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Why Valentine's Day SUCKS... & how to make it better!

Feb 20, 2020
Hey guys, it's me, Nikki, Hello, Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is one of the days I've always hated the most, always all the traumatized memories of never getting any cards, never getting any messages, never getting any love, okay, I'm excited. Now I'm not exaggerating, oh that's sad, Valentine's Day, you either love it or hate it, but one thing: I love it so much, it's all the amazing


up looks surrounding it, it's literally like the community of


up was fine. Let's take all these traumatized memories and turn them into something fun, they're all pinks, all the reds are purples, all the lilacs are brought out to kill the day and if you're against Valentine's Day, let's go with the vampires, maybe be so. works either way, so today I thought it would be fun to just sit down and create a very inspiring Valentine's Day look that will hopefully be good for grandma and get my creative juices flowing, you're obnoxious, there's been so much going on in my life that right now all I need is to just sit here in my studio and play with makeup, so that's exactly what we're doing, so if you're in the mood to listen to some of my crazy love life stories, Yes I want to see how I do fun makeup for Valentine's Day.
why valentine s day sucks how to make it better
All you have to do is I don't know if you're sitting, but stay sitting and why do you know I'm so open about what I do to my face. If you're wondering what the hell is this here when she's got some love put on my cheeks so like I laugh some more she snatched that bruise away she's acting like a teenager who doesn't want to listen so the look Today's inspiration is actually a face chart posted by Sully and she created this crazy, cloudy look for Valentine's Day. Now this is very sad. I'm in a good mood so I'll make him happy but just the fact that there's like pink clouds in the center of your face when you fall in love they say you're on cloud nine they say your head is in the sky we know they say your head is in the clouds head in the clouds yes in a pink cloud you are seeing Life through pink glasses is a common thing in the world to say pink glasses, it does not matter before you reach any type of cloud, although it is time for the base, so let's not prime it, it's a crime, so let's prepare this right here for Solly.
why valentine s day sucks how to make it better

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why valentine s day sucks how to make it better...

I came out with a liquid powder, a moist liquid powder oil balancing serum with french pink clay. I don't know what french pink clay does to your face but what I've noticed is that it's like a barrier between makeup and Your skin is like it keeps everything under the makeup you put on so I put this on just the parts more oils from my face so that my nose and teeth are practically my T-zone and it really creates a barrier to keep makeup on. I don't know how if you tell me in my face that it doesn't need that barrier and that it just needs a good base.
why valentine s day sucks how to make it better
I'm drinking the hydric milk, God of the Earth, I've been telling you since Jimmu came out to the studio. I know not. I don't want to keep talking about it, but every time I'm in the studio it reminds me of what I felt at that moment, so it's going to take me a little while to sit here and not think about all that. of that, but I will do it. Oh, I made it. I just want you to know that sometimes I get really nervous here because I'm like, "Okay, I'm going to start with you for the Solly liquid powder T-zone, let's create that layer." Oh, smile lines, this on the smile lines is all I took and that's focus right here, like go around it and under the eye foundation is on, we're ready to kill the whole day even though I'm going to take this off. after filming, oh my How can we take a second for our nails?
why valentine s day sucks how to make it better
OMG, they are called confetti nails. I chose a completely new way. I usually have the coffin shape, but this shape is just I found a Sione as a base and started with Revlon Photoready. Sincere Natural Finish Anti-Pollution Foundation in color 120 which is now giving me lovely medium coverage, it's softer than what I usually do so I'll probably go ahead and use, you know, 7lbs of concealer after this, but it's pleasant. To have this moment for concealer, I'm going to go with the one and only true of them all, just a high coverage essential concealer because it's my favorite, and then I'm going to set it using my new favorite powder, if you've seen it. the Xtreme Drac transformation that Dutch drag queen legend and V Peru did on me she used this powder right here this is a derma color setting powder but this is a waterproof powder this is the most powerful long lasting powder I have ever tried on my life so I'm using this, it's in the color pn0 and I'm going to use it to style my face so this is the look I came up with.
This alone could be a bomb, extremely colorful look for Valentine's Day. If you just want to keep your eyes, you can totally do that. If you think this is too much, that's an opinion, you're entitled to your opinion, but this is the eye I decided to go with, but you can always go for something softer. or even more extreme, a cut in the fold, you can do whatever you want. I feel like the main focus will be the pink cloud in the face, but the ice may be hitting, okay, so let's get to it, shall we come first?
What I'm doing is I'm priming my lids using the Pea Louise foundation in point five and the pink shadow is going to come out of this stack right here, this is the kimchi cheek, the rainbow shark palette, everyone and it looks like this, and I'm taking the color watermelon, which is possibly the brightest and easiest hot pink I've ever worn and which is going to be our main star for this look, so I'm thinking about that color with a brush and I'm just starting to apply it on that base . which we haven't set with powder because we wanted to act like a magnet so the pink really sticks to that base and we're just creating our shape and I chose this type of mist with a central highlighted look. and first I put the pink in the outer corner and then I also apply it to the inner part of the eye and do the exact same thing, not that the shape is on, it's time to take what's left on that brush and start slowly but safe. diffuse and soften that edge and you do this by applying the lightest pressure with your brush and creating gentle circular motions.
Well, I have a funny story to tell Snow when Dylan and I started dating. Look, so everyone knows mom's tutorials and mom's tutorials. she is the best mom ever because you know a special situation, a very special youth and me and my love life was always something like she just wanted me to be safe at any time, literally every time I mentioned a name kid, she was like a kid, oh my god, oh. she is mentioning a boy, are you in love? Mike, have you gone out? you are in love? The healthiest is the man of your dreams, like literally any male name and she would say: I am God, are you loved?
Dylan, you know, wanted to keep things a little more private. She wanted to experience it for myself before telling anyone what we were experiencing with each other and an excuse I kept making every time I went out with Dylan and didn't do it. I still don't want to tell my mom that I was dating my friend Lisanna and that's why we have always, like Luisana and I, been doing this throughout our youth, like when she was dating a boy and didn't love his mom. knowing that she told her mom that she was going out with me and we did the same thing, so every time I went out with Dylan to watch movies or we went out to dinner or did something fun, she always told my mom why Text my mom every day.
She always told him, "Oh yeah, I'm going to the movies with a news item and we're having a great night and she believed it, and the funny thing is I can blend in well the first time." The time I introduced Dylan to my parents I said hello here this is Dylan and then Dylan shook my mom's hand and he said hello new Zelda I died I died okay now for the center of the lid to the eyebrow this color here this one call it here Grape is on another level, it's like a baby pink, but then the reflection is green and blue, it's a party and I literally want that in the center of my entire eye, so it goes from here to there, oh.
OMG look at that highlight on another level, iconic beyond words, now playing with the same hot pink on the lower lash line and then taking that baby pink and that goes on the inner part of the lash line bottoms and then that crazy eyelid color goes too. in the inner corner to bathe in this color, it's so good, yes Kim, she served, slept in this color, people are fine, it's time for some lashes and then we can go with the clouds, the eyes are ready and I must say I'm living properly for honey, now it's time for the fun part of the look, if you love pink clouds, that is, pink clouds on the face, before we do that we want to set our base, so I'm going to contour and tan a little to achieve it.
That was done so we can put the clouds over our rich tanned and contoured face, nothing too crazy, we just want a little warmth and just to make it all a one piece lifestyle, let's go home with that now, let's our pink haze from a cloud, so I definitely want to cover the center of my face and fly to the sides with pink. The cream product I'm using for this is from P Louise and Mumma Mitchell. This is acid rain and color. raver which is clearly bright so I'm toning it down using Blanc Kansas I as a stone when I get my hands dirty so I'm blending it in the back of the eye which is close to my skin tones and we need more pink which is pretty. that could be oh, I never do this, oh my gosh, okay, oh, what am I doing?
Oh god, this is just putting the pink base on the clouds to eliminate some of the dementia, since I'm still not sure if this will become iconic or my worst appearance. However, now we will see that we need more dimension in certain places; you know, Bob Ross, okay, not to take more of that raver to go deeper and darker in some areas, hopefully and not make it look weird here and here and here and here, okay, I think. it's time for the white to make a kind of cloud and get a general idea because this is scaring me like I'm regretting everything more white I'm grabbing my professional makeup flash palette forever I'm grabbing a synthetic flat brush Picking up that white and We're just going to put little semi circles and kind of blob on the bottom of the little circles and that will hopefully look like a cloud and then we can highlight those clouds and make them bright.
Look, yes, now. Let's go back with that pink brush and go over it to give it a more pink feel so they look pretty. I think it looks really cute, but the one thing I definitely notice about Sully's inspiration is that there are darker pinkish-red Clouds for you in contrast, so I'm going to try to make it work. This is amazing, like you're in kindergarten playing with a droid and then you go crazy not knowing where it's going to stop to put down a highlighter. I'm from Of course, using my own creation in my pan, the best beautiful pink glitter ever.
This is cloud 9, my highlighter in collaboration with Oprah Cosmetics and it's perfect for this look, oh my god, if you put this on the clouds they would turn like a radioactive pink. like the tip of the nose look at that perfect pink lip gloss first in a line using colour-pop oh snap lipstick and then to fill it in I'm going to use this the liquid lip Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star and God mine, and for the shimmer, I'm using Geoffrey's starter shimmer in the color contrast, it's a creative and fun Valentine's Day makeup look that you're not really going to wear anywhere, but hey, it's here, It's almost like I did another little makeup therapy, but instead of talking while I did my makeup, I was finally able to sit down and do some fun makeup because I was longing to do something different and get out of the last few months, not out of routine, but kind of vibe and I can't tell you how.
It felt good to just sit here, have fun and have a completely pink day and I think it's a really fun and cute look. Of course, you can keep it, adjust the eyes or just make the cheeks for today's Dutch word of the day. keep it very simple because if you're here on Valentine's Day and you want to wish someone a happy Valentine's Day here in Holland, this is what you say, well, if Alan tenza Faina, fat Lynn Danes, hey, you find a Saint Valentine, so If you want to be in my next video, what I have to do is include the Dutch word of the day, the Dutch phrase of the day down in the comments and I just want to thank you for being here with me, sitting here with me and just letting me have fun and do what I love most, which is putting on makeup, and it feels good to be back.
Thank you very much for watching and I hope to see you on the next slide.

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