sword after its light is hot it burns us that burns feel the power of dominoes something or someone gives them life, but those of us who have destroyed the planet killed all its inhabitants and its king, no one has access to this anymore power, we have to destroy the damned with force just for the domino power to be erased. outside the magical dimension, but as if the slightest touch has almost destroyed us and killed all the warriors who came close to my lovers, the dragora man is at your service, your humble servant bestows the power of dark energy and I leave this cold prison of the Obsidian Circle to search. for the origin of your suffering to investigate so be it eternal darkness impenetrable shit oh yes your power flows through me meet the last burning spark of domino and when i have it i put it out with my own shirts how does the captain speak? we're flying through the domino planet's magnetosphere expecting some minor turbulence because i think my food will be on again please don't say Flowers is listening we need to talk about our conversation at your house again i know you've been looking for me everyone these months and you were wondering where I could be I've been waiting for you for four months so I can wait a few more hours we may have a mission to accomplish and I have to fully concentrate on that means you don't want to know I can wait to find you I trust that Wrath of the Primordial Witches has been destroyed and is now there no trace of its former glory let alone its in residents no sign of life weapons is mask will surely help us right now i see dominoes the way it used to be thats beautiful to me girls do you think that is the correct form Bloom believe it or not the mask leads us to the correct form that is the mask of daphne yes i gave it to me or in a dream to help us with the search we should use the bikes in this fog it's impossible to see anything from the air you seriously intend to beat me to heaven otherwise you'll make a fool of yourself especially you drive so slowly that News almost fell asleep oh yeah i suggest we meet at the destination in a few hours mate ok two things first you specialists stop being so childish and second flowers are the berg there rocksberg yes that's yes that's what i thought at least you can see what i see flowers the legend says that your father uritel protected the library by e I built it on top of a bird of prey called the Rock.
It is a mythical beast that to this day no one knows if it really exists. It seems. The mountain is actually their nest. They better split up, you're looking for the book and we take care of the rock, it's all up to us because those are the things we specialize in and specialize in as the watchful folks should maybe cross their fingers. I need the rope they climb on. it's a vine stronger than strong a little footsteps great I don't want to walk all day keep screaming around here I think the bird we should avoid hadn't heard of until now they'll ask your opinion yelia when it's here but a whim the ribs are today even grumpier than usual don't you see we're too small for even a little snack in the middle calm down leila she's right as long as she doesn't fly away don't freak out that's one of the things we specialists specialize in o maybe we'll change majors, no, come back to me, baby, quickly, we have to transform and bow to that horrible thing, no, the rock is too fast for us, if we want to save the children, we have one more chance and that would be flowers back to the ship we don't have time to rush boys I can't get to try again the vines no what's that the vine knew? exactly what i was thinking timmy is in Security now we just have to figure out what all the buttons are for Buttons Lights Switches ah boy crazy stuff I like my wings and my magic 1000 times better with your wings we certainly wouldn't have caught up with them Stella now we have to calm down the skirt first it shouldn't be easy her first very angry no he's not angry he's just scared maybe he wants too big I guess you prick just listen to a lullaby do you think you can use your powers to calm him down I can try no use we're too far we can't fly a little closer but hold on for sure let's go i think we're going i'll be rescued soon huh we're getting close we're almost there ok we'll try again all i have to do now oh my god oh no, he has come, miss company, he will teach you something, yes, they did, did you understand? they're safe you don't have to worry anymore reven he's worried because i'm just hanging around let's try again but this time we have to be careful with the wings and they're gone in the clouds Stella you can't do anything look for the sun.
Anyway, I'm too pale. cloud board. Get ready to rock n' roll. rrt having dominoes looks like a cold dead planet seconds what was that annoying just now i felt something very strong just flowers read us yes yes now i have them all i can feel the power of dragon fire and all the horde of these pathetic Protection is lost but how powerful can you be if you cause my lovers so much trouble but i don't care about any of that because i only have one goal which is because then a sentence is better no maybe it says your parents in earlier times i can't read no I can tell you what it says you don't have to make people back down don't be afraid little flowers I am lord bakel since I was your father's scribe and the guardian of this book and I have waited for you many years young princess you waited for me but of course and I am glad that do well when the original witches attacked domino your father risked his life for you keep this book for you my parents if you please tell me if you are still alive the book will tell you everything this chapter it's about oritale and marian because their parents were the last rulers of Domino hey that's a wedding photo that's not a totally adorable dress it's just super interesting you look at her eyes they radiate so much power there's even more that's no just look at them both you are so cute dear sir show us more baby pictures of our little flowers please what did you mean Please no?
I think it's a big catfish. There must be more photos. I'm sorry. I'm just what you saw. Excuse me, but we have to hurry. The time is finishing. this is the company of light just before their fight against the vectors of the wicked witches pfarragonder is also in this book just look how young he looks one more page waiting i need to know what a weird thing happened there is no answer your parents disappeared in the obsidian portal and not even this book can say what passes beyond this threshold on instagram that seems dead they are not princesses they just disappeared but more unfortunately I don't know either the book is narrow babel b you say that the book knows the fate of all members from the royal family of dominoes yes of course bloodsal is to find your parents then the book can help us figure out where you are what the hell is that supposed to be who that is if its your will we can turn the page and see what the book says about your future, but be careful, it can be dangerous to know that I am ready, I must know that all your destiny is reduced to a single prophecy that as the book of the greatest of the dominoes, at the crossroads of endless paths, stone demons lead to the abyss and the prisoner an uncrowned king will save another king from a lost kingdom and the six companions who protect the light will shine with radiant power in the wicked darkness and the lost will I will find I don't understand what this has to do with my parents I am also very offended and Babel like you is fading as fast as cheap things my time in this dimension is coming to an end if the history of the royal family of dominoes needs to be supplemented I will come and I will do it and now I say goodbye it was a great honor for me the honor of being of service my blue princess what is written because now on the last page about my future there is nothing princess nothing at all the wood your future has not yet been written yourselves now you must create the end of this whole story don't forget he never lives where moment oh god he's dizzy we'll take him back to alffair you hear me don't overdo it s, newser, he's so stubborn, I'll only get back on my feet now if you do, yes I made it, I secretly welcomed him, how many fingers are there, my friend, two are coming, but I'm definitely not your friend. small but i'm sure he's not your friend now that he's weakened and confused this is the best time to attack as long as you don't come back empty handed if they have the coven jan so you found out you know what it is unfortunately yes my dear it is supposed to be the secret entrance to a dark and horrible place a gigantic dimension of fear and pain this creepy image we saw in the book of fate which was obsidian so that is the nightmare with monsters and horrible creatures imprisoned Yes, the story that every child here at Magix is ​​told when they have been mischievous is true and through the black circle portal Evil stays away from Obsidian By the way, that is where the original three witches were created, lo which means my parents might hope we don't expect everyone who enters obsidian to be hopelessly lost the last spark of light in all domino stella what's going on out there would you rather not know that we are under attack then i will change my clothes quickly the school year has just started when we are full of newbies and they are no help to us specialists now it is our turn and always remember girls if you want that spell out there you want a little help fine force of the absolute power of darkness you command the shame of you little ones no need to use dark magic make a monster run away such a pathetic beetle cannot turn off the old transformation teacher many have tried to conquer a finger a giant worm will not have success first of all it seems like a good job i've done it guys super time now it's up to us to fend off the other monsters and give the girls a chance to escape.
The next girl help the and eren I can take good care of myself thanks then you should take care of this witch the name mandragora sounds familiar to you mandrabora impossible who is mandragora this is not the right time for explanations why villains always get killed by this hideous monster stinky janitor draco the guardian of the obsidian circle gigantic nightmare don't worry about your hairstyles ladies who don't care anymore if a fair is in partitions go run with us and hide otherwise I'll leave you all detained so you can't talk to us because we have a crisis we already graduated yes honest old woman infinite darkness you won't make it I'm too strong for you the terrible dream of the three causes flows through me if I didn't know better I would say the first ones meet here sarah good god I curse you but first you have to do it with my bugs collect the swarm and attack do you mean these you will pay?


starts ok all concentration mother earth energy not only magical union cleanse marvfix headmistress we have don't leave her flowers i don't know how she managed to make him crawl out of the dark hole but the force does well and the light I order you back to your caves so that's his name i'm looking for oh no the school is completely destroyed h rektorenfahrer you're not ok we have to get help i've searched everywhere they are the only healing salves i could find how is he going to be ok soon faragonda used too much palladium of his power at the same time but the bad thing is that a lot of our students got hurt it's a sad day for everyone right now you see how useful I am Kiko I'm trying to find my parents but instead I'm awakening an evil force that we thought would be buried forever the three o'clock witches are absolutely evil when will you stop tormenting me? do you think the book knows anything about her being all gloomy and sad? but it doesn't work like that when everything seems particularly difficult you have to see it positively this voice elves you have been kind here all along and let me hold you all Magic knows come or them destruction of the flowers you look at can you show me some flowers geraniums lilies tulips daisies daffodils or rather wild flowers it is a pleasure to see you again and above all to hear from you again I am very proud of younow i want to see your most beautiful smile you came here to encourage us to help us up and we have a lot of delicious things to eat with us and species of salvation, life must go on too, we still have so many good times and talks, if only we could learn to react like this when i don't have a problem say rektorfahrer downstairs why aren't you in bed flowers i need to talk to you with me here you shouldn't think that i don't believe in your dreams anymore you will realize how important it is to have people around who are by your side those who really love you you will never be a burden trust them and me flowers yes i will remember that is good i will also remember that the power of dominoes is not in an object but in a person in a simple fairy yes an annoying one Error Human Flowers, the King Ulrike Daphne's last daughter, he was able to save once and that was too much to kidnap her when she was in Alfi, but just impossible, she has so many strong friends and allies, Tara Gonda and Hagen, and then she comes. bad so know that all eternity will run out cause they won't leave us relatives in this horrible place much longer sisters we just have to wait for the fairies come to us and fall into our trap and this race will be very useful the poison of my bugs has worked now he's my puppet and he's ready to do my evil work but we mustn't let the dragon fire come to us and burn us down the prophecy sisters remember then it won't come true we are nowhere in person We have no choice if they want to find Bloom's parents, we have to fly to the crazy world of obsidian, but we are not welcome there, if they notice, they already feel it. it is pure cruelty what reigns there Obsidian steals our powers and then our chance of finding anything would be absolutely nil Blum is our friend we should do everything possible to help her but there is nothing but the most important thing now is that we think about how to get there if , let's show the flowers that we still know what it's like to be Wings and we'll never forget it right Ste If you suddenly became color blind, you could have bought me some nail polish tomorrow.
A trendsetter like me doesn't need to borrow anyone's nail polish. Oh what do you know? so you can Mike and Vanessa can stay hey well where are you going I plan to go to Obsidian I'm sure I have to go there and I'm going alone yes yes let me guess you don't want the other mortal danger you don't live the three witches yet and they are there they are obsidian that is true and if his evil power takes effect it would be irresponsible of us schutzfehn not to help you in this situation we started it together and we also bring it to eat together it is available to you it was clear that you should not do that I just wanted to see if the sweet specialists helped us would they take there hello would you like to tell me where you want to go i could try and stop the girls from going there but they wouldn't listen to me you should be so proud of them oh yeah but at the same time i worry how far they will go with just their courage they are so young like us if it was and you taught them the value of universal good now it's up to you if you succeed so our first target is the black door because that's the portal who found the obsidian but the black door was closed a long time ago we need it now and the elf village portal tree and i don't know but somehow i feel being watched the portal tree houses the key from every door in all the worlds of the magic dimension there must be our first stop flowers we still have I didn't get a chance to talk, I have to tell you that something romantic has started between you and that girl in the uniform who in no way flowers about it, nor you can even imagine. ze do that is not enough the first but it only takes a second girl everyone has a side to see you are like an angel a magician is not just believing what no one else can see but you have this ability in you she will guide me one day you will be your star i always believe in yourself and the magic in you flies with everything drop every human being has oh that's the one you draw blood but i'm not eligible for protection unfortunately i can't participate don't worry flowers we'll make sure they stay here, well, that's not possible, I have to do it alone, believe me, trust them, flowers, I'll make sure the goblins stay out of trouble, are you ready girls? perspective i'm so small that only ants and bugs pay attention to me bye flowers see you later we're back there are so many keyholes that's the right one hey know your electro niche shenanigans i understand what a portal sees but i had no idea that there are so many locks in the magical dimension each door has its own key wow we have seen many amazing things but nothing like this hey medallion something found and not yet you scared me i enjoy trying magical pranks that's why my name is also johnny ciao beautiful your act needs a little improvement what a mess the explosion did a lot of damage the key must be somewhere focus i can too no come on can't you leave this come on locke you gotta hurry hey guys could you get together?
He's there baby I'm so proud of you here how I wish I was there. You're the best. thanks from the bottom of my heart girls for putting me on this Hey that's no joke the evil is so strong here I already feel my powers fading it's a good thing the elves stayed in the village the evil radiation could have killed them and it didn't Forget it's an ugly chasm in here, no matter how bad, man, that's no excuse. out of a total disregard for style hey blum something tells me we're in the right place yeah that must be the portal and it looks like the lock on our key ok there's no going back now girls yes there is one of you who have an idea. pull out a strawberry and that's just the beginning on the other side we'll find the answers after we're looking ok step that's not so bad that tickles a little hello radishes a trap you keep fighting your way through us are you going to attack the key you don't want to forgive me but i'm here that's on you dangers good attacking but you're too late no now i'll finish playing with your friends and the wings have just embarked on the journey of no return my love we have to x is someone here not human like the 5 am m. in the morning in the flower techno leila stella you hear me logically it's impossible i can I don't get a signal it's like there's no more data the prophecy is so true at the endless crossroads stone demons lead to the abyss but these plants, where do they come from?
I can't feel any essence of life as if they were dead so much data address conflicts everywhere a lot of information the system fails with you I'm burning my head my hands ok I'll go that's not a big deal but it can't be I am me it's me i'm too beautiful to dissolve these windows it's much stronger than me marien this is the story of the company of light their past must not be a trap set by the clock witches this is the dark energy vortex they disappeared into with my parents a picture from winx fate book what happened my own mockrix attacked me i was attacked by evil inanimate plants and i dissolved what a horrible feeling the witches knew what scares us the most and they used that against us the ultimate weapon but now we are here, that means we got over our fears, wait, that must be a hook sword and the statue, that's my father's statue, why is it here? that's a father it was fun transferring me to all these years say hello to the domino blue denizens your kingdom is not lost flower just petrified forever and ever don't you recognize her you might want to take a closer look oh again pregnant company the light us has conquered and banished our souls to this place of no body no problem if you can get a car our strength is waning here you go like the battery is almost empty your strength is getting worse and worse be careful they are too strong we can't do it girls? what about the music? darkness falls for Sacrifice but you seem to be in your mouth against it the worthwhile power in you the same power that made the sword strong welcome to your new home a place of no hope a place of darkness before you meet something new friends we bring back the old oh long time we were in this prison now it's time to be free again look at your father ohridel started along with the evil he fought so relentlessly or else he's so loaded with domino powers that we can't even touch let alone disturb it that swells us all Attempts to enter your father's body failed, it was so strong that there are the most fearsome warriors that we are from j invoked any dimension here defeat them die at the slightest touch within you the royal blood of dominoes flows only the power of the dragon's flame and then it's all over we let you go back to your school and forget this horrible nightmare not mine The vital energy flows through this sword, if I destroy it, I will also destroy myself and everything that represents the power of dominoes.
Flowers require a stronger art of persuasion. When did we last see Mike and Vanessa? What are they doing right now? Sorry after that in Dragora the annoying specialists maybe it will make you happy to kill your adoptive parents here she is already there and waiting for our order you have the choice flowers do you want to save the life of your father you never knew or do you prefer to save the lives of those who welcomed you and raised you with love? Someone will live and someone will die, but it is you who has to choose. he has never had a cat in his lap without him sneezing like crazy if he was so real he could never play with a cat without sneezing all the time and being serious mandragora it's a joke he can't have beat the specialists for that you will pay him dragora man It's coming people it's time to exterminate the bugs well finally I can't wait it's ok I'm a fairy I know how I protect myself what happened to you my love I was under the control of mandragora and it took me a long time to remember who I was really fighting for I hope you remember I always knew because of you we have to hurry until the door closes in a few moments you take care of those bugs but I'm following mandragora no problem honey we have everything under control take that oh no what's happening alone in this house little princess chi oh friend is tough and destroy it the man you faked told me only a king with a pure heart could handle it if so then i will Sky you have e done yes well please no ca quarrel no the sword killed the man you love flowers one more word my friends this nightmare came true alone i never will flowers you are not alone it does not mean you only die once in your case we would like to make an exception.
Oh, you thought you ended the power of dominoes, but now it's destroying you. Don't come together, please, no. driven by infinite evil there is something new with you you managed to draw my father's sword only a king can touch the sword i am a king when i leave you that was the night of my coronation i am the new king of heraklion why did you give me not before I told the flowers how many times I wanted to tell you but we never found the right time then it turned out to be or the prophecy to be truly fulfilled a king without a crown will save another king from a lost kingdom and what was lost will be found again and just like the whirlwind of dark energy trapped the inhabitants of dominoes good energy can give people back their freedom how you told me it was a torment to be so close without being able to touch you, but I was always by your side and I will be in the future too. you much more important is that now you are free and all thanks to the flowers what a surprise a celebration of the rebirth of dominoes there is nothing like it you feel strong enough to ask me for a dance then maybe you will find out here comes the princess you are a beautiful flower princess but you will always be my little girl a special girl for me With a good heart and big smiling eyes, you can't even imagine how many times I've dreamed of this moment and now it's here and you can't imagine how many times we've had the same dream , a parent can or would. like kidnapping your daughter for a moment You better stay here and talk to your mother oh father you have to grow up without us and since we couldn't be with you the first half of your life flowers we promise to be there for you for the rest of your life we know that you had adoptive parents and we are very grateful that they were by your side, so we invite them so that we can personally thank you now you are a true princess you know that you have always been a flower for us even without all this if you will excuse us please flowers make me the honor of the traditional father-daughter dance is customary in domino for a king to dance with his daughter flower me I think there is someone else who would like to have the honor of dancing with you, you look so sweet, I wanted to tell you something else, you were so brave, brave, it would have been to break the laws of Heraklion and tell you that I would convert. king around me, then to face the consequences and disciplinary action that may await me, please tell me what disciplinary action would be your highness if you are already shirking responsibility for the king of heraklion dance, I should get used to addressing you as your majesty and bowing before I don't have to say thank you princess I thank you for your trust for your eyes and for your love hey the flowers begin so come on I have to show my beautiful new dress Stella this chance neverI would take this from you connect this and so the pen learned its origins tried to believe in herself and trust the people she loved stayed true to everything she believed in she won her greatest battle saved her kingdom freed her people and united to her family and eventually she became a true tutelary fairy and now it is written in the book of fate there is a new company of light the wings played like puppets they did if they destroyed the answer and now we are free at last now we just have to build the Others' chamber these silly little fairies have entered our devil's web and very soon we will rip off your silly little fairy wings. my my super power and you completely against the dark forces and that you would like to see how your only is my way the world to save happen in this country, but that is my mission, but sometimes I wish p oer see him like this just for one day

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