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Will It Sushi? Taste Test

Feb 27, 2020
today we ask the old question if it




let's talk about that mythical good day as you know on this show we would like to ask the question frequently if it


be to find out if things will and today we are asking that question about


and I'm very excited about this for two reasons: reason number one I love sushi and reason number two I hate sushi I do and you know what sushi usually leads to raw fish so there is actually hope for me today. I'm hopeful because I'm replacing raw fish with other things to see if they'll roll into sushi in a way that might be palatable even to me.
will it sushi taste test
We'll see how you link mmm. I don't think it ends well. It's time to find good sushi, okay we know you don't like sushi, but what if we replaced the sushi with something you love cereal sushi? Okay we start on a good note man look this guy is beautiful to look at so what is he? that seaweed wraps it up oh that could be focus whistling stevie no li ke seaweed ok wait now when you eat sushi the right way to eat it is with chopsticks and also you're supposed to eat a whole piece you got a whole thing i mean it just smells like the sea but this one has a little cereal Center what do you see really what we're working with here.
will it sushi taste test

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will it sushi taste test...

I just won a million ice cream, I mean, when you're there, yeah, we've got some cocoa pebbles and we've got some pepper crunch. I'm spreading this in my milk and trying to ignore the fact that the seaweed around him seems pretty strong so he's coming out pretty strong no it's like yeah this might run me out of cereal I don't want to do that I don't think I'll it's possible it's like sushi for babies or immature people we call this the zero roll huh nice mom foodie comes out to be very fruity that's a big bite yeah welcome to sushi land man i just getting off the boat at sushi island now i'm the captain mm-hmm i just don't like seaweed but i love cereal they're giving me a fight in my mouth right now i'm going i don't want to tell you i love sushi and i like seaweed seaweed, but when combined with other things I love when it is prepared with this it is not good, but I think we have enough information to make a decision. a rock and roll roll on it and we too are inspired by the living legend of rock and roll Elvis will make the sushi you just said living legends for you to keep the dream alive oh yeah aha check this out for what you are telling me to the LED which part of his body is in this no we didn't wrap Elvis in some seaweed because like we said he's living well this is his signature sandwich which is peanut butter and inside with a little bit of bacon on top , no this has the soy sauce in it we're going with the soy sauce in this but as you can see in the link the wasabi hasn't gone bad it's just peanut butter and again I hope this can be enough for me, no, no, no, he wants to put the peanut butter before you, oh, really, yeah, yeah, listen, welcome to sushi land.
will it sushi taste test
I'm the captain, everything will be fine if you just listen I mean it looks good I mean they already call it rock and roll roll let's call this rock and roll roll roll let's add a roll my friend king of rock and roll roll roll roll three roll good girls roll roll king of rock'n roll roll roll danke roll roll roll your boat I'm riding to Graceland Oh mmm I'm savoring every part the Elvis combo really pushes the seaweed aside mm-hmm that's one of my favorite songs from his time in Hawaii, push it in the seaweed to the side, they banned it in a couple of countries, now it's not allowed in Hawaii I think.
will it sushi taste test
Like I'm on vacation with Elvis and he likes, look, you need some sunscreen. I'd pay $1,000 in peanut butter to rub sunscreen on Elvis' belly. Hmm, I'll get the sunscreen. what is is cool this can be in restaurants must Would it be Elvis the king of rock and roll roll roll roll willis sushi yes one of the problems with sushi is that it just doesn't fill me up but what if we make the sushi fully loaded ? yeah oh yeah oh yeah we got all the toppings you would normally enjoy and a fully loaded baked potato including a piece of potato skin on top potato in the middle cheese sour cream we got the green on you everything and then We've got some sour cream to dip it in and there's bacon bits in the mix, too, man.
I'm tempted to put a medium rare or rare steak as a strip on top of this. Do you put steak on your fully loaded baked potatoes well right next to it, you know who's having potatoes, how about you have to grab this? Look, I have my chives nestled under my toothpick and then we have something sour. I think you should dig deeper. i got lube this is your ride so sure those belts are squeaking we gotta lube it lube the ride drink fully loaded baked potatoes and sing well well my mom used to do that too she used to load fully loaded baked potatoes every time you hit the turn around guy that was more than decent its really good what i would do is a 10 out of 10 if it came out sizzling with fajitas like a fajita yeah its really really spicy with that you know what i mean with us with a piece of steak medium rare, ok, don't know what we can add. to menu mm-hmm with steak $11 extra how so?
I love yes fully loaded baked potato will it be sushi? Yeah, now let's get festive. It's never too early to celebrate Thanksgiving. Oh, because it's early. I want to acknowledge that, but again, is it too early to be thankful? Not like I don't think it's too early to be grateful and I also think this is something. that's done in a lot of places because this combination of ingredients makes a lot of sense it's magical it


s good this has turkey dressing no stuffing because it was never inside the bird cranberry sauce and of course rice and seaweed yes you have to have that we call it rolls giving dink It depends after all that, you know what sauce.
Sorry, I forgot about you for a second. I feel like you have to do both sides. i'm thankful someone dreamed up this flavor combination mmm i'm thankful especially for the sauce yeah i mean let's do the math here turkey plus sauce plus sauce plus sauce plus anything else equals awesome hmm it's an equation long yes i'm not going to put that in it say T i don't think the answer is very clear here thanksgiving sushi yes where is the first place i would go after thanksgiving the bathroom and right there in the bathroom is the most used toilet paper roll of all time? it's sushi okay we're doing this we're doing it because here's why we're doing it as we've discussed many times on this show the future is bleak the world doesn't look good right now people there's a lot of we. there are not enough resources we are going to end up having to eat this kind of food what apocalyptic world do you intend to live in where you are going to eat sushi with toilet paper wrapped in rice seaweed plus toilet paper and what appear to be twigs what does shavings from the cardboard roll listen , no you don't want to believe this but there are nutrients in here man every time i start my dog ​​is eating something that doesn't look nutritious but she's still alive that's inconclusive what do you think this is? made of trees man trees are plants plants vegetables vegetables is food let me make sure I have that paper is tree trees are plants plants is very vegetables vegetables is food works well waits well - it didn't you're right and the soy sauce is going to be good ok i'm getting hard on the soy sauce right now yeah you want it to be very very saturated oh my god you know what i know you don't like it but sometimes if there's a piece of sushi it really hard to eat put the ginger in it and I'm going to use wasabi in this one too which I haven't done yet which I would definitely recommend yeah yeah more you want more than that Lee right because it's so weak?
This is a week where I can say mmm tongue down on this pup yeah you can do that here we go dip it up and roll it up what do we call it a toilet paper roll? so dead this too shall pass you know how hard i work my shyness oh yeah it will clear you up oh i'm crying so good no we're not okay i'll say this i feel wide awake right now no that's the best part from the sushi man it's the wasabi i mean i knew what sabi did that but i didn't know that little amount is so much harm oh you put a little right so the toilet paper roll will be sushi no they told me that one of the most popular sushi rolls is the spider roll, but what if we take that literally?
The spiders look at the sushi. I haven't seen these oh my damn reality this is salty edible zebra tarantulas you guys got this stuff out of a can guys I hate you guys this is a nice touch here spiders are among my least favorite things not just to eat but just to be in the presence of look how big that the damn spider was dry it's hairy yeah I'd say I'll go with that wasabi but I'm not going back there either. I don't know if I should put something else that will make it take longer to go down, but I definitely feel like I should dive in, eat it, just grab it, man, just grab it, we got it, but I had to put it back down, grab it, come on, let's find a way, do you need a full scorpion?
And I didn't have to do any of those things. I feel you have the proper training for this. fuck be a lady i want to quit right now i want to quit life this is what we do ok we let other people know if it's worth it then ok we are doing a service yes it's like when you remind me that people don't help like if there were sushi chefs wandering around this. Welcome to the show. with that equation for there are animals animals pigs pigs bacon thank you spiders is bacon spiders animals animals meat meat is pork pig is bacon dink it terrain char roll three two one spiders is bacon looks like a seed there spiders have seeds spiders have seeds me Look, I have fields of seeds.
I do not retire. You know he doesn't have much flavor. Spiders are bacon. I was deep in the guts, pick up your trash can, man, the hell you gotta go on without me, man, huh, I'll drop you off here on Susie Island, is that your wallet? be ok you can do it you can get oh god it's so nasty i'm proud of you spiderman will it be sushi no thank you for liking comment subscribe you know what time it is if you want to bring it to your own home you can get willit posters volume one and volume two, available at the Redmond communication slash store.
Also catch the Good Mytical Crew this Saturday where you can watch Mike and Alice go to sushi school. let's have the crew come and eat some of this with us in a world where cats meow mermaids in a world where cats meow mermaids is it a mermaid or is it a cat? I don't know, I'm in a world. where it's the same and i never know if i should be if i should stop or if i should be stroking something i'm always confused well this guy's been through a lot so i think he's quite the champ so i guess this isn't it's nothing to him, oh, so you're going to make him eat a spider, oh yes, I think, I think you're awake. go all the way oh yeah oh yeah

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