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Whoo-Hoo, Wiggly Gremlins! (US DVD, 2004)

Apr 12, 2023
firefighter costumes dressing up is so much fun you can dress as anyone you can wear whatever clothes you fight in i am wearing my doctor coat i have my boots my red hat and my fire suit oh my god little gremlin friends i have a great idea hey um what Is the captain there what is he plotting hey captain what are you planning there plot planned captain because yeah well we have a tv show to do it right my magic buttons can be part of that show yeah well i thought we could use my magic buttons as buttons around the world buttons around the world yes we can use the buttons and i can go to many different places around the world wow wow captain i would like to see you at the south pole uh south poland is great i'm going swimming my little friends i might join you, oh, it's too cold for me. elephant how about the great wall of china wow that's great that wall is great that's a great wall uh how about the eiffel tower how about niagara falls wow wow i would like to see the sydney opera house sydney opera house how about machu picchu captain they are amazing those buttons and all we have for everyone to have fun but something catches my eye it's a little weird red yellow blue purple where is he where is jeff can you help the wiggles find jeff where are the chairs is foreign is is jeff did someone say jeff yeah he's here jeff we were singing a song about you wow yeah but right now jeff we have a tv show to do that's right oh we can help we know a lot about how a tv studio works oh of course you you can help us and you have wonderful singers and dancers you dance you sing for the


choir come join us yes we would love to have you welcome to the web wiggles but now let's see what's going on in anthony's workshop hello everyone welcome to anthony's workshop make yourself at home and don't forget you might need an apron come on everyone let's do something anthony's workshop where as many as you can is whatever you want for a collage or montage you can also try a painting you will need an apron it's also what you would like to do today oh ok yes we can do that too we can do that we can do anything at anthony's workshop come everyone you can make stuff with you might need an apron too anthony's hi everyone let's do something anthony's oh Well everyone, we hope you had a great time here today checking out the ripples on the net, we had a lot of fun with our great adventure, thanks for your help, thanks for waking me up and hope to see you soon, bye.
whoo hoo wiggly gremlins us dvd 2004

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