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Why Does The ColossalKiwi Outfit Exist in Dying Light?

Jun 07, 2021
What's going on, beautiful people? It's close, okay, we're here and I thought I could finally do a separate video, a standalone video if you will, for Kiwi's colossal


because I get several questions every day about this. Clothing questions like: Does this


have your name on it? Is your channel named after this outfit? How did you create it? How do I get my own custom day


outfit? I've answered these questions before in the past in separate videos and I, but I. I finally thought I'd give this its own video instead of being in a Q&A, especially since there are a lot of new subscribers to this channel now and once again, welcome to everyone who's new and if you've heard the story before , then I'm going to tell you in a little more detail than I have in the past and, if you haven't, then you're about to find out.
why does the colossalkiwi outfit exist in dying light
First of all, did I name my channel after the outfit or is the outfit named after Well, it's actually the letter that the outfit is named after me and that was my request in a way and I'll get into that, but the story behind this is that in March of 2015, Techland uploaded this video to their Twitter, their Facebook and even their YouTube channel regarding, or rather, announcing a community challenge and they had done quite a few of these before in the they wanted dynamite players to send videos and stuff like that, but this one was a little different, it was the first one that was different.
why does the colossalkiwi outfit exist in dying light

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why does the colossalkiwi outfit exist in dying light...

I mean, later on they did challenges and community events for PC development tools and stuff like that, but this was the first one that wasn't about videos and was a designer t-shirt contest that they wanted members of the Dying Light community to submit their designs, whether it's sketches or Photoshop files or you know, stuff like that, any kind of design for a t-shirt for Kyle Crane to wear in the game, we didn't have to design, you know, the pants or the boots or anything like that, it was just strictly the t-shirt, so I saw this video and thought why not, you know.
why does the colossalkiwi outfit exist in dying light
I would like to try it. I would like to try to submit a design because I had participated in the video challenges and thought why not do this one too. I like to design things so I think we had like a month to submit it and part of the rules where you could only submit once once you had submitted your design you couldn't redo it at least then specify that but they just said you could only submit one shipping and I don't know if that meant you could take one back and replace it with another one, but I just wanted to make sure that if I'm going to ship one, it's going to be okay, it's going to be the way I want it and I'm not going to regret it and end up wanting to make another one, so I waited quite a long time, in fact, I waited. until just over an hour before the deadline and suddenly it was like you know what I'm going to use in Photoshop and because I'm really bad at drawing so I thought I'd do it.
why does the colossalkiwi outfit exist in dying light
I use it on the computer and in Photoshop because I'm familiar with that program, so I thought I'd force myself to design something because at least I'll have a chance, at least I'll do something and I can. I don't remember how I ended up designing at first, but it was bad, I wasn't feeling it, I was like this is not, this is not good at all and I was thinking about my Mythbusters episodes that same day and actually, because of Mythbusters, for some reason I had the Ghostbusters theme stuck in my head and I was sitting there making this shitty design singing Ghostbusters on my heroes or something weird in your neighborhood, you know, it sounds like Ghostbusters in my head and I pictured the symbol.
You know, the ghost with the end of the circle appears there, the no smoking sign, but it says. I'm sure most of you have seen it and thought, what if I did that? But with a night hunter, what if he did something like that? The night hunter Buster


n't sound very good, but what about that symbol itself? So I looked on Google Images and Facebook photos you know and liked it to see a good photo of the night hunter that I could use. and retexture it and make it completely white and stuff and I saw an opportunity and I thought: you know what I'm going to do?
I think this would be really fun because it's like no night hunters allowed and then coincidentally it was almost done too. with my Dying Light font that I was creating, you can see it on the screen right now. I was creating this feed for community use and for my personal use and it will actually be links in the description and a link. at the end of the video if you want to see this font, if you are making dynamic videos and you want something like channel art or you want to design something with this font then for free everyone can use it.
It's a community font that I made to post for free for anyone to use because I love the Dying Light logo, so I went and took the letters from that logo and included them in the alphabet, but then all the other ones that I created. I was inspired by the art design of Dying Light and it's not really because of the way it's not a proper font that you click on and then you just type and all of that is Photoshop files or PNG images so it's a little bit annoying. ass because you have to move each one individually like I said, it's not like a real font like a font that you write with because I don't have the skill to do that without it looking honest, but that's how I did it and I thought you know what I want to incorporate this text somehow?
I want to show this text that I've been working so hard on for over a month to finally complete, although I hadn't finished it yet and I thought: I'm trying to think of a tick, so I'm trying to think of something to go with it and then I thought that the real hunter has arrived. I thought, what would Kyle Crane say? Kyle Crane is a bit of a cocky bastard, as we all know. you know, but he's a very lovable character, but he's also quite cocky and confident, so I thought you know, this is something that Kyle Crane would say, you know, because I myself really enjoyed killing night hunters, you know, there are no hunters. nocturnal because The real hunter has arrived, so that's the text that I put there and I came up with this design that you can see on the screen right now.
I did it in Photoshop and that's the raw image, so I sent it right before the due date and I think the due date was actually extended after that, but I had already sent that submission. I thought they suck, some people are going to have more time and probably won't get it anyway and then a month later I received it. an email from Mike no pora who, if you don't know, is a Tech Land community manager for Dying Light. He appears in all the videos and things that Dying Light publishes. He's a really lovely guy. All of them are Tech Land employees.
I've spoken to all of them they're such lovely people um and he spoke to me and he was. I just received an email. I woke up and checked my emails one day and they said, "Hey, we've chosen your outfit as the outfit we want to put in the game here are some forms we'd like you to read and sign to give us permission to use that image and we'll move on." and we're putting her in the game and I was going crazy Obviously, I was so emotional all day all week and I forgave him. I probably think I gave him a really long answer like, "Oh my gosh, thank you so much, this is a daughter, They know you guys are like that." an inspiration to me and well he was very kind, even though I wrote similar paragraphs, it's like I'm saying they are such lovely people, the nicest people he's ever spoken to at Tech Land and then at his Facebook.
On the page, they put this image right here showing it on Kyle Crane, him wearing the real outfit with kind of a preview of the original design and stuff, and that made me even more excited. I was like shit, it's actually on Kyle Crane. design that I put together in Photoshop like an hour before it was due, it's actually on Kyle Crane, it's happening, it's really happening and yeah... and people were like wow, that looks cool and stuff, and I was like Well, some people were disappointed. I'm sure you know if everyone has their own opinion and stuff but I was so excited I was so excited and then with the next update and it might have been the hard mode update it's been a while so I don't remember what update was, but they didn't include it in the game and suddenly there was a Colossal Kiwi suit in the game and the reason it was called the Colossal Kiwi suit is because in the terms and conditions or maybe it was just said when Mike Cano pora me He emailed me and said, Hey, we're also going to name this after you in the game, and I said, Well, could you name it after Kiwi's colossal name?
So I continue. I did not say that. on YouTube, but I thought, could you credit it as a call to Kiri instead of Tyler or something? Well, I just wanted Classic Kiwi to be associated with it and I thought maybe in the hope that people would find my channel and all that. and I just wanted to make a name for myself and that's exactly what happened. Many of you have found this channel simply by searching on Google or YouTube for the colossal Kiwi outfit, what the heck are they wearing? Maybe even some of you are watching this video. right now and you had no idea about this YouTube channel until you did a little search like what the heck is the Kiwi course or suit.
I mean, what


that mean? What is the course? Know? And if that's the case, then welcome. If you choose to stay on the channel then that's great and if you don't that's also understandable but yeah I thought I'd let you know that's how the colossal Kiwi outfit came about and I'm very proud. It's obviously become an integral part of this channel now and well, I'm very honored, obviously, I'm especially honored because I was given the opportunity to talk to certain tech line employees, especially Mike, the pourer and things like that, and it's just just a really cool experience and I still feel very honored and very, very lucky that they chose my design and it still amazes me to this day.
I'm not even kidding, I'll watch it and like shit, yeah, anyway I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you know that maybe you learned something new about it, obviously, like I said, I've gone into more detail in this video than in the previous ones and well, I hope that that helped you. Rest assured and in terms of how you can get your own outfit in the game, the only way that would happen is if they decide to do another contest like this where, you know, they want to submit more designs and I don't. I know if that's going to be the case.
I can't speak for Techland, obviously, so I'm not going to say if it is or not. I just do not know. I mean, it's a possibility, but I really don't know. I don't know and if there is, I won't participate in it. I mean, as much as I would love to, I'm happy with an outfit. I'm not going to say they'd pick me again or anything, but I'd love to see it. Someone else went through the same excitement as me getting those emails and stuff because it's a wonderful feeling and anyway, I'm sorry I've rambled on about this long enough and now I've finally posted it.
I can finally link this video to anyone who asks instead of writing the same thing and well anyway I'm going to stop right here thank you so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you have a wonderful day

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