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Why Can Robert De Niro Say This, but RFK Jr. Can't? | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Jul 04, 2023
Also what she has been doing and what doulas will advocate for is that you as a pregnant person, as a pregnant woman, create a team and your team will include your doctor and your doula. Hello, pregnant and non-pregnant person. I'm Dave. Rubin,


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, it's June 28, 2023. We're streaming live on Rumble YouTube and locals, if you want to join us for the postgame show reuben

report, you can ask me questions, you can add comments, you can criticize me. You can say good things about me, you can vent about your personal problems, do whatever you want, we are there for you and of course we have an IOS app and an Android app where you can do it. on your desk if you're old school and we're getting a little away from horse racing politics today.
why can robert de niro say this but rfk jr can t direct message rubin report
I don't think I have to say DeSantis once today. I don't think I have to say Trump. once today, I don't think I'm saying Biden today, although I just said all of them, but that's not what the show is about today, you know, last week we were talking a lot about our vaccines and censorship. On Friday, of course, I had Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Dr. Brett Weinstein on the show to discuss


brouhaha that happened between pro-vaccination Dr. Peter Hotes and Joe Rogan, and then how that was all related to RFK facing Joe Rogan and who's allowed. to talk to who and on what platforms these conversations and a lot more should be happening and all that and all that fuss led to an old video from about seven years ago of Robert De Niro on NBC when he published or was going to publish released a documentary about the vaccines and the risks related to vaccines and what happened to him that started going viral yesterday, so we're going to talk about that in connection with what's going on with RFK, how that relates to big tech, how the machine slander. and then detect anyone who dares to question the narrative, then we will connect back to the hunter Biden situation.
why can robert de niro say this but rfk jr can t direct message rubin report

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why can robert de niro say this but rfk jr can t direct message rubin report...

Oh, and just before we start today's show, it's very exciting Joe Biden, the old man pretending to be president, was giving an impromptu interview to reporters outside. the White House and he said Putin just said it, maybe we can get the video that we can release after the game. He said Putin is losing the war in Iraq, so don't fear everyone, Putin is losing the war in Iraq, there you have it. Okay, let's talk about Birch gold and then we'll get to that, guys, you know, Congress once again gave in to pressure to appease the administration and raise the debt ceiling for the 79th time, that's many times.
why can robert de niro say this but rfk jr can t direct message rubin report
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why can robert de niro say this but rfk jr can t direct message rubin report
We'll show you two clips from that and you'll see how we tie it all together starting today, but here's Robert De Hero, better known as Jack Burns from Meet the. Parents, on the Today Show, talk about vaccine injuries, it's a result of it not being about not questioning how some people got autism, how vaccines are dangerous if not given, they're dangerous for certain people who are more susceptible and no one seems to want to address that or they say they've addressed it and it's a closed topic but it doesn't seem to be because there are a lot of people who come out and say no.
I saw my son change like overnight. I saw what happened and I should have done something and I didn't, so there's more to this than meets the eye, I think the experience you had Robert, something changed overnight. My wife says I don't remember, but my son was there. autistic and every child is different, but there is something there, there is something there that people are not addressing and for me to be so angry today here on the Today show with you means that there is something there that is all I wanted was for it to be seen the movie. people can make their own judgment, but you have to watch it and there are other films, other things that also document and show that you know it's not that simple.
Well, that was the video that went viral yesterday because it's interesting because De Niro who is a very, very lefty, I mean Trump derangement syndrome, all those things, he's been questioning vaccines for just seven years and, in Actually, you can see, although I generally don't have a lot of good things to say about him, I mean, he's been in some some great movies, okay, but in terms of politics it's like he's actually being pretty independent, he's like, hey. , we created this document, you should see it, make some decisions on your own, talk to your doctor, every child is different, etc., etc., but you can see. is there in 2016, this is obviously before Kobe, it goes against the narrative, because you are never supposed to question the vaccines or the mercury or the other additives that are in these standard vaccines or the vaccine schedule that they are given administered to newborns or anything else. received a bit of a rejection moments later on The Today Show Do you think you'll now have a role in that conversation in the future?
Yes, because the thing is that to close it there is no reason to do it if you are a scientist, let's see. Listen, everyone doesn't seem to want to hear much about it, it's closed and you're the ones who should investigate. Do the research. I think the film was controversial because people felt that the filmmaker had been discredited even by him. At the end of the day I'm not so sure, not even about him, Jane. One thing, um, it wasn't, there were no sponsors or donors threatening to pull a film festival, our filmmakers were fine, so they started pushing. back and, yes, the film was pulled first, we'll show you a headline from The New York Times because at first it was defending it, so New York Times Robert De Niro Defends Screening of Anti-Vaccine Film at Tribeca Film Festival and You You know how this all works you defend it you say oh can we ask questions?
Could the media look into it a little more scientifically and subtle things like that and then, of course, from the Guardian, just a few days later, Robert De Niro pulls anti-vaxxers. movie from the Tribeca Film Festival now this all seems very familiar, of course it does, because this is exactly what we are seeing now in 2023 with the constant push to deplatform, says Spotify's Joe Rogan because he talks about some questions, some Covid things, come on. let's say, or if I talk about coveted things on this show, either they demonetize us or they remove the boost in the algorithm, everything else, RFK Jr, who had his interview with Jordan Peterson completely removed from YouTube, started his Rumble channel a couple ago of days, so I can see these same problems, these are simply rinse and repeat problems.
I want to say another thing about Robert De Niro: he is a man of science, let's not forget that on Meet the Parents he turned to Greg Focker and said. I have nipples, Greg, can you milk me? So I was so far ahead in all this stuff that now almost every guy with nipples can milk someone anyway, about two months after the movie was taken down. Here's a Vox headline Robert De Niro and now you. We'll see where we go with all these people and RFK Jr has joined forces to push vaccine nonsense. Your press conference today in Washington is scheduled.
The anti-vaxxers are emboldened and Vox for those of you who don't know Vox is still Vox. Vox was funded with hundreds of millions. They've done incredibly horrible pieces against me and a lot of other people and just dishonest progressive dribble, but you see the narrative we're forming there, so the guy puts out a documentary. I'm just asking. some questions about this you know my son had this problem let's talk about the signs let's see make some decisions on your own they back off a little bit they try to discredit him he tries to defend the next thing you know the movie is over he's with Jay RFK Jr who he's a lawyer on some of this stuff and we have to go after those two guys and then this will lead to everything else, but real quick, let's talk about guys with masculine landscapes.
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Peter Hotes, this vaccine-push doctor, was mad because Joe Rogan sat down with RFK Jr. Now RFK Jr has been doing it. In the rounds, yesterday we showed you a couple of clips of him, uh, with Bill Maher. I want to show you one more right now. This is the two of them talking about the slanderous and biased coverage of RFK Jr and the campaign of him that the media has been spewing everywhere. him for the last two weeks what's my next no, you know what I just want to say. I'm doing this for a reason, because I think they deserve a lot to be made fun of for that, for that attitude, I just don't like it. attitude and this goes back to what you said when you first sat there like liberals are different than we were kids, these aren't our grandfather's liberals, you know, I think liberals are still liberals, but whatever. whatever the reason, woke became the word, I know it's not always blah blah blah, but that's the word people use now to mean that the left went too far and the left just changed their attitude in In many ways, they are the opposite of liberals.
I mean, liberalism was about having a colorblind society, so what? they were covering there and why Bill had the papers they were going over some of the stories they've been attacking RFK about and what nonsense it is and how they come out of the supposed liberal side and of course yes Bill is a right wing wok and Los Liberals have nothing to do with each other and you understand all that stuff, so Bill, I love you, but I have to push you a little here. That's why calling you liberal at this point the ship has sailed, an RFK is trying. with the same version of all that, it's the liberals who censor now, it's the liberals who don't let you question the science, it's the liberals who want mandates and all that, okay, you get it, now let's go to a Newsweek headline . uh related to this type of hotels and what happened here doctor that Joe Rogan challenged RFK Junior to debate uh sorry doctor that Joe Rogan challenged to debate calls RFK Jr Putin shirtless so Hotes goes after RFK Jr. look at this photo by RFK Jr because this is the photo they were looking for,so this was just a couple of days ago.
I think this is at his and RFK Jr's house somewhere in southern Cali, who is 70 years old. Look, Putin looks cute, like he's pretty screwed right there. There are a lot of questions that people say, okay, he must be taking testosterone or something else or whatever, I think that's beside the point, you know, the guy is obviously doing something ostensibly for his health and even if it looks like to the guy in this hotel that doesn't It doesn't look so good that it's kind of irrelevant whether the facts you're talking about and the way you analyze the data, the statistics and the numbers in Cove are legit or not, talking about legit or not , here's a fun little compilation.
We find Peter Hotes talking about vaccines and their effectiveness over the course of covid, it is generally between 10 and 25 years. People here forget how long it really takes to develop an effective and safe vaccine and conduct all the proper clinical trials. I think the current record for vaccine development from inception to licensing in the United States is around three or four years, so that's the realistic time frame that we have to start thinking about when we look at the timelines of the coronavirus. The fact that these Covid-19 vaccines actually follow the same progression as almost any other vaccine.
The vaccine development cycle for Covid-19 vaccines. It is very much in line with what we have seen before and there are some variations, but modest, and I think it is an important story for people to know if they are worried about taking the covid-19 vaccines, guys, they are between 10 and 15 years old . to figure this out, oh uh, it's actually three to four years to figure this out, oh uh, we just did warp speed and get on with it, it was all nonsense on these people's part the whole time, besides the fact that the vaccine is not a vaccine, a vaccine actually stops the virus, this was never a vaccine and in many cases we are finding that vaccinated people got covid even more and the vaccine injuries and everything else, and I mentioned to you you that I mentioned.
This for you before, but only a small part of my own life and everyone has these stories, you knew them yourselves. I was at a family birthday party in New York in October at the end of October. There were about 200 people there, basically everyone. It was coveted there except me and as far as I know I'm the only one not vaccinated, my parents got it, my siblings who were younger than me got it. Aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone, I'm the oldest of my generation, somehow, they all made it, except Dave. Dave should be studied. Dave should be brought aboard the mothership and studied Peter Hotes, although this guy, I mean, turned out to be a fraud and we don't really have to talk about him, but he represents, like Brett Weinstein said on the show. on Friday it's like you didn't really want to focus on just this guy because there were a million versions of this guy, this non-playable NPC character who just went along with what the machine wanted all the time, but hotels, which really lit up .
This burning thing was that all of a sudden this guy who had appeared on Joe Rogan twice to go on Joe Rogan's show and say whatever he wanted during the vaccine greed with little to no pushback, which I don't blame Rogan for, I mean, Rogan's not a Scientist, right, he's interviewing someone who's supposed to be an expert, so he then said, "Okay, let's have a debate about this so we can find out more information," but what caught fire This thing went to hotels after he chased Rogan while RFK wanted Spotify. to kick him out even though he had been on the show twice, this was the original tweet.
Spotify has stopped even trying to stop Joe Rogan's vaccine misinformation, it's actually true. Anna Merlin, just horrible, and all the online attacks I'm getting after this absurdity. podcast, it's clear that many actually believe this nonsense. I want to make a quick note, guys, that suddenly there was an explosion of all these articles about how you know these scientists shouldn't debate Talking Heads and they shouldn't debate people about Joe Rogan and they shouldn't appear on shows like this and everything. what you remember in our program on Friday. I asked Jay bhattacharya Stanford, a physician Jay bhattacharya, and Brett Weinstein, an evolutionary biologist, if they would like to debate this, as they are certainly qualified enough to debate him to speak. about these topics, uh, him, so I tweeted him that video, now he's shut down his replies on Twitter, so he doesn't even want to hear any pushback, so that's just standard 101, you get it, they lie about things and then They try to silence you, they cut off your responses, there are many versions of what they can do with all this, but what is the big picture here?
Because it's not just about vaccines, right? We've been lied to about so many things, right? They lied to us about the election, they lied to us about who is racist, and they lied to us about gender and all that. So this story came out yesterday. This is from The Post-millennial Meta, so this is the parent company of Facebook. now meta promotes former CIA agent to election policy chief after leading 2020 disinformation team. Is there a better example I can show you? We could do the program for the next 50 years. He could literally be 97 years old. We will do this. actually, it's most likely a mental institution and I'll try to tell you that that was the best example of Democratic privilege ever seen by this guy who worked hard to deal with misinformation even though they have been the propagators and amplifiers of the hyperactive. amplifiers through misinformation algorithms maybe more than anyone, maybe Facebook just by the numbers, there are more people on Facebook than on Twitter, let's say, they have spread more misinformation than anyone, they stop people from questioning things about the vaccine, greed, elections and everything else. and then what happens?
This guy will now be in charge of his election affairs for the next election. Do you think something strange is going on here? uh let's go back one more time, today is a big flashback show, let's go back four years. Ago uh, this is Mark Zuckerberg's big hit, uh, when he was on the Joe Rogan show, confirming that the FBI actually came to Facebook and pressured him to censor the Biden hunter story, how do you guys handle things when you're big? news that is controversial like there was a lot of attention on Twitter during the election because of the Hunter Biden laptop story, yes you guys censored that too so we took a different path than Twitter.
I mean, basically, the background here is the FBI. I think basically some people on our team came to us and said, "Hey, um, just so you know to be on high alert." We thought there was a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election, we've got you on notice that basically there's about to be some kind of dump of... um uh, that's similar to that, so stay tuned guys, the FBI is going to appear. Some things could happen, so stay tuned, right? and what you have to understand is, as I always tell you, guys. It's a mafia movement that the FBI put out there, they didn't say it, assuming what Zuckerberg said there is true, they didn't come to the Facebook offices and say you can't publish any of this or ban all these people or anyone. something else, but basically they had something coming up and you better be careful, you better be careful and that's the last move of the mafia when the mafia walks into a restaurant because they owe them some money and they say, well, this is a terribly nice pizzeria.
I got here, it would be a shame if something happened to it and then three weeks later it burns down, so you understand the move they're making here, now, now, Zuckerberg, also, that's not to excuse Zuckerberg, because now not only We know that the hunter Biden. The laptop story was real, and by the way, a lot of people did it, a lot of free-thinking people knew it, so why didn't I fall for it? He goes back to all of our videos when this was happening before the last election and he always said I was saying I don't know exactly what's in it, but it seems like there's something there and the fact that they're trying so hard to hide it, the fact that Twitter , before Elon, they hid it, not just the links, they didn't let you link to them, they suspended the New York publishing account, but then you couldn't send private




is what it is. You send private messages to someone on Twitter privately. Nothing is private. They wouldn't even let you do it in private. send the link to people so there was a massive movement to censor people and you can see this is connected to what we started with the vaccines, it's connected to the election, now it's connected to this story of Hunter Biden and the question is how the machine always stays on. in front of everyone, from time to time, things get published enough and this is largely due to you, the people online who keep talking about things and then eventually even the corporate press has to respond roughly to things in an honest way.
Here's CBS, that's right. CBS actually reports on the Hunter Biden Crime Story. I think this was yesterday. If it was anyone else they wanted, he would have already served his sentence. Gary Shapley was a lead IRS supervising agent in Operation Sportsman, the investigation into Hunter Biden Shapley. said he discovered conduct that warranted more serious charges there were personal expenses that were taken as business expenses prostitutes sex club memberships hotel rooms for alleged drug dealers how much did Hunter Biden Owen impose, from 2014 to 2019 it was $2.2 million back taxes? bore fruit and last week the Trump-appointed federal prosecutor in Delaware, David Weiss, reached a deal with Hunter Biden: the president's son would admit to a firearms charge and plead guilty to not paying taxes if a judge approves the agreement, which means there will be no jail time. so I want to give CBS a little bit of credit for relaying everything related to this by talking to The Whistleblower asking him his story, so it's worth pointing out, of course, now there are a couple of things here first, besides the fact that This guy owed 2.2 million in taxes.
During these two years again, what was his job and how did he get this job? He was a drug and sex addict who smoked crack on the carpet with a lot of what apparently now our underage prostitutes will probably find out more about that and he had a job at a Ukrainian energy company for 83 grand a month who had no experience in that field, so who paid the money? Where did the 2.2 million come from? How much more did he have beyond that? There are many other questions here, but yes, In essence, he let you off the hook for federal tax evasion again.
Ask Wesley Snipes what he thinks about this Greg Price, who is a journalist, that he had an interesting tweet about or is it really a meme about this. That's how the news cycle goes. It's not happening. a right-wing conspiracy theory could be happening, it is happening and it's good and then you just rinse and repeat. I thought it was a pretty perfect version of the circular madness we're dealing with in all of this, but let's continue with the circular madness because it's important not to forget how we ended up in this position and the people who took us on this journey to hell.
One of those people is former White House press secretary Jen Saki, who is now, of course, a uh. TV host on the televised mental institution known as MSNBC here she is when she was press secretary in 2021 explaining to us that the Hunter Biden laptop that we now know was real and many of us thought was real all along, here she is telling him to the media that what the president said is Russian disinformation and you tweeted that allegations of wrongdoing based on files taken from Hunter Biden's laptop are Russian disinformation. There's a new book by my political reporter that finds some of the files in it to be genuine.
The White House continues with Russian disinformation. I think it's widely known and widely known, Peter, that there was a wide range of Russian disinformation in 2020. Man, everything they say was widely known and widely known, even though it turned out to be completely real when Trump was president, you guys were allowed relentlessly saying that Russia meddled in the election when Biden took office suddenly they couldn't question anything. 51 former intelligence officials signed this letter that basically said that Biden's laptop, Hunter Biden's laptop, was Russian disinformation and no, it turned out not to be, it turned out not to be uh Hunter Biden, you might do well Dave, can you?
How is Hunter Biden doing these days? A couple of days ago he was at a dinner at the White House because they invite a lot of former crack addicts and prostitutes to these things. The White House washonoring Indian Prime Minister Modi, and a few days after signing this agreement, it was already over. there's Jen sahi, now MSNBC TV host Jen saki, uh, saying that Hunter Biden is going to this dinner, you know, a criminal crackhead, blah blah blah, it's what it is, you can guess it, It is an act of love. Joe Biden loves the crackhead, so Jen saki.
I'm just curious because if you look at right-wing websites or watch certain TV channels, you'll hear all about Hunter at the state dinner. I mean, you'll hear Jim Jordan go on and on about conspiracy theories and you won. I don't hear much about this and I'm curious that the White House is obviously not going to intervene in these audio tapes or anything like that, but at the same time, how does the Biden White House make a distinction that transcends people who honestly she's being tricked, what a good question, Mickey. I don't spend a lot of time on right-wing websites, but I can completely agree with what you're saying about what's out there and the challenge the White House has right now.
He suspected that with Hunter appearing at the state dinner he was the president his son wanted to attend, so having his son attend the dinner was optically easier for the White House and the White House communications team. , not at all, but I said family circumstances of him wanting to come and wanting only the president to want to show that he loves his son and supports him, guys, try to imagine if Donald Trump Jr, while Trump was president, was caught smoking crack, prostitutes underage, all the porn accounts, the illegal businesses, all of that we basically know well and then two days later the first one just gets slapped on the wrist with some federal charges and then they'll just let it go and everything and then Trump has it. show up to a dinner party these same people this fraudulent propaganda Candice these Pravda level propagandists would say that he is the one who is mocking us to our faces and this should lead to impeachment because it shows that he pressured the Department of Justice to make sure that his son got off and everything, but what is it about? because of democratic privilege he loves his son loves his son and by the way his son also you know he sells art and art uh it's one of the easiest ways to launder money in the history of the world right, because the value of art is completely subjective, so a crackhead with a prostitute sitting on his lap scribbles something.
I'm Hunter Biden, we're going to sell this for two million dollars and then someone gives Hunter Biden 2 million dollars and then the next thing you know you have access to Joe Biden. That's how money laundering has worked in terms of politicians and influence peddlers forever, but it's an act of love because they're Democrats and it's not just that we took a gamble the other day. Was it claire mccaskill? Former senator Claire McCaskill said it was the ultimate act of love. Joe Biden defending his son Saki. It is an act of love. Unfortunately, we have to show you a clip of one of the ladies from The View and she is an active person.
Well, it's not an act of love coming towards me, but it's an act of love, well, you've got it. Go to the hunter. The story of Biden, the scandal, and this is also the story of a father's love and Joe Biden has never given up and will never give up. his son Hunter and will never treat him less than so he is a father first, take it or leave it, he is a father first, he is a father first, this is the same father who told us repeatedly that he had never discussed business with his son what a great father son has some problems obviously addicted to crack any son is working at a ukrainian energy company his father is vice president he was pushing for a ukrainian prosecutor to be fired like there were a lot of things there that They never talked about it.
He is such a great father and loves his son so much that he never said son, what do you do? By the way, are you working for? I never did, that, I never did. The goal of today's show, guys, is to show you that everything you do. do is designed to make ordinary people think they are crazy, that is what they are doing to us, they are trying to make us all think that they are right about everything and that we are wrong about everything and we can only question. things when they want us to question them and if we dare to challenge the narrative they will label us what they used to do to Trump what they are doing now to RFK Jr what they do uh all the reasons why you and yours In your personal life probably don't say all the things that you think you should say or that you believe because they keep everyone in this continuous state of fear and the only way to overcome that, I would say, is that there are two reasons and If they are deeply connected, you can overcome that with the truth and you can beat that with humor and that's why the best humor is to take something true and get as close as possible to that point where someone can laugh and it's not going to hit you.
I thought we'd end with this video that's going around and today was the big throwback show, it was the Reuben report throwback banana, uh, this is from a couple of years ago. Norm Macdonald, one of our greatest modern comedians, who unfortunately passed away about two years ago. I loved Norm. I met him a couple of times. Here he is a couple of years ago talking about this new cisgender term and the point, guys again, you just have to be able to laugh at his nonsense. Do they know they are a CIS man? Have you ever heard of that term CIS male c-y-s-m-a-l-a?
So what it means is that you are a man, you are born a man, as far as you know, as far as I know, and you identify as a man, yes, that's a CIS man, no. I don't understand where that is, that's a new phrase, yes, it's a way to marginalize a normal person, so you're an assistant, this other person is Tran, so you're the same, she's a man who thinks he's a woman. You're a man who thinks you're a man, yes everyone identifies themselves as guys, the point is it's all ridiculous, we can use their language, we can try to just talk back to them or what do I always say?
We can't build anything new. we can defend ourselves effectively, we can separate ourselves from them, we can elect better politicians and adjust at the end of the day, that's it, eh, that has been the rollback program of the Reuben report for today June 28, 2023, if you don't know already have subscribed, do it in rumble. com Reuben report we have a live post game show for you in 30 30 let's say 36 seconds 36 seconds at Ruben we leave you with the old man pretending to be the president. I like this one, I just gave too much away, but you're going to love this one and I'll see you on the other side, ciao, thanks, so the best way to do something is if they're near and dear to you, uh um.
I wish I could do it anyway

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