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Why the Pilgrims stopped at Plymouth Rock

Feb 18, 2020
the reason they landed on Cape Cod was that they were running out of beer and William Bradford wrote about it that they were very, very anxious because the journey across the Atlantic had taken longer than they thought and they were running out of beer and Captain Jones, the captain of the Mayflower, was very concerned because he knew he had to take his crew back to England and it was going to require X amount of beer and he was almost there. Now, in the end, the Mayflower did not return. to England until next spring but they had to drink a lot of beer but their ration was a gallon a day for each man and woman and a few children and it was point six Bureau it was real beer because they couldn't drink the water so it wasn't that they didn't they drank the beer just to get drunk they drank the beer when they were thirsty the beer was safe to drink water in those days was not safe to drink
why the pilgrims stopped at plymouth rock

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