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Feb 27, 2020
the big button here I don't know what it does... heEEuhy... what was that? That was a new sound Or is it the same sound with me screaming like a little bitch cause I can never tell the difference? (Both probably) Also, what the hell is going on above me? What am I going to do if something is above me? How am I going to stop that? I don't exactly have a way to stop that unless it's that button on the... side there... NO Don't do that! According to the colors of the rainbow: FAHCK OFF! boinky boinky oinky!
who s been popping my weasel popgoes   part 1
Dad SEE FUCK YOU! All right, where the hell... I'm not going to panic, sir. Don't tell me what to do. It's outside and somehow in here at the same time. I do not like that. But it has to end very soon. It's just that he has a... Yeah, I don't know if it's a pig. Or is it a


? Is this what a


looks like in the form of an animatrome? I don't know, but I'm almost done. I just have to hold on a little longer! Also, why were they doing Shadow Bonnie? As if that was a completely different story!
who s been popping my weasel popgoes   part 1

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who s been popping my weasel popgoes part 1...

And why would I have to go looking outside? As if I could look outside right here. It's not like that would cause me any less panic. I have this asshole staring me right in the face... oh no you won't! I haven't let you get a single piece of that Shadow Bonnie shit, I'm not starting now! Oh you ladies are you going to help or not huh? Yes it's correct. Stay there. Leave. I hate you. Alright Doink doink doink doink doink Come on! Stooiii- Here we go! (Pop Goes the Weasel starts playing 8-bit style) Whoo! Okay, well, we've got it.
who s been popping my weasel popgoes   part 1
So that's good O-Well Oo what's going on here? Oh! Well, am I in someone's stomach? What is this? EEEEEEWWW! Ew, I don't like that... oh so what am I? q-g-cuh- What am I? Something like Dark Chica? Is this the obscure Girls name? Yuck. Dark person... perhaps? Where are we going? Oh, you were crystallized! Or frozen? Or or or or something! I don't fully understand what Oh good! balloons! Great... Where the hell am I going? Why the hell am I going there? And what is happening to me? I don't know... I don't think you want to know...
who s been popping my weasel popgoes   part 1
Balloon? Balloon Boy nOOO Balloon Boy has


assassinated? Question mark? Depending on where we are and why we're here, is this what the inside of an animatronic brain looks like? Probably... Oi... Oh no! Is it Balloon Boy's clothes? He is naked somewhere. Ouch, NOOOOO, Ouch! The humani- Oh, hi Bal- OH 'Okay... Globo Boy! That was your hat. I just realized that was your hat, not your clothes. Well, I mean, your hat is


of your clothes, but whatever. All right, second night. What are you going to tell me? Besides, I'm going to die and skip this because d-I or…whatever.
Alright, what do you have for me? Heat vent to stop the noise? BECAUSE? Who left this sticky note? Who did that? who did that? Oh, is it gone yet? All right, I'll see you, Toodles then. Or whatever... OH JUST PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE! F: Right, hello again. Second night. M: Yes. F: Have you gotten used to your job yet? M: nOOO F: - it's all in one phone. You'll have trouble finding a job that actually requires you to be in one of those. Anyway, I expect efficient use of that phone, yes. Oh, and I'll let you know now; don't start slacking off paying attention.
After your first week is over, I will do a review of your program to see if you are fit to continue or not. (M: Oh! Hello. Hello.) If you do your job especially well, I might even give you a bonus. M: OOOH! F: Although I guess you don't have much to do, I know I haven't given you much to work with yet. This is just the test. But is there something you can do in case- M: "His name is Fritz"? F: -since. Well, I'm not going to treat you like those robots after you. So, we are entering winter time.
I imagine you will be working next week so it will be very cold for you. But, and I'm sure you already noticed yesterday; I don't know. PPFFF F: I have given you access to the ventilation system. Which means you should be able to- M: Oh crap, did he get one? F: heat it from time to time to warm yourself up. M: Oh he did...fucking F: They stay on for a minute probably, but that will be enough right? Note that the vents go around the perimeter of the building so... oh, I'm sure that'll figure it out.
Well that should keep you entertained. I don't want to hurt you when you please yourself as easily as I do. That's all for tonight. Oh wait no. If you want a turn to speak, here you go. Oh yeah, like I said, M: Wh-didn't know he was picking something! And then you chose it for me, asshole!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU- aw okay, you're gone. Oh you. No no! F: -this time and I can't risk that- M: Jesus... F: We all know what happened with that... attraction last year. I- (sigh) I remember working with a similar problem.
You know, being under restrictions like that. But I do not know. It was ok. I was fine and I'm sure you will be too. There's nothing dangerous in the vents... (clears throat) What am I saying? Just check the heat once in a while and yes, you will have limited use. And I'm sorry about that. Fine, I'll see you tomorrow. M: WHO LIED TO ME!? Who did it?! What are you talking about?! I don't know what you're doing! Ughhhh Look at the bowl of candy, dammit.. "We'll kill you" Great. Well. Where is? STOP BLOCKING MY DAMN VIEW!
Damn EARRINGS! Oh great. Oh, I'm in a panic. Uh oh. weLP I think I'm dead- HEYYY! Lost connection, huh? Okay, well, well... Anyway, that's Popgoes. I'll probably try to get through at least the main five nights. If that's what it is, why isn't this called Five Nights At Popgoes? This is called Dad! So let's see what this game is about later. So, thank you all so much for watching. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and as always, I'll see you in the next video. Bye bye!

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