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"Who Done it?" Challenge!

Feb 27, 2020
thanks it's you sneaky guy hey what's wrong Anne hey what he said today we're going to do the whodunnit


aka mafia have you ever played mafia? The reason only two of us are miked with these? The microphones are because everyone will try to talk, especially that kid who eats so much hay. I started this, shut up, hey, if you've ever played mafia, I'm J Fred, this is Matthew, hey, right now, make sure you pay attention because these wolves are crucial. Hello future boy, come here guys, so the game is mafia, so this house will work.
who done it challenge
There is a mafia. There is a mafia that is in this group of seven people. And the city has to find out who the mafia is and kill them. Basically, everyone is going to do it. Go to sleep and then I'll let the mafia come and kill someone. Whoever they elect in the city is supposed to vote for the people they think are the mafia, so the goal is to kill the mafia before the mafia kills everyone else, so here. It's the cards here Jack, you're the doctor if you were... you're the pipng girl and if you're a king you're the mafia and if you're anyone else you're just a regular town person who has no authority or not, it's encouraged Absolutely the lion in this game, so I'm going to talk, I want to go to sleep and then I want to touch your knee, you'll look up and show me your dead body, all head down, head down, okay, yeah The guys are wondering who everyone is in this


with us.
who done it challenge

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who done it challenge...

These are the guys from the High Five universe. If you don't know what it is, it's a channel where we have a ton of different nerf battles, so make sure you subscribe. high five universe because Team Edge is there and so are these guys and Team Edge Gaming close your eyes Paul someone's cheating hey Paulie cookie eyes Polly's cookie when can I get the mob to look up please a who would you like to kill doctor please raise your head who would you like to save you can save yourself if you wish okay heads down okay everyone can look up now but what was said why is this dead person laughing what's so funny to be dead huh, what's so funny about being dead?
who done it challenge
So whoever has the microphones can start accusing people. Oh, you see, I'm the sheriff of this town, so I think I know who he is. He seems a little nervous. I'm the sheriff. What are you talking about? I am a face that Mathias has. a big smile on his face I'm suspicious doesn't mean he looks very suspicious I look suspicious because that's how he was born you know what you don't even look like you're in the mafia you look like a Sherlock Holmes I think you're trying to cover something up huh Oh, raise your hand if you think that It's the caller, okay, Connor, please hold up two fingers.
who done it challenge
I don't like the stupid face on him, okay, raise your hand if you think Mathias is the killer pussy. I look like one of those rich white guys, serial killers. I can't believe you said that, you know, that the Beverly Hills with his parents spoiled him too much and then they had to get a real job and started shooting everyone. like I was never very good maybe it was my fault you don't have a real job you work on youtubes raise your hand if you think it's Brian Brian you have a finger up raise your hand if you think it's J Fred it's not okay raise your hand if you think it's J It's heaven, don't we already vote? okay, raise your hand if you think it's Chad, two votes, he's coming.
I see you're saying he's the sheriff and everything and he got nervous. I choose, I think it was Paul. he committed suicide to fool us to fool us guys Carter, can we hear your story of why you're not the mafia? I mean, I haven't said anything and usually when I get like that, I don't. I have an Irishman, that should be enough evidence, Chuck, we heard your testimony last night. He was lying in bed smoking. I fell asleep with my cigarette. He set fire to my bed, so I was busy putting out the fire all night.
I could not be. murder anyone that cigar looks like you just started everything good we vote raise your hand if you think it's Connor okay raise your hand everything is Chad Chad Chad show us his card I knew I didn't like it just say no vote and throw away, oh yeah, that's why you died, you became empty, the doctor and the mafia are still alive, this is the second round, everyone with your head down, go to bed, murderous mafia, please look up, who do you would you like to kill next? Okay doctor, please find who you would like to save, this time you can't save yourself, you can save someone else and now please show us their card. guilty when he shuts up he's guilty it's my accent Oh, enough, he took why I think of him, not him, him, I know him, could you kill me?
I don't know, I keep pulling, okay, I don't know what I am. I tell him to raise your hand if you think it's Mathias it's really cute please raise two fingers why raise your hand if you think it's Brian okay Brian raise a finger raise your hand if you think it's J Fred what if we know that en Jeffrey raises a finger oh you think? It's me, I think you're fine, raise your hand if you think it's Kevin, no one is fine, Mathias, unfortunately the townspeople killed you, oh he's dead, show us his card. Suspense music.
Suspense music. I knew it was Brian, the doctor, he's out of control, so everything. there's the mafia mafia please look up who would you like to kill if you're a sneaky guy okay guys you're both going to accuse each other that means the mafia wins it was the mafia the mafia. I knew it all the time after I guess someone else I'm reloading I'm Elena The city belongs to me so for the second round the second round is the round Goose rhymes boss two so this you won't know whose it's whose what it's you know what I'm saying the only parts you'll see are when we're all awake, but when we're all asleep, you'll be asleep too.
You know, I'm saying that you won't find out who Mafia is until the end of this thing that will challenge you, okay, genuine. The thing is Joey, that's a stupid answer, wait, defend me, please don't depend on me. I believe him with all my heart that he is not the mafia. I believe you, brother, well, you have that dollar store. Wayfarers is in memory of Chad, wild clay, subscribe, come to life. for the important stuff raise your hand if you think it's Connor one vote raise your hand if you think it's Mathias no one thinks it's me although it was cool that Chad died okay Mathias please raise a finger raise your hand if you think it's Brian oh thank you guys you're like not just for me raise your hand if you're the biggest bread J Fred I think J two little fingers please okay raise your hand if you think it's Kevin 202 for Kevin okay Kevin and J Fred, please tell us your testimonials J Fred, let's start with you first.
I was just a kid, you never hurt anyone, I was just looking to make money in the middle of the city. You know what I'm talking about, my mom never loved me, just a bright-eyed jerk. tail Oh squirrel I feel like the law squirrel I tell my mom it wasn't me so it's not me it's not Matt started I told her one day once once when a place that wasn't me No I don't know what you just say boy, that's not very irritable I think I'll raise my hand if you think it's J Fred one two three four okay raise your head raise yours raise your hand if you think it's Kevin I feel like I don't know anything head down okay everyone wake up no for him one more thing before he dies never trust a man with sunglasses never in my family do I know it's Ryan because every round we've played whenever it's Brian he gets scared by everything as soon as Joey said there's a guy with glasses Sun.
Brian said what and he left, that's right Brian. He is the mafia because he is taking everyone's jewelry. No, he wants his money. He's fine, money hungry gangster. I think it's hotter no good raise your hand raise your hand if you think it's Mathias yeah why are you awake then okay raise your hand if you think it's Brian okay no what can I get can I bring my case one on my second everyone please go to sleep? no one died in this round what no one died I think I know because the doctor is still alive and he saved the person who was going to die raise your hand if you think it's Connor oh he's still alive so I say yes raise your hand if you think it's Kevin Oh, two votes, two votes, okay Kevin, unfortunately, the townspeople expelled you, oh, oh, oh, you guys did a very good job because I'm the mafia that I was.
It was like guys like every time Bravia goes to see the giant whack-a-mole. It was a lot of fun, we had a blast with an inflatable hammer. Please also subscribe to us and be sure to subscribe to Chad's channel. He recently received a video that has almost 50 million views, so you should go check it out too. Check out our channel called High Five Universe where we made a video like this and we do nerf battles every day of the week in their weak base, just peace.

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