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Why JFK's Casket Stayed Closed

Mar 06, 2024
We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained and it should be possible for American citizens of any color to register and vote in free elections. I realize that the search for peace is not as dramatic as the search for peace. war, this is not a video about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, at least not in the traditional sense, dissecting the minutes and seconds into microseconds before and after the shooting, but rather it is a video about the days that would follow the assassination , the reconstruction of his body. conflict with several funeral homes and the unprecedented change that was taking place in the American funeral industry, but before we do we have to recognize where it all began, here behind me, in the sixth floor window of the Texas school book depository building , where lee harvey oswald hid and built a sniper nest out of boxes from this window oswald looked down elm street and waited patiently for the president's motorcade to arrive air force number one ladies and gentlemen carrying the president of the united states beautiful beautiful site site on november 22, 1963 president john f kennedy landed at love field in dallas he was in dallas as part of a campaign tour for his reelection to the presidency although reelection would not be a problem if the republicans nominated barry goldwater that is a very goldwater joke i think I don't know much about Barry Goldwater Extremism in the defense of freedom is not a vice, it was the president along with his security team, some close friends and assistants nicknamed the vice president of the Irish mafia, lyndon b johnson and his wife, lady bird, the governor. from texas john connolly and his wife nelly and the president's wife jacqueline or jackie bouvier kennedy were all part of a caravan that would take them through the streets of dallas the route had been published the day before and people were lining the streets although they did not They were all Kennedy fans, of course, there were those who thought Kennedy was a communist, a traitor, a red Yankee sign, go home, courtesy of the outraged white citizens council of Dallas, but they decided to go ahead with the appearance and President Kennedy and Jackie greeted the crowd at Love Field.
why jfk s casket stayed closed
At around 11:45 am they boarded a convertible limousine along with the governor and Nellie Connelly that would take them to downtown Dallas. At 12:30 pm the caravan was on Houston Street and they made a sharp turn towards Elm Street at Dele Plaza, that turn took President Street. limousine open directly in front of the Texas school book depository, people crowded the streets and the nearby grassy knoll waving and straining to catch a glimpse of the handsome young president and his beautiful wife, who was at that moment perfectly dressed in an iconic pink Chanel suit and a pillbox hat. Gunshots were heard, two bullets hit President Kennedy, the first in the throat, which passed through Kennedy and also hit Governor Connelly, and the second in the back of his head.
why jfk s casket stayed closed

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why jfk s casket stayed closed...

Chaos ensued, was it a car gone bad? As the governor filled with blood, the president's limousine sped to Parkland Memorial Hospital, four miles away, arriving at 12:36 p.m. m., Parkland had not been properly notified. The stretchers were not waiting for the president. The aides were not there when Kennedy arrived at Parkland. Surprisingly, he was still, if only technically, alive. his eyes were staring and dilated but his heart was still beating and his lungs were struggling to breathe even though the doctors knew the president was surely going to die they continued to administer life-saving measures but we know how this part ends we know the president would die this is really where jackie kennedy covered in blood but still very much alive becomes the main character of our story jackie would not leave her husband's side exhibiting a stubborn protectiveness that would continue for the next few days she had cradled him while they tried to get him out of the car saying you know he is dead, leave me alone, she didn't even leave him as they rushed him to the trauma room, Jackie ran to his side, her hand on the stretcher as the doctors worked desperately, Jackie made a decision, I'm leaving.
why jfk s casket stayed closed
There she said nurse Doris Nelson, determined to uphold hospital policy, stood in her way, but Jackie wouldn't be stopped. "I'm going into that room," she informed Nelson. Dr. George Berkeley Kennedy's loyal personal physician approached Jackie and offered her a sedative which she refused telling the doctor that she wants to be there when he dies. Berkeley turned to Nurse Nelson and told her that he had the right, that he had the right, that it was her prerogative, and he took Jackie to the trauma room. The trauma room somehow had even more blood tissue tubes and machines attached to it. to Kennedy's medical staff running around trying in vain to save the dead president, Jackie was told by chief neurosurgeon William Kemp Clark that her husband had suffered a fatal wound and she uttered the words I know at 1 :00 p.
why jfk s casket stayed closed
CST in Dallas, Texas, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was declared dead a Catholic priest Father Oscar Huber made his way through the crowd and administered last rites to the 35th president of the United States from Dallas, Texas The Flash Apparently President Kennedy died at one in the afternoon Central Standard Time, Jackie retreated to a folding chair outside the trauma room, sitting quietly, politely thanking people for their condolences, Lee Harvey Oswald, a warehouse worker. books that he had also shot and killed a dallas police officer in the chaos after the assassination, would emerge as the prime suspect, but kennedy's people believed there may be others who were also coming after the president and his associates and urging everyone to return to washington I'm not going to leave here without jack jackie saying that the most important task was to get the president's remains out of dallas to be able to do this they needed a vernon o'neil


from the o'neill funeral home located two miles and a half away he received a confidential call from the secret service I'm clint hill from the secret service I want you to bring a


here to Parkland I want it immediately 'neil replied wait, wait, we have merchandise at all prices, bring the best.
If you have any questions, O'Neil selected the handy Britannia casket from the Elgin Casket Company. The most expensive weighed over 400 pounds of hermetically sealed double-walled solid bronze. which maybe a spoiler here is the absolute worst option for quick and easy cross-country transportation of one of the most important corpses of all time, but o'neil's orders from the federal government were the best he had, So along with three other members of his staff they hurriedly loaded the coffin into their new white 1964 Cadillac hearse and sped towards the park with an ambulance sign in the window. Jackie went to her husband's side and took off her wedding ring at her father's funeral.
She had placed an object that he had given her in her coffin. She now took Jack's hand and with the help of an orderly put the ring on his finger. She turned to Ken O'Donnell, a devoted Kennedy adviser, and asked the ring if I did the right thing. His response was. You leave it right where it is when O'Neil arrived with the coffin. People jumped to protect him and distract Jackie from seeing him, but she resisted again when Dr. Clark, the neurosurgeon, told her that she couldn't enter the room as they cascaded. her husband she said do you think seeing a coffin can upset me doctor?
I have seen my husband die with a shot in my arms. His blood is on me. How can I see something worse than what I've seen? O'Neill, the funeral director, I imagine. He was probably shitting his pants, I don't care how professional you are in the funeral field, you were eating donuts in the break room and 20 minutes later you are right in the middle of an event of world historic proportions, what's more, it was As it became clear that the president could not be placed directly in the casket, Kennedy's injuries were so severe that both O'Neill and Kennedy's people feared that the president's remains would spill liquid all over the interior of the satin-lined casket while was transported.
The coffin on the East Coast to reveal such a massacre would be unacceptable, so for the next 20 minutes staff placed plastic inside every inch of the coffin with layers of rubber bags around Kennedy's massive head wound. The casket was


and Jackie Kennedy was eager to arrive. love field but a new problem had arisen dr. statutes and ignoring his duties as medical examiner when special agent kellerman prevented him from entering trauma room 1 telling him that this is the body of the president of the united states and that we are going to take him back to washington rose literally pointed at them finger and said that when there is a homicide we should do an autopsy, the thing is that Dr.
Rose was right, no one else can be shot in Dallas and then taken away on a plane without medical or legal investigation, and in 1963 there was none prevailing federal law over the The assassination of a president was only state law and as far as Rose was concerned, he was state law, but this thought horrified Jackie and Kennedy's people and they refused to allow Dr. Rose access to the president. An autopsy would definitely be performed in Washington, they said. him and even said that rose could accompany him on the plane while they transported the president, but rose refused, it had to be dallas county, a death certificate had to be submitted before the body could be transported and he was there to defend that law, a justice of the peace, who Kennedy's people were sure would give them permission to leave with the body, instead told them that, as far as I'm concerned, it's just another murder case, with permission or without permission, they were leaving with dozens gathered in the hospital hallways, Special Agent Kellerman began to spin the The coffin left the hospital.
Jackie followed her, resting her hand on him protectively. Dr. Rose stood at the door backed by Dallas police officers ready to draw their weapons with the intention of arresting them. It was a literal showdown over the remains of President Kennedy. The secret service and the Irish mafia were prepared to physically restrain Dr. Rose or even come to blows, but Rose retreated and all of the president's men managed to push the coffin out of the hospital and into O's waiting hearse. 'Neill. One of the judges on the scene, Judge Theron Ward, rushed over. some kind of ad hoc burial transit permit and the neurosurgeon signed a blank death certificate it wasn't the correct paperwork but it would get kennedy out of dallas years later doctor rose's son would say it wasn't fair that rose was described as an unreasonable person A small state bureaucrat with a complaint and an argument can and has been said that the ensuing conspiracy theories about the assassination might have been less extreme if Rose had been able to maintain a tight chain of evidence and perform the autopsy on Kennedy sooner. possible as he did when autopsying both jd tippett, the officer shot by lee harvey oswald just 45 minutes after kennedy and autopsying oswald himself two days later, at 208 p.m., the hearse door


and president kennedy finally He was on his way to Love Field Funeral Director Vernon O'Neill.
He had also thought he would act as a loyal funeral director at his funeral home or in Washington. In fact, not only would he not go with Kennedy, he wouldn't even go with his own hearse. Kennedy's people left without him and O'Neil. they told him he could pick up his vehicle at the airport later he wondered out loud how they would pay him for all this not really the time for that question vernon just give him the hearse can you write loving final care home for president kennedy on his pamphlets for the rest of your life funeral directors love that stuff the hearse arrived at 8:28 at love field the airport where just hours before president kennedy had arrived before jubilant crowds do you all remember the coffin? one weighing over 400 pounds of solid bronze, hermetically sealed and double walled.
Kennedy's men insisted on removing the casket from the hearse and loading it themselves onto Air Force One via the narrow stairs in the tail of the plane, where seats had been removed to accommodate the Presidents, a 400-pound casket. now with the body of a 180-pound adult man inside and none of the Kennedy members had carried a casket first. They didn't understand that they couldn't just take the coffin out of the hearse. The coffin was closed. on the floor of the vehicle, a measure that prevented it from being jostled while in motion, to be fair they could have brought in O'Neill to make this part like guys, it's a little switch right there, but with emotions running. high and an almost frantic desire to get out of Dallas Kennedy's men used the power of him to free the coffin.
The biographer Manchester describes two fragilecracks when the men pulled the coffin. He finally freed himself, but not before breaking one of the hinges and leaving one behind. The handles on the head of the coffin almost broke off. Kennedy's people managed to load the coffin into the back of Air Force One at 2:20 pm. The atmosphere on the plane was distant, full of sadness, uncomfortable, all the things one could imagine. was going through the shock along this liminal space between former and future president, Kennedy's people insisted that they take off immediately, but Vice President Johnson and his staff maintained that they had to stay for him to be sworn in as president before Departing at 2:28 p.m., Judge Sarah T.
Hughes arrived and boarded the plane. Kennedy's people, who quickly realized they no longer had any authority, tried to protect Jackie from Johnson's request that she be present for the occasion, but she appeared and silently, with her head bowed, took her place. next to him.the iconic photo the bloodstains are not visible but jackie is in the center with her head tilted towards the judge her eyes fixed a portrait of grace grief and pain the flight to andrews air force base in maryland was somber jackie was sitting next to kennedy's coffin with kennedy's people crammed into the tail of the plane to be close people came to give jackie their condolences and she greeted them with a level of compassion that many would remember with amazement, particularly He insisted that an ambulance take Kennedy's remains to Bethesda Naval Hospital instead of a hearse and Most importantly, he asked Agent William that the driving gear be the one that was driving the car when President Kennedy was shot.
He was overcome with guilt for not having deflected or found a way to save the president. Jackie trusted him to lead President Kennedy once again. the soul of the man at 6 pm local time the presidential plane arrived at andrews as robert kennedy's younger brother arrived jfk and the attorney general boarded the plane ignoring lyndon b johnson, a point on which the new president remained on He was silent but he noticed that he went directly to Jackie and said Hi Jackie, I'm here. It was surprising how much she looked like her brother John at the time, but something was still going to go very wrong.
I'll spare you the suspense. It's the coffin. It's the coffin again. The elevator that was sent to the air force. one to lower Kennedy's coffin onto the tarmac was too short. Kennedy and Jackie's people had requested that they handle the casket instead of the military having to carefully maneuver the casket onto the platform so they could lower it. At this point, it was very clear that the coffin was damaged and all this pushing would break it even more. The coffin was placed on the platform and lowered only to discover that it stopped five feet from the ground.
Now the military had to intervene to help Kennedy's men lower the heavy, broken coffin to the ground. The whole situation was clumsy and embarrassing. One journalist called it grotesque. When the president's coffin was finally out of the elevator, it was loaded into a Jackie ambulance. he snuck into the back of the ambulance to be with jack and robert kennedy climbed to the front in the 40 minutes it took to get to the hospital after landing jackie told special agent kellerman and robert kennedy i don't want any undertaker i want everything done navy jackie didn't want any undertaker if you remember vernon o'neill had believed that he would be caring for kennedy's remains in dallas until he was abruptly informed otherwise there are funeral directors who will see this and be embarrassed all over the place where things would have gone better and been resolved if they had just trusted a funeral director and This is one of those cases.
I think I agree that there is a certain type of funeral director who is trained to create the absolute pageantry and impeccable execution expected of a presidential funeral. For my part, I admit that he would not be fully qualified. I'd be like: vernon o'neill there like, oh my god, why am I cascading down a president who was assassinated like an hour before? Oh, look, my hearse was stolen. What's going on? But here is some crucial information. Jackie Kennedy and Robert Kennedy did not want a funeral director involved at any time in Kennedy's death care and funeral, after all, this was 1963 and they knew their Medford a few months before Kennedy's assassination in 1963.
The American Way of Death by Jessica Mitford was published to great fanfare. It was a runaway New York Times bestseller. taking aim at the funeral industry calling it a huge macabre and expensive joke on the American public now these are mid priced lead coated steels midford argued that the funeral industry in America sanitized death while codifying its most gruesome practices, including the lavish coffin embalming makeup morning memories and burial blame the silent night special and very special too, if I may say so, her descriptions of the embalming process were so graphic that her first editor broke his contract with her when American Way was published of Death.
The average funeral came to an exorbitant cost of between $700 and $1,000. To put this in perspective, the average annual income was only $5,600. Medford's righteous indignation over high funeral costs and lavish funeral products tapped into the zeitgeist of the time. Americans felt deeply taken advantage of by the funeral industry and were ready for a scathing takedown. This offers maximum protection for our unit in the mid-price range. As an alternative, Mitford advocated for the simplest possible funeral with the simplest possible coffin followed by cremation. no need to spray the deceased sliced ​​pierced pickled trimmed with cream waxed rouge painted and well dressed transformed from an ordinary corpse into a beautiful keepsake image not only waterproof or moisture proof mr parlow but moisture proof the funeral industry as you can imagine I could I wouldn't have hated this woman more, not only was she British, she was a former communist, the red sheep of her aristocratic English family to this day, the funeral directors are angry at Mitford and can really hold a grudge You'll just have to trust me.
That's part of what makes 1963 one of the most fascinating years of death in America. Along with the publication of the American Method of Death and the Kennedy assassination, the Pope intervened in the cremation debate and lifted the ban. of cremation for Catholics. Like the Kennedy family, when Midford's book was published, only about three percent of Americans were cremated, three percent now, acceptance of bodily dispositions is moving extremely slowly, but the numbers began to increase with the publication of the American way of dying growing to almost 60 percent of Americans now, I would say. Many of those percentage points are a result of the theoretical work established by Jessica Mitford and those who agreed with her, which is not to say that her legacy is not complicated.
My colleague, Dr. Cami Fletcher, argues convincingly that Midford was so concerned about the cost of funerals that she would not allow her argument to be complicated by race, ethnicity, immigration, or even gender, and while I agree with the criticism Mitford's general to the funeral industrial complex and the financial pressures on the family, I can give them our eternal flame in either case, eternal and perpetual. or Eternal Standard I dedicated an entire chapter in my first book to why telling families to eliminate all ceremonies and get the cheapest cremation they can find isn't always the answer, it's the realistic interaction with death and the rituals around it. corpse that people were making. being scammed by the funeral industry not only for money, but more importantly for our purposes, at the time of Kennedy's murder, Mitford's book had infiltrated Kennedy's circle, Robert, his brother, had read it. as does jack and jackie's close friend william walton, his brother. political sergeant Shriver and possibly, but not proven, even jack and jackie themselves, unfortunately, unbeknownst to jackie, the involvement of a funeral home had already been discussed in washington that same day, not only did they need a new casket and, wow , how do they need a new one? casket, but despite robert and jackie's wishes that the military hospital and only the hospital handle the president's remains, it was not possible as long as the hospital could make the embalming appointment, the military is not equipped to prepare the remains, that is, they were not restorative embalmers, they could not do the work to make Kennedy look like Kennedy again, he needed a major reconstruction and for that he had to go to a specialized funeral home.
He enters the sons of Joseph Galler, a prestigious funeral home that had been handling high-profile state deaths in Washington DC since 1850. The gallerists had handled the remains of President Taft and President Franklin Roosevelt. Its viewing schedule was even a tourist attraction in DC, but first they had to perform the autopsy after accidentally leaving Kennedy in his coffin with his makeshift pallbearers for five minutes outside Bethesda. The mistake was. They realized and Kennedy's coffin was taken to the morgue only once they were there, they realized that the staircase leading to the morgue doors was too narrow for the coffin to fit, there was more handling and more banging From the already broken coffin, could we just put it down? on a stretcher or something, we just can't do this anymore, is both the best argument for funeral directors to take care of the body and the best argument against funeral directors, since they are the reason why that this monstrosity of a hermetically sealed, overpriced coffin existed.
Firstly, all our units are waterproof when the coffin finally arrived at the mortuary, the Britannia coffin with handles was opened and no, the plastic and rubber had not protected the inside of the coffin from the carnage. Kennedy's remains were moved to an autopsy table by the Navy team that would perform the autopsy. Kennedy lay naked on the table, apart from the head wound. He was remarkably spotless for hours. Doctors performed an autopsy on the president, taking photographs, removing bullet fragments, examining the body for entry and exit wounds. A fragment of the president's body. The skull had been found on Elm Street and had been sent to Bethesda, said Lt.
Richard Lipsy, who was present at the autopsy. They had no doubt that all the bullets came from the same direction. What would happen if they suddenly become a second shooter in the grass? knoll video is not going to be like that, but wouldn't that be a twist and a conspiracy? People in the audience and I know there are conspiratorial people in the audience. I just want to talk about the increase in cremation rates throughout American history. Don't come for me. the cia involved was russia involved who knows, you know what was involved jessica midford by midnight the autopsy finally finished everything during this time jackie robert and kennedy's people had been discussing the funeral and who would handle the cosmetic reconstruction of the president in In case there was a viewing, which was absolutely in doubt, Jackie remained in her stained suit still showing enormous compassion towards those who had loved her husband, although the autopsy was over, the president still needed a new coffin, so Ken O'Donnell and Larry O'Brien, another Kennedy advisor and an Irishman. a mafia member went to Gallers to get a coffin.
There is some confusion about what happened in Gallers. In the spirit of Mitford O'Brien, he requested the simplest one in the mid-price range and was shown options for dollars. Robert Kennedy thought he had spoken to him. dollars on a moderately priced coffin of 1,400 dollars I don't remember but a two thousand dollar coffin was selected and with it the most expensive vault in the establishment the total came to three thousand one hundred and sixty dollars which was not what Robert had asked the gallery owners They took the casket to Bethesda, where their embalming and reconstruction team, supervised by Joe Galler's top assistant, Joe Hacen, got to work trying to fill and reconstruct the president's missing skull and exposed brain with cotton and plaster.
They were worried all the time about a possible skull leak. very identifiable concern of the funeral director, they worked until about 4 am to fix his face, give him back his power and try to bring him back to the jack kennedy, his wife and brother were in mourning, journalist Jim Bishop reported that the funeral directors They were, so to speak, beautiful magicians who repaired. the president's shattered skull layer by layer quoting whispering incantations until Kennedy was whole again they dressed him, placed a rosary in his hands andplaced in the new coffin made of gleaming African mahogany. While this was happening, tensions continued to rise over the question. from the viewer jackie didn't want an open casket but robert kennedy and secretary of defense robert mcnamara believed that a president belonged to the people and his casket should be open i want the casket closed so bad that you can't have it open jackie insisted on mcnamara in the kitchen Bethesda can't be done jackie everyone wants to see the head of state I don't care she said and said his embalmed body is the most horrible morbid thing you have to remember alive jack said mcnamara later the tension in that kitchen was unimaginable in the first hours of the morning president kennedy returned to the white house the path to the north portico illuminated by small flames the light in the east room shone the military pallbearers carried the president's casket to the east room and placed it on a catapult, a priest said a prayer as did Jackie, then turned and walked up the stairs, leaving Robert to make good on his promise that he would resolve the question of an open or closed casket.
Robert asked the soldier to watch the death of a group of men. who would stand guard by the dead president's side to leave and approached his brother's coffin, the lid already open for him, he looked at his brother for the first time and realized that there was no way the public could see his brother came out this way. in the east room and asked other close friends to come see the embalmed and reconstructed body, letting them know that Jackie wants him to cover it, they would echo him and Jackie saying things like "it's hideous, it's too shaved, too invented," said Kennedy's dear friend William Walton. you shouldn't leave it open he doesn't look like the president he's a wax doll he said no he robert agreed and said to close it and it was at jackie's request that the coffin was opened for the last time on sunday before president kennedy went to the capitol rotunda to the state of león jackie wanted robert and her to have a few last moments of privacy with jack she asked special agent hill to get her some scissors and cut a lock of jack's hair at 12:46 p.m.
Sunday, November 24, 1963 President Kennedy's casket would never open again when she saw it again. She was satisfied with the decision to leave the casket closed. It's not Jack. She thought it's not Jack. A quarter of a million people came to pay their last respects. President Kennedy's casket remained closed while Jackie and Robert did not fully honor his wish that a funeral home not be built. silver that the gallerists brought only flowers and simplicity, well, simplicity for a state funeral of a sitting president anyway, and this is really the question: how much did Kennedy make? It belongs to the town and to what extent it belonged to Jackie and his family.
I'm even divided on this in many ways. I think Jackie did an elegant job with the balance. There is no doubt that Jackie threw himself into public presidential pageantry for the benefit of a country in mourning. The same caisson that carried Lincoln also carried Kennedy to St. Matthew's Cathedral for the funeral mass and then to Arlington National Cemetery. which jackie chose instead of a catholic cemetery precisely because jackie believed he belonged to the nation he chose to walk behind the caisson jackie remained in control of this funeral, from the music to asking his son john to salute his casket father who appears in this well-known photograph at President Kennedy's grave, she was behind the placement of the eternal flame, but when the time came JFK's body Jackie did not want that type of funeral for her husband.
She wanted something real, raw and connected. She had already been sitting for an entire day covered in her husband's blood. She wasn't interested in turning that visceral pain and destruction into pageantry. and the reconstructed wax image of his face, something that is often forgotten is that just three months before Kennedy was assassinated, Jackie Kennedy had given birth to her son, Patrick, Patrick lived only two days before dying of difficulty infant respiratory tract, Jackie would still have been in deep pain. for her son when her husband was also taken away from her, perhaps she no longer felt it was her job to do everything for the public and her trauma required something different, what jackie seemed to want was just access to her husband's body as it really was chaotic.
It was time for rituals like giving him her ring, cutting locks of hair and leaving him letters from her children. She obviously wasn't comfortable with funeral directors, but to be fair, she didn't want anyone around her husband except her closest family and friends when Jackie herself died more than 30 years later in 1994. You saw reflected these same tensions. She made decisions in favor of privacy and intimacy. Her body was embalmed in her own bathroom and awakened in her living room, but she also understood her public duty and would be buried in Arlington Cemetery next to her husband in the same model of coffin. of mahogany than John.
Her son Patrick is also buried there, and as you're probably wondering, you may not be wondering what happened to O'Neill's original casket two months after President Kennedy was buried. o'neill asked the federal government to pay him 3995 for the casket, which is equivalent to 37,000 in today's money, when the government resisted, he lowered the price to 3495. This public attempt to collect on jackie kennedy caused a huge drop in your business. 'Neil would really have preferred to have the original casket returned given that he had received offers of one hundred thousand dollars for the casket from collectors. The Kennedy family insisted that the government simply pay for the coffin and that O'Neill offer a final settlement of three thousand and one. hundred and sixty dollars and the casket passed into government hands at the end of 1965, a bill was passed to preserve everything associated with the Kennedy assassination, but since the casket was discarded and considered surplus, except for those morbidly curious quotes, it was decided it should be destroyed in February. 18 1966 the coffin was flown 100 miles east of washington to a location on john f.'s beloved atlantic ocean. kennedy at 10 a.m. the coffin pierced with holes and awaited with sandbags was pushed into the ocean from a plane where it sank quickly apparently what kennedy had talked about a desire to be buried at sea and as proof of how much the world had changed funeral industry since the assassination of Kennedy and Jessica Mitford in 1999, after the tragic death of John F.
Kennedy Junior in a plane crash, his recovered remains were cremated and taken to the Atlantic a few years ago. One hundred miles from his father's first condemned coffin and committed to the sea, thanks as always to our sponsors who give us the space for this level of research and the opportunity to travel and film in places like Dallas and the sixth floor museum in Dele. square that appears in this video

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