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Windows Password Locked - Forgot Password - Cant Sign In - Password Bypass Fix

Aug 28, 2023
Guys, my name is Jamin, this is my PC Monkey channel where I bring you a wide variety of videos on how to repair and upgrade computers yourself. In this video I'm going to show you what to do if you forget your Windows


and I can't help it when trying to start the computer before starting guys two quick things first remember to like share subscribe if this video was helpful if you I helped solve your problem and you want to support the channel a little more. feel free to send me a super thank you guys even a couple of dollars helps me a lot to make these videos and also to be available as often as possible for your questions and comments if you have any questions and it's not below in the faq.
windows password locked   forgot password   cant sign in   password bypass fix
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windows password locked   forgot password   cant sign in   password bypass fix

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windows password locked forgot password cant sign in password bypass fix...

I just started this Asus Rog laptop. I'm going to press Escape, as you can see here, it doesn't accept any


s, just try to


it. The password is incorrect and no. It doesn't matter what you type, passwords are wrong, so if you


your password, here's what you do: you're going to hold down the shift key and you're going to go here and restart the computer, so I'm going to hold down the shift key, tap this button power button and press restart while holding down the Shift key. I'm still holding it down. Okay, I just left the shift key up once it rebooted, so now it's in your recovery options here.
windows password locked   forgot password   cant sign in   password bypass fix
I'm going to move on to this third option to troubleshoot and reset this PC, but for me this computer is a purchased used laptop. I want to delete everything. I don't mind losing the data. If this is you and you want to keep your data. you would choose this, hopefully you'll have a backup too, but I'm going to hit delete all and now the computer starts the reboot process, so I'll stay here with you. I'll fast forward through some time-consuming parts, but I'll show you what happens when this reboot process is finished, so I'll ask a cloud or a local.
windows password locked   forgot password   cant sign in   password bypass fix
I'm going to press local. I'm going to select all drives because there is more than one drive on this computer, many of you will. I only have one hard drive and then I will select to completely wipe the drive. I'm just warning you that this cannot be undone by deleting all these files. I'm fine with that. I'm going to click reset and that's it. off now, another thing to note guys, make sure your computer is connected through this process. This reboot can take a long time sometimes and you definitely don't want your computer to run out of power during a reboot, so definitely make sure your computer is plugged in, so just as a warning, it's at 95 percent right now, but it's past more than an hour and a half, maybe even two hours since the reboot started, so keep in mind that this could take some time, so now you're reinstalling Windows however you can.
Look down here, your PC will reboot several times, so just so you know if it does, that's why okay, now we're on the same screen that you would see with a fresh Windows installation, so I'm just going to go through these options and select your region. I'm going to press next or yeah, rather, is this the correct keyboard layout? Yes, do you want to add another keyboard layout? No, I will press skip if you choose to connect to a network on a new install or factory reset like this, you will be forced to


in to a Microsoft account or create a new Microsoft account because I don't want to be forced to choose that option .
I'm going to click this button here I don't have internet I'm going to set up Windows without internet um and I'm going to click that button again confirming that choice I'm going to press ok on the tnc that way this computer will finish setting up and then I can log in to a Wi-Fi network, then I can update and then I can choose what I want to do with a Microsoft account that is going to use this PC. For now I will just call it Asus, press next I will enter the password. I'm going to hit next and skip the privacy settings.
I usually like to have all of these things disabled. I don't like giving people data without them paying for it, so I'll close all these things. off, make it easier, press accept and then I'm also not going to allow this for now. Cortana has access to more data. I'm not going to allow that now, okay, so it's ending and here we go. on your desk, okay, now you're on your desk. Windows is installed after this process. What would I do to make sure the computer is working well? It would launch updates after logging into a Wi-Fi network and run everything. its updates, this is basically a new version of Windows and it will have a lot of updates, so to take that as an example and dig a little deeper, there will be a video link here that shows it. how to process all those updates before ending this video, remember to like, share, subscribe if this was helpful, if I helped you in a difficult time, feel free to leave a super thank you and as I mentioned before the video, I will let you know. a little more about my sponsor, nice hash, nice hash, as mentioned, is the largest hash power marketplace in the world.
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It is a fascinating world. He's really kind. of fun don't hesitate to click this link for more information. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I try to communicate with you a couple of times a day at least. Thank you very much for watching and I hope to see you in my next video

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