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Who is Marvel's Sentry? A clear message to DC's Superman.

Jun 10, 2024
Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great day in this video. I'm going to cover Sentry now. He made his first appearance in the eponymous century issue number one in September 2000. His real name is Robert Reynolds and he stands out. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighs 200 pounds and has blue eyes and blonde hair. Now his powers come from a serum that summoned mousse molecules and instantly flashed forward to the current timeline. In quotes, this serum was created to be 100 thousand times stronger than the original. was used in Captain America and was modified by Weapon actually a refugee from another universe. that attempted to make its way to another for his new home, this leads to the possibility that the serum itself is just a housing for this life force.
who is marvel s sentry a clear message to dc s superman
Now the powers of the ages are literally off the charts and his exact abilities and limits are unknown. He has been shown to be able to lift a Helicarrier, preventing the celestial exit from crushing the earth by lifting his foot and effortlessly defeating and breaking the control of the acts of terror. A Herald of Galactus is shown to be powerful enough to cut planets in half. He is also brutally beaten and almost. he ripped apart female Ultron and easily broke Doctor Doom's shields. It is also noted that in the opening miniseries of the century, Spider-Man reflected on a time when that century fought and stalled Galactus.
who is marvel s sentry a clear message to dc s superman

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who is marvel s sentry a clear message to dc s superman...

Now, as a rule, he tries very hard to contain his full power from him, but when unleashed, he even masters the abilities of the Absorbing Man and fights an enraged Hulk for an extended period of time until both fighters returned to their forms. human. That's right, he fought against the hope of the world breaker to a stop now, in addition to his He has great superhuman strength, he also has exceptional speed, is able to catch or evade bullets easily, and using his flight ability, he can even travel to the Sun and return in just a few minutes.
who is marvel s sentry a clear message to dc s superman
This century also has no known weaknesses, apparently they are poison blasts that are capable of killing even superhumans at full power, they have no effect on them and Nick Fury has even stated that Shield has not yet found a way to kill the Sentry, furthermore Of this, even Iron Man's scans have not found any physical weaknesses in his He has superhuman senses and once told an opponent that he could see his nerve centers. He can also emit pacifying light which can be used to calm the people around him. The sentinel has a powerful energy projection from both his hands and his eyes that are capable of even hurting.
who is marvel s sentry a clear message to dc s superman
Hulk, the same hope that has withstood the equivalent of solar flares, the unharmed sentinel is also occasionally shown the ability to instantly teleport in a blinding flash of light. He also has psionic abilities, being able to at one point implant memories of him inside of him. another person's mind and using his supposedly vast mental powers to hold his physical form together, he was shown to have the power to resurrect others as well once after Ultron murdered his wife, he was able to resurrect her simply by touching her now despite his sonic abilities. . He has been shown to have some acceptability to mental manipulation, can suffer while erect, and has been shown to be able to recreate himself after his body has been completely destroyed.
Now this goes far beyond a healing factor because he has been able to do this when he is. he had total molecular destruction and to be able to do it in seconds, an example is one time he tried to commit suicide by flying towards the Sun and it didn't work. Now discussions between Reynolds and the void suggest that this particular ability is automatic and Now unintentional part of the century's backstory is that Robert Reynolds was a meth addict who broke into a secret lab and consumed a shiny super serum. soldier. He then quickly developed the power of a thousand divided suns and became the century known. him to save hundreds of people at a time and he has become one of the greatest heroes the world has ever known.
As time passed, he discovered that his archenemy, the Void, was actually part of his own repressed personality and had all the memories of the century erased from the world and from his own mind when these Memories began to return. Reynolds transformed back into the century and heard the other heroes' help against the void, but ended up running again and the only record of his existence survived in Later, Reynolds regained his memories and assumed his role as century, appearing once more in the raft's super prison when Electro began to escape. During this, she joined the Avengers to try to stop him and continued to work with him while battling his mental illness.
Health problems persisted on the team even after Norman Osborn brought in Goblin. It's also worth noting that at the end of the Dark Reign story, Century destroyed Asgaard and the void erupted trying to destroy the world, but luckily Thor was there to stop it. After a prolonged battle, he finally killed him and took his body to the Sun to burn. Now over time Sentry has had many adventures and made multiple cameos and other comics whenever a big gun is needed and for his powers and abilities and his influence on the Marvel Universe for my 1-10 rating I'll give him to Century a rating of 1, which is a simple rating, come on, now everyone knows I'm just playing, there's no way in the world, as Opia sees it's okay, Sintra gets a 10 and that's definitely a legendary rating.
I had to play with all of you, but I hope you enjoyed this video. I'll talk to you next time. Be sure to LIKE and subscribe to the new sage.

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