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Why Thor Ragnarok is the Best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Jun 02, 2021
It seems like I had a pretty special and intimate relationship with this hammer and then losing that was almost comparable to losing a loved one. That's a good way to put it. I love Thor Ragnarok. I think it is the


movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and yes. There are many good ones, Ragnarok is my favorite, and yet the film has its detractors. When I posted this question on our community page, the most common response I got was that she was too funny or that she didn't take the character seriously enough, but I think she not only took her character seriously, but placed them within of a dark political satire.
why thor ragnarok is the best of the marvel cinematic universe
First of all, you have to appreciate how Ragnarok reinvented this franchise. Marvel never really knew what to do with Thor, the Shakespeare in the Park dialogue didn't mesh well. the MCU's jokey tone, while its Thor one curtains are pretty good, it strikes a balance between feeling operatic, I know I take you, and drinking fool, but then came Thor: The Dark World, which was the worst. that could be a movie. which isn't horrible, just boring and it seemed like Thor 3 would be more of the same in Age of Ultron. Thor's visions of Ragnarok were filled with dark, dull yellows and long shadows.
why thor ragnarok is the best of the marvel cinematic universe

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why thor ragnarok is the best of the marvel cinematic universe...

His mission at the end of Ultron seemed like Thor 3 would simply be a setup for Avengers 3 enter Taika Waititi, the director of low-budget comedies at Hartfeld Indy New Zealand, thinks about the bouquet of Siena's head and the ox Ragnar in the first scene, told viewers that this was a different type of Thor movie than the first two films began with. Anthony Hopkins tells of an ancient battle that would return to torment Asgard in the presence of the kingdom of cold and darkness the frost giant arrived, but in this film the prophecy of Ragnarok is revealed through a conversation that you have now seen in full as God the Great One prophesied by God that TD got his first budget of over $10 million and used it to radically invent Thor's look.
why thor ragnarok is the best of the marvel cinematic universe
The pale tones of the dark world in the long night darkness of Jotunheim were replaced by Sekar, a planet as colorful as it seems. like Lisa Frank got a cool grant to create an entire planet, each Sekar painting has primary colors incorporating the work of Thor creator Jack Kirby more than any other MCU film, this feels like a comic book come to life, too you can listen to this reinvention of Thor. Throughout the film, Mark Mothersbaugh took the operatic, potty-going theme of the early films and elevated them with an electric guitar on an 80's synthesizer. The score conveys the epic scope of the story of a 1,500-year-old God and the synth-pop aesthetic of a Duran Duran Video, but the greatest invention was humor, gold mud, I'm a boudreaux, almost everyone in Ragnarok laughs, oh, that's a crown, Isuzu, big eyebrow, even the new villains secondary characters like the Grandmaster return to the place of the ass, burg boys, God and scourge.
why thor ragnarok is the best of the marvel cinematic universe
I took it from a place for Midgard to cool the tick sauce, even Anthony Hopkins has fun as Odin's fake ocean, but the most impressive thing is not that TD knows how to make you laugh, but how he uses laughter as a lever to tell . a very dark political history, slaves of Myself. I don't like that word, okay, the prisoners with jobs have armed themselves. Black Panther is credited with having a strong political message, so my assessment is that he jumps ships because they knew death was better. that bondage, a Ragnarok is actually a story about the dangers of far-right nationalism, but the audience doesn't realize that they are in a sociology class because what he uses is a teaching technique that I call mental diversion, It's basically when you're so busy having fun you don't realize your brain is getting bigger and you're learning, so what do I mean by that?
Thor's identity is tied to Asgard in his first scene, he swears allegiance to the kingdom and pledges his own name to SF. to the goods of the road, I swear that no one believes in Asgard more than Thor, but in Ragnarok he discovers that the eternal kingdom was actually built through bloodshed and conquest, the revelation of Asgard is just a shock and his hydra is infiltrates the Winter Soldier's shield. He makes us reevaluate everything we've seen before, like this secret dialogue. The golden halls of Asgard are actually soaked in more blood than the Overlook Hotel. Where do you think all this gold came from Asgard like the shield was corrupted from the beginning and then Odin covers it up? continue his conquest and reshape history watch these lies peace treaties the film continues to demonstrate how our leaders distort history to control people today consider how Loki disguises the Allfather rewrites the history of Asgard to become a tragic hero This is a great example of cerebral fun, the play is fun, I'm sorry, I tried to rule the earth, but it also pokes fun at the emotional climax of the dark world, telling the audience that we are watching a different kind of Thor movie, the choir even sings the film's soundtrack, but most importantly the work shows that history is malleable justice Odin created the story of a benevolent Asgard Loki creates the story of a benevolent king of two kingdoms just like in the world real empires conquer with armies but rule with stories was asked to rule in peace Loki has eventually become a ruler like the Grandmaster, roasts a car for his own pleasure, not the type of people like Loki, builds a statue showing that their hero and a powerful warlord and both distract their people with entertainment once the automobile athletes are the the world's biggest celebrities with their faces built into the side of their tower considered Hulk hero worship , unlike the Planet Hulk comics, where people don't love him because he's a freedom fighter much like us, the audience just wants to see him smash. things like in the real world our champions are athletes and we don't really care to celebrate and say that the teachers who build our communities Grandmaster uses his hero worship to elevate his own image and make people forget that they live in a world literal. pile of garbage simply Jenna Scourge is an ordinary person, she is a janitor who exploits her position of au


ity for financial gain.
She looks at many things. Hello, she recruits this working class individual to help restore Asgard to her former glory. How would you like a prank if it weren't for Scourge joining the group? The elites are not about power, they are about consumerism, they are about being owners of the road, things that are seen on television as a beaten weight with which television compares us all to a scourge, we are all stupid idiots. Working class people who put up with politicians' nonsense if we can have enough money to buy our own things, this is where cable comes into play.
It's a great example of cerebral fun. Yes, almost every line she says is hilarious. No, I didn't come back tomorrow with your BIC, but it also subtly points out to us the The most important themes of the films consider that its first words are strident greeting your son, yes, well, it's actually a Singam considering that much of the film is about dehumanizing other races through conquest. This is his way of saying: I am a person I value. Lucian has become Kyrgyz. a failed revolutionary who is trapped in a circular prison cell, but not in a real circle, but rather a strange circle, this symbolizes the cyclical nature and the futility of trying to start a revolution.
Zachar tried to start a revolution but didn't print enough pinlegs. anyone paying attention, he is not the first idealist who failed to change the world and he will not be the last and although the day has a Doug, it is important that TD strikes a chord because Cronin is a substitute for his own revolutionary ideas with TD is of Maori descent, are the indigenous people of New Zealand, have openly expressed their views on race, once called New Zealand racist and, just as the other eight kingdoms were conquered by Asgard, the Maori were conquered by the European colonials.
Hella is the embodiment. of nationalism G ptosis Jegs mus good colonialism is when an empire wants to extend its nationalism beyond its own borders how supremacy was indisputable, but Odin stopped nine rows when Thor learns that to kill Hella you have to kill Asgard and to doing that has to reevaluate what Asgard represents, but more importantly Thor has to reevaluate himself, she's too strong, what about me? I have an icon. Did you see the guts of the hammers? Look at the politics in the movie. They mean nothing if the characters aren't effective and Ragnarok has more. character growth and change than any other MCU movie, not that MCU heroes don't evolve and grow, but in Ragnarok almost every character ends up in a different place than where they started Tyco 880 is the first filmmaker to really understand Thor Yes, he's an almighty God who controls the elements, but he's also a guy, bro, oh yeah, he's the captain of the Asgardian football team, the golden boy who can never do anything wrong after Hella destroys Thor's hammer. , believes he is powerless, just as the Guardians think they are powerless. without the golden kingdom and although he can control lightning, he is constantly electrocuted throughout the movie.
Thor loses. I choose to undo all my problems and not walk away from them. That's what he thinks is that he is powerless against lightning until he realizes that he is lightning and so on. he doesn't need the hammer since the Guardians don't need Asgard so it's not a place there are people so that's Thor's arc it seems like some of the other characters lash out and Valkyrie learns to fight for her people and not only for themselves. Banner turns into the Hulk to save lives even though he could end up trapped forever. What I'm trying to tell you is that if I use it on the Hulk again, Banner may never come back, even Odin shows a little humanity when he says it to his children.
I failed you, but the most important character arc in all of the Thor movies is his relationship with Loki at the end of the day, you and I mean, let's be honest with those two a long time ago, this is the real heart of the movie from its The first scene, Loki, is more nuanced than almost any other comic book villain. He's funny, relatable but ultimately a bastard. His relationship with Thor is the centerpiece of this trilogy. Loki wants to rule for his own glory because Dad didn't hug him enough. He will have a frost giant sitting on the throne of a stock, but then Thor helps him realize that, like the quark Damon, he is trapped in a vicious cycle.
I trust you, you betrayed me by going round and round in circles last week oh, the resolution of Thor and Loki's story is the reason I'm so baffled by the main review of the movie on our community page, people I kept saying that Ragnarok undermined the emotional moments, especially in the last scene when Asgard is being destroyed. Taika Waititi's proxy chord tries to give seriousness to the moment, it will become a refuge for all peoples and extraterrestrials. the


, but this expectation is quickly undermined by the reality of those foundations. They regret that this scene is not the heart of the film; if anything, it mocks the personal importance the Guardians feel for their home, the same personal importance we place on our own nations. when what really matters is the people, I mean, be honest, did you ever care about Asgard?
Movie moments like Odin's death or Thor reconciling Loki, those are the moments the franchise has been building towards because these moments are about people and a lot of fans are also complaining about how quickly they killed off the Warriors Three. , but again, did you care? I know this guy is played by two different actors and one of them wants. I thought it was stupid but no one looks like that and now the ending looks at all the little things that make this movie great. Doctor Strange's comically precise gloves in every teleportation. The strangest and most affected shrine was made and Tamara, a small keyboard, the wing helmet is behind, the auxiliary bed is made of a monster's skull and the jaw like the face of the headboard banner is perfectly reflected in the falcons in scene, Thor swings a staff like Odin the Great.
The master orgy ship is the MCU's dirtiest joke as the black light and the guardians find a black light. Please look like a Jackson Pollock painting. Thor's throne is the captain's chair. The birthday, but the exposition about his chaperone is told visually instead of just a character talking and these scenes. This is why I love Thor Ragnarok. How about you tell me what your favorite Ragnarok scene is in the comments below? If this is your first time here, sign up to watch Screen Crush. I'm Ryan Arry.

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