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Why Pantera Broke Up

Jun 09, 2021
Pantera is certainly a band that needs no introduction, their rise to fame was certainly meteoric, but unfortunately their end was anticlimactic to say the least, the band was marred by internal substance abuse issues and a number of different controversies. with many fans wondering if there would ever be a reunion at this point it seems impossible for that to happen as there are now only two living members of


today we are going to briefly look at how


started and its final ending is difficult for fans not to wonder what there would be created Pantera if they had stayed together and obviously we would be grateful for the music we received during their heyday, so sit back, relax and let's take a look at Pantera, if you would be so kind before we start playing.
why pantera broke up
Subscribe. button with notifications on for more deep videos and breaking news and updates about your favorite rock musicians when Pantera started they weren't called Pantera at all in fact they were called Gemini and then they decided to change their name to eternity and finally they chose to Pantera as their third choice, of course, it's hard to imagine them being called anything else now that the group would be founded in Arlington, Texas, back in 1981, originally consisting of Vinnie Paul on drums, this one called Pantera Skin Basher Trash dimebag daryl as lead guitar, hey im done, lead guitar, terry glaze on rhythm and two unofficial members, lead vocalist donny hart and bassist tommy bradford.
why pantera broke up

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why pantera broke up...

At first there were some changes in the band's composition, Hart left the group and Glaze became the lead vocalist. Glaze played rhythm guitar at the time, but eventually gave up guitar altogether and Dimebag Daryl was the sole lead guitarist in the same year. There was another member change with Bradford leaving the base and Rex Brown later joining the band, under the pseudonym By the time Rex Rocker Pantera released their debut album called Metal Magic on June 10, 1983 under their own Metal Magic label. Recordings, the style of the album was something like a cross between Kiss and Van Halen and was very different from the Groove Metal sound.
why pantera broke up
They would later popularize the album and credit the personnel with the names Terry Glaze on vocals, Diamond Daryl on guitar, Rex Rocker on bass and Vinnie Paul on drums, with songs such as Ride My Rocket, I'll Be Okay, Tell Me If I Will you want more recent. lover and most of me, you get the idea to a large extent, a kiss style track, the album received numerous negative reviews and Pantera eventually abandoned their glam metal sound. Pantera's formative years took place during the thrash boom of the 1980s with albums such as Master of Puppet Rain and Blood and Among the Living for Anthrax having a major influence on the evolution of the group's sound as As the band continued its evolution, its vocalist Terry Glaze did not adapt, so the band looked for a new leader, it was at that time.
why pantera broke up
In 1986 and 1987, when Pantera was trying out various vocalists for the band, they played a couple of shows with a person named Matt Lamore who performed with them in Los Angeles, they were supposedly disappointed in his ability to hit the high notes they needed and tried out With a few other singers, eventually a man named Philip and Selmo in New Orleans learned that the group was looking for a vocalist. Several months passed and he was invited to audition for the band. He was 18 years old at the time and Selmo was hired on the spot to join Pantera.
In 1988, Pantera would release its fourth studio album and the first with new vocalist Phil Anselmo. The album was called power metal, although it sounded very little like a power metal record, instead combining a mix of thrash glam and sometimes both styles in one song after the album's release, although the members of pantera had a dialogue internal about whether or not they should continue with their glam metal sound, the band would perform on stage during this era wearing spandex and the typical things you would see in a glam metal band in the '80s, Vinny Paul reportedly said during a band reunion quote these magic clothes don't play music, we do, let's go out and be comfortable, jeans, t-shirt, whatever and see where it goes.
This conversation between the bandmates was a fundamental shift towards what people think of now when they hear the word panther and it's hard to imagine that if they hadn't decided to change things would have become as big as they eventually did, the group was themselves. without apologizing. They weren't afraid of what people thought of them and they certainly didn't conform to any of the stylistic trends of the time, whether it was the glam style they were moving away from or the super stardom that was sweeping through grunge at the time. And it would have been very easy for Pantera to adapt and change to a more grunge style, but they chose not to, instead they kicked everyone's ass with their album Cowboys from Hell, which is one of the best albums metal of all time. but that record almost didn't happen, believe it or not, because a then relatively unknown pantera had just released their fourth power metal album with their new villainous vocalist selmo and it wasn't very well received at the time and the band felt less confident than Cada one of its members received the opportunity to make it big.
The band's guitarist, Diamond Daryl, later known as Dimebag Daryl, was given the opportunity to join Red Hot Megadeath. The band desperately needed a guitarist at the time and called Diamond. Daryl Daryl said he would only join the band if they accepted his brother Vinnie Paul at the same time as they were a package deal, but Megadeth had already made the decision to hire Nick Menza as their drummer, so Daryl turned down the offer, but It was supposedly close. What would have happened if they had accepted Vinny Paul into the band, so Dave Mustaine made the decision to hire Marty Friedman after a brief hiatus from the band, concentrating on this new opportunity, the brothers then shifted their focus back to Panther. , the Avid brothers would face a setback later.
The setback was reported to have been rejected 28 times for a major record deal by 1989, although things would begin to change for the group, they met with Concrete Management and helped them negotiate a deal with Atco Records. Side note: Concrete Management remained with Pantera until they finally parted ways in 2003. The members of Pantera quickly began work on their major label debut at Pantago Studios. They would hire great producer Terry Date to work on the album for them. It is reported that the members of Pantera were big fans of his work. on Overkill's album The Years of Decay on July 24, 1990, Pantera would make its debut on a major label with the release of Cowboys From Hell.
Many fans consider this to be Pantera's official debut, discounting those independent albums from their first four albums. with a completely different style and Several members of Pantera have gone on record agreeing with that sentiment: the album would quickly achieve critical acclaim for the band and they set to work on their journey to stardom. In September 1991 they performed at one of the most legendary concerts of all time dubbed monsters in Moscow with AC DC and Metallica, also with Pantera. The band was reportedly able to perform to a crowd of over 500,000 crazy metalheads in Moscow, although some estimates put this number closer to a million fans in the years after Pantera. would go on to release a vulgar display of power and beyond driven between '92 and '95.
These albums would also become some of the most beloved metal records ever released by any band. Pantera was on a massive rise to stardom and it seemed like the train wasn't slowing down, but unfortunately tensions began to boil beneath the surface at the time the band was working on the big southern trend. Kill the Abbott Brothers in several interviews described vocalist Phil Anselmo's erratic behavior around this time, they said. He would distance himself from the group when they returned on tour in '95. They initially felt this was because he was having difficulty dealing with his newfound fame, but Anselmo later revealed that he was struggling with untreated back injuries due to the grueling work of him. performances on stage, this would eventually lead him to consult with doctors about back surgery.
Doctors were confident they could fix the problem, but it would lead to a prolonged recovery and Selma was unwilling to take a break from the band's grueling touring schedule, which eventually led him to begin further abusing drugs as a method of coping. deal with his pain On July 13, 1996, shockwaves were sent through the metal community after it was revealed that vocalist Phil Anselmo had suffered a heroin overdose just an hour into a performance in Texas with Pantera, I think I shook everyone else, I was happy, I actually left, I don't remember anything and when you come out of something like that and you wake up and you're embarrassed, you see how it affects everyone around you, just those two elements, right?
No, there is no way that can happen again. It is reported that Anselmo's heart stopped beating for five minutes and paramedics gave Selmo an injection of adrenaline or narcan, although reports of this are unclear and Selmo would later apologize to his bandmates just the same day. the next night and vowed to stop abusing drugs, Vinny and Dime were reportedly embarrassed and shocked by Anselmo's revelation that the band would continue to tour in support of the album for several years with walks at Ozfest and several others. Touring, in addition, several members of the band were working on their own side projects, the group would enter the studio in 1999 working on their final studio album, Reinventing Steel which was subsequently released on March 21, 2000.
Reinventing Steel would include singles like revolution like my name and damn electric and the band would appear once again on the ozfest main stage after the release of this album the band would be plagued with bad luck the group had to cancel numerous US tour dates in 2000 due to After Ancelmo


two ribs in an accident in New Orleans, the band was also forced to cancel international tour dates as a result of the 911 attacks and Selma would take this opportunity to begin work on Down's second album. It has been reported that the abbott brothers did not like anselmo's propensity to get involved in numerous side projects to include down and of course a joint super ritual among others they also reported that during this time and selmo had fallen back into his problems of substance abuse despite remaining largely sober during the Reinventing The Steel recording sessions.
Unfortunately when it comes to the breakup of Pantera there really aren't many good answers other than the members of Pantera simply stopped communicating with each other. Phil Anselmo was reported to be heavily involved with substance abuse issues at the time and the Abbott brothers, despite his best efforts, were unable to speak to him in an interview with Revolver. Vinny Paul said there was never an official breakup. The band never officially


up when we finished the last tour we did in 2001, we didn't really talk for about a year and then Phil's super joint thing was going into full swing and he gets depressed. at oz fest and people in the crowd were obviously going to shout pantera and he was making all these f pantera speeches, that band is dead, we were like, where the hell did this come from?
News to me, that's how it all started. I tried to reach out to the guy Dime reached out to the guy several times personally after about a year and eight months or whatever, Dime and I just said, you know what I guess, we don't have a band anymore, man, we better get started something. Otherwise, if we want to keep rocking and rolling, I have all these cool new riffs and that's how Damage Plan came about and Selmo would share his side of the story in the same interview. I remember hearing the news that they were going to start this banned Damage. plan, I thought maybe it was this side thing, never in my wildest dreams did I think Pantera was over because I remember calling Vince and he kept expressing how mad Dimebag was at me, so I was like, man, I gotta call this one type, indeed.
He's a little irritated with me and I ask him what's up with this damage plan and he said well that's the direction we're headed so I said come on buddy we can stick with Pantera I guess he wasn't having any problem. I can't blame him in hindsight, I totally get where they were coming from, I get it, man talking about his anti-panther rants on stage, I'm sorry for the things I said that Anselmo proclaimed, but man, I couldn't even tell you what I said. I have no memories of the days super together it's all so vague I was wiped out I was consumed by pain I was consumed by what comes with addiction methadone heroin soma xanax and this huge cocktail of bills I was an animal a wounded animal that was being attacked by anyone and in a nutshellYou know how they say you hurt the ones you love the most, it definitely applies.
I hurt my entire family. I hurt my best friends. I hurt my band because I was hurting and what you feel is what you post so that's the situation I was in and yeah it's a fucking regret if things hadn't turned out the way they did for Pantera and Selmo imagined a scenario in that he and the Abbott brothers could have smoothed things over and continued as Pantera, he said he wouldn't make it. also in fantasy land, but if Dimebag was still alive, believe me, I think after my back surgery in 2005 and improving physically and mentally, everything goes hand in hand, I think we would surely have gotten together and done a lot things on tours with new albums. everything, but I guess it just wasn't like that.
I think there would have been at least some forgiveness, some understanding and some healing. I really want it, that's all for now. Don't forget to subscribe to rockfeed with notifications on for more deep dives like this and breaking news and updates on your favorite rock musicians. Leave a comment below about a future deep dive you'd like to see.

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