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Wiggledancing! Live in the USA! (US DVD, 2006) {60 FPS}

Apr 12, 2023
hi we are the wiggles i am greg i am anthony i am barry oh no oh what are you waiting wait jim is asleep oh no everyone look at jeff we need your help waking him up let's wake him up together on the count of three are you ready one two three wake up thanks for waking me up everyone thanks really to everyone now we're on our way to the wiggle show all day let's sing he's getting some rest can you believe we better wake him up so let's hope all day he has so much food that he loves yes he's eating apples and oranges all day yes all day all day hello everyone it's great to be in wallingford connecticut yeah hello everyone welcome to the show today we're the wiggles I'm murray I'm greg I'm jeff I'm anthony and you all probably know we love driving our big red car oh yeah we really do but we also like to walk too walking is great to get exercise and you never know what you might see when you go for a walk if you go for a walk and need to cross the street well you better make sure you stop at the light and looking both ways greg we're walking walking towards connecticut yeah we want to cross the street what we do mate let's keep walking down wallingford again well today is all about having a good time so let's if you feel like singing, we'd love to hear from you. sing sing as loud as you want if you feel like dancing we would love to see your dance dance as fast as you want or as slow as you want everyone and also if you feel like waking up jeff well i think you have a chance if you see jeff falling asleep will you will you tell us why jeff yeah old man we want to keep you awake beauty man y'all let's sing rockefeller bear together? about fashion i don't buy it you're right everyone jeffrey is always falling asleep and you know how cool we have so many more songs to sing everyone we need jeff i think we're going to have to wake up our sleeping friend upstairs ok this that's what we'll do when i count three we'll all say wake up jeff and hopefully that'll wake up our sleeping friend let's try this together everyone one two three oh my gosh yes you did give yourself a big promotion everyone the days yeah thanks for waking me up y'all yeah yeah anthony's happy about that too y'all ok now that i'm awake i have a question for you guys now feel free to answer it as loud as you want.
wiggledancing live in the usa us dvd 2006 60 fps
Here is my question. would you like to meet a friend from home would you like to be our friend would you like to meet dorothy the dinosaur well everyone I was wondering would you like to meet a friend of ours would you like to meet a friend of ours would you like I would like to meet wax the dog everyone I have a question would you like to meet a friend of ours would you like to meet a friend of ours would you like to meet the captain sword of feathers the friendly pirate everyone I would like to get over that one and here it is would you like to meet a friend of the house who would you like to meet you would you like to meet you would you like to meet me i won't be back would you like to meet me would you like to eat would you like to meet anthony yeah wow anthony gotta tell you buddy that was really something greg not even bloated i can't see that anthony would tip my hat to you my friend thanks good if you all want to meet our friends we are going to bring you with a great song called action camera lights oh yeah we need your help on this song everyone when we sing action camera lights we need everyone to put your hands on the edges like this and say let's try it together now let's sing lights camera action that's the way everyone let's get ready to move on to camera action welcome to our tv show Right now, everyone, is a good time to wave your arms like Henry. many hands is waiting all the time wonderful henry dancing thank you all for dancing too because you are fantastic but now let's say goodbye to good old henry well you waved your arms like henry but now you can point and do the twist oh yeah let's get ready everyone to point your finger and we'll do the spin here we go can you point your finger to the spin everybody's spinning? let's go up and down come back down give you a big round of applause great twisting y'all yeah fantastic dancing y'all ok i can tell looking out a lot of people out there love to dance and you know we really love to dance someone else who loves to dance it's dorothy the dinosaur dorothy loves to dance and one of her favorite types of dance is ballet dorothy really loves ballet here she comes everyone she has her beautiful ballet dress on she is ready to dance the ballet we would love for you all to join in the dance together with dorothy to the music box ballerina that's all keep dancing ballet with dorothy wow foreigner oh yes actually jeff you really were fantastic oh jeff oh don't take a look at jeff everyone has done it again he's always falling asleep well you know what this the moment we wake up jeff we're going to wake him up a lot louder than before maybe that way he could stay up for the rest of the show they all did that greg said if we wake him up loud he'll stay up for the rest of the show show now that will be good we better wake him up really loud and maybe just maybe jeffrey will wake up and he might say huh dude thanks for waking me up thanks for waking me up loud and then he might say do it hi can i ask y'all a question and then he might say would they like to do a polka dance with me and maybe they'll all say i hope they all go yes and if they all say yes the chip will go well pumpkin pumpkin pokey i'm off and he's going to dance down the aisle to the upper section and shake hands with everyone up there what do you think, yeah wow we think that's great anthony. everyone if they want to polka hopefully everyone will say yes then he'll say pocky pocky pocky and dance to the end and shake everyone's hand yeah that's right Murray and when I say pokey pokey. pokey you'll do a little dance like this well pokey pokey pokey oh that's great I can't wait to hear that and see that especially that's going to be great and wait y'all laughing oh no murray you're not wrong at all my friend he's definitely falling asleep laughing look at that he must be having a funny dream well you know what when we wake y'all up jeff pokey hit pokey pokey dancing all the way. to the top depends on how high you answer his question would you like to dance with me when he says that? make sure you give a loud, loud yes and let's see what happens are you ready thanks for waking me up? out loud i'd like to ask you a question would you like to do a poker dance with me oh well pokey pokey pokey i'd love to do that's ok let's hold on to these groovy ones my problems are true this kind of music is yes around the yard oh yes this type of music is i'm in connecticut i'm in connecticut i'm up here it's jeff oh oh don't look everybody asleep again i can hear him snoring better we wake him up are you ready everyone one two three thanks for waking up jeff everyone he's up and doing the monkey dance let's all do the monkey dance together alright everyone here are some of our favorite animals we're going to move like them here we go here we go ready here comes a snarling tiger because it's alright he's coming like crazy well done everyone next song let's go to sing is a traditional folk song and it comes from the caribbean in this song one of our wavy dancers has dressed in a beautiful brown dress her name is lucy so when you see lucy walk in the door in that brown dress she you might want to wave and say hello to her because she looks fantastic we would love for everyone to sing her dance and clap with the brunette girl in the ring hey lucy hey greg she dances she jumps across the ocean jumps through she looks like sugar and a plum plum brown plum girl in the ring round girl in the ring looks like a sugar and a plum plum plum let's clap for lucy everyone she looks like a sugar and a plum plum plum clap everyone that was fun well done well I don't know about you but all the singing and dancing is making me a little a little hungry is there anyone hungry out there yeah that's ok let's try to fix that everyone we're going to serve you some food in the form of a song let's sing about a certain type of food that is very good for you this is healthy food for everyone, but not just because it tastes delicious, delicious, does anyone know what food I'm talking about?
wiggledancing live in the usa us dvd 2006 60 fps

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wiggledancing live in the usa us dvd 2006 60 fps...

Would you like a fruit salad? plate it's time to put away the leftovers so wash the bowl and spoon let's do it all over again very soon delicious delicious fruit salad delicious delicious fruit salad delicious delicious delicious delicious delicious delicious delicious delicious delicious we all love it right now we I'd like you to welcome that wonderful, friendly pirate to the stage. Here it comes. yes lovely connecticut beautiful yesterday very beautiful oh catch them look up someone is waving to you oh ahoy there we are hurrying people captain look there someone is waving to you today there too captain look at the audience everyone is waving to you hello everyone everyone love you a very funny pirate oh yeah we wonder captain if you take a bow let's give a round of applause for the captain would you like to take a bath thank you very much thank you thank you lovely wait yes some people are. saying you dropped your pirate hat oh my god oh my god oh thank you very much yes I need that hat yes captain captain wait a second I'll give you this wonderful feather sword so you don't drop your pirate hat oh it's a great Idea, Anthony, would you do us a big favor? uh, if we count to three, would you take three steps back?
wiggledancing live in the usa us dvd 2006 60 fps
Okay, sorry everyone, can you do us a big favor, can you cross your fingers for good luck? I'm going to pass this feathered sword to the captain and he'll catch it and we'll carry on with the rest of the show, yes, yes, captain. here we go oh oh oh dear captain character are you alright? oh yeah I got the sword don't worry about it captain it looks like you're having a little trouble with that hat of yours so yeah what about you? try this hat here this one has a lot of flags from all over the world on it captain hook fantastic hat there greg we are all going to give him a big round of applause captain featherstone yeah yeah everyone the captain has a hat with flags from all over the world yeah and that remember yo we are about to go sailing around the world sailing around the world with captain feather sword we ask everyone to put on their own sailing hats i'm tired y'all yeah let's go over some lovely ways that's all and when he sees the different ones countries, you will see different flags of different countries, all, now, if you see your favorite flag, will you let us know by clapping really hard, you can even tell us it's my favorite flag or just clap your hands, we'll know. but now we're going to sail around the world we love sailing around the world why don't you all come sailing around the world? let's go now let's go we'll visit jamaica oh looks like now let's go yeah let's take a trip let's keep sailing now let's sail all the way from sydney harbor to beautiful connecticut everyone and we couldn't be happier give yourself a big round of applause fantastic that's right y'all know we love sailing and we'd love to come sailing with us right now because we're all on our way to Wiggle Bay again for Wigan just a few waves let's sing together it's a lovely lovely moveable holiday y'all , this is the challenge, can you raise your hands and do the hula?
wiggledancing live in the usa us dvd 2006 60 fps
All the fun, everybody, can you put your hands up? Here we go we love pay per move thank you all and we love to sweep like a fish. If you want to swim like a fish, this is what you should do. this hand like this so you can swim like this swim like this swim like this if you were ready to swim like a fish everyone keep looking for our friendly bedfish fish oh yeah he comes out and swims too brightly colored with a bright orange face but everyone Right now, we're gonna swim like fish, well, come on, everybody swim, swim, swim, swim like a friendly, friendly, ben fish, come on, everyone on your feet.
Swim like a fish alright, i use my beard to cut and twirl and i use my tail to squish like a wow he's so much fun swimming like a baby honey but now it's time to swim some more take him fish oh yeah he's a big dancer. fish shake that tails oh wow that was great dancing with the big fish but now it's time to clean the decks aboard the feather sword ss and to do that we're going to have to mop my mop to the mop mob song you can bubble you can use your hands to score you can use a feather sword you can use a bomb if you have one use whatever here we go so much fun wow here we go now i think i better try again oh thats how you do it to me hello everyone we are here in wiggle bay yes we are and there are sand hills here let's try running up the sand hills.
Down the sand hill, yeah let's go down the sand hills, thinking alright, are you alright? the wiggles are here cats and feathers three times in the sun jump up and down left three times three times in the sun jump and play the sun shines high what a beautiful size in the sun three times in some child they jump and play well done Well, now we've sailed aroundall of the world and we have come to end up in a beautiful country. This is a very ancient country called Greece. Now people in Greece love to sing and dance like us and when they are listening to music they clap to the beat of the music so in the next song we need your help to clap to the beat of the music however the music will become faster and faster and faster and faster so wow as the music gets faster we'll have to clap faster to keep up with the music this should be kind of fun actually talk about fun if you're having fun with this song just do what people in greece do if they're having fun we say yes try that together now are you ready? look back here everyone captain feather sword is on the ss feather sword he has a sign on there with something written in greek and that sign says in this song when you see captain feather sword hold that sign over his head make sure you yell as loud as possible loud as you can let's try now captain hold that sign please fantastic listen to the sounds of the bazooky everyone that's a greek guitar that's the bazooky right now and here comes anthony and the wavy dancers in their greek dance costumes land of history let's clap everyone oh yeah we love athens yeah oh what fun this is history land do olympics city land we love athens oh it's getting a little bit faster oh we love athens history land everyone clapping a yes oh it's going to happen now everyone look the dances here they come yeah it's party time everyone get ready for a big over everyone hey everyone keep dancing 'cause it's time to dance with wax the dog here he comes now wow y'all know wow let's sing again wow big dance y'all big two wags dance that it was fantastic now wax loves to dance everyone loves to eat bones too and i know sometimes people bring bones for wags if you have got oh i can see quite a few bones laying around if you have bones for wax just grab them for now just stay where you're a little later we'll go out and pick up those bones the wavy dancers will come out and collect all the bones for wags and roses for dorothy just before we go, though before the wax goes there's a fantastic bone down here.
Would you like to give it to the wax? wonderful bone to wax it's kind of a bone pillow so you can dream of eating bones while you sleep on your pillow we're all going to meet ok btw a little later thank you he's a lucky dog ​​and thank you reena for that beautiful bone to wax thank you everyone who has contributed bones to the movements that's fantastic everyone it's a special time now it's a really special time it's time for music with murray great and today on music with murray we're gonna play our guitars now i got my guitar here you can get your guitar out everybody get your guitar out and put it on put the strap over your shoulder like jeff and greg greek do and give the guitars a little strum that's the way we're gonna play a little tune to make sure the guitars are working here we go oh yeah i think those guitars are working for everyone right now it's time to play your guitar with murray hey that's me please play your guitars. so much fun playing the guitar but we couldn't have done it without everyone's help give yourselves a big round of applause y'all are amazing y'all time to go sailing around the world again in song form and help us sing a song about our hometown of sydney we would like to share with you with the teacher let's sing a lot of songs let's give a big round of applause everyone hello everyone the teacher has a beautiful opera voice everyone is very sweet and beautiful now if you want to sing along with the song we encourage you to do also listen to the music you can sway back and forth just grab the arm with the person next to you let's see everyone swaying back and forth that's all too thank you teacher sing to us sydney ok anthony let's sail over The waves on the beach, oh, your seat, teachers, sing a lot of songs there, wasn't that great? a wonderful friend of ours she yelled she has yellow spots she loves to dance she loves to do dorothy great to see you again someone upstairs is waving hello waving over there hello over there actually everyone is waving to you hello everyone matt dorothy if i ask you what else do you like it all over the world what would you say i love roses ok dorothy take a look at everyone if you bought roses for dorothy could you do us a big favor hold them in the air for dorothy to see darthy look into the roses thank you all they are beautiful everyone be happy they are absolutely wonderful and dorothy people have brought you roses from the garden uh paper roses and i am going to take your hand and point you in the direction of this beautiful portrait of a rose someone drew a rose and it says to dorothy love from and i just cant see the love of me now that's written love of nell ellie love of ellie dorothy thank you ellie it's beautiful thank you ellie and many multi -colored flowers and i tell you what dorothy must collect all the roses well it will probably take you too long to do, so what we are going to do is ask our dancing friends to collect the roses for you. got ryan to pick up the roses lucy professor adrien and ben are going to pick up the roses but professor before we pick up that rose we could ask that girl to present the rose to dorothy on everyone's behalf yes now here we go let's find out who is is layla dorothy what layla everyone what i'm going to do i'm going to hold dorothy's tail dorothy will lean safely towards layla layla will give her that rose on behalf of everyone that bouquet of roses here we go well what would you like to tell layla dorothy thank you very much laila I'm happy for Layla those roses are on behalf of everyone above here and at home too everyone so thank you Dorothy but now I'll keep the roses give them to Jeff so he can put them on the bars let's dance with Dorothy let's all dance well dorothy you got it dance with me and you put them on your hips you sway back and forth would you like to dance with me shake hands would you like to dance with me dance with me dorothy queen of roses dorothy we better tell everybody if the wavy dancers don't have plenty of time to pick up the rose from you all who want at the end of the show leave the roses somewhere Dorothy can get them a little later thanks again everyone right now let's say goodbye to dad ok everyone Right now, we'd like you to sing along with the following song, dance, clap, quack, it's the captain. with that wonderful song quack quack quack quack doodle little news here we go let's all quack together quack quack quack quack woof fantastic many ways to sing the quack quack song with the help of the captain's magical musical pirate buttons who can sing any way you can think and in various situations watch what happens when i press the top button the captain can squawk squawk squawk walking on the wonderful beach sand oh yes yes squawk squawk will sing like a robot squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack woof he'll be in the jungle wading through the bushes singing the song quack quack quack quack quack quack quack noodles now you'll be singing like an ant running across the kitchen floor woof woof that captain is there something to the contrary anyone who be your feather sword, your feather, yes yes, I have a wonderful one that is usually used to tickle everyone, oh, that's right, but with the help of magic buttons, if I press this button like this, I have to do it like this , yeah well Captain that feather sword will now play the quack quack song like a country guitarist alright see you in the jungle wow he crows when he talks this is what he says well is he a rooster or a country guitarist in the jungle? wow, you can do it too here we go let's try again quack quack quack thank you captain that was great hey we're all going to eat hot potato cold spaghetti and mashed banana right now hot potato hot potato hot potato hot potato hot potato hot potato hot potato potato potato potato potato coke cold spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti without spaghetti called spaghetti without spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti bananas oh well done everyone give yourselves a big round of applause well we are all almost at the end of the show we have one more great song and dance to go before we do though i saw a couple of signs there's one right in the back and it says jordan robert justin they love you thank you so much one in there says we love to wiggle wake up jeff zack too zach can cameron love wiggles happy birthday zach damian and alyssa love wiggles lots of signs i love murray thanks for that adam and rory love wheels so many signs everyone here's a wonderful one and this comes from mexico mexico and it says hello friends again you guys' I was at the Mexico Wiggles show before.
Let's give our Mexican friends a big claim. Everyone and Julia are moving in with Max. Thanks Brian and Alex. They are also moving and we are using Wiggles. That is fantastic. That's great. a fantastic audience and anthony up there anthony loves the wiggles and anthony i can tell you have a wonderful name it is fantastic we would like to thank everyone all the mums and dads grandpas aunts uncles for making the show so special to us but especially the stars of the show the kids of connecticut that's right anthony we've been watching the audience and we've seen a lot of great dancing and that gave us an idea for the last song we thought we'd make this last song really special we could ask everyone to stand up and dance adults kids everyone murray that's exactly what we were thinking my friend and look around that's what's happening people everywhere are getting up to dance with the kids which is great to see before we do this last song and we all dance we'll get everyone to their feet, we'll all get ready to go, wiggle your fingers and do the twists, get back up and turn around, can you point your fingers at the twist that the chicken has? hiccup help that chicken potato please let's all dance in the sand let's collapse three times under the sun jump up and down shake your hands like henry now wow dorothy the dinosaur t-o-r-o-t-h-and she's my favorite dinosaur hey grandma hey let's do captain Welcome everyone go thanks for joining everyone you've been a fantastic audience you had a great time today you guys had fun too right now once again let's go sailing around the world around one more time together sword thanks again everyone we'll see each other again let's say goodbye to each other bye bye and to all the wiggles bye bye everyone everyone please let's listen to the dancers bye bye bye bye everyone thanks again for coming to the show tonight, we hope you had a great time, see you next time we're here in Connecticut, until then, take care to come home and have a great night, bye, see you later, thanks. thank you, bye, good luck for the wiggles, everyone, see you next time, see you later, my friends, bye, bye, see you later, bye, thanks for coming, right?

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