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Why you can't get tickets: The Ticket Game (CBC Marketplace)

Jun 06, 2021
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it's criminal it's legal because of your government the odds are absolutely stacked the fan starts how to get the best seats for the best price this is your market everyone is excited to see the canadian rock gods tragically he hips her farewell has been sweeping the nation the shot the rebel wan gore downey is fighting cancer so y'all want to say goodbye they were all from miles around bah guys tickets tonight in kingston the band will take the stage might be the last time he came of age with these guys he grew up with that music you know it was a really important moment for me and i just wish i was here when I'm done, but Geoff Cameron doesn't have a ticket, he's not alone, what do you have on this? nk sucks it's annoying it's really annoying no one got tickets jeff was ready on the ticketmaster site but the whole tour sells out in just minutes obviously where there's a lot of demand it's going to be a harder ticket to get but i think i think it should be easier if Is there too much demand or something else Peter McClatchy I think just a few minutes after selling those same sold out tickets they show up on resale sites like StubHub selling well above face value they all said there are 1500 tickets on StubHub or thousands of tickets on StubHub all hooked what is that?
why you can t get tickets the ticket game cbc marketplace
House tells me the solution was in the fare from the get-go is the solution in we're not just talking concerts we're talking high demand sports theater so many canadians trying to buy affordable tickets take the time to find out why we've come to Las Vegas, a place that knows a thing or two about playing the odds, and we're talking to experts to find out what your chances are of getting that score. Ticket on the Las Vegas strip we need a high roller who has lived the high life. Ken Lotion, is a notorious reseller. I know how to get your tickets. their secrets come out for the first time i was the biggest baddest guy who took all the tickets and broke all the girls dreams yes i was that guy so how did he do it with a special software called BOTS?
why you can t get tickets the ticket game cbc marketplace

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why you can t get tickets the ticket game cbc marketplace...

Virtual bots are programmed to buy official ticket sellers like Ticketmaster the moment sales begin BOTS swoop in to beat humans to seats a big reason you remove bonuses our system was set up to get to 50 shows in an hour and buying all the tickets in less than two minutes you were winning the system was like being first in line mmm for sure and that allowed you to buy tickets faster and buy a lot more tickets than most people. One button and you could buy a hundred and two seats at a time. You know we had the capacity to buy 15,000 tickets in two minutes. like a thousand percent i was worth like fifteen million dollars or thirty five he was living a rock-and-roll lifestyle feasting on the money all the expenses of the fans don't you get in the way of the fans who really they want to see something and their heart broken when they can't i absolutely was when i feel horrible about it yeah yeah really so i sober up i'm a different person than i used to be fine i'm not in the business anymore the bots Ken says it's time to make things right if you remove the BOTS which I think should be done you're all set then the fans will have a chance but the BOTS aren't the only reason you don't have a chance ken shows us where to find the pros who have other ways to snatch seats this is the biggest convention there is another this room in las vegas is full of brokers it's the difference between scalping and brokerage and you're nothing the brokers will they win the v going gambling with tickets they buy at face value and then we sell online to the highest bidder hey guys how are you doing I'm David with CBC Erick Garland and rafi Aguilar know how to play the odds how you get your tickets i get tickets like everyone else gets tickets you know you wait until 10:00 a.m. any day and the ticket is ok not when there is a show say u know i know about advance sale and yes i bought tickets man but wait they know about advance sale advance sale is supposed to be reserved for clubs of fans and certain credit card holders, another reason Why are you eliminating the runners?
why you can t get tickets the ticket game cbc marketplace
They enter hallowed territory to outdo the fans. The Tragically Hip, yeah, that was a great show. The last tour, as if they were ever going to do. valued by the demand for the show, a lot of people wanted tickets, couldn't get tickets and they disappeared like that, right? What is going on there? the tickets I mean I use iPads and computers there is a you know it's good at browsing if it's a full time job you'll make sure you do everything you can to get as many tickets as possible did you get tickets comfortably hip tickets any of those tragically , yeah I took a few to trade how many tries to take you to get those tickets ok I mean I mean I feel like I'm oh no is that so?
why you can t get tickets the ticket game cbc marketplace
Yeah, have you sold all your fashion tickets yet? a lot of fans are convinced it's not fair for me to get tickets but you just have to be quick you have to be ready to go you know the people for sure but it's hard enough being a go-between when it's your full time job time to find out yes the ticket the giant is looking for the little one we have come to Los Angeles we are talking king to the owners of Ticketmaster Live Nation the biggest promoter on the planet hello David Joe Burke told me to meet here Joe Burke told his COO that fans are frustrated that tickets seemed to sell out seconds after they were generally on sale they may not realize what's going on yeah well there's a big problem and the big problem starts with the bots every year we block around 5 billion BOTS trying to attack our ticketmaster system even if we are 99% effective that's a hundred a minute to check our system yes a hundred a minute looking for Ian and start shopping do you have any idea how many tickets to The Tragically Hip our BOTS got so we think for The Tragically Hip tour the bots probably got about a third of the tickets other runners about a third of the tickets and the fans ultimately about a third of the tickets alone but a third of those tickets are actually available to people I guess BOTS and the runners are resting yeah so the odds are absolutely stacked d against the fan because a lot of it goes to the running backs.
Did you cancel tickets you thought were purchased through BOTS? I don't think we've canceled tickets, and generally speaking, we didn't make the decision, we just can't pinpoint which one. it was the bot buy tickets that the fan buy tickets were in the charge Lee hip would know this yeah yeah yeah I mean I know the exact numbers but yeah we were in a daily conversation with them about what was going on with We all shared in the frustration but they were also very clear that they wanted to make sure they weren't doing anything that would harm any of their true fans and instead of shooting and taking that risk, it meant there were no tickets we could count to Live.
The nation can't beat all the bots that what are the political power brokers doing about the bots and the bots? It's time to get some answers. This is your market. Get more markets. Sign up for our weekly newsletter at ticket


this is your market ticket bots and brokers are bashing fans who buy most seats to big events like The Tragically Hip the


feels so fixed in Kingston Geoff couldn't get a ticket at face value but look who made it perfect Good night guys now he has a ticket but not exactly you guys.
It's okay. Everyone else who bought it from PM Ticketmaster Got their ticket through Ticketmaster Clearly Jeff doesn't have the connections but if he really wanted a ticket he could buy it on sites like StubHub it's a


where anyone can resell their tickets for big surcharges, at least in the case of hip capitalizing on something that's so tragic you know it makes it that much nastier, he refuses to live up to principle, but Peter McClatchy is desperate and he thinks you're right there, right at the moment. what is the face value of that ticket and be it 90 bucks let's say 90 bucks ok and you are paying i paid for 33 us we the last thing i wanted to do is pay these guys this money but i had no choice i have to be in the show so i bought the tickets yeah hi guys can i ask you a quick question Did someone pay four figures for a ticket?
Did you pay four figures for a ticket? May I ask how far are we going? Did anyone else pay three figures for one? ticket 1,200 seats for us for 750 I know how many times over face value seven seven times when scalpers jack it up to the thousands then that blocks a lot of people from being able to see their favorite band or see art or when you take the art away from the Folks, that's problem number one, so how do those prices compare to old school resellers? Jeff checks it out. I've seen someone looking for fifteen hundred. than that, but some tickets on StubHub cost even more check out thousands of dollars for a ticket. people are being robbed. they are being scammed. it's criminal, it's actually criminal, except it's not, it's actually quite legal. they've made it so lucrative and so easy for online resellers to break into the market and capture them so that the average person doesn't stand a chance there's no way that's going to be tolerated you're right so come on. to speak to the political power brokers opening the floodgates in the first place in 2015, the ontario government changed the ticket sales law to allow anyone to resell them for a profit, as long as they can prove the ticket is real or offer a refund I guarantee you're ready.
We have come to the Ontario Legislature to meet with Attorney General Yassir Naqvi. I think a lot of fans would be surprised that it's legal to do something that for a lot of people for a long time was illegal and is legal b. Because your government is, well, making sure that there's protection, that there's a tent, occasionally tickets, that there's a money-back guarantee, what I want to make sure is that we deal with this technology challenge. We have to look at these bots and see how you can stop the bots from taking place, so we're looking at those policy options or trying to stop the bots from getting it, but what about the intermediaries, which basically prevent the bots from fans get those tickets and then charge those same fans double or triple times? rather I'm looking at those policy options and I've asked for that kind of analysis to see what kind of options are available to us as it's something you're looking into yes of course do you think your legislation is working doing the right thing which i was supposed to do clearly that example shows no more need to be done and im committed to doing it two weeks later naqvi announces that he will ban those ticket bots we want to dub bots to sell tickets but since they can operate from anywhere place, surveillance will be a challenge.
I can even have fun in the meantime at the ticket conference in Las Vegas. Don Vaquero is tired of the runners taking all the pressure. There is a huge misconception that brokers are the reason. that fans can't get tickets Don runs his own resale site, the ticket network, and says it's time for the ticketing and music industry to come clean about what's happening that one minute after tickets go on sale the sale everyone is fine so honestly thats where the fallacy begins everyone in the industry knows most of the best tickets to most shows are never sold to the public its the industry itself that holds the tickets , yes, the best seats are retained by the VIPs like the band and the promoter. tickets go to fan clubs and certain credit card holders all consumers want to know is where the tickets go and how to get good seats. last pick former Ticketmaster boss Nathan Hubbard surely shed light on why fans are screwed he wrote all about it online he says by the time the actual sale to the general public happens 90% of the tickets could sold out, so what did your former colleague Joe Burke tell you? from Live Nation they say that would be a really extreme situation but it does happen but having a third of it sold out absolutely sure there are absolutely a lot of scrubs being sold through the various sons sales so in our minds a club of fans Presale is generally an event open to the public. if i look at that20,000 seat stadium, I'm sure how many tickets the average fan has at normal times.
They might have a chance of 10 to 15 thousand of those tickets but our concern is they don't even necessarily have a fair chance against them because you have the box chasing those same tickets at the time but for their job the bots that can only shoot at half the stadium can depending on the show yeah cha sings the truth this is your market you want to know which artists arehelp fans get seats find out more on our facebook page its popular ticket market so you need to calculate hours before the fashion show on toronto street scalpers would be the only one selling it to my face but apparently not inside people are lining up at the ticket window trying to get tickets for weeks and all of a sudden they released all these tickets . a lot of my friends are telling me right now you're wasting your time down there all the tickets are sold out meanwhile i'm queuing for face value tickets which are available and no one knows they're available they seem to have won more tickets after waiting in line for over two hours.
There's Danny's next ticket left. It's also good. All seats are being sold at face value. No time too soon but outside it's still selling obviously it's sketchy how they did it. maybe what 200 tickets to tonight's show and check it out there are still good seats available over an hour after the show is still selling out if you knew there were tickets wouldn't you be here? What does Live Nation say about the tragically modern website not having more? Tickets available for the Toronto show but the tickets were on sale at the box office so if there are no more seats it means they are sold out or Kenmore seats are available. other distribution channels if an artist has taken 20 seats for family and friends and then it turns out that for that show they won't make it and those seats are freeing up not in huge numbers but it happens every day I guess I was the guy who paid $1,000 and I see someone walking in with a $50 ticket that just bought the night off.
I'd be a little mad, sure sold out always means sold out so sold out always means top 95% sellers, sure enough there are last minute seats in Kingston. - hello, can you hear me? Jeff didn't get one of those, but he doesn't need them anymore. Oh thank you so much I can't even begin to thank you his wife didn't listen she bought him a ticket anyway I'll send you pictures okay thank you so much okay bye I'm so amazing it's time to say goodbye to the gods of Canadian rock. this opportunity next week in the market dump diner ok this will discuss with some people what your supermarket doesn't want you to see as a bunch of food canadians throw away 31 billion dollars worth of food we hear from the big stores to your shopping cart I'm going to throw it for you in advance.
No, no, why does it seem? and good food thrown away

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