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Who Belongs At Pride? (Cops, Kink, A-spec)

May 29, 2021
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because it's pride i'm not sure i've talked about pride before because talking about pride is one of those things that's expected and i usually don't do those. I don't normally do a trans Remembrance Day video. I made one. I think last year I just talked about my thoughts in general. I'm going to talk about pride, but I'm going to talk about that. in which you have seen the title i want to talk about who is welcome in pride what does pride mean those two things are related to each other because what is pride for where did it start and what does it mean informs who should be in pride and so is speech that's been going on on Twitter so I want to talk about that because this is the conversation that we're having right now, but yeah, as a general statement first, I just want to say happy pride to all the queer people out there pride. event that happens near me i actually didn't go was last weekend from this recording, it was the first weekend of june and i had to work and then i decided i didn't want to go alone on sunday because it was hot outside, never before it had been in pride.
who belongs at pride cops kink a spec
I want to talk about the discourse on pride right now, the discourse is that basically there are some sticking points where some people say that perversion shouldn't be in pride or leather dads make them uncomfortable in pride and then there are people who say that policemen shouldn't be proud and then there are people who say that asexual people or aromantic people shouldn't be proud and that last one is at least a question of not only whether these people belong to pride but also is it a kind of analogy to make these people belong to the community.
who belongs at pride cops kink a spec

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who belongs at pride cops kink a spec...

I have seen many conversations about whether or not asexual and aromatic people are part of the queer community. I want to start with the question of whether or not the police belong to pride because for me. this is one of the easiest questions to answer if you know anything about the origin of pride we have pride in the summer because it marks the anniversary of the stonewall riots which of course was a situation where police presence in communities queer in New York The city was actively destructive and the first pride was a riot we are trans women of color through bricks in the police the existence of pride is based on the adversarial relationship between law enforcement officers and the queer community and their ability to exist peacefully there is a degree to which any organized public event you have has to have a police presence there to make sure nothing scandalous happens.
who belongs at pride cops kink a spec
I admit I am afraid of the idea of ​​a shooting at the pride but I can also say no I don't feel like the police presence makes the situation feel safer literally unless there is a mass shooting at the pride , the only thing that the police do there is essential. and they pose an imminent threat of violence to our community, so the city where the pride is held will probably insist that officers be present in the area, but I don't think police should be at Pride in the sense that they shouldn't. there should be will not be a float for the local police department and I don't think they should have uniformed and armed officers walking among the people.
who belongs at pride cops kink a spec
I don't think that's a good thing by any means because the nature of pride is inherently based on the adversarial relationship that exists there, so yes, the short answer to whether police officers belong to pride is no, unless they're in plain clothes. and refuse to participate in any police violence that may occur at the event. I also want to address the idea that ace or aro people can't be proud I'm going to be the person that will come out and say unequivocally that asexual and aromantic people are part of the queer community and if you don't think that's the case I'm not I agree with you and I would advance that you should actually talk to a


ific person about their experiences because they are also subject to things like people telling them that they just need to try to have a relationship with someone of a certain gender than a lot of the other letters on the The queer community has also dealt with it like it's so clear to me that a


k of people also experience the same kinds of confusion and depression that I really don't understand why people think they're not part of the community if you are anything but. is straight and/or cisgender then you are queer and asexual people are not straight and aromatic people are not heteroromantic so it follows that they are LGBTQ I thought the rhyme was cute.
I was going to say queer but then I thought it was going to be adorable. It was nice? Give me the short answer from me as to whether or not asexual and aromatic people belong to the pride. Obviously, yes, and if you're not okay with that, I think it's in your best interest. what you should do is seek the perspectives of aromantic and asexual people on the subject, listen to their experiences and I think you will find that in many cases their experience is not that different from the experience of growing up with anyone other than orientation normative sexual or romantic orientation let's not forget these are two separate things this last one is a bit more difficult to talk about because I don't have a lot of personal experience with the history of the movement much of who I am I'm learning about this recently I'm learning about it recently and I'm learning from older people in the community who have been around the longest and that is the question of whether or not the


has a place in Pride.
I know it may seem a little absurd because when we think about it, when I think about it, at least leather daddies are at the top of the list of things I would hope to see and imagine seeing when I'm proud of the idea of ​​being gay. the men who are


y wearing their harnesses and all that stuff wearing their puppy masks all of that is something I consider an inherent part of the package when you pride yourself pride to me is a semi sexual event because part of it has to do with ability to express yourself sexually in a way that is most comfortable for you, but the narrative is essentially that overt displays of sexuality are inappropriate and perhaps triggering for people who don't have positive experiences with such things or who may feel as if they are being attracted to them. a voyeurism cut flashing kink you might not be consenting or some people have been abused in kink contexts in the past and so being exposed to the equipment could potentially be triggering your past experience and trauma .
I don't know if it's possible to reconcile people who need a safe space from sex and pride, which to me is inherently an expression of sexuality and sex. l freedom, I'll see if I can find some of the Twitter threads I've been reading to help me figure out where I am at with this mentally. I follow this gay king on YouTube and on Twitter his name is amp I think and he has this channel called what's the safe word? he wrote a thread on twitter about the presence of kink and leather daddies at pride and what it means to his identity as a gay man that those kink things are an expression of his sexuality and his kink and so it's part of his personality and who he is him and his lifestyle.
I think for many gay people and gay men in particular, the kinky scene is part of his sexuality in the same way that his homosexuality is part of his sexuality. it's part of how they express who they are and amp explained that being in their harness in public is not inherently sexual in public because the kink is part of their personality and wearing the harness is a way of saying hey this is who i am as a person it's not in that mama ent and in that context an explicit expression of senorita sexual as if it's not the same as performing an exhibitionist sexual act in the hope that someone will come because you have an exhibition kink because what you're doing is wearing a garment I also saw this other twitter thread that I don't know if I'll be able to find about there being some kind of generational difference with queer older people being informed by a free to do something mentality and this person described that the younger generation was formed more around freedom from something like freedom from oppression, basically, whereas the older generation fought more for freedom from se r expressive in this particular way, so there would be sort of an obvious dichotomy there. where the older king stirs and queer people who have been a part of the community the longest say that I have the freedom to express myself in this way and particularly in this context.
That is when I should feel most free to express myself in this way, while it is There may be younger people coming into the community and I think it would be fair to say that this new, younger generation of queer people is much more in tune with the idea of ​​people not wanting to have sex as I think the queer community has possibly been. been in the past like oh this is who we want to have sex with this is who we want to love and then you have this more recent thing where asexual and aromatic people are becoming more and more of the conversation for what you have these younger people who are more aware of the fact that there are people who will want to get away from sexuality but who are also queer and I come from this in a mental I have a framework idea that I have the freedom of these things that are harmful and that can be too reductionist and I'm totally stealing that idea from someone else, but this is just trying to understand where the conflict of interest is.
I got involved, but personally I don't think I can land on anything other than King. Rioters belong to the Pride and wearing a harness is not an inherently sexual act. cutting off your shirt to expose your cleavage is going out in public forcing yourself to engage in voyeurism or exhibitionism because your clothing is inherently sexualized I don't think that's the case I don't think you can say oh a person wearing something very revealing or something I consider intrinsically sexual forces me to engage in sexual activity that I did not authorize. I just don't think that's a sensible way to look at it and I think kinks have been a staple. and as an accessory in the pride which I don't think it is I don't think there is a way to tell King that he moves like no you can't wear your harness in the pride or that there shouldn't be a leather float I think a lot of these queer seniors they would say that we are the ones who ab slack off, we are the ones who have fought for the ability to be perceived as acceptable in society.
I think King has been throwing himself under the bus all along because there have been desperate attempts by the general gay population to appear harmless. as possible for a gay couple to appear in a commercial to normalize a very nuclear kind of normal family while, as the king, stirring up people who still call themselves freaks and all those types of people who want to express their gender on social media. non-normative ways, as another example, they still treat each other a lot like oh those are, those are weird people, those are abnormal, we're normal, we're just like you straight people, we just want to have kids and buy a house and all that stuff like the Respectability politics is certainly a part of this and the people in the wicked scenes have been there all along fighting AIDS and fighting all the same oppressions, that's what they're not separate from. gang members in our community are part of our community and this is not me saying that people who engage in kinks and are otherwise not gay are suddenly gay.
I don't mean I'm talking about gay people who are also kinks and for whom those identities are very intertwined, the only way I can think of to rectify this is to have separate events that are less sexualized for people who are bothered by the presence of I don't want to say sexual team or anything because I like it Again, wearing leather is not itself inherently sexual, you would have to be performing a sexual act, but people who are uncomfortable with overt displays of sexuality, so the answer to King Stirrers


to pride, I would say they are. part of the pride foundation and you can't take them out of pride without essentially not being the same anymore and without blocking a part not insignificant from the community of participation that doesn't.
I don't want to say that I think that asexual people who have been traumatized by the kink should stay home. I just don't have a good solution in my head. I just don't think you can tell that King is agitated. pride I don't think that's possible or worthwhile or that it makes any sense. I skipped Pride this year but that doesn't mean other people don't go and have fun and I hope you guys have fun or have fun as long as it's your local Pride. The parade is happening if you have any other thoughts on this, especially if you can help inform me how to give me additional information that I don't have yet that has led me to this point where I have come to these conclusions about who owns that pride. please comment below and let me know what yourperspective.
I am always open to readjust my way of thinking about these things that are going to mean everything to me today. find me on patreon subscribe to this channel I ring the bell for notifications and hope you have a great day bye happy Pride Month and a special thanks to my patrons especially the gay ones. agenda amber music david wolter jenni con gretchen becker wellington Marcus Nicolette Classen Jess Hendricks and mr atheist are really great and I appreciate your support

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