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Will It Soup? Taste Test

Feb 27, 2020
a penis, man. (Link and team laugh) You just said penis. (laughs) No! But, the way you did it, was you were, (seductive voice) Penis. - (Link and team laugh) - (Rhett) I'm just saying, man! - That's what just happened. - (Laughter) No, no, no! I said pig's anus, which is a pain. - Yes i understand. - (Link) Pain-us. It is a combined word. Like P-A-I-N-U-S. You arrived at the same word in a different way. - (Rhett) I understand. - (gags) I can't get over it. You may have to swallow it whole. No do not do that.
will it soup taste test
If we don't come down this year-- - We're losers. - We can't-- We're losers. We are losers, man. - We suck. - Man! - (laughs) - Victory. That's what we'll do in a minute. (grunts) Yeah, I'm ready. Are you ready? I'm slowing it down, man. It's just piece by piece. I'm going to swallow it. Are you ready? Three, two... (gags) (crew makes disgusted noises) (both yell) - (yells) Oh yeah! - (screams) We did it! (screams) We swallow the anus! - Eff! - (Link) Yes! Well, I think that's a great way to end it. (Laughter) Little play on words. - (Link) Is it Soup? - (both) No.
will it soup taste test

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will it soup taste test...

It's okay. Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing. Do you know what time it is. - I'm harry. - I'm Susanna. (both) We just met, and we're both Mythical Beasts. (Both) It's time to turn the Wheel of Mythic. Go find a new 'Will It?' poster, (Rhett) at And be sure to catch tomorrow morning's episode of Good Mythical Crew. Every Saturday morning, on this channel, Good Mythical Crew. Also, click on Good Mythical More, where some members of the Good Mythical Crew


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of Vegemite. Raw and unadulterated reactions. Beatboxing sloths. (both slow rap beat) (high inhalation sound) (laughs) (imitates cymbal)
will it soup taste test

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