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Why You Wouldnt Survive Wolfenstein's German Army

Jun 02, 2021
Well eternal doom is on the horizon, although I have covered an invasion of hell before, I wanted to take a look at another franchise that Bethesda / e d / ZeniMax have worked on before and although the notion of demons, zombies and space infections are quite terrifying, they dominate alternate timelines. by power hungry race and leader s-- can be equally scary for an everyday gamer or historian like you, the viewer, and avoid monetization D, as YouTube prefers algorithms and certain words are not monetizable, certain words may or may not be transcribed like I didn't see her or hit her during the entire video.
why you wouldnt survive wolfenstein s german army
I'm not going to complain about that as it's very sketchy territory, but it's the topic of today's video that I was eventually going to post anyway, so with that being said this week we had our heads spinning. on a hike my strawberry smoothies bring all the super commanders to the yard looking for love in Arion places robo-doggie style I grew up in the main character's hometown of Mesquite, Texas, the equivalent of how the Internet responds to actors and movies That you choose to die makes a lot more difference than anything eye-opening I've ever done getting ahead in life keep your chin up or at least let's have fun together hot dog the physical embodiment of the plot armor that will keep you alive after decapitation if beavis and butt-head were murderers Women, the main requirement to try to


this is not to be from Arizona.
why you wouldnt survive wolfenstein s german army

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why you wouldnt survive wolfenstein s german army...

I'm from Arizona. A shocking experience. Friends are delusional. Sequels less serious than becoming more horrible in a wheelchair, but still insidious. Alternate timelines. Bad english. Good German. Please no. I got demonetized from YouTube I'll take off his mustache, let's get this video. Porkins already started the game this week. We tell you why you wouldn't


. The wolf ensigns did not see the


delving into the alternate timelines. What would happen if the Third Reich emerged from the world war? two would have been completely different, what if Germany's ruling regime had discovered the power of the atomic bomb and developed superior technology due to ancient artifacts and tactics that would make it reign supreme in the timeline of the vast Wolfenstein franchise?
why you wouldnt survive wolfenstein s german army
There are many forking paths that depend on it. In the developer of this case, we will go over the history of Machine Games, which is its tenth, from New Order Old Blood and Wolfenstein to Colossus, but in the series of why you wouldn't survive, we will not include the battle-hardened BJ. Blaskowitz or any of his descendant cohorts, but putting our reality in theirs without armored heroes with superpowers or plots. The trigger for World War II was the German invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939 and the subsequent invasion of the USSR known as Operation Barbarossa. in June 1941 and the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 all played out as they did in real world history, however certain events played out differently as time went on, most critical being the invasion of D-Day Normandy one that would hope to establish a strong foothold against the German forces in real history against the Axis powers in real history, the Allied powers had successfully raided and taken the beaches of Normandy on one of the beaches largest in history at a cost of five to twelve thousand Allied lives and four to nine thousand German lives with 200,000 German prisoners of war;
why you wouldnt survive wolfenstein s german army
However, in the kingdom of Wolfenstein, the D-Day attacks were a complete failure on the part of the Allies, with a difference in casualties of one hundred and fifty-six thousand Allied infantry dead and only eighty-nine German troops, resulting in distrust. between the US and UK governments in total German control of France, it was just less than two years later, on January 6, 1946, that German troops stumbled upon humanity's first glimpse of ancient deposits Jews known as the deoxy Akutan Seraphim (mispronounced incorrectly) with hundreds of vaults. Scattered throughout the world containing a wealth of centuries-old artifacts and inventions made to be millennia ahead of their time and even hours crafted by those of the Jewish faith long ago, these inventions were created solely for the purpose of creating and connecting with God being protected by ancient guardians until the fateful day when German forces killed the first protector of the vaults and harvested everything Giotto had to offer.
German scientists were amazed when what seemed like machinations constructed by magic were actually perfectly explained through scientific means thanks to the plans that remained. This discovery allowed them to continue to drastically advance their technological capabilities and arsenal in a short period of time, leading to the creation of artificial AI laser weaponry and even mind control devices in 1948, although rumors began to emerge. of a German super weapon. The United States and Russia stand firm to win the war as fate would have it, however, the United States would lose half of its naval forces in a battle against the Japanese German forces and Russia would be completely decimated in Moscow, leading to total surrender to the Axis. powers the dominoes would continue to fall the United Kingdom the Republic of China and Eurasia as a whole fell under the crushing force of the axis the USA would still resist until December 21, 1948 when an atomic bomb was dropped on the city of New York killing millions The hit in her


stormed Washington DC, forcing US President Franklin D.
Roosevelt to order the US military to withdraw and ensure the transition. If the Nazi government, no government or power could cope with the enormous force and technology they possessed over the next few decades. Germany would seek to expand its knowledge and technological advancement by discovering more of the deity of the power vaults, developing space vehicles with anti-gravity technology and lunar colonization, more nuclear energy, overtly powerful helicopters, more advanced artificial intelligence, gigantic flying and underwater fortresses and even technology that alters the climate and This is where we will bring our realm of existence into the fold, since whatever events leading to the American resistance that we see in Wolfenstein we are inspired or enacted by the actions of BJ Blaskowitz, so as standard civilians, do we? how would we behave? the army of the Axis powers rigged when they set up shop where we lived or whether they decided to hunt us down because of different ideals, conflicting language barriers, or they just felt like shooting a guy or two because they were a little upset considering this the Fourth Reich.
What we are talking about, we have to bring up the fact that they live with the ideology that Ian Reis, described by the regime as a person with pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, in perfect shape, without physical or mental deformities , it is superior and anything. or any other person is subhuman, failure to adhere to his beliefs would result in public execution. The person with clubfoot knew of course what that meant, he begs the doctors not to inform the authorities, then the secret police showed up and took a boy from a class and his wife tried to stop them so my wife died from a bullet, pick a hint that it's childish tube or forceful submission to, well, let's call it intensive thinking retreats to avoid monetization D for anyone not physically fit enough to meet their standards , unless you are descended from a tall. -rank individual unless you start dieting you will eat a bullet instead of another piece of cake the Reich will also build euthanasia centers for children who do not meet these fitness standards roni roni that is your second piece of bar chocolate this week, you know?
Good nutrition is a matter of state security. If father finds out, he will go directly to the Ministry of Youth Health. For you, it is disgusting and dishonorable. I'm going to have to report on you now unfortunately mental illnesses and birth defects are considered dirty. the gene pool of humanity and if a person or even a baby showed signs of something like dementia schizophrenia or had physical attributes like dwarfism, skin discoloration or even clubfoot, well, this would be grounds for extermination; The Reich even resorted to cleaning up an asylum in Poland after taking control, homosexuals and those outside their specific Christian faith are also cause for extreme scrutiny or execution, so being born into this regime will be a true genetic lottery under a Dangerously watchful eye on other races, creeds and people of different sexuality are allowed to survive. and live under their rule to a very safe and particular degree as there are very strict guidelines in place 24/7, they will constantly patrol the areas and conduct routine checks on houses to make sure everyone act accordingly and respect your German overlords and as I said, if you are not of Arion's description, which ironically the royal audience was of Indo-European descent and mostly came from countries like India, so the whole thing of white skin does not make much sense or that you are a devoted ally as the sovereign nation of Japan, your life could end for various reasons, as the judgment of the common dance and the commanders of the Ummah are absolute, their ranks are riddled with many armed, terrifying and technologically advanced individuals.
Now, of course, there are the standard German troops armed with a plethora. of weaponry, including firearms, laser technology, flamethrowers, explosives, you name it, and among these soldiers we have a couple of flame-breathing black guards, drag soldiers, heavy soldiers competent in close quarters, weapons with shotguns combat in the distance, dead eyes of the marksmen who, ironically, are not the best marksmen. most of the time, but you know that any kind of shot from a high-powered sniper rifle is enough to have you on the ground in seconds, soldiers with rockets shooting RPGs at you to blow you to pieces, and basically anything You'd see within militarized forces, but with a little more ancient technology they can deploy their lethal atomic elite to explore areas devastated by nuclear attacks to eliminate anyone who survived wearing biohazard clothing, although shooting their masks won't. seems to cause them no adverse effects.
The same abilities as any other soldier, except they may have resistance or even immunity to radiation. Some elite commanders, if a mission or battle has become critical enough, will take on the mechanical armor powered by a death scene that they would wear in their final battle. energy from the electricity gained by two Zeppelins to make a bubble shield impenetrable and impervious to all types of damage until the Zeppelins are destroyed, the mech will use one or all of its four mounted turrets to liquefy all opponents using the brain of the Recently deceased or decapitated prototype robots can be powered by these brains to fight even harder after death for their cause and will not only attack you but also rip the weapon out of your hands and use it against you while you are helpless. and they will beat you to death, of course, normal German Shepherds. and the Germans use double men as captains, who become increasingly genetically and mechanically modified as the years go by, increasing their range of vision and smell, being immune to radioactivity, and basically having everything except their brain altered. to resist more damage and pass through enemies mostly.
By sprouting their jugular, some have even been modified into laser houses. They are fully armored with dogs from head to toe. They can shoot due to their armored physique. They tend to charge at people to quickly knock them down and eviscerate them with their death rays. and teeth beyond human and animal interference, they will also employ robotic assistance to hunt civilians and rebels. Drones can be seen flying over any German-controlled territory or in invaded cities, monitoring the population for any signs of resistance to the insurrection or anything outside their rule of law. It will alert nearby troops and there will be nearby troops as they have tons stationed in almost every corner you can imagine in your city and once they have detected you will send those troops after you, but they can also attack because they are armed. with laser cannons and ramjet engines to kamikaze and shoot them down too.
Now the most infamous of their AI are the canines of their Panzer hoon, like giant mechanical beasts, equipped with plate armor, razor-sharp teeth, higher speed jaws, strong enough to split you in half and even with a flamethrower adorned in its mouth, you will be able to take a lot of damage and will probably be demolished before you can even retaliate against this enormous beast. HEThey will deploy heavy robots after war efforts to ensure the suppression of countries and their population due to their sheer lethal power through extra thick steel armor and robust super laser cannons capable of destroying vehicles and defenses without breaking and The oily sweat guard robots are built to imitate human proportions but stand guard in numerous fortresses and, despite not being heavily armored, they make up for it with incredible speed and agility, they will pursue a target even while sticking to walls and ceilings and fire rapid bursts of energy to intruders and can even avoid shots, all at the same time, super soldiers or super Tercel defense.
I never took German, so please forgive me for our abominations and the closest I will come to talking about some type of zombie in this scenario, since I will not mention the spoiled or anything like that manipulating the genetics of people willing or not. German scientific teams sought to degrade the brain sufficiently. to where they would remain alive but in a very primitive state, being violent and unpredictable in nature, although they will obey the orders of any high ranking Drac official, by combining these mindless servants with chemical and cybernetic therapy, these super soldiers would be adorned up to the neck. . meat with defensive armor and, as time passes, rocket engines to pursue victims, crush them faster under their superior strength or soften them up with a vast arsenal of firearms in the cream of these overpowered cans, Are these your warehouses or warehouses?Sturer Sister Bratwurst, the ultimate version of super soldiers who have almost impenetrable armor and most of the time carry super goobers, super super super goobers, deadly charged weapons that will produce energy spheres so powered to high speed that will instantly vaporize any matter it comes into contact with. and patrolling over the City of London, the massive London Monitor is used to crush any resistance by quickly eliminating foot infantry.
This colossal robot could easily crush anything or anyone in front of it, but it will also use high-powered machine guns and flamethrowers to protect. It will protect itself from any invasive attacks on its central engine and will primarily fire energy beams from its Red Cyclone II and I and will be able to launch a flurry of missiles at ground and air forces to destroy them with relative ease. Now let's go ahead and say that you somehow organized a strong enough resistance or infiltrated the house or compound occupied by the leader of the Reich, surely killing him would cause some disorder and/or dysfunction in these armies, well, that's when it really comes down to it. becomes a case of why you wouldn't survive during everyone on earth hit her would be a man of insane resolve and ordered the construction of a doomsday device, not wanting her or Arion's rule over basically most of the world to slack off afterwards. of his death, he had established a fail-safe protocol in this apocalyptic. device if he were suddenly killed due to an insurrection or resistance movements, the protocol would trigger the firing of this device, this is not what you are probably thinking, no this is not nuclear annihilation. a slow global environmental destruction that causes the Earth's weather patterns to become so erratic and severe that destructive storms, massive tsunamis, devastating earthquakes, and generally cause the global environment to become increasingly uninhabitable with the passing of years, so even if we eliminate their leader and the source of all this conflict and even eliminate most of their army and perhaps even fight back, the world itself will begin to progressively reject humanity and no amount of power fire and military force can cope with a menopausal Mother Nature, although it uses the space vehicles created by the The Germans would have to be used and somehow get the majority of the human race off the world to colonize the moon for Mars, they would have We have to transport billions and even when we get to the Moon or Mars, that's probably when the invasion of hell happens because We found portals to hell on the Moon and Mars, so between a devastating loss of life during World War II, the occupation and domination of all associated countries after the war, the extreme measures taken by the Reich in terms of keeping humanity pure by eliminating anyone with mental or physical defects at a young age or when they are discovered constant surveillance of the territories , the unpredictable and overpowered nature of the Reich's enforcers and if Peter himself dies putting the entire world into a hasty end game of global warming, it's safe to say how impossible it would be to survive unless you completely submitted to his orders and rules, but even then that is not guaranteed.
It's a grim look at a world that could have happened if ancient technology was also somehow discovered by the wrong hands, but you get to see the irony that Germany in this universe rose to power thanks to ancient Jewish technology. Did you enjoy today's look at the Wolfenstein universe? Where are you disappointed? I didn't cover much or anything related to zombies or the newest edition called Youngblood, so what should I? I cover the why you wouldn't survive series below, let me know in the comments and like I said, today was a very sensitive topic so I apologize if anything was too much to listen to or go over, that's just part of the story and what the Wolfenstein franchise had to offer, the FCP video is coming, don't worry, it's coming out next month, but it will only be part one of a three or four part miniseries.
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I won't do it anyway until next time. m Zack Cass aka Wow, those games never forget to be right, my friends.

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