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Will-Ben’s plan to save Dad’s trophy [The Return of Superman/2020.02.08]

Feb 27, 2020
assemble it too.) Take it out? William, no. No! - No! No! / - It won't come out. - He wants to ride the swing. / - What are you doing? That? What just happened? (I don't know.) - It doesn't come out. /-He came in, so he must come out. (Why doesn't it come out?) - Oh, no. He's stuck. / - What


they do? (What happened to you, Kiddo?) Oh no! - Oh no. Poor William. / - This is so sad. -He started crying. /-He is upset. Ben, he go get dad. (Me?) I have to stay here and protect him.
will ben s plan to save dad s trophy the return of superman 2020 02 08
Dad? - Good? / - Up there? Yes, he is up. - Above! /-He is up there. Only his dad can get him out of the swing. (Get Dad from up there?) Hurry up. Wait, William! Will Bentley go alone? Dad. He has an important mission. He waits a little. Bentley


be back soon. Will Bentley be able to take Sam to the playground? That? (Wait.) (What was he going to do?) She forgot him on the way home. Good! Dad. - Yes that's how it is. / - Good. - Bring your dad. /-He is stuck. He's stuck. (Ben the Messenger comes out again.) Here I go.
will ben s plan to save dad s trophy the return of superman 2020 02 08

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will ben s plan to save dad s trophy the return of superman 2020 02 08...

How will he enter? Doesn't he need a card? Dad. Or he has to enter the access code. Let me try. - My God. /-Can he reach it? - Call security. /-He called security. Calling security. -Who is he? / -Ben. - Door. / - Where are you going? Ben. (At that moment) - That was possible because... / - Thank you. My God. You can see people at the entrance through the office camera. Bentley. Dad! "Dad, it's an emergency." Is that you, Ben? The door is open. Father. Hello, Ben. Ben. You have to take off your shoes before entering. Dad. - That? / - Yes.
will ben s plan to save dad s trophy the return of superman 2020 02 08
Hurry up. Tell him now. - Tell him why you are there. /-He is stuck. -He's stuck. / - Is something stuck? -He's stuck. / - What is stuck? - Poop. / - Did the poop get stuck? - No. / - Did the poop get stuck? - Yes. / - Did the poop get stuck? Fart. - You farted? / - Yes. - Have you farted? / - Yes. Hey, let me see. No. My God. Not well. - Good. That's not why you came. / - Well. That? - It's just a bird. / - The bird pose. - The bird pose. / - What is it? - The throphy. / - Child.
will ben s plan to save dad s trophy the return of superman 2020 02 08
Handset? Music? Yes. - Do you want to dance? /-Yes.-She was suddenly excited. / - Dance? (Suddenly, he wants to dance.) Should I play some music for you? - Yes, good. - How about this? Do you like it? /-Bentley. (Play music!) Hey, did you come here to listen to music? Ben. - Is your brother here too? /-He completely forgot about that. Ben, where's your brother? Playground. -Is he down there? / - Over there. -He just remembered! /-What is he doing? - That way. / - Yes. You shouldn't be dancing right now. Over there. That way. - Where is your brother? / - Over there. - It means: "Let's go there." / - Over there. - You must go with him. / - Where? - The swing. / - The swing?
Door. - Do you want me to open the door? / - No. Sit down. - Short. / - Keep it brief. Extract. Take out who? - Swing. Swing. / - That's how it is. - There is something to take out. / - The swing? That? Yes. Swing. Extract. Lower. Extract. Do you want to go down? Do you want to go down? No! Sam, why don't you understand? Stuck. -He's stuck. / - Stuck. - He used the word perfect. / - What is stuck? For the love of God. He is frustrated. Boy, you're cold, aren't you? - My God. /-When will he arrive here? - I am exhausted. / - William thinks... - Bentley will bring dad. / - I am exhausted.
Water. Water. - Water? / - Water. Water. - Did you come to drink water? / - Yes, good. Go and sit down. Go and sit down. I'll get you some water. (He drinks first.) Dad! No! (Dad! No!) I didn't drink. I did not drink. Go. Go and sit down. - Sit down. /-Bentley. - Sit down. / - Here. Do you want to sit here? Forward. (I will quench my thirst first.) Okay. There is water here. (God, I talked too much.) This is cute, right? - Drink a glass of water first / - You must be thirsty. and try again. Where is William?
Playground. Over there. Over there. - That's how it is. / - Over there? Sam knows something isn't right. (He is so frustrated that he drinks the water.) It's okay. I'll give you more water. Playground. Hurry. - That's how it is. / - Playground. - Hurry. Hurry. / - Hurry. Hurry. Where is William? Missing! Has William gone? The water is gone. - There's no water? / - Yes. I can't contact you. Come here. Put your shoes on. - How nice! / - We need to eat soon. Tell William to come home after playing some more. - Bye bye. / - Will Bentley go down alone again?
God, William is waiting outside. (When will he get here?) ("Ben Goes Alone") That's why the role of messenger is important. No. - He knows this is not right. /-No. No. (He told me to come with dad, but I came with bread.)-No. /-Why is he holding bread? (Whatever. Here I come!) The baby is here. Honey, why are you alone? (She saved the bread even when she fell.) She saved the bread. Why didn't you bring dad? - Eat. / - Are you alone? - Take off! / - That's William's boot. What are you doing? Take off. (It comes off.) (Takes William's boot.) Again. - He came up with a


. / - Go. - Oh my God. / - My God.
Why did you take my boot? Bring dad! (Determined) (William, trust me.) Will he call security again? He is a postman. (There is someone at the entrance.) What are you doing here? Hello. You have a package. Bye bye. Thank you. This is unexpected. Bentley was lucky. Dad. My God. (William lost a boot.) Aren't you going home? I can't go home. Are you going back home? Yes. We need to go home now. - We are leaving now. Bye bye. / - Bye bye. Bye bye. Take care. Do not go. -William /-When will he come? - is protecting Kiddo. / - It's cold.
Boy, you're cold too, right? Boy, I'll keep you warm. - My God. / - Child. - Child. / - Dad. (Ben is working hard too.) That's how it is. There you go. Look. Ben, what's wrong? (It's an emergency!) What was that? - Isn't this William's? / - Threw it away. Stuck. - Who is stuck? William? / - Stuck. Stuck. - Stuck? / - Yes. - Guillermo? / - Sam realized that something is up. - Sam realized something was happening. / - Is William stuck? - Bentley let him know the urgency. / - That's how it is. William? Where is the? Come on. Where is? - Come on. / - Here we go. - Come on. /-Where is the?
I bet Sam was surprised. - Oh really. / - Come on. - They gave him a boot / - Hurry up. - instead of a child. / - Where is? (Running) Where is he? - Over there. / - Where is? Where is? Show me. I'm surprised: Bentley came up with that idea. / - Show me. Where is ben? Ben. - Over there. / - Where? Where is William? - Sam was startled. / - William! -Look at his shoes. /-What's wrong with his shoes? - Sam was startled. / - William! What is happening? - William! / - I'm sorry. William! (Jump the fence!) - Where are you stuck? / - I'm sorry.
That? Is this stuck? Yes. Are you okay? Yes. (Sam is now relieved.) - Sam now feels relieved. /-He was worried. Bentley played an important role. - Bentley is amazing. / - All ready! He's stuck. That I have to do? I can take it out. It's not that important. Everything is fine as long as you are fine. That's how it is. Dad. That's how it is. That's how it is. Ta-da! (Impressed) I took it out, didn't I? I can live without this, but I can't live without you and Bentley. That's how it is. That's how it is. - We're going home. / - Well.
We're going home. (They learned how precious family is.) - Let's go. / - Come on. Come on. We're going home. William protected Kiddo and Ben acted as a messenger. His love for family deserves the Grand Prize. You did great. Alright. I will give it to you.

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