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Why The Walther Q5 "Black Tie" is the Aston Martin DBS of The Gun World

May 03, 2023
thank you all ammunition used in this video was brought to you by Nosler, maker of the most innovative, most accurate and most effective bullets and ammunition in the industry, delusional foreign parts of my brain like to think I'm more of a


Bruce Wayne that I. im a


james bond i just said though if i were james bond the last thing i would do would be driving around italy in an



dbs shooting bad guys what


ppk instead would be driving around texas in a Aston Martin DBS shooting bad guys in this Walther black tie now, don't get me wrong.
why the walther q5 black tie is the aston martin dbs of the gun world
Dandy Newton when I first saw it in Mission Impossible also said that the Walther Black Tie is the Aston Martin DBS of the gun


, the DBS and the black tie are an amalgamation of refined yet aggressive beauty, high functionality and ostentatious levels of luxury and price. For starters, refined aggressiveness is the best way to describe the beauty of DBS and the black tie. The DBS looks like a single piece of smooth sheet metal, but the car's rear hips bolt on seamlessly like an IG model after a trip to the Dominican Republic. and the carbon rear diffuser looks like it belongs on the SR-71, not to mention there are a total of six vents in the DBS, one on each side and four in the bulge of the hood, but with all this pomp and circumstance than anywhere else car would scream look at me I'm a Super GT the DBS manages to look subtle and understated by Super GT standards before you finish watching the rest of this video.
why the walther q5 black tie is the aston martin dbs of the gun world

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why the walther q5 black tie is the aston martin dbs of the gun world...

I want to take the time today to thank today's sponsor the gun directory we know the 2A is just tolerated on most social media platforms if not outright banned the gun directory is a social media platform that celebrate two way culture no shadow banning or strangling just an open two way social media platform for the gun community if you are If you are interested in seeing what the gun directory is all about please click the link in the description section of this video. tail so big it looks like they stole one of satan's horns and put it on the back of the gun on paper those specs look more like a fighter jet than one of the most beautiful and refined tactical racing guns on the market the Black Tie is such a desperately attractive weapon the contrast between the satin finish and the one piece black grip and the black trigger the black sights the black barrel and the black Magwell is perfect even the trigger feels and looks like a piece of art minimalistic that is as functional as it is visually appealing i compare a pistol trigger to a car throttle and the throttle on the dbs is sublime it is immediate but very soft and smooth so it is very easy to hit the throttle the black tie is from the same way the trigger feels like you're pulling it through a fresh batch of cotton candy the DBS really shines when you're just driving it's a pretty heavy car but it's a weight planted like there's a swing hanging under the car and Godzilla is sitting on that swing while you drive, this planted feeling inspires a lot of confidence and so you just want to cruise until the road runs out.
why the walther q5 black tie is the aston martin dbs of the gun world
Black Tie is also quite a heavy weapon, but it is a balance weapon. I'm sure those front cutouts have something to do with that other gun you want to shoot all day because there's something fun about it, but the Black Tie I want to shoot all day because it's relaxing everything is so smooth from the trigger down to the way it looks beautiful ergonomics and the way it pulls back its just a really enjoyable shooting experience like i said before this is the gun that james bond should be shooting not only does it look good but which is literally the pistol version of his car of choice at least i think very fast before you go um i just want to give a special thanks to jeff reeves huh who is a good friend of mine he is a former SEAL from the Navy, he's an instructor, he's also an Aston Martin brand representative, and thank you so much, bro, for being crazy enough to let me take your Aston.
why the walther q5 black tie is the aston martin dbs of the gun world
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