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Why I'm Not A Ford Fan

Jun 06, 2021
So this is the number one reason I don't like Ford. I like to touch things and the fourth one doesn't want me to touch her things. Makes sense? So to better understand my dislike for Forge, you should know a few things about me. and originally I am a heavy equipment mechanic. I worked in construction before mechanics. I understand how things are put together. I built my own house. I built this workshop. I poured this floor and now I'm working in that workshop. I have a couple of patents. I designed a tool. I understand how things work and I don't work on cars for the most part.
why i m not a ford fan
I have always worked on heavier equipment. All terrain excavators. Agricultural equipment. Agriculture and trucks. I don't really touch the cars and I have them pretty good. I have no experience with boat type cars so I can't say Ford makes terrible cars. I'm not a Ford fan because they don't really want guys like me to work on their stuff, their stuff is designed to be taken to the dealership that Ford uses. a bunch of special tools they make on purpose that the dealership has that guys like me just don't want to buy, af


or stock when we don't work on those things every day, I don't work on the current ones either.
why i m not a ford fan

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why i m not a ford fan...

Vehicles uh things today, as you know, are getting more and more advanced and I basically like the dodges that I actually say on the screen, take me to a dealership because something's wrong. I am not a dealer. I'm not up to date with the latest news. technology or the new service bulletins or something like that my era of experience is about 10 years ago, guys that have trucks that want to work on them themselves, it's not working right, they bring it to me, I fix it, I take a look at it and we go from there now that being said, uh, let's talk generally about the 2000s to say the 2010s, let's talk about that decade right now, it's 2017, that's kind of the era where I see those vehicles going through the workshop, they need a lot of work, but they have a full guarantee.
why i m not a ford fan
People buy and use vans to work. Things like Ford made, in my opinion, they made much better quality things in the pre-1996, pre-Triton, pre-rounded edges, square bodies, if it were a square. I love the old square bodies, um, we had a lot of them at the shop I used to work at, uh, friends of mine had them. We all start with square bodies. My first truck was an 87 s10 um and that's really it. I started my love story with mechanics. It was very simple. I have very little experience working on vehicles. I bought a Haynes manual.
why i m not a ford fan
I changed a couple of engines on an s10. I basically put two trucks together and built a complete truck that started my love story. Mechanics, got an apprenticeship and started working on heavy equipment. A history of agriculture. Many tractors loved how you can split a tractor to get the clutch out. It was easy to work on, but none of my introductions to


s have been pleasant. Things like not labeling. the fuse panel box now you say they are labeled they are not labeled on the trucks after 2000 I have not seen any fuse box cover that is labeled all I see is a bunch of numbers and um they have you have to go to the owner's manual to see what number makes what fuse now we are in heavy equipment vehicles we are in heavy equipment shops our hands are dirty now you have to go wash your hands open the manual to find what fuse does what you get the owner's manual is dirty, you have to rummage through your glove compartment, it's a waste of time, every other manufacturer labels the fuse box right there and you can look, oh, the horn doesn't work, the horn fuse is outside the door and 30 seconds. basically you're saying don't even worry about the invoice, you're ready to go to Ford, no, I spent 15 minutes doing it, I have to drill, I have to give you an invoice so that the main engines of the truck I have seen and worked on the 54 Tritons and the Power Stroke diesels and both were a disaster.
I saw a friend of mine next to the new F-350 dump truck with a six liter tank and it was still under warranty. and they did fifteen thousand dollars worth of warranty work on that truck and it still wasn't right, he says, "Okay, I'm going to put a lot of time into it." They must have fixed it by now. I'll keep it. uh now that it's out of warranty it should be fine, I'm going to cross my fingers, I don't have enough money to buy another truck, it should be fine, no sensors leaving them with no start, towing bills and downtime, and Ford I would not do it. not fix a problem that they know is a problem, the head gaskets were going to bolt on, nope, they will put the OEM head bolts back on and when they wave at you as you walk away, good luck, and that's not how The company I should treat my customers now, they can say okay, International built those engines.
Power times have nothing to do with Ford Bull. If Ford wasn't at the drawing board with International, then they are bigger idiots than you give them credit for. They need to know what is being designed, they need to have quality control on anything they put their name on at the end of the day, two people will say, two out of three people will say it's a Ford problem, no and the other person will say No, It's an international problem, yes, they cut ties, but it took a long time. After my friends truck broke down badly enough, he came back to Ford and said, "I can't have this truck, it's a lemon and I want to trade it in." for another thing, Ford didn't want it, they said no, we won't buy the truck from them even though they repaired that truck themselves for about thirty to forty thousand dollars worth, um, that was a big loss as a young man starting out if you're eating a forty thousand dollar bill on a truck that you paid thirty forty thousand dollars for, that's crazy and now you can say "okay", we've spent many years diagnosing these engines, is it okay if you do this this this this and this you can make it bulletproof, they are great engines, that can be so, if you have 10 thousand dollars to make a power stroke and you say, okay, I have a fantastic bulletproof engine, but I don't think it's a manufacturer. a car manufacturer should be allowed to make something that takes ten thousand dollars worth of home mechanics experience to make it bulletproof and make it reliable, they can charge for it, that's just not right and people tell me oh see Let's see the help of powerstroke, yes, go.
I've watched a lot of Powerstroke help videos and none of them make me want to go out and buy another Ford. I don't understand the tritons, the two-piece spark plugs. You've seen me make the videos in the f-. 150 um, two piece plugs get a better plug, put more in after 120 years of building engines you should know how to put a plug in and you can't tell me an engineer looked at that cylinder head on the early Tritons. and he said, you know what, maybe we should put more than two or three threads holding the spark plugs, uh, one guy says, oh, if you tighten it to the perfect torque and do it at the exact right intervals, you won't have a problem: countless stories of spark plugs hitting hoods and well, well, let's put 20 threads in there and then break a two-piece spark plug and you're still swearing to me that those are stupid, idiotic little problems that shouldn't be there.
First of all, now I have to give them credit. They are number one in innovation. They will have a new idea, but they are ahead of their time in everything. The new trucks are backing up, hooking up trailers, all kinds. of little gadgets like that are ahead of their time and it's brilliant because their marketing the average person will get into that taxi and say I love this taxi, I love these buttons and I love the rear view camera, I love that it parks itself, but They won't actually know how to go and open the hood and say there's a giant fucking mess of wires and hoses under there, but I'm the guy working under that hood and I say there's a giant fucking mess of wires and hoses there. .
Um, the F-150 there where I swapped the engine on the injector cam phaser and two other sensors use the same plug, so if you're like that and the way the wiring harness is, I didn't take the engine apart because someone more broke the The engine died and made me finish the job. I plugged everything back in. It didn't start. It's strange. Everything should be plugged in. Every cable I saw had a plug plugged in somewhere. Well, the entire harness was disconnected at one socket number. Um, the four injectors, one plug was right in the back of the head and then the other three injectors plugged into the wrong injector and then the cam phase plugged into cylinder number one or number two, whatever it was and idiot.
Why would you make all the same spark plugs? That's idiotic to me, but that's the kind of thing that frustrates me as a mechanic and we'll tell customers I don't want to work on your Ford because I can swap an ls engine. a truck that, uh, you've seen me do it in the 07 Silverado that was here. I did it in half, less than half the time it takes me to do it in a Ford, so I see a Ford come in and say, "Okay." Do you know a couple of small problems that I can solve and make decent money doing it?
The pieces are outrageous and then it takes twice as long as you think it's going to be and at the end of the day there isn't much money left because you have to give it to the client. I'm sorry, but this simple job costs like $2k to do and I figured I could do it for less than $500, taking things like the hangar bracket on the two piece driveshaft. and the Ford F-150 welds the yoke on the other side of the hangar bearing, so when this 30 suspension bearing goes bad they make you buy the complete driveshaft and that's fine, there are enough companies now that make driveshafts Aftermarket transmission, you can get them for $5,600.
Still, it's a $30 bearing that needs to be replaced and, GM, you slide the yoke off, you can put the hanger bearing on, put it on, put the yoke back on, done, you can say, "Okay, you know, "Your truck is rattling and shaking." like you're crazy about 60 or 70 bucks you walk out the door again and feel good about it instead of saying you know what Ford wants eighteen hundred dollars for this driveshaft and I still have to put it in so your build is just for a thirty dollar hanger. The bearing was worth like two grand if it broke before the aftermarket companies could start making these things, so if you're wondering why there's so much hate towards Ford, it's because Ford and I just don't get along and they want their things.
Go back to the dealers, anything in a power stroke other than regular maintenance, you have to pull the cab and everyone says, oh, it's only two, three hours to pull the cab, yeah, but it's four, five , six hours to put it back. you have to recharge your air conditioning, you have to realign everything again, it's a two person job, it's a giant headache and they do it on purpose, and I flash a computer, you could very easily take hp tuners, your manager says here You can do whatever you want with our computers, you can swap them, do this, increase the power, use your computer from this van and put it in this van, just delete the program and upload a new program, that will not happen, you need interface tools specials. um it just doesn't make mechanics fun anymore, I love the old stuff, I had a mustang, um, the old trucks, I loved the look of them, the seven threes were great engines, anything after 2000, keep it and basically , if you want me to do it.
We are talking about this today, the workshop is quite busy. Basically I'm going to say if it's 1996 or newer, I don't want it in the shop, I don't want to work on it, but that's my experience as a mechanic anyway. who has dabbled in a little bit of everything i have rebuilt quad boat engines um everything is in the canal building a race car i built my own trucks that doesn't mean that gm is perfect and that every line is better and i also understand that everything in europe It's a different grade and a different quality than anything we have in North America, little parties and focuses that they have in Europe, great little cars, beautiful little diesel rangers, the crap we have here.
I don't understand, I appreciate a lot of your guys comments below, we've gotten comments from I love it, I have to read some of them, but anyway, we get comments from service managers saying I know where you're coming from, the parts are a pain in the butt each caliper on each fx2 fx4 lariat king ranch each one is a different caliper you can't just change the calipers um and I had a friend who had a three or four year old truck that he couldn't even get a caliper out of ford and it's like well that's how it's supposed to be no that's stupid that's downtime I need my truck I need to go to work I need to pick up the kids from daycare I need my vehicle that's why I'm giving you a lot of money forty thousand dollars for a truck like a low end truck, I need to get where I'm going beyond the80,000 kilometers when out of warranty, um, if that makes any sense to you, comment below, um, I have If people had said to me, "I know where you're coming from," I see this and then I get comments from four guys who are very direct and I don't know why Ford does an incredible job in marketing.
They just think that's how it is. A truck is supposed to have 110,000 miles on it, it's supposed to be junk because even though I took good care of it and replaced the manifolds and listened to the exhaust leak for years and years, that's just how it is. That's what it's supposed to be and I'm going to go out and buy another Ford because it has a beautiful cabin and it has beautiful buttons and it's exactly where I want it to be, you know, the bed is not practical because it's six feet high and you can't grab any of it. her, but it looks so good it's like it's not practical, it's not economical and I hate working on them, so anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble and try to explain that the last video was just a funny story.
If you're still watching the last video, I think we're going to delete it because I have the wrong idea. I talked about working on an aerostar and people think I was comparing an aerostar to my s10, that's not the case, it's just that the s10 was my first introduction to gm and the aerostar was my first introduction to four and it was just black and white, but anyway I made that video because the shop I used to work at doesn't have anything but Ford hardcore, um, but they had an F550 that went through two 6.4 liter power runs, dropped the valve on one, something else happened to the other and they broke up.
Putting Cummins on him, we made a video on the nice stock exchange, but they asked us to take it down because he makes a very good living fixing power shots and it doesn't make sense when he pulls out his own power shot and puts it on. The Cummins on the Ford still have power racing badges on the side, but that's a pure 100 Cummins six-cylinder engine and that F550 driving around town, so because that was a prelude to that video because they asked us to do it. we went down I deleted the whole part about the upcoming trade, but we left it in and it was kind of an unfinished video about my hate for Ford and it just makes my teeth grind.
I just hate. I'm going to say. I hate Ford, I hate working at Ford, I hope that clears things up for you guys, let's leave this video in the comment below, let me know what you think or if I'm crazy, oh one more thing and I'm g, I I like GM because many of their parts are interchangeable. I took the front end of the three-quarter ton Silverado and put it in my tahoe. I like its appearance. I can simply unscrew it and screw it back on. It takes very little time, but They are not perfect, they have many problems of their own and that is why I took out the six liter, it has terrible fuel consumption and I also put the cummins in it, that is why I took out the 5.3.
It had a head gasket. It just so happens that they're not perfect, they're a much better platform to work on and, um, and because the parts are so interchangeable, you can store some parts lying around and actually start using them and it's not just about that pause. specific cereal of that specific model and that. specific year in price is fine and it seems like every manufacturer is making it so you have to take it to a distributor which takes it to a whole new level where people like me would be out of a job if I had a store and I saw it with the heavy equipment I started it in my own shop the moment I left the dealership it was outdated um I don't have the retraining I don't have the tools I don't have the upgrades and it's going to be the same way With the automotive sector, we're small shops like mine we are going to disappear because we won't have the updates and basically we automakers will make it so that only they can work on their own equipment once it gets to electric and self driving cars.
That's it, like my dirty hands are gone, I hope I'll be an old man by then, but that's also why I'm going from working on vehicles to just building cool stuff and this YouTube thing seems to be going well. thanks for commenting guys and uh yeah

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