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Why you Should NEVER RIDE an Orange County Chopper

Apr 15, 2024
2 weeks ago I bought an Orange County Chopper that came with a trailer, watch and boat for only $10,000, possibly the worst financial decision of my life. You'll see why soon the problem is that after spending a day working on it, it still didn't work, we had to replace a lot of parts because it was stopped for a long time. The goal is to be the first person to


this bike at high speed and on the road, but first we have to get it up and running and then get it going. the dinosaur to see if it is as powerful as everyone says so I will try to


it when I am considering the most dangerous motorcycle I have and I pray it stays together and now we will go back to Dave's shop because he says he has an update for us we are back here at Dave Dave it was kind of like we were working on it and you think you think we made this will run I think we're going to get it turned on right now.
why you should never ride an orange county chopper
I don't foresee any problems with us turning it on, whatever it is, man, okay, let's turn it on, plug the kill switch in there, oh, here we go and for the first time in who knows how long I've got it running, but there's a problem, we couldn't get it to idle below 3700 RPM and we need to get it running to try to solve the problem, but since it is air cooled, if we keep it running here on this stand it will overheat, so I guess the next step It's, let's go to the dyno, yeah, tune it up, see what kind of power this thing generates and then I'm going to ride it and get your wife flowers, back off a little bit, you still have to do it.
why you should never ride an orange county chopper

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why you should never ride an orange county chopper...

Do that buddy, so I know a lot of people are really mad about this bike because it looks great, but it was


finished and it was equipped with some awesome parts that a lot of you would love to have on your own bike, the 124. the engine, the supercharger, the brake, you know, it's really cool stuff, but it was


used and this is where the disconnect is. You can say what you want about Paul Senior, but the fact is that he was smart. I mean, he was, he was really smart. What I don't understand is that he wasn't a motorcycle builder, he was an entertainer.
why you should never ride an orange county chopper
It seemed to me that when they started the program they were building bikes for people, but not for people who actually rode motorcycles like Shaquille O'Neal's huge bike and were doing that. just to get publicity from the big celebrity and then, this is where it gets interesting, you'll notice that they pretty much only make motorcycles for companies. Now you may wonder why a company needs a motorcycle. Executives like to share the bike and you know, borrowing it every other weekend they didn't want business because it was an advertising expense, they thought, hey, I can spend $200,000. I get my name all over the Discovery Channel for this episode and this one builds and then we also get this bike that we can take and show people and leave it in the lobby and people know we made an Orange County Chopper so in a way It was a win-win, it was a write-off of taxes and marketing. for business and Orange County Chopper is making a lot of money selling these motorcycles, but the story behind this OC motorcycle is slightly different, so we ride to Harley Davis at the dealership to see Bogart, their Dyno, wait a second .
why you should never ride an orange county chopper
I need to make a tank strap. plug tank straps the only straps I use when transporting my ORS County Chopper how are you feeling Dave, great man, here is the number one problem about this bike and its actual functionality. I'm about 6'2 to be able to put your foot up here to grab that, it's very difficult, here we go, well, I


have been taking yoga classes for the last two years, you're doing it, we're almost there, so, in classic Orange County Chopper style, we pushed. the bike to its next destination where hopefully we can get it running properly and then see how much horsepower it makes, yeah, it's pretty impressive.
Incredible powers. You can tell how awesome a bike is by how many 12-point turns you have to do to get it. anywhere is running now, but it's still not running like we needed it to, but the only way to take it to the next level is to keep it running, look at the computer system, see what's going on while we keep it cool W with the Dyno now, from the last video, a lot of people who were actually involved in building the bike reached out to me, reached out and gave me a little more information about the actual bike and a lot of these guys sent me pictures of how they were involved in the bike, You know, the painter sent me a photo of the bike, one of the guys that transported it, sent me a photo, he also sent me a photo of when Miss Geico's trailer crashed, which I don't know.
I have no idea if the bike was in it or not, but I'm realizing that this, this, the story of this bike is more of a tragedy, so if you've never been on a Dyo, probably most people has not been a Dyno is a big drum on the floor that they hook it up with computers and it will tell you what kind of horsepower and torque it makes so it's an isolated room because I don't want the whole place to be super loud but it is very, very noisy inside it is also noisy because they turn it into a big wind tunnel where they throw air from one side and suck in from the other side, so you are the air and the wind that do it. loud, but then the sound of the bike and being very close to it with nowhere for the sound to go, so I'm getting smarter in my old age.
I brought my earmuffs, this will hopefully preserve my hearing. I'm going to go ahead and take my audition away a dinosaur day is always a great day unless it's very possible the engine will blow up and explode and the cameraman will get shrapnel in the leg it's very possible actually it's most likely to happen , you guys know I've been a big GoPro supporter for a long time, as have I. I had a GoPro 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. I've had them, I've had them all and I've spent tons of money on them, but since eight I feel like they've really gotten loose and I don't like the quality of their stuff anymore, which drives me crazy because they have a lot of overheating issues and a lot of stupid things that have really cost me money and I lost images with it so I challenged myself to see if there was anything out there so I looked at insta and insta actually um with their 360 camera, it's a pretty good camera, but they came up with an action camera, the Ace Pro.
This whole video and the last video we did, the last bike with this one, was filmed with the Ace Pro, let's see how it works so the bike started great now we need to warm up the engine before we did a pool but then we had a problem that no one expected so here's the problem because a normal suspension is supposed to be like this. This is so red that when you really step on the accelerator, it compresses the suspension it's taking. this off-the-drum thing that's basically taking the bike off the dyno. I don't think I'm going to get over that, but we have to fix it.
I've lost tons of valuable footage from one of my GoPros due to overheating. because when they overheat, it turns off and stops recording. The nice thing about the Ace Pro is that it simply turns off the screen to help cool the system, but continues recording the entire time, which is great because my footage is valuable to me. and then just when I thought we had it all figured out things got worse and when I say worse I mean potentially catastrophic so what happened was the oil was over pressurized and the oil cap opened again the second time which is the problem? uh your engine oil is right down there, that's what it is, your oil bag is right under it and they put the dipstick right, you know, because it makes sense to put it right under the starter motor, so here's a big problem: you need traction on your tires so it doesn't slide, you know that, we all know that because when it slides out, it's probably going to go bad, if the oil cap opens it will spew oil all over the ground, which It means your tire will go over it, which means your tire is covered in oil, which means you have no traction, which means your rear tire is basically on ice.
If that happens on the highway or going anywhere at speed I will be in trouble, which is again ironic for a motorcycle that is designed for an insurance company that insures motorcycles, this bike doesn't seem to be able to run for more than a few few seconds at a time, but on classic and bearded bikes, the right person at the right time randomly appears ready to help, I'm Sammy Sami is a retired Harley-Davidson technician and an expert in motorcycle building and racing. , which means he has a unique understanding of extremely modified motorcycles like this when we told Sammy about our problem with the oil cap popping off. he knew exactly what to do, he suggested there was too much pressure because it was too full, so we drained some of the oil and H for the better, but we still needed to solve the high idle problem before we could ride this bike, yes. the problem was the throttle position sensor, which is this one, so if you look there, it's a modern motorcycle where it uses computers, so it has to tell the computer where the throttle is so it can tell everything else what what's going on. dropping and it was given an incorrect reading, so that was our high idle issue, which doesn't sound like an issue they would have had initially, so I'm wondering if when we plug that in we'll be looking at another set of issues, we'll see what happens, running out of gas, yeah, let me, while we put race fuel on the motorcycle, the other cool thing about Insta Ace Pro is that you can get this GPS module that connects to the camera that gives you overlays while you're filming, which It can show you elevation, speed, distance, acceleration and route, so the first horsepower numbers I heard for this bike were 197 horsepower, that's crazy, that's a lot of power.
You'd be hard-pressed to find even a heavily modified Harley that goes over 150, so if it's anywhere close to that it's mind-blowing, but then I did some more research and saw this article that claims this bike is a 300 horsepower custom bike, a 300 horsepower


. That's crazy, it's one thing to have a 300 horsepower motorcycle that's comfortable to ride and another thing to have a 300 horsepower


that you're all together holding in the silliest way and nothing about it. It's comfortable and the whole time you feel like you're falling and all the controls seem completely foreign to you, you know, it's like riding a bike backwards with your arms crossed, you know what I mean, like it's nothing.
It makes sense and the things you normally think it's going to do, it doesn't, that makes this bike crazy. Now let's assume that maybe that rating is a little high or that rating is just on the DyO and it's actually like 15% less, so let's say conservatively that it could have 255 horsepower still incredibly powerful and it puts it pretty much up to Pair it with my Turbo road kick, which I'm pretty sure would make this bike the most powerful Orange County Chopper ever. I actually made possibly the most powerful helicopter I've ever heard of from anyone who's ever made a what was it?
I was expecting big numbers like 190 someone told us 190 something I was expecting so the reality is you have a 154 engine that we can take you can pretty much take that blower off and get the same amount of power. I don't think you know, even and to go back to what was said in the first video you talked about, why would you? we have a high compression engine, we know this is a high compression engine, right, why would you have a high compression engine with a lot of boost? So, then, they're probably right. she's probably only pushing one or two maybe three pounds of momentum at the end of the day it's like I told you before this is a work of art really it's to show it show it it's like Mona Lisa she's not She's not very pretty to look at but everyone They love looking at it, so we decided to show it.
Well, let's ride it, so everyone said the same thing about this bike. The bike was never finished, it just wasn't there. It was never finished, it always had starter motor problems, it always had throttle body problems, there was always something, there were always some problems with this bike that caused it to just not be finished and if it had ever been ridden, the People would have noticed that, but it never was like that. It was never really used and part of the problem was that there were too many hands in the fire, it went from him and from him to him and to him and his job was this and his job was this and no one really had any incentive to actually finish it and finish it. job and this drove Stepen Thompson crazy because he had built a business building quality motorcyclesbuilding quality supercharger kits modify, you know, it was everything, it was quality above all else because that was their reputation, so he actually applied um to Orange County Chopper said pay me this, pay me, pay me my hourly rate and let me mark this bike, let me fix this, this, this and this, it has a lot of problems, I'll fix it, just pay me to fix it, but they didn't have any interest?
They didn't care because they got paid for it. He did what he did. He did what they wanted him to do. All the bike was needed for was to get the shows going and get started. and hear the whistle and show how cool it is and show that it works, maybe at best someone was stupid enough to get on it, start it up and take it to the trailer, that was all the bike was meant to do, was never meant to do. go over 15 million hours max, it was actually so bad that when Thompson put it on the dyno from the beginning, it was so bad that actually from the beginning, when Thompson put it on the dyno just to make some gentle adjustments and make sure the outside is running good, the motor shifted a little because the motor mounts were wrong somehow and the rear hub started to tighten up and move away, so I'm a little worried about ride this motorcycle, not because I can't handle the power.
I can handle the power. I've ridden much faster bikes. Can a bike that was never finished and that was basically meant to be a piece of art and that is kept together, still be a bike and stand to be a great guy? motorcycle stuff that's the scary question now I can't wait to ride this motorcycle this is going to be fun what's the kickstand on 19? I see something big. I need some open ones immediately in the back, yeah, so after we all have a chance to take it for a little walk. in the parking lot just to cross it off our bucket list and it didn't explode.
I was ready to take a real test ride, but not without my helmet and not without my M1 Mel line of gloves with Keplar, the only protection I use. Yes, we know you have four kids, so one of the cool features of the Insta Ace Pro is that it's very easy to move the camera to all the different places you want to film with this magnetic mounting system, which is much easier than the GoPros . you just take it apart and put it back in and then you can also lock it so it doesn't come out and the flip screen allows you to see exactly what you're filming which is great for me because I can see what it looks like.
When I'm driving my Orange County Chopper I think I'm running out of gas, it's like nothing and then I accelerate to 30%, you know what I mean? I wasn't doing that before, was I doing it for you? Yes that's fine. let me leave it, maybe do it all the time, it stopped accelerating on the highway, the throttle position sensor screw backed off and fell off the bike, that's why the throttle felt so strange when I started riding and why it didn't have throttle on higher. RPM but I'm not giving up yet so we went to the hardware store to buy another bolt and then took the bike back to the shop to install it and fill it with gas because apparently it only has 3m left per tank and replace. a battery because we realized the charging system wasn't working another aspect of this bike that probably never worked there we are what they have inside the good ones are like 2,000 or more edibles yeah, oh, shoot, oh, don't run out of gas, no I don't know, I don't know, it just died, it was spitting and sputtering at that stoplight, sounds like it's running out of gas again, no way, no way, I ran out of gas, no, no, it's got gas .
I just turned it off completely, it was spitting and sputtering, you could tell I was revving it because I was trying to keep it running because it was idling too much and then I tried to go through the intersection, it was like no, amazing love. It's the best bike I've ever had, the most reliable, definitely the most reliable, it sure makes a point and all this kind of chorus breakdown reminds me of one of my favorites Baba versus Ephesians 4 32, be kind and compassionate with each other, forgiving. each other just as Christ forgave them, see you next time, but I mean it.
Like, I'm filming right now with insta Ace bro. I like the camera if you are interested in seeing it. The first 20 people to go to this link in the description will get 10% off their insta Ace Pro. Also, the auction bikes just arrived and Craig is on his way here right now. Let's get this working. Next, thank you for calling Geico Motorcycle and Recreational Vehicle Division. Your call may be recorded for quality purposes. Everything can be recorded for entertainment purposes. How can I help you today? Motorcycle Insurance Geico Bike You're calling about motorcycle insurance, right? calling about motorcycle insurance certain good you are calling about an existing motorcycle policy no thanks for calling guide coel my name how can I help you?
I'm trying to put uh I'm going to get a motorcycle insurance quote for a motorcycle Okay, and what's the good number? 0920. Okay, so let me reread the inin number to make sure I heard you right. What type of motorcycle? Oh, this is the Geico bike. This is the Orange County Geico Chopper bike. a second here, okay, give me a second, I just need to put you on hold briefly, okay, okay, there's, there's no, there's some problem. Can you tell me what year it is? Usually making a bike model will only be because it will be a new bike.
Is this bike like a KP bike? No, no, this is Miss Geico racing Orange County Chopper from the TV show, give me a second. I'll be right back, okay, great. I appreciate your patience with me so for this type of bike Mr. Sean I'm just going to look at it manually because it's a limited production custom bike so if you calculate the annual price it's $1,731,189 and then that's what Will full coverage be discussed? So did you want to go ahead and do that or scale back the plan? Let me, let me think about it a little bit and I'll get back to you.
Great thanks. Looks like they'll make sure I'm okay.

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