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Who Killed Biggie

Jul 17, 2023
Biggie Smalls was one of the most influential rappers of all time, he put the entire east coast on his back, the west coast dominated the game, but before he released his second album, he was tragically shot and


at just 24 years old. It's never been resolved, but today we break down the real story of who might have been behind the hit in March 1997. Biggie was in Los Angeles to promote a second album. Life after death. Tupac had just been murdered a few months earlier and Biggie told him. on a radio show called The Doghouse who hired a security team because of how crazy the feud was between the East Coast and the West Coast, who was getting big news at the Solar Train Music Awards on March 7 and the day Next he was supposed to fly to London, but instead of going abroad and getting away from the situation, Biggie stayed in Los Angeles and went to an after-party at a car museum the next night.
who killed biggie
Not getting on the plane turned out to be a deadly mistake and before he was done the night was one of the best rappers ever. The weather was Dead Biggie and the rest of the Bad Boy Records crew were leaving the party to go somewhere else just after midnight, they got into two SUVs with Diddy in Biggie's front car in the second and a security team. He followed them both down the street. It was full of people leaving the party and Biggie's truck stopped at a traffic light just 50 meters from the museum, that's when the Chevy Impala stopped and the driver started shooting.
who killed biggie

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who killed biggie...

Biggie was hit four times, one of which pierced his colon, liver, and heart. and Lung, his team rushed to the hospital, but the injuries were too many and he was tragically pronounced dead less than an hour after Biggie died, all kinds of rumors started flying about who was behind the hit, but no one had answers. real. Biggie's security team tried. They chased down a shooter after it happened, but couldn't keep up with traffic and lost the shooter. One of the most popular theories about Biggie's death is that he was eliminated by a corrupt LAPD cop working with Suge Knight Russell.
who killed biggie
Poole was assigned to the case and after a few months of investigating the evidence, he began accusing a police officer named David Mack and his friend Amir Muhammad of being involved in the hit. According to Pool, Matt showed up in the same area of ​​Compton, shook it off, and we were both always close, a guy named Psycho Mike is the one who told Paul about Muhammad. Many people believed Psycho Mike's story for a long time, but when his police interview was leaked, the theory became much more shaky. Psycho Mike is a schizophrenic murderer who couldn't even identify Muhammad.
who killed biggie
He couldn't remember his name. He got all the details wrong about his appearance and said he grew up in Compton when Muhammad was actually from Virginia, but just because he was wrong about Muhammad doesn't mean Paul was talking about David Mack Mack is one of the most notorious cops in the city. story from The City back in '93 he was given an award for heroism after shooting a drug dealer who supposedly threatened his partner but then it turned out that they had lied about the whole situation and he planted a gun on the dealer and then a few months later that Biggie was


, Mac's girlfriend started working at Bank of America, the two came up with a plan: there is still more than 700 thousand left from the bank, but Mac's girlfriend ended up cheating on him and they beat him up.
With a 14 year sentence he took all his evidence against Mack to the police chief, the fools thought he had enough to take the case to trial, but the police chief told him to stop investigating other UPS and then Poole found himself forced to remove a pair. Years later, another theory is that Diddy had her own artist pull her. According to some people, she saw how many Tupac records Death Row sold after his death and she knew that Biggie's death would make his label a lot of money. There's no evidence that Diddy was behind the hit, but the night it happened, he made a move that many people think is sketchy.
Diddy was in the car in front of Biggie and allegedly told his driver to run the red light outside the museum because he didn't want to. sit outside, so instead of keeping his team together, Diddy left Biggie behind and that's when the shooter stopped and killed him, since Biggie's murder occurred so soon after Tupac's death, the People started linking the cases immediately, obviously everyone knew they were the faces. of the war between the east and west coast and retired LAPD detective says Diddy is the one who ordered Tupac's murder in Las Vegas 2006 the investigation into Biggie's death was reopened because the city wanted more evidence to defend itself of a lawsuit against Biggie's mother He had filed a $500 million wrongful death lawsuit in Los Angeles.
One definitely paid. A detective named Greg Cating worked on the case for years and believes it shook Knight. He ordered the big hit because Diddy was the one who put a bag over Tupac's head. The death of Tupac. It's also never been resolved, but there have been rumors about Diddy's involvement ever since it happened. One of the leading theories about Tupac's death is that it was revenge for a beating he gave to a crib named Orlando Anderson a few hours before the shooting after Biggie died. Rumors circulating in the South Side Crips were what got him out when the case was reopened in 2006.
Kating started going after a South Side Crips named Keith D. Keith D was moving some serious weight in Compton in the '90s and got books in a federal drug case the same year Biggie died. Katie brought him in and threatened him with a 25 to life sentence to get Keith to talk about Biggie's murder. Keith simply told him that one wasn't us, according to Keith, he actually talked to Biggie at the party the night he died, he says he offered to give Biggie more protection while he was in Los Angeles, but Biggie turned him down and He said the FBI was on to him.
Apparently, Biggie didn't want Keith among his boys to suffer any federal pressure, but if he had. By accepting the offer, there is a possibility that he was still alive today last year, speaking with Fox 11 Los Angeles, that the case is finally solved, but he has not yet been prosecuted and, according to him, the man responsible was the hip -hop. Boogeyman Suge Knight himself back in the '90s Shug was the scariest guy in the game. He ran death row like a mafia boss and handed out beatings to anyone who crossed him. There were always rumors that he had something to do with Biggie's death and now Keating. says he knows for a fact he should was already locked up when Biggie was killed and Kating says he used his girlfriend to handle the hit in 2009, the LAPD and the FBI brought the woman in for questioning, Canning says as she I told them what happened.
She had tears in her eyes because she was too afraid to tell on Shug and it could be a death sentence if she found out about her, so the woman definitely had a good reason to be scared. Kading says she posed as a paralegal so she could talk to Sugar in jail without their conversations being recorded, allowing her to come in, sit with Sugar and have unsupervised visits, they can't hear too much on the phone, they can't stay there and listen to the conversation, this is how it was set up so she could have confidential conversations according to LAPD documents shake worked with her to help him coordinate the murder of Biggie shake told her to contact a member of the Bloods named poochie and That paying for the Puji hit was associated with the rules of mob power and there are photos of him relaxing at sugar parties, but by the time Caden linked him to Biggie's murder, Poochie was already dead in 2003.
Pucci was shot 10 while riding his motorcycle and Katie never had the chance to question him, but even though Pucci is gone. Kading is so convinced that he believes the case should be officially closed. One retired detective said that saying the case was over isn't enough to convince everyone except last year's mobster James or DJ Vlad that he had It's true, James is an OG with the mod Pi rules. He told Vlad that Pushy was a real hitter. Was Pucci known as a shooter? Yes, yes, he was a real hitter. Okay, according to him, everyone around the deaths back then knew who Pushy was. one shooter, it took a long time for everyone else to catch up.
There have been many wild rumors about Biggie's death. Some people think that the FBI eliminated two big guys to stop the East Coast and West Coast war. Others say they are both still alive. and chilling in Cuba, but Mafia James says the whole situation is much simpler than that. James says that at the end of the day it was a simple street fight between death row and Bad Boy Records and like a lot of meat, it kept heating up until people started dying, he believes that people want to make it big with some big conspiracy theories, but that's only because they love Tupac and Biggie so much and them dying over some petty drama doesn't feel right, we'll probably never get a 100 concrete answer as to who.
He really killed Biggie Kating and other people say it was Sug and Poochie but Pushy died before being questioned and he should have, he definitely doesn't talk but at the end of the day the rap game lost one of its most legendary artists, I was only 24 years old. Man, there's no telling how big he could have achieved if he'd gotten on that plane to London, but unfortunately we'll never know. May the Notorious B.I.G rest in peace.

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